Yezdi Adventure vs Scrambler – What Are the Differences…?

Yezdi Adventure vs Scrambler – here is a list of spec differences between these two models…

In terms of segments, there is no direct comparison between the Yezdi Scrambler and Adventure apart from the fact that both of them can do fairly good off-road. So, if you are looking for a motorcycle that can be decent off-tarmacs and want to know the differences between these two, let us quickly present the spec differences between these two siblings…

The ADV is purpose-built to tackle off-road terrain, while the Scrambler is an on-road machine which has capabilities to tackle off-road, if required.

Let’s take a look:

yezdi adventure vs scrambler

Engine – 

Both the siblings share the same engine unit. However, there are minor differences in some numbers. The ADV makes 0.9 PS more power and 1.7 Nm higher torque than the scrambler. The ADV also carries 3 L more fuel. 

NameYezdi ADVYezdi Scrambler
TypeSingle-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, liquid-cooledSingle-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, liquid-cooled
Displacement334 cc334 cc
Maximum Power30.2 PS @ 8000 RPM 29.1 PS @ 8000 RPM
Maximum Torque29.9 Nm @ 6500 RPM28.2 Nm @ 6750 RPM
ClutchWet, multi-plateWet, multi-plate
Fuel Capacity15.5 L12.5 L

The Chassis and Suspension Set-up – 

Here, both the machines share the same frame and similar suspension setup. However, the Adventure has 20 mm more ground clearance that will allow it to tackle the wilderness better. 

NameYezdi ADVYezdi Scrambler
Frame TypeDouble CradleDouble Cradle
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork and coil-springTelescopic fork and coil-spring
Front Sus. Travel
Rear SuspensionMonoshock with coil-spring and linkageTwin-shocks with gas canisters
Rear Sus. Travel 
Ground Clearance 220 mm200 mm

The Dimensions – 

yezdi adventure vs scrambler

The Scrambler has a 62 mm shorter wheelbase. Furthermore, the Scrambler seat height is 15 mm lower and it is 6 kg lighter than the ADV as well. All of this suggests that it could be a better motorcycle in cities than the Adventure.

NameYezdi ADVYezdi Scrambler
Wheelbase1465 mm1403 mm 
Seat Height 815 mm 800 mm
Kerb Weight (dry)188 kg182 kg

The Brakes and Tyres – 

While the braking system in both the siblings is same, the tyre profile in both machines are completely different. While the ADV is carrying a bigger front wheel among the two, the Scrambler is fitted with wider front and rear tyre. 

NameYezdi ADVYezdi Scrambler
Front Brake320 mm disc320 mm disc
Rear Brake240 mm disc240 mm disc
Front Tyre21” – 90/9019” – 100/90
Rear Tyre17” – 130/8017” – 140/70
yezdi adventure vs scrambler

The Miscellaneous – 

Feature-wise, both bikes are very similar. The only difference is that the GPS Navigation is provided as option on Scrambler while the ADV gets it as standard. 

NameYezdi ADVYezdi Scrambler
Instrumentation All-digital LCDAll-digital LCD
Mobile ConnectivityYesYes
GPS NavigationBuilt into LCD InstrumentationOptional (as accessory)
StarterElectric StartElectric start
Final DriveChainChain

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The Price – 

NameYezdi ADVYezdi Scrambler
PriceStarts from Rs. 2,09,900/-Starts from Rs. 2,04,900/-

On paper, both the siblings are very similar to each other in terms of specs. Both machines are designed for their respective purposes in mind. However, the Scrambler possesses a unique characteristic where it can be used both on & off-road. 

We will be putting these two machines to their paces as soon as we get our hands on them.