ZIP ZAP ZOOM: Take a Mahindra Scooter for a Test Ride & Earn Rs 500 If You Go for Any Other Scooter

Mahindra Two Wheelers brings to you a one-of-it’s-kind challenge called “ZIP ZAP ZOOM”. Rush to your nearest Mahindra Showroom, and take a Mahindra Duro DZ, Mahindra Rodeo RZ or a Mahindra Rodeo RZ Std on a test ride and if you still go for any other scooter Mahindra will gift you Rs 500 – Now that’s what is confidence!

Mahindra Rodeo RZ Flame Orange

Let’s take a quick peek at what Mahindra has on offer.

Under the seats of the Mahindra Duro DZ, Mahindra Rodeo RZ and Mahindra Rodeo RZ Std, lies the latest Z-Series Engine, which delivers pretty good power without compromising on fuel efficiency. You own one of these scooters, then you can ZIP over slopes effortlessly, ZAP ahead of the slow-moving traffic, and yet be ZOOMed by the mileage of 59 kmpl. Carrying loads will be a lot easier than on other scooters, and that too on any type of terrain, thanks to the 125 cc Z-series engines.

Along with the latest engines, there lies a Dual Curve Digital Ignition System which offers better mileage and reduces the number of trips you have to make to the petrol pump.

All Mahindra Scooters are equipped with Advanced Telescopic Suspension which will smoothen out the deformities on the tarmac, as well as on any other terrain. Now, typing on touchscreens while pillion-riding suddenly becomes a lot easier.

A longer wheelbase on all Mahindra Scooters, along with a better braking system goes a long way in ensuring safety and stability on the roads. So if your kid is a little late in returning from the coaching classes, be assured that it’s due to a traffic jam.

Worried about scraping your scooter on the notorious Indian “speedbreakers” and “potholed roads” ?? Well, you need not do that as all Mahindra Scooters have a superior ground clearance as compared to other scooters. The list of goodies doesn’t end here. Rodeo RZ is packed with some really innovative features.

It’s the only scooter to carry a fully digital dashboard. The dashboard is a combination of style-and-stuff, it’s cool to look at and provides a lot of useful nitty-gritty stuff. Rodeo RZ lets you fill fuel without having to get up from the seat, as it’s the only scooter to feature a convenient Front-Fuelling System.

Worried about carrying your lunch-box with you ? Or do you always get a headache on how to carry a helmet with you whenever you go out ? Rodeo RZ to the rescue, with a 22 L under seat storage, the largest in any scooter. Rodeo RZ also brings to you a Mobile Charger, Side Stand Buzzer and a
unique 4-in-1 Anti-Theft Key.

The Duro DZ is no less, either. It’s got a broad halogen lamp for better visibility. There’s a rear brake lever lock for safety while parking on inclines, plus it does a whole lot of good if you are a bit short and have to wait at a traffic

So, what’s on your mind ? Go get up, hurry to your nearest Mahindra showroom. The ZIP ZAP ZOOM Challenge is valid from 1st April, 2012 to 30th April, 2012.

Even after going through this write-up and taking a test-ride of a Mahindra Scooter, if you still aren’t happy and want to buy another scooter, Mahindra Two Wheelers assures you of 500/- INR !!!

mahindra duro 125 dx (3)

Mahindra Rodeo RZ and Mahindra Rodeo RZ Std are the scooters for the Gen-Next Guyz and Gals, the youth who have really buzzing lives. Class in college at 10 o’clock…Cricket Match at 12 noon…Tuitions at 4 o’clock in the evening…party at 8 o’clock…it’s a heady life !

You don’t want to get left behind ?? Then hop on a Mahindra Rodeo RZ or a Mahindra Rodeo RZ Std, which offers you enough ZAP on the streets to ZIP ahead of the traffic without having to ZOOM too much into your wallets. Power and Fuel-Efficiency as well as slick looks and useful features…it’s made for the youth of today.

Mahindra Duro DZ is aimed at a wider set of buyer. Not only the  youth, but also other age groups will find a connect. If you are looking for a home-to-office-back-to-home commuter, this will be the perfect fit of power and fuel efficiency. If you are looking at it for the inpromptu laid-back ride to the gym or the parlour, it will not disappoint you. It’s the new uber-cool scooter for the urban rider.

Earlier gen Duro and Rodeo were criticized for their inconsistent mileage and a few niggling issues. Mahindra seems to have fixed them in these new-gen scooters and this is their way to promote the change.

Go, test ride these scooters your hearts out. And if you buy that Activa still, you can consider Rs 500 off on that!

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– Bishakh Rout