Yamaha YZF-R9 Could Be A Reality Very Soon; Patent Name Leaked Overseas

Yamaha YZF-R9 leaked patent name has cemented long-standing rumours that the company could soon launch the supersport with CP3 engine…

So, the Yamaha supersport models that carry the ‘R’ moniker are one of the most capable motorcycles on the track and the streets alike. 

The YZF-R1 is one of the most successful models of the Japanese manufacturer, made famous by the Italian 7-time MotoGP champion – Valentino Rossi. He took all 7 of his championships on the Yamaha supersport race machine – M1 – on which the YZF-R1 is based on year-over-year. 

Yamaha have been, over the years, utilising the R name and its DNA on various supersport models, slotted in various displacement segments  – R15, R25, R3, the most popular R6, the indisputable R1 & the new R7. 

Notice something missing in the lineup?? Notice the big displacement gap between the new R7 (that underwhelmingly replaced the mighty R6) and the R1??

If the leaked documents are to be believed, Yamaha might be releasing a brand new YZF-R9 very soon.  

In the summer of last year (2021), Yamaha trademarked the ‘YZF-R9’ name and cemented the numerous rumours that stated that, after the introduction of the new R7, the Japs might be working on a new R9 supersport model. 

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The leaked trademark document cements the title usage of the YZF-R9 by the company but also showcases the nameplate presentation of the upcoming supersport bike. It sports the same font & writing style used on the other siblings’ nameplates – R3, R7 & R1. 

Sadly, the leaked document shares no other information regarding the new R9 supersport. Yet, we can guess various details based on how the company approached & created the YZF-R7 motorcycle. 

We expect the new R9 to utilise the Japanese firm’s punchy & much-loved 890 cc, inline-triple CP3 (Cross-Plane Triple) engine that powers the hooligan MT-09. However, if the supersport will be aimed at road and track riders alike, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the XSR900’s longer swingarm equipped on the new R9 to give it the edge out of the corners.

Of course, it is important for us to point out that one nameplate and one branding trademark don’t confirm the R9’s imminent arrival. It only gives substance to the rumours floating around for a long time and hope for the Yamaha supersport fans that suffer from a lack of motorcycle option slotted between the massive gap between the 74 HP R7 and 200+ HP flagship R1 supersport. 

There still could be a long waiting period for Yamaha fans to get a chance to see and own the new YZF-R9 supersport model. 

Source – RideApart, Cycleworld