Hi Friends this is Manish Singh (19 year old). I am a part time blogger cum student doing Civil Engineering. You all know that how we teenagers are fond of all the cool stuffs. Two years back I hated bikes and was not at all interested in it and now I can’t live without it.

See how life takes a turn. When I visited my uncles place in UP I was exposed to something called “Biking”. My cousin brother has a Pulsar 180. I always wanted to learn to ride a geared bike so then I thought why not give it a try. I forced him to teach me how to ride a bike and finally after few hiccups from his side I learnt to ride a bike!

Believe me, the experience was awesome. I feel shy to say this but previously I owned a scooty pep which my parents surprisingly booked for my sister on her birthday. I was devastated and for 3 years I rode the damn “Scooty Pep”.

Please don’t ask me how shy I used to feel riding a girls bike (Scooty Pep) with 5.8 Nm torque and a top speed of 70 (for which it cried). After I learnt to ride a bike I forced my mom to buy me a bike too. After a lot of force and plead my parents finally agreed over it and I started planning on which bike should I possess.

A Big Confusion

The day came when I finally thought to go for a bike. But a BIG confusion popped up in my mind. “Which bike should I go for?” Gosh. I then did a hardcore research on internet and then I finalized my 3 options.

  • Pulsar 220
  • Yamaha YZF R15
  • Apache RTR 180

I researched a lot about it on forums and asked for some help on xbhp forum too. I credit my purchase to xbhp forum and BikeAdvice who helped me in all needs.

Pulsar 220 and Apache are indeed great bikes otherwise I wouldn’t have nominated them in my list. But I had some other plans. I chose Yamaha YZF R15 after an intensive research of two months on Internet. I finalized the Yamaha YZF R15.

Yamaha R15 Price Factor

My parents were against my decision of buying Yamaha R15 due to the high price factor. My relatives were a step ahead in advising me to buy a Nano instead of Yamaha R15. But my decision was final and I thought to buy it from my own hard earned money (I make a decent income online).

I felt proud because I was soon going to own Yamaha R15 – the best bike in the country that too from my own money at a tender age of 19. From that day onwards I started collecting money for my bike and after 6 months or so I collected 75% of the total amount and for the rest amount I didn’t have time and patience so I took loan of the other 25%.

My Parents Reaction

  • When my parents visited the showroom to get the quotation they were shocked to see the price . It costed whopping 1 Lakh 7,000 Rs On Road and Pulsar 220 costed around 85,000 On Road.
  • So definitely my parents advised me to go for Pulsar 220.
  • But, I was very firm on my decision and didn’t change my plan. Whatever it is “I will buy the Yamaha R15” – No Mercy!
  • My parents didn’t have any problem with me because finally I am the one who will be paying.

The D Day – 30th October 2010

I went to the showroom with my parents and saw the sparkling Black Yamaha R15 parked in the showroom. I was loving it. But I decided to go for the Blue Yamaha R15 and planned to take it on the auspicious day of Diwali. But then a bad news came from the showroom people.

Thank you for the booking sir, Unfortunately we wont be able to deliver your the bike in Diwali. May be you have to wait for 20+ days. Gosh! I was like, What the Heck? How would I survive in that waiting period? On top of that I had 1 month holiday and I had nothing to do at home. So no other work left other then thinking about my love (Yamaha R15).

The worst period of my life

After waiting for 10 days I started losing my patience and was affected me internally. The feeling was the same like when you break up with your girlfriend. My mother was the biggest victim of my bad patience. I troubled her everyday with my dialogue,

Me: Mummy, meri bike kab aayegi?
Mom : Aajayegi beta thoda sabar kar… Sabar ka fal “Yamaha R15 hota hai”.

I called up every 2nd day to the showroom to ask whether my Yamaha R15 has come or not. But alas the same old reply. “Sorry its not come yet. Don’t worry we will call you up as soon as we receive”. I had no other choice than waiting, waiting and waiting.

The Best Day of my Life

After facing the worst period of my life, God finally showed some pity on me. I got a call on 29th November 2010 from the showroom.

Hello, Can I speak to Manish Singh? I am calling from Hassan Motors. You recently booked your Yamaha R15. The bike has come so you can come and pick up the bike after fulfilling certain formalities. Damn, am I overhearing something? They said you can come and pick up the bike from our showroom.

The feeling was just amazing. I was on cloud 100 because 9 was too small for me. The time came when R15 was “officially” mine. I reached the showroom and fulfilled the formalities and after few minutes they handed me the keys of Yamaha YZF R15. I pressed the start button, applied the clutch, shifted to 1st gear and zoomed off!

I can’t convey my thoughts on this how I felt at that moment. Everything was receding behind me. All eyes were popping on me as if I am a celebrity. I finally took the bike to a nearby temple, did some puja and took her for a ride.

Now the actual review

You might have got bored of the above bullshit. Well, now I will try to post a small review of Yamaha R15.


Handling is the biggest plus point of Yamaha YZF R15. Why wont it be? Yamaha R15 is made with same technology as the Yamaha R1. The confidence which you get while riding THIS bike is just out of the world. I am still a rookie and I dont feel any danger while doing the knee dragging (I am still trying to learn it). It has a Delta Box Chassis, the same which Yamaha R1 uses!

Riding Position

  • Let me clear out a myth here. I am around 5ft 11 inch tall and weighing around 60 KG. Some say that you get a back and wrist pain while riding.
  • Trust me, I didn’t feel any back pain. Yeah, the wrist pain is normal but you can get rid of it soon or you can wear the riding gloves which will make you look even more cooler.
  • The riding position is the best according to me. It is very stylish and give you a feel as if you are riding a superbike.


No one will disagree with me in this matter. The design is the best in the country and it is the best looking bike. I daily take the bike to my college and often gets request from Girls for a free ride at the backseat. But I deny them as I need to show some attitude. 😛

Apart from Girls attention you get lots of attention on road. Many of them praise the way the bike looks. Its the first bike in the country which is designed in a full fledged wind tunnel. Its Aerodynamics is just amazing. Try crouching at high speeds and see the magic.


You are a fool if you say the tires are puny. The tyres are the best in India. In my college I often get comments from wannabes to replace it with Pulsar or FZ tyre.

I don’t have anything to say to them because its useless to argue with an idiot as they can bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

For your information the tyres are specially made by MRF for Yamaha R15. They are made of soft compound rubber which makes it very sticky on tarmac.


Don’t be a fool by changing your Yamaha R15 stock tyre with a pulsar or FZ tyre. You will just gain some good looks but then will have to say bye bye to handling and mileage which will drop considerably. So think before you do!


I am not much into Drag races but yeah one day I felt to race against Pulsar 220 which is considered more powerful on paper. But the result was something else, I defeated Pulsar 220! Can you believe it? A 150 CC beating the shit out of a 220 CC mill? (I am not promoting drag races so don’t do it as it can be dangerous).

The bike is very smooth at 4th, 5th and 6th gear with Zero Vibrations. Although there is some feel of sluggishness at the lower gears. But the sluggishness is compensated by the awesome high power band. The real fun is after 4.5k RPM. Ride it to believe it!


Mileage is also great. Of-course you can’t expect Splendor mileage with Yamaha R15. It gives me 42 Kmpl consistently. With heavy ripping it can give you 35 to 38 Kmpl. The quality of the bike is so good that the mileage will never drop unlike other bikes. For me its no big deal as my Scooty Pep also gives the same mileage. 😀


Believe me its a maintenance free bike! It requires no or very less maintenance. Only thing is that you will need to take care of the chain as you will need to lube it after every 500 kms or whenever the noise starts coming. When the bike was launched the maintenance cost of the bike was very high but now the prices of the spares are brought down considerably.

I was charged 150 for the Oil Filter which was 400 before. The Yamalube oil costed me around 450 Bucks. So total came around 600 for 1st servicing. Next servicing is after 70 days from the day of servicing.

Price Factor

This is the only thing which scares the customers. Its cost is 97,000 (Ex Showroom) and a 1 lakh bike is considered to be a posh bike. That’s what they say here. According to me the price is justified because of the kind of technology they have used. Its liquid cooled with delta box chassis, forged piston, good looks, top class tyres, super quality and you name it. It has everything advanced.

I would recommend Yamaha R15 to all the serious bikers out there. You wont regret after buying it. I don’t work for Yamaha neither I am advertising the bike but from a customer point of view I didn’t find anything negative about it. Although its impossible to be 100% perfect. There are some flaws in the bike.

The Flaws

  • The bike rear doesn’t look that attractive as compared to the sides or front. Its because of the tyre I guess. But I better not think about it as the tyres are the best of its kind.
  • Low end torque isnt that great. As i explained before there is some sluggishness below 4k RPM but that is compensated after 4k RPM due to its unbelievable pull at higher gears.
  • Bike doesn’t suit people with fat ass. If you are thin like me then this is the bike for you.
  • Sorry but I can’t find any more flaws. Its not a biased review but I really didn’t find anything bad about it except the 3 points listed above.

Bonus Advice

Park your bike in a safe place and if there are chances of robbery in your area, do lock it with a chain. As you know that this bike looks different from crowd. It also attracts lots of bad intention.

Same thing happened to me when I parked my bike in college parking lot. After 3 hours when I came back I saw my rear sidelight missing. Someone pulled it completely which left the wires hanging outwards. The side light costed me around 131 Rs + 50 (Labour charge) = 181 Rs.

So take care of your bike and consider it as your girlfriend if you don’t have one. So I am wrapping up this short review. 😀

Please comment below if you wanna ask something or say something. Feel free to connect.

I would also like to thank Mr. Deepak for giving me an opportunity to express all my thoughts of my love.


Manish Singh

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  • Manish Singh

    Thank you for publishing my article… 🙂
    Suggestions and comments are welcome

    • kumar

      hi manish, i read ur ownership review nd ws really good, though R15 is indeed an incredible bike.
      one thing that got my attention in ur review most is that u mentioned dat u owned R15 with the income of urs which u earn from internet. I ws also searching for some intenet home based job to make money of my own, m also 19 nd dont want to b burden on my dad. i want to earn so dat i can help my father atleast with some of my expense. i tried lot on net but was unable find a reliable and right website for this deed. i expect help from ur side in this deed for me, i hope you will tell ur site or blog whtever it is from where u make all this income. thats the all i wanted to say and ask you. Thnkyou, will b waiting 4 ur reply.

    • abhishek

      Its a nice review. I own a p220 but let me tell you that i won’t be biased. The main reason i didn’t take r15 was the reason that it lacked low end torque whereas the p220 has loads of torque till you go 8k rpm on the odometer. My daily commute is almost 40 kms that too in city only. R15 is a bike strictly for the track and occasional dragging on the highways whereas p220 is meant for city riding with pounds of pick-up. now let me tell you the cons of p220.
      1. It’s build quality is way lower than r15…fairing rattles are a pain in the ass.
      2. Gear shifts are hard till the bike has been rode for almost 2 odd kms after that its really smooth.
      3. Service standards of bajaj is very poor.

      Advantages of p220:
      1. Mileage atleast 35kms/lt. even you rip it till hell.
      2. Projector lights are a blessing at night on the highway…all those audi-wale also have to dim their lights after i flash. (Can’t forget to mention the Ducati style design headlights)
      3. Top speed of over 146km/hr, fast enough to leave behind most cars and bikes in India.
      4. Seating posture and comfort are really top-notch, perfect for both city and highway long rides no back pains or wrist pain for whatever reason you might say.
      5. Disc brakes are a boon for zoomers in the city (Although not advised).

      In and all, as you said, P220 is better package as far as price is concerned.

      • aditya bhide

        hey, im an engg student as well and about to buy a second hand r15. live in mumbai, and the roads are really bad.. bumps and potholes everywhere.. so dad is really concerned about the thin rear tyre because of these potholes and whether it will be stable…. please do reply!

    • Apurba

      Hi Manish!my height is 5ft 4inch.i am crazy about r15. Is it match with my height. I am too much afraid about that.pls help me boss. I like the white- red most. But i like the black too.i am confused.pls help yaar. Reply soon pls.

    • Soumyajit

      Yamaha R15 is no doubt a monster and truly great bike but I think this article is very much biased towards the mentioned bike. I know in-spite of being 150cc bike it has great power to keep everything behind while it is running but truly it can not beat Pulsar 220 itself. Don’t think of me as a Pulsar lover cause I don’t like Bajaj at all, if I do then I would have bought Bajaj Avenger cause I love cruisers. But still I must say a 150 cc bike can not beat a 220 cc bike. I always like to go for a foreign manufacturer and there are lots of option available at this country. Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM and last but not least Honda. My dream bikes are Yamaha V-Max, Honda Fireblade, Harley Davidson Fat Boy. But I do not have that enough money to buy those. So we can mention other great 150 cc bikes like Honda CB Dazzler, Yamaha FZ, Apache 160. Do not forget apache may be coming form TVS but the technology behind it is Suzuki. So you can not deny it as a great bike.

  • RAJ

    Mnaish Bhai, very nice review
    I personally feel, you are a lucky guy

    • Manish Singh

      I am lucky because of my hardwork.. You cant imagine the hardwork behind all this 🙂

  • RAJ

    GOA is nice place

    • Manish Singh

      Its the most beautiful place ever !!!

      • himanshu

        Hi Manish,
        I am in plan of buying a sports bike. Well i have been studying a lot for bikes. I own a rtr180. Saw your ownership reviews on Yzf-R15. I want to ask that do you own YZF-R15 of 2011 year model i mean do these guys have lowered power or top end speed anyway. I am very curious about buying this bike but just wanted to know howz is the pickup and milage?
        Shall i go for Yzf-R15 2011 model?

  • Vivek Kavadia

    Very good review Manish!

    I agree that it isn’t biased.. And i like the fact that you haven’t tried to say that the R15 is god like compared to the 220 or Karizma. Its better in someways worse in others..

    Ride safe and take care of her! Cheers!

  • shinoy

    I likez ur review.manish singh plz tell me about ur blog site?

    • Manish Singh

      My earning is basically from blogging. Its not exactly blogging but I got a job in a company due to blogging.. Its not possible to everyone to get a job like this. I think I was lucky enough to get a job. But maybe it was also due to my hardwork…

      So start a blog, work damn hard to produce 100% true and high quality content..

      You can take some inspiration from Bikeadvice too which is among the best blogs in the country..

  • Deepak

    Mummy! I too want an R15! 😛

  • kiran

    very nice review……drive safely

  • Nagamani

    Manish i loved your review from top to bottom this is such a kind of review which would admire everyone… By the way thanks Mr.deepak for these kind of reviews though there are several reviews about r15 and apache are being posted everyday after the contest announced… Whoa! i thought for a moment does this contest is only for r15 and apache… But all are passionate with their stories on how they get their ride and how they are fond to have their partners(rides)… Good luck and cheers for you and your site bro… 🙂


    Nice review bro. Story about your LOVE was really nice. Congrats for buying bike with your own money. That’s what hard work means.
    Good luck and have a good time with your bike.

  • arun

    Amazing bike and amazing review i felt like i was watching a movie while reading your review cool and innovative man keep it up your hard earned money is not wasted at all great choice

  • balaji

    very very nice review manish…


    Manish,good review!!Third pic from bottom looks like at vagator beach,or is it anjuna?you are right the odd bikes attract lot of bad attention,i have got similar experience from my Green Twister in goa.
    anyway just to alert you,put a electronic lock system like we put in cars,as the places like fort agvado are known for bike robberies.

    • Manish Singh

      Its Vagator beach 🙂 ..so you from Goa?

      Yeah you are right there are some jealous freaks everywhere who always like to see others in loss…

      Thanks for the suggestion fr the electronic lock system. Will check it out 🙂

      • Sachin

        Yes i am from goa.near mapusa.congrats for winning the contest!!

  • sumeet

    manish what a review for such an amazing bike.i am also planning to purchase one.also i wanna know about its maintainance.also it is said that the tyres shred after 12000 kms is it true

    • Manish Singh

      Yeah you are right the tyres last for around 8k to 12k Kms. I think thats a great life span of a tyre. If the tyres get spoilt you can buy the new ones. Its tough to get R15 tyres but yeah a little bit of search here and there could do the job for you. 🙂

  • alex

    i to draged 5 times with p220 3 won 2 lost ….. da reason y i lost was the rpm limiter 🙁 around 10k rpm , den i managed to shifted gear in between 9.5k n 10k……
    that was great to see p220 goin bck…….. i heard p220 screamin frm behind …..

  • Raunak

    Nice review manish…..i love r15 but it cost too much and i cant afford…plz advice me some options..i am 16 yr old but damn crazy for bikes… I wish r15 could be little more cheap and could hold 6ft male…

    • Manish Singh

      Hmm if you cant afford R15 then surely u can go for P220. Its a great option. And who told you that R15 cannot hold 6ft guys .definately yes it can hold. In fact tall people look more smart on this bike and are less prone for backaches as they dont have to bend much ..

      You can try doing a test ride of the bike…

  • wao.!! so nicely u have presented this review.. i enjoyed a lot..

    u did very hard work to get ur journey partner/ gf (yzf-r15) .. so always take care of it and it wont let u down..! drive safely n enjoy ur every ride…with gr8 moments..!!

    aakhir sabar ka saaf milhi gaya..!!
    have a gr8 life ahead and make ur life more beautiful as u feel r15 beauty..!! enjoy

  • Mark Grimes

    This is such an amazing entry and I love to read more of it so that I will be able to look over and have it as an inspiration for further articles to write about when it comes to updates on motorcycle stuffs and it’s pros and cons too. I do hope you will get to visit our official website and let us know what you think about it. Here is the link


    Thanks ahead 🙂

  • viraj

    Dear Manish,

    At every servicing, kindly check the engine guards are confirmed for tightness. I would like you to brief some : check the hyd. oil level at right side underseat when you sit on the seat. You don’t need to use the costly chain spray of MOTUL, you can use other brands also. Chain cleaner is not needed if you clean the chain with soap solution and dry it before lubrication. I have done almost 8000 km on my blak beauty. Enjoy riding !

    • Manish Singh

      Thanks for the awesome suggestion bro. But I think we should not go for fully synthetic at first maybe after few thousand kms. I will try Motul Semi Synthetic next time..

      • Manish Singh

        Sorry the above reply wasnt for u …posted by mistake 😛

        Anyways thanks for the suggestion..its a nice tip which u gave 🙂

  • Sarvajit

    Written straight from the heart! Wish you many miles&smiles on your Racing Blue!

  • Harish

    Hey Manish,

    Remove the key chain that you have, Coz it will remove the Matt paint around the Key Pinhole. It becomes nasty too look at over a period.

    You say you dont feel vibrations, thats incorrect, Start using Motul full synthetic oil, instead of Yama Lube Semi Synthetic, you will just say “WOW”

    Regarding the Low end grunt missing in R15, I would say why the hell I have to care about Low end power, when the R15 is capable of crossing 7K rpm in Fraction of seconds.

    Anyways congrats on your ultimate selection, If you maintain your bike well, You, Your Son and Your grandson will all be able to use it without any probs 🙂

    • Manish Singh

      Yeah u are right about that key chain thing. I have removed it now and have put a better one

      Thanks for the awesome suggestion bro. But I think we should not go for fully synthetic at first maybe after few thousand kms. I will try Motul Semi Synthetic next time..


    Brother Manish It’s a great review carry on … I personally realised your thinking gr8….

  • Mack

    Dude…the best review for R15…

    Yes..Yamaha…magic done by Yamaha on a 150 cc power plant

  • Mack

    And the best part is the Photo in your review….the 4th one I guess

  • Hemant

    Very nice review…

  • darsh

    hii..manish nice review.
    .i love yamaha yzf r15,,yestorday i saw the white r15 after seeing this one my mind was blanked for a few minute..the whole fairing looks awsome ..
    so i also want to own my r15..
    so please tell me about your blogsite.

    • Manish Singh

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.

      Yeah the white R15 looks amazing!… and about my blog, well I be starting a new blog related to bikes so you will need to wait for it for a bit more days 🙂

  • abhishek

    Keep it up manish!!

  • Raunak

    Plz tell us about blogging… I can write high quality content on automobiles…plz sumone tell about a good blogging site…

    • Manish Singh

      Bikeadvice is a great blogging site.. You can take some inspiration from it 🙂

  • Prasanjeet

    Everyone wants this bike.. me too.. now thinking about CBR250r….but still no one can beat R15..in India… the only reason for me not to buy R15( if at all I don’t buy this) will be yamaha servicing… i am really scared……….plz tell me and advice me abt yamahaservice… guys.. who own R15…coz I will take utmost care during run-in period. and then when i give for servicing.. the guys mes it up by revving hard or spoiling the chain.. or dirtying it or doing something wrong…. then I’ll be dead

    • Manish Singh

      Bro Yamaha Service is good and n times better than Bajaj. Atleast in my area.

      Dont just decide on not buying the bike just due to bad servicing excuse …

      They have skilled staff …so dont worry

  • Anupam_MGP

    R15 owners shouldn’t even care about low end grunt.. Becoz the real fun of biking is only in the higher revs…. R15 is not a commuter and it doesn’t even care for a good bottom end…

    And I have heard that the engine of R15 is not locally manufactured but imported.. This contributes to the high cost of R15.. But u get a product of higher standards.. Not to mention the technology fused in it… Its just a quality product…

    Nice review although… Tell me how did ya land in a job.. I too want to earn.. Is it possible to start my own blogging site even if I dont know web designing..?? And how is money earned.. I mean who pays for it..??

  • samir

    hey manish……….
    first of all, congrats 4 buying such a wonderful bike.
    i m greatly inspired of ur review, such passion of bike………. hands off 4 u man????
    i also wana own a bike from my pocket…….. so could u plz help me how u earn money so i can also buy one 4 me……….
    plzzzzzz reply soon….
    my email id- kislaysingh54@yahoo.com

  • Pratik

    hey manish. from Goa??? GEC re??

  • fas

    Awesome review, the getting the bike and how you bought her part was very engaging. I think this one is the best review till date.

    • Manish Singh

      “I think this one is the best review till date”

      I think its big complement for me 🙂


  • Surya

    Dear Manish, a good review.. But, please at all costs, avoid traffic light drags.. Also, please wear a helmet at all times.. It’ll save you if you encounter some unfortunate incident one day.. And, regarding the R15 beating the 220, i appreciate your enthusiasm, but the 220 might not have been REVVED hard and hence you might have won.. I have been riding a 220 for the past 17000 kms and trust me, not once have i lost it on the out of town highway drag races.. And, i weigh 100+ kgs.. So, there is no weight advantage.. Also, the bike you might have dragged against might be a 220 DTS-Fi, which is a slightly slow, older model.. All in all, ride safe.. Cheers..

    • Manish Singh

      We have a road here nearby which is very broad and has very or no traffic so I dragged it once. I always wear a helmet and never consider it as a headache unlike others

      I think it other way “Helmet makes me look ever more cooler ” 😀

      and about the race between 220 and R15. Well I tried it with a good rider and he revved it hard. I also did the same. But still R15 won. Its the latest 2009 model DTSI .

      So I think the results varies and it depends on different conditions i.e the rider, bike condition, road condition, your guts etc

      Thanks 🙂

    • Reeto

      Hi Manish. Awesome review with all facts stated but one. I totally agree with Surya. I owned a p220 DTSi 2010 model and rode it 10,000 kms. I could beat the living daylights out of an r15 in a drag on Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai. The p220 is far superior as compared to the r15 in terms of performance. The headlights on the p220 are excellent, much better than the r15. The p220 has the same soft compound MRF Zappers, only diff they are wider than the r15 and perform better in straight line braking. I did not face any issues with my p220, Bajaj has done an excellent job. Waiting for the p250 to launch and smoke out the Yamaha 250.

    • Hari Kiran

      I agree wth Surya. I own a Yamaha R15.
      There is no replacement for displacement.On a open road, the pulsar 220 will be hard to catch.Those 21 ponnies do make a lot of difference on the road.
      It’s 21 BHP against 17 BHP.Pulsar 220 does 140 kmph with ease.

      The plus points R15 has is of ride quality and handling, cornering,light weight.
      Both the bikes are excellent tourers.

      It’s about personal taste. I am 5 feet 5 inches. Pulsar 220 will be heavy for me even if I can ride it.Do I need to go at 140 speeds on our roads ?No…

      100 is more than enough for me.Occassional 120 is just fine with me.
      Those who want the top whack should go for the 220 and those who want handling for the R15.I have ridden the R15 with just one hand doing 142kmph.No head shaking …no vibration.
      My bike has done more than 21,000 kms. In another 14 days it will complete 1 year.I bought it on Feb 10, 2010.


  • bobby

    it is the finest ,superest,best, wondeful review i had ever read. i can experience the feel of yours in the review when you first went to the yamaha showroom.

    • Manish Singh

      Thanks bro 🙂

  • Shanu

    Hey Brothe’…
    I’m very much inspired ’bout your ausm review…
    The same as you….me too was very fond of YZF R15 from the day this ANGEL born….:-)
    not only that,….my parents goin’ to buy the 2011 YZF R15 soon when it releases (not a lie)
    I’m very much impatient ’bout buying me this ANGEL…
    Don’t you knew ’bout the release of the new 2011 ANGEL.?
    But …..ma parents and my sister argues to me that..dont buy the new one….buy the present edition…they dont like the new ones rear(because its rear is too high)
    But my decision is confirmed that,.. i’ll buy the 2011 ANGEL..
    what ’bout your opinion?

    • Manish Singh

      Definately u shud go for the latest one. I cant comment much on the performance of 2011 R15 as no official reports have come..

      So go for 2011 angel 🙂

      • Shanu

        its been said that the ANGEL is launching 2day….;’;’;’

        other question is …
        how’s the servicing charges.?
        is there any free servicing for the initial period?
        if yes, how many?
        what ’bout the driving in a rushed traffic?
        will be there any worrying ’bout this angel?
        When i gets the ANGEL, me and my friend is goin’ to Bangaluru from Mahe(I’m from Mahe)
        What ’bout the long trip of approximately 327kms.?
        will be there any problem riding a long trip.?
        have u done any long trip on this angel?(how was the experience ? )

        waitin’ for your reply..///.// / / / / // / / /

  • Sujit Thonse

    …I personally do love this bike

  • Razor

    The review was a good like an autobiography…
    I liked it and quiet impressed about the bike and your attachment with it….

    Good going buddy….
    All the best….

  • xszpranajit

    hey riding Yamaha R15 by wearing chappals 🙂

    • Manish Singh

      Hehe thats because i visited a beach so Shoes wont work there 😛

  • Prazen

    This is the best review for R15… Now am also waiting for this lion… In show room they ask me to wait upto 1 month… Am always thinking about that…

    Enjoy well

    • Manish Singh

      THanks for the comment. Yeah that waiting period is painful but somehow you will need to pass it

  • rohitboxxer

    Is it Vagatore beach?

    • Manish Singh

      Yeah it is !!! 🙂

  • Nice review Manish. Your post will surely tempt other bikers to at least dream of this bike 🙂

  • alex

    looking for 150 cc bike

  • Arun

    awsome comments.. u show, u r a great fan of r15… becareful… ur girlfriend is so cute….

  • Pratheep

    only one thing i want 2 know is the suitable 4 me i m 6.1″ talll….i love tis bike is my height look oddd to r15

    • Manish Singh

      Do you really feel odd while riding the biker with you height. I am 5.11 and i dont feel anything. Maybe you will feel as the bike is quite smaller in size. But no issues you can go for a test ride!!!

      • Reeto

        @ Pratheep – Thats correct. ZMR is a flop model. Better to go for the Karizma R. ZMR struggles at a speed of 110 kmph, a sixth gear is necessary to utilise the potential of the ZMR. But overall, ZMR is a waste of money. Rather go for the r15 or the p220. I owned a ZMR and regret till date, sold it off in 3 months of use. The p220 is far better than ZMR.

  • krishnan

    can i go for KARIZMA ZMR insted of R15 whatz ur opinion?????

    • Manish Singh

      Yeah its good but not better than R15. I am not saying this because I own R15. Its because really ZMR is a big flop. No hard feeling though 🙂

  • venkat

    Nice review. But in cities it is very difficult to ride more than 60-80 kmph. I live in chennai and in the morning the traffic moves at snail pace. Yes Speed thrills in downtown.

  • rohan

    Cool review!!! I own a P220 Dtsi.. This is just for the info sake!!! P220 goes from 0-100 very fast but takes hell lot of time to reach over 120kmph but once that mark is crossed then there’s no stoppin. I have personally done 148 on the speedo. I am 6.1 n weigh 98. But the prob with it is that the engine grunt is too much.!!!


    Really an wonderful review. Carry on. All the best for your bike.

  • krishnan

    NOOOOOOOOO zmr is not a flop. please don’t say unwanted things mr.manish.

    is R15 having any thing better than ZMR except handling and looks???(that also may vary from people to people)

    • Manish Singh

      See bro its not my view about ZMR. I researched on all the bikes and worst reviews i found about ZMR…. Dont take it personally but that was not my line. I read it on many forums

      So just chill

    • rengurk

      poor thing

      • krishnan

        thankz manish now i understand the truth that r15 is the best

    • U-Wax

      R15 has everything better than the zmr( CRAP ) useless plastic bag….

      R15 is a sports bike it has a different feel and much more….

      Note: R15 can be only understood when one rides it …….

      : Touching your heart…… Yamaha

  • Reeto

    ZMR is a piece of useless junk. Its just a good looking bike, thats all. Lousy performer. Tyres of the ZMR suck, R15 and p220 have far better quality tyres.

  • Goutam

    First of all, congratulations for such an inspiring review.
    What do u think about this- Can Honda CBR 150R can beat R15 in performance wise which was suppose to launch before but now the Honda people are going to launch the CBR 250R first. Thats a 18 bhp bike with a company claimed Top speed of 160 kmph.
    And CBR 250R or Ninja 250 according to the overall result?

  • blah

    mileage and tyres are the worst part…. though tyres are of higher quality still thicker rear tyres are always preferable like in p220


    Hi friend ,Fantastic bike and your review added value to your bike,however I feel that your comment on p220 wasn’t necessary .let me tell you that with this bike the distance of 2600 km(mysore to delhi via mumbai)was covered in 56 hr( without doing night drive).HIGHLIGHTING POINT OF THIS TRIP IS THE DISTANCE OF 400 KM BETWEEN UDAIPUR AND JAIPUR WAS COVERED IN JUST 4 HR.Many friend with r15 were behind me just to justify their 35k extra spent.Its true, p220 the fastest indian.

  • Pritam Dhamde

    Awesome,awesome and awesome review..no-doubt..the best review till date for me on bike-advice..

  • hahahha

    @ Manish Singh Man u won a new bike congrats

  • Abhishek Srivastava

    Now that is what we call a reveiw. I am a Pulsar fan but while reading the review I wished that I had a Yammie in my stable but anyways it all comes down to biking and performance and I am happy with mine. Mine is also a blue but its a Pulsar 180 UG-4 and you know what bro, I was also using a Scooty Pep before that (belongs to elder sis) :). I thought about the R-I5 but then my brother like friend met with a crash at the speed of 119 Kph on his Red Devil (his R-I5) . He is in the hospital for nearly 10 months now. That thing moved me and I decided to go for a more tamed bike. As the saying goes for biking that – ”Learn to control your beast before it starts to control you.”

  • sumeet

    hi manish i liked u r review a lot…………
    but i am not understanding how to convince my parents in purchasing this bike please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anshu

    Hi Manish…
    what a review.. Today i am on a same Boat..very confused which bike to buy..i have a option between KARIZMA GMR and YAHAMA R15.. After reading ur story definitely i am buying R15. Another problem is my Dad who says somebody will snatch ur bike as it is very expensive… and my younger bro says its a FLOP bike…

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  • vivek

    hi … manish … nice review dude i love the u expressed ur love towards ur bike …. i too love my karizma zmr 🙂

  • vikram

    @ Manish Singh, I really enjoyed reading your valuable comments and i believe your R15 has got a good owner and u too love this bike from your heart….R15 simply superb before my marriage i thought of having but now i could not own it…but I planned for now going to SZ-R could u advice me Pleaseeeeeeeee

  • Vishwas bhagwat

    hey manish… congo for ur bike and 1st prize..
    i too own a R15 and yes.. she is a winner… i wud recommending you too fix up it with bottom LEDs … they just look cool…
    Anyways take care and keep biking….
    (P.S: I also used to ride Bajaj Spirit earlier…. with superfast speed of 40… Lolz)

  • vikram

    How is the new yamaha Sz-R??

  • sandz

    buddy i m a hardcore R15 fan and i want to buy this bike, but with my own money. I am a college student so i just wondered how you make money on the internet. Plz let me know coz i want this bike badly and if you can guide me a bit about making money on net, i would be very grateful to you… 🙂

  • nimm

    i am quite agree with the facts but sorry friend.. being an owner of both R15 and PULSAR 220CC, WHAT i experienced is “R15 can never beat PULSAR 220CC in any race if a genuine biker is under it … it is only possible when there is a coward person handing PUL 220CC…


    • Manish Singh

      Hey buddy I am not an Agent of Yamaha. I am speaking according to my experience.

      About the R15 beating 220?

      Been there, done that !!!

    • Manoj Kumar

      @ nimm…. completely agree with you man… in racing what matters is who’s driving the bike.. It doesn’t matter what bike he’s driving… I’ve seen young lad’s driving small 100 or 150 cc bikes trying to race with hi end bikes like karizmas, 220 & R 15 and mind it I’ve seen them giving tough competition …. But equation changes completely when its a long clear stretch. Even I have beaten 220’s & R 15 many time during my office run to Gurgaon from delhi with my own Karizma. I know i doesn’t mean that I can say Karizma can beat R15 or 220. Mind it….Had I been riding R 15 or 220 that time, then i would have beaten Karizma if the other person is not skilled like me or less skilled then me…. So the crux is what matters is how skilled the rider is… I’m not praising myself but trying to say that when two riders in the city drags their bike, only highly skilled wins & less skilled defeats.

  • Krishna

    Clean review. It shows how you were mad about your beast. Nice to see that you have not troubled your parents by bugging them for money. I liked that part. Youngsters need to think on this. If you fancy a bike above 1 lac , accumulate at least 60% of that , then there are your wonderful parents who will help in the other things. Kudos to you Manish !!
    By the way one more suggestion for you, use the best kind of engine oil for that. Do not compromise on that. Try synthetic oil like Shell Ultra , then see the result.
    All the best and Ride Safe 🙂

  • limuvze

    what a show off of yours bike lol


    Hello brother Iam Gokul,recently i read ur review abt the bike its very nice ur presentation was nice.Ok,totally is it only take one month to get this bike?


    How do u make money?please tell me.Iam also crazy abt Yamaha R15

  • balaji

    is r15 value for money??????? can any one tell me??

  • sathya

    YES manish, thats all real feelings u did. I feel ur feelings wat u got. BCOZ SAME THING HAPPEN IN MY LIFE AS LIKE U. YES I OWN R15 RED ON 1 JAN 2010. I got it at new year like urs diwali . And i got my bike with my own income too.

  • dheng

    Hi there” nice bike hope Yamaha will launched this bike here in the Philippines, but i’m sure the price will be doubled… He he damn-it distributors….

    This bike will sure compete for the newly launched CBR150R ….

  • samar

    See friends i really dont like qurreling of you people over the racing of bike . Its all depend on your driving skill and engine condition . many times i had raced my uncle’s left scooter bajaj priya with 150cc pulsar,apache,glamour,passion etc in city traffic and on highway with 100/125cc and i succeded . But it doesnt mean i was the winner . Sometimes i tried to chase scooty girls but they left me far behind when the engine condition was bad . So please love and respect your engines as like manish . WELL CONGRATS MANISH .

  • harry_pal

    hello manish….ur “BLOG“ was really nice….and i like the way how you…explore the bike….i am also going to buy this bike after 3 dayz….i am 18 years old…from punjab…can u tell me ….the TOP speed of ur r15…u get….can it really beat…PULSAR 220 in straight road….??? and is it coming with centre locking system??? and what is its tank capacity 🙂

    thnx 🙂

  • Rowson

    Is new r 15 coming soon?

  • dipesh view

    I Agree with your review to most of the extend. I admire R15 technology lot. i have done lot research abt all bikes in india before buying my TVS Apache RTR160 FI. ECU of R15 is too advance.

    Performance: sluggish behavior is true since its 150. and R15 is pure track tool like R1. i feel its little unpractical in our indian road and traffic condition. but again its true that this machine can be use for tourer purpose also if someone is capable to drive continuesly. bike will not feel exhausted due to its water cool technology and die forge piston.
    Though tires look punny but they are best and they become more sticky when they become warme.. those who said its punny dont know anything about technology so dont argu with them and forgive there lack of knowledge. we RTR owners know the value to tires some RTR owners even change there front tyrs with R15.

    i said its not practicle coz this bike looks soo sexy it attract lot attention. Initially i thought about this bike before buying my beast. i question myself can i park this bike anywhere and do my work ? do i have safe place = yes i live in big and nice apartment but can i afford to park it always in safe pay & parking where ever i wil go ? and again milege of 35 kmpl but since you have already buy it means u can afforde it so thats not an issue for everyone.

    Maintenance: bro are you sure fuel filter costed you for Rs 150 INR which was 400 INR before ?? And yamaha lube for Rs 400 INR ??
    I personaly buy oil filture for Rs 28 and Engine oil for Rs 216 which is 20w40 Motul mineral.
    Because i dont like Tvs service station oil and even they try to over charge us when we purchase everything from them . They charge me Rs350 for Tvs true4t oil and oil filture = 35 so difference was Rs 150 & Rs 7 respectively.

    ADVICE= parking such bike near college is highly risky ( despite big risk boys do it everyone know the reason ) even you should not park it uncover near children school or high school. near college boys like us ( bikers / lovers ) will admire it since its beautiful machine but hidden enemies just cant tolerate it. No matter how good person ur but there will be always some jealous ppl there and regarding small kids they are funny its sporty looks will attract them and they will start playing with its buttons i personally had such experience with My beast it looks sporty and like toy in yellow so if its uncover then it wil be like open invitation to them..

  • vishal

    Dude, congrats for the bike, on 5th I got my black beauty , and I know how it feels to own this. Its a superb bike. Though i wouldnt yet comment as I had rode it only for 130 kms. I just have a question, Did you feel the discomfort in the sitting position. I know its a sport bike and everything and we r not used to blah blah … but I am seriously feeling not so comfortable ( about riding position ) I am not sure if it will go eventually. My height is 5-4″. May be my position is not correct. Fellow riders please advice anything on this.

  • Vaibhav dodia

    I too got my new r15 (red) on 12th feb, will be completing 1 month on this saturday, have done around 950km. I just have a little query. I drove it my bike in the range of 50 to 65km/hr range after 500km in the engine breake in period. So would it make any harm to my bike. I did a lot of riding on highways. The manual tells that u can ride it up to 7500rpm after 500km but it doesn’t say anything about speed. The rpm i ride is between 4500 to 5000 range and that too after i did 500km.

    • balaji naidu

      hi vaibhav… i got my r15 on feb 14 n nw ive copleted 1500km….. 7500rpm=110km/hr.. i reached 8500 rpm after first service.

      • Vaibhav dodia

        But i haven’t serviced it yet. I just wanted to know whether i was in the safe zone while riding around 65km/hr. Would it harm my bike in any way, in the engine breakin period??????

  • balaji naidu

    its safe dont worry….. happy riding..n enjoy the every moment of riding

  • Vaibhav dodia

    R15 is a gr8 bike for the persion who is riding, no doubt about that. But what about the pillion.
    I think its not as gr8 a bike for a pillion as it is for the rider. The pillion seat is high, and all my friends who have so far sat on my bike have complained about uncomfortness. It’s my opinion, i wanted to know other r15 owners about their experience with a pillion……

    • balaji naidu

      u have lot of doubts in mind?????? forget about small things and enjoy riding… r15

      • Yeah the pillion uncomfortableness is true in case of R15..

  • gagan

    i am bit confused btw karizma and r15

  • Manasij Dutta

    Awesome…superbbbb review. But the real enjoying part was your personal experience before buying the bike. It’s not at all boring, moreover i can relate to it very deeply as I’m also going through the same mental phase. I am also willing to buy an R15 in a month or so. Lots of incident you have mentioned are common in my case also. The “Nano” portion is an exact match. To me now 24 hrs is like a decade or even more. Can’t wait to have my love in hand

    Anyway keep up the good job. And happy riding 🙂

  • Dhiraj Chavan

    Hi Manish…
    Really very nice review…. I appreciate all of your thoughts….. I m also using R15 (yellow bird ….. I often call this machine) since last month……. It really “Rocks” dude……. and about the starring of girls to your bike…… forget about it…..

  • suriya

    hi, dude!!!!
    in a dream of 2yrs finally i gonna buy r15 i am 6ft tall and just 57kgs does it suits me bro
    And which color would be best i am totally confused in color

  • suriya

    And one more thing… I am going for finance what are the documents needed…..
    the bike should be registered in my name…… please help me bro ….???

  • nazmul

    hi…. manish good to hear about your yamaha r15 experience.i have an doubt about r15 the doubt is about the mileage which you have written above.. the the yamaha r15 gives you 42 kmpl but another bike website i saw 50 kmpl in long road..will this performance will change after some year….and now i am decide to bye this bike because its really very staylish… but i want my bike to be yellow colour is it available there in the market and please can you tell me about its actual road price in kolkata….bye thank you……….

    • Vaibhav Dodia

      The bike gives you mileage of around 35-45 depending upon the your driving style. And the performance won’t change until you keep it as your girlfriend. Treat it as your girlfriend and she(R15) will give you pleasure of a life time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Dhiraj

      Yes dude….. Manish is quite right but i am also using YAMAHA R15 and its giving me an overall fuel economy of 46 kmpl…….. and yaa on highways its putting about 49-50 kmpl at an average speed of about 80-100 kmph……

  • alex wes


    i have never ridden a bike before and am planing to buy a r15 will it be ok


    should i get a honda unicorn

    pls help

    • Vaibhav dodia

      If you are speed crazy person and want to look like a cool dude, then go for R15. But if you are not concerned about speed and handling and just want to settle for an economical bike then go for Unicorn………..

      • alex wes

        Do you know which is better at handling for a total novice like me
        The r15 or the unicorn


  • Everything is perfect in your mind..!!!

  • vaibhav dodia

    R15 is undoubtedly the best bike when it comes to handling and stable performance. Since you told you are novice i would like to add about r15 that its a sport bike so it has a totally different riding posture. So it would take a week or two to get adjusted to this riding style.

  • bharath

    great review dude
    and i am 6 feet 2inches of height and all i want to knoe is wil this bike suits me?l

    • anshul

      bharat , as u said u’er 6’2″ tall let me tell u dat (m 5’10 ) this byk wont suit cz it’ll luk smaller as compared to u.! 😛
      and u’ll need to bend urself a lot because of its seating.!! 🙂

  • Vinyith


    Thanks for de lovely review,ur personal strife in buying the bike only made the review more realistic and palatable.What i would like to know is I am 60kgs in weight and 5ft 9inches tall and my physical build is slim.Plz express ur view whether dis bike woul suit me?????/

  • Sradhasis

    Better To Buy karizma R….It Is Best Of all…no Maintainenece Required

  • Manoj

    can any temme when is d new R15 comin ?? . . any idea ! . .
    i mean d model wid split seats ! nd wide rear tyres


    hi Manish
    read ur review, i also like R15, due to financial prob i cudnt buy it. right now i own Stunner 125cc bike. can u plz tell me what u r blogging on, how can i also earn part time money from doing blogging? if u cud reply me on my mail id i wud be very greatful to u. once again thanks for clearing all doubts. with regards. MATHEW

  • Anurag

    Hey Manish,i too have a similar story..im 19 and i’m riding an old activa(2005 or 06)i guess.
    i too don’t wan2 put a strain on my parents pocket and i desperatlely need the R15!!
    i have been veying it ever since it hit the market in ’08..can u mail me about how i can make some money so that i can fund my own bike(atleast half of it)???
    U c,,its a big thing for youngsters like us…its a symbol of pride and gives u a sense of achievement!
    i hope u help me on this one bro!


    dude an truly awsm review but watz ur opinion abt cbr250r…. guess its btr than this….

  • Allauddin

    Hi bro manish,
    i’m a 18 year old ,
    i’m thin and weighing around 45 kg. Do you think i should buy it will i look good on it.? My friends and my bro is advising me to buy apache rtr 180. So whats your opinion.


    manish great to see u with a bike born out with load of efforts from u . i want some info reg u r mini beast . am exactly 183 cms weighing around 75. can i able to handle with ease .am going to book after 7 days. what mileage u are getting as of now . how many kilometres done ? awaiting for u r response!
    thank u .

  • Amit Oswal

    does this bike does not suit for fat people’s ??

  • shraavan

    wel Manish…………….. u said u earn a good amount from the internet… how is that. would u mind helping me with this please… even i would like to have some earnigs…….. please mail me hw its possible to make money onlin.. lik wht u did…..

  • sandeep

    karizma R 2011 is better or R15?????
    i m totally confused.

  • Raj

    Dear Manish,

    Your review was one of the reason for me to give R15 a thought after getting frustrated with the waiting period of the ZMR.

    I neglected the R15 the last 7 to 8 months during my bike reviews thinking it might never suite me as I am 6ft 1in tall. I went for a test drive on a R15 absolutely confident and sure that the bike will never suite me.

    To my surprise, the bike that looked small from outside, was perfect for my height and the sporty placement of the gear and brake makes the leg perfectly in sync with the bike. For all tall people who are confused to go with the R15, I suggest you to take a test drive of the bike. Mine was instant love with the bike during the test drive and i took a red R15 immediately.

    May everyone and Manish have a safe, awesome, pleasure driving experience. Keep rocking guys.


  • Ramiz

    I just wanted some advise from you, I’m planning to buy the Yamaha R15.

    Is it the choice…?

    Why R15 is having less average as it is 150cc bike…?

    I had a look on website about the comparison of ZMR and R15. As per that I have prettended that R15 is better bike… Am I right…???

  • Ramiz

    Is ZMR as better…???

    • U-Wax

      No Sir>>> Zmr is pathetic. Do not even by mistake Mtv lure you into buying a ZMR. They are just promoting sales n nothing else..(anyway all of that Mtv shit is full of crap…cheap).
      Zmr will kill you… nothing except a packet of few plastic n metal…..

      Just Rely on Yamaha R15. It’s the best…(Note: It’s a Sports Bike)….U will love it.
      Ride it to feel it… it talks…….

      • RAMIZ

        Thanks for your comments…

        Now I am the Proud Owner Of The R15, I bought it at 1st july 2011… 🙂

  • Suman

    Hiii manish,I m vry thnkful to u..I’ll obviously buy r15. Actually 4m very bigening my dream is r15

  • Sunay

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot for the review!!!!

    I am planning to buy the New Yamaha R15 in 1 months time and i was lucky to get this review as I was worried about the new Yamaha R15 2011. And the review was really helpful for me.

    I was in love with Pulsar and i purchased it 2 years ago. But now my heart is towards R15 and i’m selling the pulsar for this new beast. Hope I am taking a right decision as I love bikes to the core.

    I am planning to buy a red color beast which I was in love with when I saw in the showroom.

    Thanks a lot for the review and once I buy ill post the pics:-)


    • Sunay

      Hi Guys,

      I have booked a red colour beast….But still im confused between red and yellow…..can you guys please suggest me which one to go for????.

      Please i hv one day to decide…..so pls help me!!!!


      • Hey dude,go for Red..

  • ankit

    hi manish…m also gonna buy this angel…can u pls tell me from which website u earn money online ?
    my id is ankit_224@yahoo.co.in pls get back 2 me

    • Amit

      r15 is past and future is cbr 250r(with abs).own it and count ur speed in miles/hr and be fastest and safe biker on indian road.

  • Dheeraj

    m confuz in color of ma bike (black or blue)

  • Torque

    Very well expressed about your love. Seems like you have spilled out each and every feeling you have on your bike 🙂

  • aj

    CBR250 all the way…

  • kundan kashyap

    hi Manish , i am very much impressed with the way you grabbed your r15 …. which is in my every breath, in my soul in my dreammmm i can’t tell you how crazy i am for r15 but unfortunately i cannot have it due to my family’s economic problem so i want to make money by myself……………………….. nd grab a r15 ….. as i am in 12th standard and my age is 18yrs so i think that it is the perfect time to own a r15. i just want u to suggest me some of d ways of making money plz help me bro……… as i am a crazy guy for r15 like yours …….. hope that you could understand my feelings …….. m waiting for your rply

  • Amit

    awesome review Manish… m a big fan of BIKES & bajaj pulsar too (Hey dat doesn’t mean dat i dnt like YAMAHA). Even i like R15 d most, was waiting for dis bike even whn rumors comes frm Yamaha’s side. I m frm hilli region (must heard abt SIKKIM), so due to high ps nd cc i choosed p220 instead of R15. Bt m eagerly waiting for d new better looking wid more ps R15 2011.
    U nd ur review again make me fall in luv wid dis ANGEL called ”YAMAHA R15” dude.
    Overall nice review nd luvd ur inside story 🙂

  • Vinay Mathur

    frends i hv yamaha RXG 1996 model, i love this bike coz it is dady of all bikes, i hv pulser220 also and YAMAHA R 15 my younger brother sunny we are crazy about bike racing and stunts.
    but i beat the 220 also coz YAMAHA R15 is realy the great bike of this segment and now when i beat ZMR my younger brother and i tell for YAMAHA R15 is like DADY RETURNS.

  • nima

    y the spare part of R15 is not available in Bhutan. I have called the yahama dealer in our country but he says the part have been ordered but it almost two – three month i have ordered the part. is the yamaha company not producing R15 parts

  • The new R15 2.0 is the best looking bike on Indian streets , I love R15 !

    • A_J

      really ?

      best looking bike.
      I disagree lol.

      best bike imo is the rocket III roadster,
      well it the lower cheaper segment i would say it’s a ninja atleast, lower still maybe a KTM Duke. R15 is just a wanna be R1. and trust me it aint even 10% what it should be.

  • farhan

    i have a R15 for the past few months, i would just like to clear a few doubts about wrist or palm pain
    yes initially while braking there had been severe pain in palms however after using grips there is no pain at all

    once i got over the problem of pain in my palms did a 1100 km run in a span of 3 days on my bike and trust me you only understand the superiority of the bike at high speeds on the high way

    well i read a lot of arguments on R15 and P220 but trust me apart from innova and and high end suv’s i did not let anyone overtake me, one advantage was teh speedbreakers i guess(very much available on highways). i did a max speed of 118km/hr with a pillion after which the engine could not give out any extra power.
    this is a superb bike in terms of speed and overall technology however can become a nightmare for pilion riders on the long run
    i did an average speed of 95-100km/hr for which the bike gave a mileage of 36km/lt in city limits it is giving me 39.8km/lt which is very good i guess considering a sports bike
    well if you love long rides go for a cruiser however if this is for quick short rides no one can meet the class of Yamaha. again if you are tall this will not be a comfortable bike since you have to keep your legs bent at an unnatural angle which only works out best on racing tracks

    All in all Yamaha Rocks!!!


    it is not review it was your autobiography>>>even i own a R15

  • Arun

    dude MANEESH can you just help me in making some online income…? please

  • Craig Samson

    Your review is great…. I love this bike and new R15 2.0 too…… But right at the end I think you are wrong with one flaw with the bike. I have seen a fat person riding it and he looked good on the bike. So I think you need to remove the flaw from your list. I am hoping to buy this bike one day then u will see if a fat arse looks good on this bike or not !

  • Krishna

    Hey man i ve just seen it but buyed a cb twister with my father just cuz “kitna deti hai”.
    But now i am thinking of buying the r15 vr2.0 but the problem is just this that i have 79 thousand
    saved by the acadmic prices and a gold medal in athletics.
    So the problem is that i am 17 and i saw that you earned online so friends can you please tell me how i can earn the money online olease friends reply.

  • Aniket

    Hey…. Guys this is aniket a real lover of bikes…. Manish dude it was the awesomest review i read before it for r15 really its great. By the way can i ask u some thing if u dont mind my parents are not allowing me to buy this bike to its high price. So plr tell me what kind of work u do on internet and can i also do it. If u really can help me pls help me out. 🙂

  • John

    Guys, I got my dream bike Yamaha R15 V2, just 2 days back. Its awesome and like said “I feel my bike every time I think of it”. That’s the feel every one should get when they buy any bike of your own.

    When I take my new bike for a ride, every one eyes is on my bike and on me. These simple things makes me great and proud to be a owner of R15.

    Thanks Yamaha, for a beautiful and stylish bike.

  • hemanth

    i’m planning for R15 2.0
    do give me some suggestions and tip to keep my ride safe always
    i’m mad of long rides
    so i’ll mostly roaming on highways
    also mad of yamaha too

    • Sid

      Hi Hemanth, R15 would make an excellent highway bike. Its rev happy engine and superior aerodynamic design would be advantageous on a highway. Out of experience I would say for safety take care of the following.

      Pushing your limits is great. However never ride at a speed that you think would be difficult to control the bike in case of an emergency situation. This can be even cow dung on the road 🙂
      Always use a good quality helmet. and always strap your helmet securely
      On long rides you would easily feel the fatigue due to wind and same riding position. Use a padded jacket and riding gloves.
      R15 is a lite bike. Strong cross winds may affect the stability of the bike. The faster you go while having strong cross winds, lesser your road grip will be.
      Be extra cautious while overtaking on highways. Unless you are in the right gear, you would have issues overtaking with precision. (R15 doesn’t give you lot of low end torque, it has a smooth free revving engine with lot of top end power delivery. Make use of it)
      Don’t get involved in drag races and on the road chases. Not only does it your affect your engine badly such situation reduces your on the road judgement capabilities.

      Good luck..have a safe and swift ride..

  • paresh

    hey frnds..
    i am planning to buy yamaha r15 v2..
    but i am confused between the colour
    plz help me….which colour looks more beautiful or attractive
    coz ma all frnds said red looks awsome but i wish i want to have the blue racing colour
    so plz frnds help me with ur advice in which colour the bike looks more attractive n aggressive

    • Sid

      Congrats for making up the mind to buy an R15. I own a version 1 and have been using it since 1.5 years. You just cannot go wrong with the decision of buying an R15. As of color is concerned its always strictly a personal choice. Stop listening to what your friends like and think what color you would like to see the bike in. Ultimately you are the one who would be using the bike. Not anyone else

  • manjunatha

    suuuuuppppppeeeeeerrrrr cooooool review…. love it..

  • RINU

    Thanks for all ur valuable information.I would like to buy a R15 2.0 bu Money z the real problem.But sure I’ll

  • vip03ul

    going to buy r15 v2, confussed of color ? n which 1 is better CBR / R15 ?

    • abhishek

      cbr is good

  • Arun

    Hey Manish..U shd be in Marketing man…!! anyone who reads ur article will fall in love with R15. Atleast i did.. 😀

  • amogh

    i want r15 but my parents are not getting it so wat shld i do

  • raja

    r15 v2 or ktm duke200

    which one is the best

  • Hartaj Deol

    I am Hartaj Deol and i live in chandigarh……I was considering FZ-S because i prefer a naked bike look,but soon i discovered that i looked weird on it because i am 6 ft 3 inches and i am really buff……So,i came to know that R15 suited me a lot but i am a bit confused between R15 ,CBR 150 r and Royal Enfield Bullet…..I would like to hear from u!!!

    • A_J

      get an enfiled,
      sports bikes are for kids and skinny folks.

      buff people normally have a rather heavy weight, for that much you need comfort .

      Just my opinion,
      i own a few bikes, and if your tall a thunderbird would suit you best

  • harikesh

    i have R15 V2.0. it is very good bike

    • venkatesh

      i am 6ft 85 kg it will suit for bike

  • ishank

    heyy…i m having the same problem as with manish…
    i m riding third class scooty pep for 5 years and that is the most annoying thing.
    i have too decide for the buying r15..but acc. to my parents…its price is very high..and average is also not very well!!!

    buy how to bring such huge amount by ourself???
    how did u did that??

  • kalpesh solanki


  • venkatesh

    First of all Thanks to Manish Singh, i have read your comments about the bike and its very usefull for bike purchase .i really confusing about the new bike of yamaha r15 and its ver2.0 .In older version of yamaha looks good but back view of tyre is not good and not attractive to seen the back view.But in yamaha new ver2.0 looks awesome really well design more attractive.They having 1 dropback is back seat not conforable while sitting on its seat. I am asking the owner of yamaha ver2.0 it will says that this bike is only for single member to ride the bike.so tell me friends………….

  • Shene

    Very nice review! I’m from Australia and own this bikes big brother (Yamaha r6), I also had to endure a waiting period and I experienced the same impatience as you did! I was so excited and on holidays also. Thankfully I have it now, but each day of waiting seemed like a month! I really enjoy riding and I think these bikes from Yamaha are great. Nice review Manish!

    p.s I really like those series of photos you posted.

    Shene from Australia

  • Drack

    Nothing is best…coz Change is the universal rule….implies wid every thing..today this technology is being appreciated…tomorrow next company will launch some other and new technology…and ppl will move towards that….Its only TIME which makes a thing perfect on that particular….after that it will move to other…..

    today is R15….after a year new Bike from xyz……then after a year other new bike from ABc company…so choose wisely, drive safely…..

    q ki ma ki choot se tu ek baar hi nikal sakta hai……..dubara dalne k liye tere baap k lode me dum hona chahiye…..

  • pankaj

    ur english so good manish…..

  • binu

    Hi dear, MANISH !!!!!!!!

    Itz very nice to see you and read about your love !!!
    when am taking about myself really itz just amazing bcoz i have a love too…!!!
    If am loving your lover that should be damn but in the case of bike yeah, itz is the same one,,,the YZF gen. there is no more compromise…..everyone can love her…the prettiest one !!!!! when am traveling my eyes sometimes may get glittering bcoz that may be looking at her!!! I have no more words to say that how much i love her !!!
    My family itz a poor one,,,but am sure about it that one day i will !!!!!
    But i hate the style of version 2.0 !!!!! i hate the tail side,,,,i’ll alter that portion after i owned !!!! I LIKE THE BLACK ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vhora.rizvan

    i like supar bike

  • krishna

    first i was going to buy r15 for its sper looks and comfort but now my desicion is yamaha fzs because it is better than r15 in displacement. r15 is 149.8cc and fzs is 153.0cc…………i will purchase fzs…………it’s the best…….:)


    Supper cool review,
    fell in love once again for dis beauty..

  • mahadevan

    hi..i am also planning to buy the r15 v2.0, my height is 5.6, and thus i wonder will this height be enough to ride the bike. pls rply.

  • gourav

    hey manish well story of yours ..
    i m also planing for r15 but my parents are not with me wat to do m only the age of 17…..plz help me out frns with some suggestion.

  • Riden my friends R15, liked it and the power of the bike.


    A very nice review. Well it was reminding me of my old days when I was going to fetch my first every motorcycle I can understand the urge of getting your hands on her as soon as possible and ride her. That is a very nice feeling we get in our stomach.

    Well Honestly the bike is very nice but the only problem in the new gen r15 v2.0 is the rear seat if you are riding her solo then boss you are the king of the road.
    What is the current charges for the service of the bike is it more or less.
    Well I also might be going ahead for this baby in my garage but the only problem is I am 5’7 and 97 kg will it be good for me or should I consider something else.
    Current bike is Honda cb unicorn.
    do help me out soon on this as it will really give me a chance to invest in the right vehicle as money does not grow on trees I wish it could at least we could change when ever we wanted.
    Do post your thoughts here so that I can arrange for the funds asap and go ahead for this beauty I can also consider for Bajaj pulsar 180 ug5 but also heard the company is going to launch pulsar 180 ns.

  • Shah Yashfique

    just love it… i own a blue R15 v1 too… but it way too expensive in Bangladesh . it cost 5.25 lakh…
    *great handling
    *awesome looks
    *the feel of racing

    • Richdad


  • Richdad


  • Good review..
    But you didnt mention anything about total kms on odometer
    3 years over and going strong…?

  • Gurpreet Singh

    I am 6 feet 3. I am suggested by my friend that I wont feel comfortable on it. He adviced me to go for apache rtr 180.
    Plz reply me soon I wanna buy by this weekend.

    • On Apache you will feel more cramped!
      Take a TR