Yamaha’s Surprise: The Sport Ride Concept CAR!

Yamaha is a name which is known across the world as the maker of some fantastic performance motorcycles. Legendary products like the RD350, R1, R6 etc have been a source of adrenaline for thousands of enthusiasts. Apart from motorcycles, the company also makes ATVs and four wheelers like golf carts. However, their stall at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show has a little surprise unveiling – A two seater car!

Yes, Yamaha, in association with Gordon Murray Design Ltd, has made the Sport Ride Concept! The company informs that the car has been designed to give the same involved and active feeling while driving a car that one gets when riding a motorcycle. This proposal for a sports car, as Yamaha would like to call it, uses an ultra-light weight carbon fibre chassis called as the i-Stream Carbon.

Yamaha Sport Ride Concept 3

The i-Stream Carbon is the world’s first affordable high volume carbon fibre chassis structure bringing Formula One materials and technology within reach of the everyday users. It uses two carbon skins sandwiching a honeycomb core. This helps in saving money as the traditional carbon fibre supercars use a single carbon fibre panel.

istream Carbon 2

In all, it weighs just 750 kilos! It is 3,900 mm long, 1,720 mm wide and has an overall height of 1,170 mm.

Yamaha has not divulged the engine related bits and if and when the car will go into production. However, we are already excited…!

Yamaha Car: Sport Ride Concept Pics