Yamaha’s Sales Performance For October 2011

Following an overwhelming response for the Yamaha’s latest offering – The YZF R15 Version 2.0 which was backed up with the seasonal festivities, India Yamaha Motor clocked a growth rate of 26.8 per cent in the motorcycle sales during the month of October 2011 as compared to the corresponding period the previous year.

The company totally sold 47,240 units in October 2011 whereas it was able to sell only 37,251  units in October 2010. In the domestic front, the company sold 38,229 units in October 2011 as  compared to 31,791 units sold in the same month last year, which accounts for a growth of 20.3  per cent. Talking about the company in the export front, the figures stood at 9,011 units in  October 2011 while 5,460 motorcycles were exported in October 2010, accounting for a growth  rate of 65per cent.

Commenting about the above mentioned performance, Mr. Jun Nakata, Director-Sales &  Marketing, India Yamaha Motor said, “We have established a firm foothold within 150cc+  segment in the Indian motorcycle market with the R15 version 2.0, FZ series & SZ series gaining  much traction and getting accolades from our esteemed customers. The new R15 has been very  well received in the market with bookings superseding the supply. The festive season has also played a vital role in catapulting sales for Yamaha this month. We are confident that the momentum will sustain in the long run and help us in redefining our sales graph.” So, we get to see how confident the company is about its flagship model R15 V2.0 in the sub continent.

Yamaha continues to reinforce its relationship with the customers and has launched the YES! YAMAHA’ campaign that endeavours to provide the Best 3S Experience so that the customer always appreciates Yamaha”. Yamaha being a company that is synonymous with performance bikes known for high power delivery, the company is making continuous and consistent efforts by conducting consumer-centric marketing initiatives such as Yamaha R15 One Make Race, apart from organizing Yamaha Safe Riding Science (YSRS) for college students & kids. Through this campaign, Yamaha tried to inculcate safe riding techniques by offering exclusive tips for the young riders.

Author – BikeAdvice.in