Historia: Hello bikers! And my beloved visitors, I am Aathi Narayanan a B.Tech fresher. I am from an upper middle class family. When my dad started his career, he just had a bicycle. Then in 1987 he bought IND Suzuki 100R, which was the only competitor for the classic Yamaha RX series. In 1994 he gave Suzuki to my uncle and bought TVS Samurai (No problem bike).

When I was in my grade 8, out of my own interest, I started to take the bike from the garage kick start it for my dad to ride. After a few weeks I started to operate the gear leaver with the help of my dad, next day I started to self ride the bike. This is how my first ride started. Then in 2003 dad bought TVS Victor GL.

My teenage passed out with my dad s victor and my bicycle. I joined engineering in 2007; I was the first one in my class to get driving license. I loved to get a bike for my own, but my dad was not interested because I was just 18 by that time and more over my college was 75km away from my home.

Days went by, when I was in my final year my dad once said “if you want to get a bike then get it now with in a period of 6 months”. I was happy and then I started dreaming about black Pulsar 150 DTS-i. Pulsar that too especially black is because of the impact of the movie “Pollathavan (2007-Tamil)”, the movie is all about a relation between the hero and his bike.

I suggest you to watch it if you get a chance. All my dreams went as a dream itself dad was not interested with Pulsar because of its price (71k), he advised me to get Splendor +. I did lots of research works on various 150cc makes. The friendship between me and bike advice, which is one year old started here.

I was in a dilemma but my heart said “don’t get down from 150cc”. Once I got a chance of riding my friend’s Yamaha RX 135, I was free zed by the mind blowing pickup and light weight. That ride changed my mind form pulsar to RX. My friend bought it of 18k so I planned to get RX but again I was stopped because my dad s condition was to get a brand new model.

Astounding Astir

One fine morning I got up from my bed, walked to sofa, took the newspaper to see the headlines in front page, but I couldn’t and my eyes got stricken to the advertisement in bottom right corner. That was the 1st moment I saw Yamaha’s SZ, SZ-X model. I was stunned for a moment due to its stylish sporty looks, 153cc and the price (49.5k).

After a week I went to a leading Yamaha dealer near to my home on 2/12/2010. I preferred SZ-X since it was sportier than SZ and SZ missed out the self start mechanism. I took a test drive and I was excited of its smoothness, pickup and handling. I felt it was smoother than Apache 160 RTR and Pulsar.

SZ series didn’t have disk brakes, dealer tried to convince me by explaining the drum size is big than a normal drum so there is no need of a front disk. I was convinced but not fully satisfied. The on road price for SZ-X was 60k in my city; me and my dad found it as the cheapest of 150cc range and booked it. The dealer asked a time of 30days because; at that time SZ-X black was in demand.

I was patiently waiting for a month but frequently I used to ring him and get the status of the vehicle. On Jan 1st 2011 he called me and said that a new model in SZ has come with the disk brakes. Immediately I went to the showroom and saw the model of my bike for the 1st time. I was totally satisfied and changed my booking from SZ-X to SZ-R.

Again he asked a time of 30days, I accepted. He didn’t keep up the promise he failed to deliver me on Feb 1st and he was not clear when the bike will arrive. I completely lost my patience. I was hurted a lot and got my refund. The next day I approached another leading dealer he promised me to deliver the bike in another 20days.

I kept my fingers crossed and waited patiently. Feb 20th 2011 he called me and said your bike has arrived, tomorrow morning pay the remaining sum and collect your bike. I was happy waiting for the sun to rise up soon. Morning me, my dad and our mechanic went to the showroom and picked out the best among 30. Feb 21st 2011 evening 6:22pm I got my bike ready with the key on my hands. Now let me kick start with my review.

Design & Looks

  • The stylish sporty design was the main reason for me to choose SZ-R. I can bet that its design can compete with Pulsar and far ahead of Apache.
  • Sleek aerodynamic graphics is not only made just for design but also they use it 4 the purpose of Air Cooling i.e.: 2 in 1.
  • The overall volume of the vehicle is slightly more than pulsar. I have a tall physic exceeding 6 feet so Yamaha SZ-R suits me perfectly. According to me SZ series will be a perfect pair for guys ranging from 5.9 to 6.1. When your bike has good looks and which does not suite your physic then it looks awkward. For example apache is designed for short people, it won’t suite me. So friends be careful in choosing your darling. It will be happy to hear from others that you both are made for each other.
  • The cockpit contains an analogue speedometer, fuel indicator, rpm meter. When you turn on the head lamp the meters glow with a mild light which gives a rich look. To be noted that only SZ-R has an rpm meter in SZ series.
  • SZ-R has a large fuel tank with a capacity of 14 liters in which 1.5 liters for reserve. To be honest the tank is designed such a way that it is steep in front, so thus when you add small amount (1 – 1.5L) of petrol the fuel gauge fails to indicate any stays in empty.
  • Halogen bulb of 12V is used in head lamp. In normal switching when there are street lights with more brightness the light fails to provide enough vision on road. But it is good during high beam switching.
  • Rear tail light is unique form Pulsar, Apache and Unicorn. Horizontally designed and gives attractive look.
  • The battery covers and the front mudguard is made of mixture of weight less polymers, even though it reduces weight front mudguard is very weak, while you clean it you can notice it bends down and touch the tyre. No problem about the battery covers, it is durable.
  • Over all SZ-R Design = R15 + FZ.


  • The engine used in SZ series is the same as the FZ series with 153cc displacement, but in SZ the torque is lowered to 12.8Nm/4500rpm. Even though the torque is lowered there is not much difference felt when compared with FZ and Pulsar. This torque is much helpful in shifting the gear during traffic and provides a smooth ride.
  • The engine is air cooled, 4stroke, SOHC, 2 valves with a single cylinder. The aerodynamic design helps in cooling the engine. The engines heat is not felt during long journeys it’s the major plus point of SZ-R. I had long drive on Pulsar but after a while the engine gets heated soon and starts to drink more fuel. I can assure that Yamaha SZ-R will be more comfortable in exhausting the heat.
  • Vibrations are not felt after crossing 90km. This is the main factor you must be careful while choosing your bike.
  • The silencer is big and does a descent job. I really appreciate Yamaha for its design of silencer because it’s quite high than normal silencer. Am from Madurai – The temple city of Tamil Nadu, not only in Madurai all over India there are many under bridges and no proper draining system for water during rainy seasons so water gets stagnated and gets in to the silencer.
  • I have experienced a lot with my dad s bike Samurai and Victor GL; during rainy seasons when I wait for signal water enters the silencer and had troubled me a lot. So am happy about SZ-R’s silencer design as it suites rainy season.
  • The starting method in SZ-R is Electric start; it lags a kicker as its Yamaha’s recent trend (FZ, Fazer and R15). Initially I worried a lot since TVS, Bajaj lags in electric start. I asked my friend who owns Fazer; he said not to worry about it as it has not even failed at least once in his 1.5 years of drive.
  • So I got courage of using the bike without extra fitting a kicker which costs 2500bugs. Battery saves separate power for engine ignition so no problem with the electric start. Even you put your vehicle in garage for more than 20 days it can be started in the first press.


SZ-R uses TVS tyres since it economical and has long life. There is no problem about the tyres which Yamaha has provided, I mention it here since Yamaha R15 has problem with its tyres.

The alloy used by Yamaha in SZ series is their own made in Faridabad. To be honest finishing of the alloy is not as good as expected, it gives us a fear when you see the alloy spokes are welded between the rim and brake drum. Recently when I was speaking about it with the mechanic he too felt the same but he also mentioned that they did n’t get any complaints about alloy till date.


SZ-R has a front disc brake of diameter 245mm and a rear drum. My expectation for a150cc displacement is rear drum than disk because when you are tensed during your ride rear disk can cheat you by skidding. Am happy with the rear drum it does a good job slows down me as I expect and helps me in applying front disk at correct time. Front disk does a great job during traffic and slopes. Overall brakes are apt for the vehicle.


Here comes the performance which you are eagerly waiting. My bike is 125days old and I am nearing 2000 km, with two long drives. Performance is the area in which I am 100% satisfied. When I sat on the bike for the 1st time during test drive I felt like sitting on a horse. Not only me all my friends who took a ride felt so.

Coming to the performance part the ride on SZ-R is like gliding on butter. It’s very smooth so that you are not tensed during traffic. Clutch is wet type with multiple disks it’s very soft and doesn’t irritate.

  • Performance inside city is amazing. The gear ratios and torque makes the ride cool. As in my area there is lot of small lanes in which SZ-R performs well. In every bike 1st gear won’t be smooth like the top gear, but in SZ-R 1st gear is very much smooth so that the bike doesn’t gets off for a beginner and gives a good impact.
  • The telescopic at front and swing arm at rear performs well in suspension on pits and speed breakers.
  • Maximum I will try to shift to the top gear and ride in the lowest speed (35-40) (i.e.: torque 3500-4000rpm) inside city this gives me a descent millage of 48kmpl, which is not common with other Yamaha models.
  • During long drives the comfort is really excellent for the rider. There is no back or neck pain. I have taken long drives twice approximately 150km up and down. I didn’t have a pain on my shoulders or on my back bone. Comfort level is very high for long drives. Pillion rider also feels so due to the wider seat unlike FZ.
  • The air cooling aerodynamic design is also done in a better way than pulsar so that during long drives you won’t get the engine heat on to your legs. Am strong in it because monthly once we guys used to take bike to college(65km from my district), I have experienced with all the 150cc buddies and I felt Yamaha is the best in engine cooling.
  • The top speed is 101 km. And during long drives with an average speed of 80-90km I got a millage of 37kmpl. This is because of my engine didn’t get seasoned well during my 1st long drive in my 2nd I got 45kmpl.
  • Guys don’t get feared about your initial millage because when the engine is not set the millage gets fluctuated. Then during the first 2months pls avoid rash driving. Handle your bike with care.

Price factor

Price is the main advantage of Yamaha SZ series. On road price in Tamil Nadu is approximately

  • SZ is 56,000.
  • SZ-X is 60,500.
  • SZ-R is 64,000.

It’s the cheapest bike among the 150cc range even though it lags digital display, kicker. Every time the cheaper item does not stand up with quality, But Yamaha SZ-R is really more worth than the money you pay. It’s a good commut er. It is a budget bike. If you have Yamaha SZ-R as one of your option then doesn’t worry book it today.


  • Service your bike at regular intervals, change oil if necessary.
  • Clean your bike daily and wash it once in a week.
  • Don’t hesitate to use tank pouch as it safe guards from scratches.
  • Avoid unnecessary stickers, so that your bike is identity is not lost.
  • Switch of bike during long wait signals and save petrol.
  • Use chokes every morning during the 1st start.
  • Wear helmet and ride safely.

I have attached the technical specifications of the bike along with this review.

I thank Mr. Deepak for giving me this golden opportunity to express my views on my buddy and rewind my bike memories. Thanks!

Please leave your comments!

Aathi Narayanan

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  • nitin

    Good review. The author has penned many valuable observations about the bike. I liked the detailed description in the form of bullet points. Coming to the con, i didn’t understand why every other bike has been dragged into comparison. Regarding apache, it definitely looks gorgeous and sporty compared to sz. I did 600 km in 10 hours on my RTR. The speed varied from 80 to 100 kmph. I just took three breaks of 5 minutes in this trip. The engine never experienced over heating or strain issues. Pass on comment if you thoroughly know about other bike. If not, stick to sz itself in the review.

    • Im planning to buy a bike and got confuse with yamaha sz r and bajaj discover 150cc.

      Please anyone tell me which one is the best to buy.

      Vijay Anand

      • Nishanth

        U must buy SZ R.m using dis byke frm last 7 months and I wil say dis is a super bike in 150cc.i drive almost 30km daily frm my home to office and me and friends wil go for long trips at weekends.already clocked 8500kms.Believe me frnds dis bike is osom for dis price.
        * Stunning luks
        * Very smooth
        * great handling
        * great pick up
        * gud braking
        * Gud mileage(45 – 50kmpl)
        * Worth its price.
        If u r luking for a bike s of long life den SZ R s a true Buy. It s a yamaha product.Always reliable
        Go for dis.u wil love it.

      • James

        Pl buy yamaha. I have it . Awesum bike.

      • Hi Friends

        Finally I bought this bike after your great reviews from you guys(Yamaha SZ R bike lovers).

        I was waiting for this moment to give my review of my Yamaha SZ R after the first service.

        Good performance and pick up.

        And I just wanted to tell this about Mileage of my bike. I filled 4 liters of petrol when the speedometer was on 273kms, then it got reserved on 365kms and then I didnt fill petrol till the petrol tank gets dry once tank became dry the speedometer was on 480kms so the mileage which I’m getting is average of 47KMPL.


      • s.nagarajan

        i want to sell my yamaha szr may 2011 red colour.rs.49000/.contact me.9994166416

    • Hi Friends!

      First of all thanks for the review Aathi.

      Definitely I am going to buy Yamaha SZ R bike in a week.

      – Vijay Anand

      • Ramesh

        I (Ramesh) also use this bike for the past 9 months, till now no complaint I received while driving… Definitely it is very super bike… I love my Yamaha SZR very much…

  • yo man

    SZ is a nice reliable & cheap commuter bike BUT it lacks in one important thing – Poor Fuel efficiency .

    • antony

      It lacks kick start also, which is a must for a commuter bike. R15 has no kickstart, but R15 has fuel-injection, so it will start easily. SZ-R, hunk, and dazzler have carburetor, so they should have kickstart. Honda and yamaha are removing just to make more profit of rs.1000. In the end, only customer will suffer with unreliable bike.

      • Sabab Rahman

        kick start is must in a commuter bike…

  • fas

    Very good review. Would have been nice if you could have worn a helmet in that riding shot to promote safety 🙂

  • Lumen Shawn

    Wear Helmet while riding? I dint see you wearing an helmet?????

  • Ssp

    I too own a SZ-R blue. Totally satisfied with the bike.I bought it on 25-Jan-2011
    Few points to note:

    No pass light
    No trip meter
    TVS tyres sucks.

    Nice looks
    Beefy tank and awesome ride posture.
    Mileage is about 42-45kmpl
    Smooth ride.

    • fas

      Most bikes have tyres which are just about adequate. Yamaha bikes still have decent tyres, you have to see Hero Honda bikes and I am talking about the flagship Karizma!

      • nitin

        Huff, TVS tyres!!! These are No.1 idiotic tyres. I know it because i have undergone through horrific situations solely due to them.

  • NSP

    This review is only the advantages of this bike ,
    First dont compare it with pulsar , Fz, R15, if u compare it takes another 2 pages of disadvantages of u r bike ,

    Even pulsar 135 can beat it in style and performance

    • aathi

      baby pulasr s out of the observations buddy. i had a ride on it. 80+km gives vibrations to ur seat.

    • AVS

      Stunner has even got 11 Bhp ( with 125 cc )….SZ-R needs some more power..P 135 is still more powerful than this 150 cc beauty.

    • prem

      no i feel it is better than all bajaj bikes bajaj is a indian company which lakes technology .. first compare carburator, spark plug of yamaha then speak anything now it comes with so smooth kick take a ride and then speak

  • Btw this is a nice review but shud hav mentioned the cons…..considering uve covered so much kms u must hav confronted few flaws atleast
    nd comparing ur bike with a premium bike is not fair afterall dey r of diff class and for diff ppl

  • “SZ-R Design = R15 + FZ”
    joking o what??

  • sachin

    Good review with nice pics. which camera was used?

    • aathi

      thank u man i used Nikon coolpix L22.

  • Vinod Vijayan

    Dude I too Have an szr. I bought it only for mileage factor and the engine smoothnes. Honestly it does its job too well. I also have a pulsar 180. The pick up and acceleration is marginally better in pulsar 180 than szr. Personelly I prefer to ride szr since pulsar 180 engine is a bit on the rough side. But then I would not say Pulsar 180 is a sports bike. It is a bike that performs better than szr on the pickup and acceleration front. In order to feel the true adrenaline rush of a performance bike I use my suzuki shogun. The bike is 16 years old and does not have the tecnological frills of modern day so called super bikes – pulsar, karisma and the kind in mean. I tell you – none of todays modern bikes can comete with my Shogun. I have tuned it to 45 bhp (piston rebored), fitted with a KP Exaust System (dont blink hehe .. its still 100 cc). The bike roars and other bikes would go timid just by hearing its engine note. It is very light (96 Kgs). Yep it does not have the braking power of disk brakes, but its drums do fine. Reaches a top speed of 160 Kms. (I never wear a helmet when I ride my Shogun – I believe it kills the fun factor). It corners like its on rails. So guys out there praising the apaches, pulsars and the like, look out for Shogun. Buy one if you can, and experience the thrill of a Sports bike before you take these four strokkers for another race. I have 20 years experience riding bikes. Believe me if you want to enjoy true sports bike like performace buy a Shogun or RX 100 and customise it. It may not have the looks, but who cares. For the ultimate Rider, Ride is what matters.

    • Arjit Mishra

      @Vinod :- Dear Vinod! Would you mind elaborating How did you pumped 45BHP in a 100cc 2-stroke engine. Abra – ca -Dabra….or what? I mean I was totally shocked as I saw your statemnt..PLeeez say smthing and make everyone understand HAAUUW can 100 cc engine be packed with 45 BHP even If you rebore it with a double sized Piston 😛 I care abt response…..

    • sachin

      @vinod, changing bore will not give you 45BHP!! tell us how did you measured the power?you have put latest Ninja in shame.

    • dev

      Can you post some pictures of your shogun ?

    • Raj

      @Vinod. I really couldn’t stop from commenting. I am a 2-st junky owning two rx and had an opportunity to own an RD.

      Forget about putting ninja behind bars. You have put the legend RD to shame.

      Please please elaborate. Which stage porting, what are the carb setup and the jetting, expansion chambers details, gearing and any other mods that you have done. And yes did you dyno check ur machine to claim 45BHP. I am very sure those figures are on the rear wheel and not on the crank.

      I am sure with 45 horses you would be flying in air and dead sure your first 3gears are useless as your power to weight ratio has crossed the limits and in the first three gears your bike will be doing power wheelies un intentionally.

      All those top mechanics from Bangalore and Chennai should call u as their GURU my MAHARAJ.

      This is not to offend u Vinod, but please think 10times before u post some thing like this.

      Any ways it was hilarious.

    • rubesh kumar

      joke of the year 2011.??

  • mak

    SR is a nice bike and withfz series engine it is has very less maintainance.

  • Upen

    Hi Aathi,
    Very well written review!!!!. This shows ur passion for bikes & biking 🙂

    I really admire Yamaha for coming up with SZ-R. I own Yamaha RX 135. And if at all I decide to buy a new bike, SZ-R will be the one 🙂

    I hv test driven it recently & found it to be very smooth, though initial pickup seems to be less but on higher gears the bike responds very very well !!! This is the need of the regualr commuter. Tyres could hv been better but I personally donot hv any complaints with TVS tyres, ‘cos I had been using them in my old splendor. But anytime we can change them with MRF zapper for better ride.

    Yamaha engines r designed to last long…Example is my 8 yrs old Rx 135 🙂 they r just perfect.
    Thanks for the review & congratz on ur new bike purchase.


  • chase

    Dear crazy bajaj fans,
    I understand what you guys feel about the performance bikes like Pulsar. But we need a shoot out between a 5 year old bajaj bike, a 5 year old hero honda bike, and a 5 year old yamaha bike.
    Analyse the performance, maintenance, you will understand why the Japansese giants are one step high,

    • nitin

      Pulsars are mostly punished by the riders. They are not treated well and hence the result is high maintenance. I rode a first version pulsar, which has clocked 95,000 km. My friend bought it in seconds for 18,000 rs. Still the pick up and mileage are great. Regarding Hero Honda, one of my friend has re-bored splendor for 70,000 km itself. I have seen many such cases and was forced to follow the concept ” take care of bike and it will take care of you”.


    hi narayanan u review is good i accept that yamaha SZ-R is the cheapest in cost when compare to other bikes but i think u must gone for kicker option. so that u battery gets dried up u can go for the kicker! spending another 2500 rs is not a big issue!
    secondly dont ever compare ur bike to bajaj pulsar or apache they are demons! only demons must be compared with demons fine i think u got it ! but in what way u can say that pulsar is useless bcoz neither ur bike gives better mileage then pulsar or apache, no na! ur bike is city commuter but apache and pulsar r racer bikes! one more point to be noted that bajaj pulsar is one of the bike highest sales in 150cc segments..

    • Srinivas

      I’m using SZ-R. No worry about kick start. I have completed 6months and never troubled and starts at 1st time.

    • Ronnie

      I think you are marketing for Bajaj. Pulsar is worse than a cycle after two years of usage. You cannot compare Yamaha products which are world class with Bajaj bikes, which give everything for peanuts. If you think Bajaj is into charity, sorry to disappoint you, they cut their costs on quality. On the other hand, no Yamaha bike is without a good pickup because the Japanese always want faster….faster…fastest. Get your facts right and ride a Yamaha before commenting on it. I am sure you will eat your words.

  • muthukumaran

    really good details given by narayan, iam too using the same yamaha sz-r black only in vellore tamilnadu, in my city road it gives 49 kmpl before its 1st company service but now after 2nd am getting only 44kmpl, i too enjoy my ride,for long journy its really very super, riding this bike is like journing in a car, soo good in suspension, really super, there is some disadvantages also, but no problem in such cheaper price, thanks.
    muthukumaran, vellore.

  • tushar

    thanks a lot for giving such a valuable information

  • rohan menon

    i dont understand how he can compare an r15 to an sz!
    nyways…thts ur innocence buddy!
    and some yashwant guy here says..”Coming to R15yamaha . people often compare it with p220. Yamaha R15 looks like a bike with polio infected tyres .Made specially for the people with broken spectacles.Who feel great after paying lacks of money and ride it as if they are owning an YAMAHA r1″
    u kidding me dude?
    pulsars have become soo common on d road…tht even my maid servant has a pulsar!
    and ur saying r15 looks like it has “polio infected tyres”………well i can say pulsar looks like its suffering from “looks syndrome”……i mean all d fucking pulsars look d same..!!
    and cnt bajaj find any other name…other than “pulsar”????
    pulsar 220…pulsar 200….pulsar 190…..pulsar 180….pulsar 150….pulsar 120…pulsar 80!
    and d list goes on and on!
    bajaj and reddy….get a life…..an r15 looks class apart…….i would have considered if u compared r15 to a karizma!’
    this my friend…..is “bizzare” to say the least….

  • Shreesha99

    It would have been better if Aadhi had given review and info only about his bike than simply comparing with any other bikes. According to me there is different class for bikes in 150 CC. One can categorise as (Discover150, SZ) then (SZX, SZR,) then (CBZ, Hunk, Unicorn, Dazzler, Pulsar, FZ, Suzuki GS) and then (R15) considering the price, target market, positioning, performance power etc. One can be carefull in comparing two bikes by overjumping to various categories.
    Every Piece in the Market has its own buyers, and by the essence of the review shows that if there was no SZr in India, the bike Adhi purchased would have got the same kind of review as the present one! Be it Pulsar!!! This is Cognitive Dissonsnce!!!!

    • yusuf

      hey….what is Cognitive Dissonsnce exactly…pls care to reply…

  • Asutosh

    Good review . hi guys I am am going to buy my first ever bike and my target is around 60k either 100cc or 125 cc bike .I am watching this site and comments sense one year and find that from your comments that , honda Shine is a good bike but it is vibrate more after 50 km and rare suspension is not up to the mark and over priced , hero honda glamor has more refined engine but power is not up to the mark like a 125 cc bike compare to weight to power ratio ,Bajaj discover is a all rounder but cheep spare parts making a problem and also crank chain set need to replace early compared to other bikes and Yamah ss 125 is best in this segment but millage decrease drastically after one or 2 year and very poor service and In 100cc there is not option other than passion and splendor twister is a small bike and I am a Big guy .In practically I have to choose among one of these bike and in every thing there are pros and cons .frankly says I am quite affectionate towards Yamah ss 125 and one 150cc bike that is SZ R so please help me guys to choose a bike .I am 29 yr old and daily commuting about 30 km in city . reply asap

    • nitin

      Just test ride them. Regarding shine, it didn’t have noticeable vibrations till 65 kmph for sure. The best feature is the smoothness, which feels u like driving in a car. Yamaha SS 125 is also good bike, but as you are big in body dimensions, the pick up of the bike is not apt. Simply look for other available options like Yamaha SZ, Discover 150, etc. My choice is Yamaha SZ. All bikes have pros and cons. Just go for the bike that satisfies your requirements.

    • aathi

      Yamaha SZ-R ll b a gud choice. u can go 4 SS if u dont about styling and smooth pick up.

      • Asutish

        Style doesn’t mater for me .I want mileage at least 50 Kmpl

  • Safoan Rahman

    first i want to thank you for a nice comment. i also own a sz-r blue color and have done 400km on it. its a good bike and i like the smoothness of the engine but i think it lacks power compared to pulsar and other 150 cc bikes. ride comfort is very good and except fr the tires i could not complain of anything els.can any one help me with some advice on maintenance of the bike cause i will not be able to take it to the servicing center as it is very far and bad road. i also need a link from were i can download a user manual. thanks

    • navjeet

      i own a szr black. Bought it in may 2011. As you commented it lacks power. well totally correct. Try to change gears early you will be amazed to see the pick up of the bike.the best thing of the bike is you can revv it really high and no vibs or engine heating are noticed like that in pulsars. i also own pulsar 220. but for city i prefer my love szr. next yr yamaha might comeup with r4 sports bike.
      but after driving r15 which i too owned once i was disappointed in seating posture for a 6 foot guy . R15 is just awesome bike but only for those guys who are wired or thin.

  • Sushant

    Hi Aathi
    I really appreciate your review. Even I am crazy about bikes and travel long distances around 500km a trip. I too own a yamaha sz-r. But the problem is about the fuel efficieny. My bike just gives an avr around 38-40 kmpl in city. The post which i have read all say that the averege is around 45kmpl. My bike is 3 months old and it has covered around 1600km. Initial 1000 km i took care not took exceed speed of 60kmph. I hav already done two servicing still the problem of average remains as it is

  • aathi

    Susanth pls dont wry abt it. its coz ur engine did not get seasoned. 1st month i got 37kmpl. Dont hate ur darling,luv it more than before dont give much strain….try to season ur bike well. maintain constant speed in city 40km with torque (3500 to 4000). 4 long drive maintain constant speed of 50km with torque not exceeding 4200. try it out sincerely for next 1000km u ll get a gud result. i did it and nw in city am getting 48kmpl. dont wry everything ll b 5n soon.

    • Mahesh

      Hi AAthi

      I too love the bike szr but please advice me ,wat do u mean by seasoning the bike. it wolud help me to get good mileage expecting ur reply soon.

  • sheik

    Hi Aathi
    Well, from ur review its evident that u know more than a normal biker…
    Just i got one and want to know tips for increasing the mileage..
    waiting 4 ur reply…………

  • Riju

    I brought my SZR three weeks back,done 700Km on it, riding comfort is good. Power is not much praisable. I feel a change in engine sound after my first long trip (Around 280KM, Bangalore to SrirangaPatana ). And the mileage I am getting only 30KM in city and in long drive I got 40+. My bike is not yet done the first service. I hope the mileage will be above 40 after the first service.

  • aathi

    Just season well ur engine. try 2 shift to top gear and ride n min speed(40km) with torque not exceeding 4000. try to maintain constant speed for the 1st 1000km….

  • omi

    i bought szr recently. its good for drive & long drive too, nice look,great pickup………………….hope the bike will give good performance……i am worried about average…… hope average will be 50 km……………..thankssssssssssssss

  • Uday


    How much mileage you are getting now??

  • sujith

    hi narayan thank u for your useful tips.i am also using sz-r. the ro king byke of Yamaha SZ-R

  • Babu

    I just bought this monster & beauty combine 5 days back, it cost me Rs.63833 (price in TN), they increase Rs.500 from july 1 onwards. Nice pick up and handling, even a small stretch road i can cruise to 70-80 kmph, 5th gear ride was very well, since i do my biking in city 2nd, 3rd gear ride is really good, no vibration. Great & comfortable beast fm Yammie.

  • Yashwant Raj Verma

    hi Aathi Narayan,
    when i was thinking of purchase bike i was so confused , but ur reviews on yamaha sz-r convince me , and fully satisfied me about sz-r although my father already have yamaha gladiator i was so confused but u were rocking for convince me so thank you very much buddy…………

    • Aathi

      Welcome to YA MA HA family 🙂 Have a happy ride 🙂

  • hi
    thanks for the comments and reviews
    before im in the dilema of choosing bikes.
    now im clear and going to book sz-r

  • venkatesh

    I bought SZ-R one month back.
    1st servicing is over and the mileage is around 30 in the city.and 40 on the highway.
    after 1 st servicing also it’s giving the same.
    The total distance my bike travelled is arround 1400km till date
    can u tell any suggestions regarding this.

  • Pall guswami

    I own a bajaj pulsar 135LS and till date it has cross 1600 km.so far my experience with this bike is good and I do believe if I care my bike well it will not give any problems in the days to come.it gives
    me around 50 to 52 in the city and around 60 on highway.suffice is to say that it is really a value for money product.at the end I just want to say as a proud indian I take pride to ride a quality bike made by indian brand.

  • Vijayakumar

    I’m planning to purchase SZ-R, please give ur opinion and also mileage section.

  • tipu

    hi, I want purchase yamaha SZ-R but confuse about exact milage ,pz help me.

  • Sayan

    @venkatesh- It will improve. Be sure you hav’nt rip your bike. use “Tankful to TankReserv” method.

  • Praveen Kumar G

    I am very pleased about your review for SZ-R, actually i am confused about which bike to buy, but made it clear. THANQ Very Much, Now i will buy SZ-R only

  • Triju

    Im also having the same problem as venkatesh suggested.mileage is between 35-40 in cities.if anybody has better suggestion’s.if you are looking for mileage consider buying some other vehicle…

  • Kongkan

    I got a Yamaha black SZ-R last month. its a superb bike. wat i liked most about the bike is its pick up. The price factor keeps it ahead of other 150 cc bikes if we compare… Yamaha has truly launched a bike which is truly value for money. I dont know wat this bike will prove after 2-3 years of use but till now its really running fantastic (with regards to pick up, handling and comfort of riding)….Its expected to perform the same with time….But i m not much happy with the mileage. the showroom guys were claiming it will provide 40 in city and 45 on highway…but i m getting 30-35…..using extra premium fuel…the mileage is expected to go up with time and the scheduled servicings…. it is a commuter bike….i found it easy to control in traffic in comparision to pulsar 150 or hunk or apache 160. it gives a proud feeling to own this bike as people turns their head and eyes to continue glance at the bike…..one reason of that is the few numbers of this bike in our city (Guwahati)… the rear view mirror are not very satisfying… the engine gets heated up little more than expected. the shock ups are not too comfy…. rest, it is a gud bike….i suggest all guys to go 4 it…thanks 4 reading the review…u can contact me for futher queries and clarifications….

    • manikandan

      bos, i’m very concern abt the milege.but i’m interested in yamaha . can u tell me the exact milege of szr…

  • Srinivas

    I have taken the same bike in black. I love this bike because of smooth & comfort. It is very good in traffic specially in bangalore traffic. Initially it has given milage of decent 48kmpl but after service of 1st, 2nd & 3rd it never reached above 45kmpl ( on an avg 42kmpl). Every time reducing milage than previous service. Avg speed 50-60km. Now i have completed 6000kms. I dont think this is best milage. Is this because of bad service by yamaha show room? or any?
    If you have any sugessions, please advise?

    • Babu

      Exactly srini, the same thing happen to me as well. Initially it gave me 45+ then after 1st service it is all over the place 35-42-40-45, i m not sure. But yamaha service man are doing something which you and I can’t figure it. If you reduce the speed and drive between 45-55 then you can expect some improvement in millage

  • Udaya

    Hi, Fantastic bike, go for it

  • Udaya

    I havent sen such a nice suspension and the engine. Its soo smooth n got a very ud pick up. Much better than \\pulsar n Apache.

  • Murali Manoharan

    Dear Mr. Aathi,

    Review is good but without any cons. The bike is not even having a highbeam flasher, leave the trip meter and kicker part. Hope a new version is already out with a kicker. It is not torque 4000 as you mentioned. It is the engine speed in rpm.
    @Sayan – Tankful to tankReserv is not required. Reservce to Reserve will also give you approximate milage.

  • Arul

    Hi aathi.. Many say SZ lags in initial pick up. On average, 150cc bikes attain 0-60kmph in 5.2 sec. How about SZ-R? Any one, Please mail me (arul_prasath_ap@hotmail.com)

  • Sathis kumar

    Awesome bike Last three weeks am using it..

    Am really getting a mileage of about 48-52..

    Am already reached around 1000kms..

    LIke to get the same mileage after 1st service,……………..

  • Babu

    I got this beauty a month back, suspension, riding quality and smoothness is really good. Millage if you drive between 40-50 it is giving 45 KMPL that is fine for this heavy bike.
    One thing all future buyer should note that the battery comes with this, MINDA having problem, after 1 month of functioning my battery went to standstill, though Yamaha mechanic replaced with new one, put a spare of thought on to that. Other than that i guess this will rule the roost in time to come as i saw sudden pick in sales (july sales) and number of SZ-R i seen in road

  • Bikram

    Thanks bro:-).
    After reading your comments now i am going for SZ-R ….
    Hope i may enjoy it like u.

  • Krishna

    very detailed review. Its surprising that you observed and gathered so much about your bike which is just 125 days old 🙂

  • the only drawback of this bike is its mileage, it gives around 36 to 40 kmpl in bangalore city.

  • gaurav

    whats the average of sz

  • Mandeep

    who said R15 has problem with tyres..they may be thin but are one of the stickiest tyres around..if ever you have had a ride on R15 you will know how it handles and how the tyres feel..MRF tyres on it are light years ahead of TVS tyres in quality..
    P.S: i do not own a R15..i own a P220..

  • raj

    hallo aathi… myslf raj.. i am a 1st year student…. and i like yamaha.. specially sz-r.. and recently having look to ur active review i just love that.. thanks a lot.. bt plz tell me that is this bike suits me?????? i am 55 kgs weight and 5.5 of height… plzzzzzzzzzzzz hlpp me.. i just felt in love with this baby,…

  • potter

    no matter you guy gave right or wrong opinion but its helps other to choose the right one bike

  • yusuf

    you didnt mention…how much mileage are you getting…?

  • Arunkumar

    Gud review .Guys For Racing Think of Bhp first Not Mileage . overall Yamaha is the only perfect bike in india to give racing sprint . Apache best competitor .Third Pulsar Uncles Bike !

  • rahul sharma

    gud bike 4 me…….yamaha szr

  • Jitendra

    please give me a review about its mileage.

  • Dharmaraj

    Hi All,
    I got this beautiful machine on 1st oct. Run 205kms, Reg.Chennai. I got job now in singapore…so im selling it…guys in chennai pls note.

  • ritul

    hey guys if wud lyk to purchase bike in 150cc thn SZ-R most promising bike go for……….
    i have SZ-R and its awesome…… if u feel yamaha thn u cant feel othr bikes its addiction………………………. awesome bike go for it

  • Mahendra

    Dear Aathi,
    It Seems U know more than general bike lovers and u have a lot of riding experience in the past about bikes, so I want ur advice that what is the difference in SZ and SZ-R other than Styling and Disc breaks and Price. U really convinced me regarding bikes detailing.

  • naren

    i am around 5.2″ of height .can i have a comfortable ride in this bike:with respect to reaching the handle bars and putting the legs on the ground firmly while stopping??

    • Aathi

      S naren u can…

  • Dharmaraj

    @ All, Im selling my Red Yamaha SZ-R one month old bike for 55000/- Any one interested call me @ 9940498937

    • rajju patanwar

      dear dharmaraj
      why do u want to sell this bike,facing any problem ?????please ellaborate

      • Siddharth

        Is there any disadvantage in it or riding comfortness ?

  • Rajesh kanna

    Hey Aathi,
    I appreciate ur job !
    I was searching since last two weeks for 150 cc bikes which suites me. u totally convinced me to take SZ-R


  • ramesh

    Dear All,
    I am traveling daily nearly 50km from home to office and return. Is this bike suitable for me. I like this Yamaha SZ r new look bike

    • Johnson

      Hi Ramesh,

      Im very much concerned about the mileage and maintenance.
      can u please tell me how much is the mileage in city.
      also about maintenacne, its been 4 months you had made a review.
      so u can tell me about this bikes performance , mileage and maintenance.


  • jain

    i use this bike, it is very cool and some time i got 40km pr 1 ltr some times i got 52, it is very nice

  • Sabab Rahman

    a 153cc yamaha bike without pass swich, trip meter, kick starter, maintenance free baterry(5AH!!!), dawn & dusk light swich, simple rear shock absorber!!!!!!!!!!
    what were they thinking?!?!?!
    may be they thought there are no other bikes in the market!!!

  • Deepak

    Dear All
    i have purchase my first yamaha szr eight months ago. The looks, cost, and everything is ok with this bike, my only concern is of average. As the petrol rates i rising every months it is very important that your bike should give you a decent average. Currently i am geeting a average of 35km/ltr, which is very less. till today i have done four services. i have checked with the yamaha servicing engineer, they told that after this service you can expect an average of 50km/ltr. let see if their words are true. i have put my fingers crossed.


    • Chandrakanth Yadav

      Hey Deepak,

      I too got my bike in moth of April 2011… I am getting 46-47 millage with pillon 90% of the time.

      Did you do you run in process correctly? after purchase.

  • anandraj

    i buy SZ bike in alagatharanmotors in madurai .my bike problem in eng or other i d’nt know that problem .i went to alagatharan mootors service in seemmakal in madurai he not work my bike .he say pay amount and working ur bike .my bike spare does;t not clam parsts hesays u cousmer court anr retified ur problem.pls help me my conact no 9095363226,9095363225

  • happy

    hai dude.can u tell me the present price of this

  • Pramod

    can I fit an engine guard in my Yamaha Sz-R. please tell me.

    • Pramod


      • Chandrakanth Yadav

        you can… but not adviced to…

  • Karthick

    Hi Aathi,

    Nice review, It really convinenced me for buying this bike. But I m 5.7 feet tall so i m confused on the statement “will its suits me “. Talking about the power everyone says that it doesnt give much power in the intial pickup, is it true. how do u experience? reply….

  • Hitesh

    Nice review anybody please advice wht mileage yamaha sz r is giving, & 2cond part it is maintenance free bike

    • Chandrakanth Yadav


      I bouth SZR in the month of April 2011 and using daily.. average 1000 KM per month.

      I have alread done 8k KM…. bike has very confortable seating postion, pick up is file, bike is ligheter (weight) compare to otheres. milliage is about 46-50.

      maintenance – generaly maintenance for Yamaha/Bajaj and TVS are chepar compate to otheres… and it depends on us how we maintain the bike

  • madan

    in kumbakonam showroom,they told sz-r gives 65km/l,,,,does this true??????????pls reply,,,

    • Chandrakanth Yadav

      No Test condition its 70 KMPl… onroad.. you can expect 50… however depends on your riding.. please go throught the articled (Run in).

      I am SZR user and completed 8K KM and getting 46-47 with pillon.


    hi, Aathi

    thanks for your review. will you please ensure me weather a kick starter can fit in Yamaha SZR
    which i want to buy within a few days. Please reply me as soon as possible.

    • Chandrakanth Yadav


      Yes we can add kick starter to Yamaha SZR. dont remember the cost its around 3.5K

  • Taher

    Hi guys,
    I purchased this bike on 2 Jan 2012 and i am very happy with the comfort and performance vice but i am not getting average as it should give..i get only 17 km pl..i have filled 7liter petrol when it was around 37kms and now it has reached upto 100kms and my fuel indicator is almost on reserve…
    Don’t know why..? Can anyone tell me when will be its first service done as i have not yet received any service guide..

    • Chandrakanth


      First don’t worry about millage for at least 1000 KM… and SZR does not have reserve indicator. If it’s on the red indicator its still on main….

      • Taher

        Thank you Chandrakanth becoz i was really worried.

      • Taher

        Hi as i mentioned before about average problem..still its the same even after crossing 1000km. I get only 32kmpl per liter. I told Yamaha service provider he told me that it will increase after 1st service but still the condition is the same..
        What should i do now…???

  • Shreyas

    I am confused whether to buy Honda twister or Yamaha SZR.. Can any one help me out?

    • Rahul

      Go with Yamaha SZR

      • Chandrakanth


        Visit http://www.bikeadvice.org and we have a template fill the details, and you will get better reply.

  • Rahul

    I have got my SZR on 1 Sept 2011 and I am very impress with the performance. I hav ride around 3200 km and got the average of 45kmpl in city and 52 kmpl in highway at the speed of 70 kmph. The best thing about SZR is that it don’t vibrate at the speed of 80 kmpl unlike Pulsar 150cc. And one should not forget that Legendary RX100 was manufactured by Yamaha not by Bajaj. The engine doesn’t produce sound at the speed of 80 kmph while pulsar have the crying sound when we give acceleration.

    • Chandrakanth


      I too own a SZR May 2011 and done about 8.9K on ODO…. and millage is about 46-47 for me with Pillon and rest agree with all your points.

  • Vaibhav

    I am using this bike since 8months. Superb performance. Smooth drive. Easy to handle. Gears are very smooth. Avg is around 45-50. Very supportive for long tours. I drive this bike for 800KM in one day non stop. No issues at all. However engine is became very clear and crisp. Go for it guys.

  • Balaji Sarangan

    Hi Aathi,
    Ur review is very useful for me to confirm 100% to buy this bike, but what the big barrier infornt of me is, mileage problem. I expect atleast 45-50 in city and 50-55 in long. Is it possible to obtain such a mileage in sz-r…….? I plan to buy this bike coming month….

    • Chandrakanth

      Hi Balaji,

      I own SZr, I get millage of 46 in city and 50 on higway with pillong.

  • s.nagarajan

    i am s.nagarajan from madurai.i want to sell my bike yamaha szr may 2011.if u want to buy contact me.9994166416.rs.49000/

  • Manoj Chaudhary

    I like yamaha bikes

  • Asique

    Thanks for your review … I purchased SZ-R sterday… Now it is coming with kicker but 2000 bucks more than early… Any way i love this bike…..Right now i m working in orissa so i had 2 take bike 4m a show room 150 Km apart…still then i took it i hope it is worth for that much effort…….. once again thanks machi…..will give comments after some days abt performance

  • bharath

    My review after assessing for 2 months
    hi ppl.. I bought my first bike i.e. YAMAHA SZR on 1 Dec 2011.. I was very much confused in choosing my bike.. I read many and many reviews to assess many bikes.. finally I bought it.. observed with some other bikes like Honda cbz extreme.. I m not against any but I’ll say that SZR is value for many.. its giving me 40-44 kmpl in city conditions like Hyderabad.. in 150 cc segment it is a good mileage in city conditions actually.. finally I love my bike..

  • Praveen

    I am confused whether to buy CBZ or Yamaha SZR.. Can any one help me out?


    HAI Praveen Better you buy TVS XL Super…….

  • Johnson

    Hi Adhi,
    Thanks for you overall reivew,
    what the milage of ur bike..

  • Sulfikar

    Yamaha szr is a very good excellent bike

  • Taher

    Hi as i mentioned before about average problem..still its the same even after crossing 1000km. I get only 32kmpl per liter. I told Yamaha service provider he told me that it will increase after 1st service but still the condition is the same..
    What should i do now…???

    • Saifullah khalid

      Dear Taher,
      What you are experiencing is very TRUE..i too have this bike and belive me i never got more then 25Kmpl of fuel average..1000 Kms crossed and also first service done… but no improvement..so i would STRONGLY SUGGEST NOT TO BUY THIS BIKE .. Really a big CRAP Bike ( this is what i calls this)… dont get fooled by others .. belive in what you are getting… there may be many peoples who claims a good mileage from this bike.. but for me..i never got any thing above then 25Kmpl… Its not that petrol pump guys are chaeting us..i even put a well measured quantity of petrol..but still VERY VERY POOR MILEAGE….. Hope others may get some benefit from my advice…

  • mahi

    i bought szr that is really sweet bike in all over parameter and i m getting 50 milage in mix condition.

  • karthick

    hi guys, I bought this bike on jan 1st, now it’s just 4 months old. yesterday, I have filled petrol for rs100 while it must came to reserve and roam around chennai, already crossed 55 kms still it is in main fuel.really a good bike. when it comes to szr I s
    should definitely speak about it’s pickup it’s really superb.when
    u stop in a traffic signal u ll be the 1st to cross the signal when it turns green 🙂

  • Taher

    Yah Man that very true…but i have ask few people who own sz-r some gets same mileage what we are getting and some gets more…i am really fed up with mileage problem….thinking to send an complain mail to yamaha..

  • Taher

    Saifullah khalid
    Yah Man that very true…but i have ask few people who own sz-r some gets same mileage what we are getting and some gets more…i am really fed up with mileage problem….thinking to send an complain mail to yamaha

  • K.Bhargav

    hi frds
    plz give a suggestions to
    i want to buy a new bike its my 1st bike soooo
    is it gud yamaha szr
    wht abt honda shine or Apache rtr or unicon honda
    i want average style and gud looking
    and millage also
    which one is best ?frds plz give ply

  • K.Bhargav

    friend i want to buy a new bike
    it is my 1st fist
    so sentiment plz give me suggest
    is it gud yamaha szr?
    wht abt honda shine or Apache rtr or unicon honda?
    i want gud style and gud looking
    and millage also
    which one is best ?frds plz give ply send me meg for me 9492980523

  • akshay chougule

    the bike is awesome…i used dis bike for 7 months…till here i didnt recieve any complain….its too stylish.n attractive without maintainance

  • Abbas


    I have purchased YAMAHA SZ-R bike in Dec-12. But after the 3rd free service, battery got drain. Since I have 1 yr warranty, Raj Yamaha (Velachery, Chennai) has agreed to replace the battery. They committed that battery will be replaced in 15 days and they got signature from me for the same. But even after 25 days, they are still asking me to wait for some more days. I am riding the bike without self start, headlight, etc. Raj Yamaha service center not keeping the promises. When I try to raise the complaint with customer care, the call is being que for long time without any response.

    Yamaha SZ-R having problem with battery. Also they are not responding properly for battery replacement.

  • K.Bhargav

    hi yamaha szr and honda unicon which one is best ?????

  • vinay

    i have the bike the tyres does not have road grip and in fueltank the 1.5lit which is res will b unused so only cant get milage perfectly

  • sanjumohan

    I have purchased YAMAHA SZ-R bike in 2012 may 23
    it is my 2nd bike
    my first time bike is honda shine
    that bike is beter than YAMAHA SZ R.
    Yamaha szr is a very good and excellent bike

  • Shravan

    Hi friends,

    what is the mileage of SZR??

    showroom guy said its between 35-40 only:((

    • VIJAY

      my bike give only 45km

  • Aarthi

    i’m looking fwd to gift it to my boy friend on hid b’day wat do u people suggest as i dono much abt men bike and i want give him the best…………..but article was very helpful thanks Aathi….

    • karthik

      Hi aarthi,

      This is karthik from chennai..I have Yamaha SZ-r, and its really a awesome..It performs better..And well suited for couples

      • Aathi

        Welcome Aarthi 🙂 Pls do ask ur BF interests, needs, demands & expectations before u get in to any Motor 🙂 Men r distinct at the most 🙂

  • sonu

    dear friends
    i am looking for 150 cc bike but i am totally confused which one to buy few friends said that pulsar is good some are not some suggest me to try szr of yamaha
    i cant understand which want to buy

    pls suggest me friends

  • Jayadev

    i got my yamaha szr on may 11th 2012. i hv crossed 756km and also completed 1st service. am nt exceed 50kmph , bfore 1st service it was showing 47kmpl , but now 38 to 40km avrg. no doubt its overal performance is gud ,i thnk its milege may decrease in future. wht u think frnds about ds regarding milage. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. . . . . . . 000

    • Raj

      Hi jayadev,

      i have little confusion to buy SZ-R. Now you are using this bike. Can you tell me the bike that satisfied you. What is the current mileage? which color you have? can you mail me your experience? Please dude. reply me..!!

  • Suman Neeli

    really good bike..runs very smoothly……..can go for it

  • sesha

    I have confusion between Yamaha SZ-R and honda unicorn.. The on-road prize for SZ-R is around 69k and for unicorn its around 76k. Is SZ-R better than Unicorn ?

    • Sayan

      Sz R is better in every aspects…….. I can say that after my 1 yr 9000 km ownership.

  • naveen

    i have yamaha sz-r ,I brought this bike jan 2012 ,
    Really good bike,easy handling…..,more comfort in traffic, mileage around 41 to 45 in city …,i love this bike

  • renjith

    I purchased my bike yamaha sz-R in august 2011.I like this bike very much bec of this bike smoothness.Recently some sound is coming from engine at an RPM of 5500.Can any one suggest what is the reason? what i shoud do? I missed one service.

  • Saravanan

    Dear All,

    I purchased my bike SZR in June 2011. till now i have completed more than 9000 KM and i completed 3 free services, it’s giving mileage of more than 45 KM. value for money. the only concern is TVS Tyre, and spares are looking like average quality. overall good one.

  • Abhishek

    Hi guys,
    First thing thnks to Aathi for giving a good review and starting a valuable discussion. I’m looking to buy my very first bike. I’m a student at a med colg, situated on the highway on the outskirts of nashik. I’ll be travelling to and from colg which is like 15 minutes by a rickshaw. Also I’ll be going to the city frequently. And of course weekend rides to some spots around nashik. I’m actually a beginner at bikes (will be learning to ride on this one actually) and was looking to buy a 150cc bike with good mileage (like at least around 50 after months of riding) rather than high performance ( no dreams of racing ). I need decent speed and servicing too.

    I’ve read many reviews and decided on either the Yamaha SZ – R or the Honda Unicorn or the Honda Shine. Please suggest on the basis of of mileage, servicing and other important points….PLEASE help me out as this is my first bike and i don’t know much about bikes. Thanks in advance. Cheers…

  • Abhishek

    I know the shine is a 125cc bike so please dont comment on that. It is not a mistake.

    • nantha

      what mileage u r getting in shine?

  • Raj Suryawanshi.

    Hi Aathi Narayan..

    i read u r story…

    i decison purchase date 30-8-12 yamaha sz r for u r thougts..

    szr very very sexy and powerful bike….

    my decision is right and i am mostly happy to yamaha bike…

    but my bike average is lil i daily speed 35- 40 km driving..
    my bike avrge. 35-38 per litre.

    pls call me?

    • mathews

      hey frnd.. the mileage speed in not 35-40 km. This is 150 cc bike.. plz ride 45-55 km.. i got 55-60 kmpl… dont make rash gear changing..

  • peru

    Hi to all… I drove SZ-R yesterday (11-09-12). its amazing feel. look, performance, prize (68,152 onroad prize in coimbatore) every thing is good. But the only head ache is mileage. THOSE WHO DO NOT CONSIDER MILEAGE ITS WORTH TO BUY. (avg mileage 40-45 kms/lit when u drive at 30- 50 km speed). personal feel is “U CAN USE THIS BIKE AFTER 5 YEARS WITH THE SAME COMFORT”. BCOZZZZ ITS YAMAHA.,


    i have yamaha sz-r ,I brought this bike SEP 2012 ,
    Really good bike,easy handling…..,more comfort in traffic, mileage around 41 to 45 in city …,i love this bike

  • nikhil

    Friends, can you please tell me the mileage of Yamaha SZ-R? I have two option before me:
    1) Yamaha SZ-R
    2) Yamaha SS125

    Can you help me in following things:
    1. Comfort
    2. Mileage
    3. Performace
    4. maintenance
    5. Life/ durability


  • Prasanth

    Nice can u tell me we can start the bike at any gear & its gear was soft or hard


    Hi all,

    I have a close-friend of mine has a Yamaha SZ-R Which he purchased about exactly a year back and wanted to sell. He wanted to sell it for Rs. 45,000. But, i really don’t know the market price and how much i can pay for it and own it.

    Please do advice me as to how much i can pay for it. As far as i know it’s well-maintained but, he has not renewed the insurance and also i need to transfer it from Andhra Pradesh to Karnataka and re-register. Also let me know the re-registration fee/transfer fee if possible. Eagerly waiting for a proper answer.


  • subin

    I am using this bike for about 5 months. Mileage I am getting is only 40kmpl.

  • akhilchowdary

    i have little confusion to buy SZ-R. Now you are using this bike. Can you tell me thebike that satisfied you. What is the current mileage?

  • prabhu

    hi to all,
    i have sz-r red color i purchased 3 months be4.it was a wounderful bike it provide nice perfomence and millage in city(45-50) on long travel (around60) i finished two services.but before 1 st service it give only 35-40

  • prabhu

    hi to all,
    i have sz-r red color i purchased 3 months be4.it was a wounderful bike it provide nice performance and millage in city(45-50) on long travel (around60) i finished two services.but before 1 st service it give only 35-40

  • Ullhas.D.

    am confused whether to buy CBZ or Yamaha SZR.. Can any one help.I am reed all review about SZ-R,most of the owener of SZ-R comlpaints about mileage this bike, so what should i do now.. plzz suggest me guyssss….

  • Vinay

    Bike is good.. except for the mileage.. which never goes above 40 but not less than 40.

  • Jayadev

    Hi frnds, i hv crossed 4555km frm last 7 month. also completed 4th service ,but i am getting oly 38-40 kmpl, before 3rd service it was 48kmpl and before 4th one it was giving 42-45kmpl. am afraid cause it is reducing aftr every service. Am nt exceeding 60kmph and 5k rpm also. . . . .plz guys suggest is it okey ? give some advice regarding mileage. . . . . . !

  • prem

    no i feel it is better than all bajaj bikes bajaj is a indian company which lakes technology .. first compare carburator, spark plug of yamaha then speak anything now it comes with so smooth kick take a ride and then speak

    • Aathi

      What are u trying to convey?

      • nantha


        I am also planning to buy SZ R.
        Can u tell me the mileage u r getting now?

  • ramesh

    Hi guys
    I am confused to choose between Yamaha SZ R and CB shine

    Pls give suggestion

  • ramesh


    What mileage are u getting now


    hi zr gayz…

    i am also got a SZ-R bike.
    what mileage give this bike
    i ill confused to discover new model bike.

  • Vikram yadav

    I am owner of this bike from 10-3-2011,my bike initially give 45-47 kmpl.
    after 3-4 months it gives 37-42kmpl,then i goes to svc mechanic he made some idelling and bike gives 45-49 kmpl.
    Now(after 2 years) it gives 52-54 kmpl, i changed air filter and engine oil(yamalube 15w50) it gives smoother ride and best mileage.

  • Sreejith

    Thanks am lookin fwd to buy dis byk.. But one think I wanna ask u is about the fuel problem. You said about a 1-1.5 litres issue ryt.. Will dat be a prob??

  • Dinesh

    Hi SZ-R Users,
    I buyed SZ-R bike 2 weeks back….
    I love this design which made me buy this one….
    As of now its giving me a milege of 30 kmpl.. 🙁
    Till first service is not completed…..
    And i asked some of the SZ-R users they are saying that after 1 year also they are getting very poor milege of 35kmpl….
    I am very much afraid…
    How much speed should i maintain to get the better milege…

    Pls advice….

  • ahad

    i am so much confused between pulser 150 and yamaha sz-r…pls give me some suggetion which one will be better for me…what about mileage of pulser 150 and yamaha szr..which one should i choose..

  • Manish Djz

    Yamaha bikes king of world and my favourites bike sz-R and R15

  • anuj

    it was great feeling to have dis ultimate byk !!!! superb byk ,it is most superior than pulsar & apache .it has bigger lyf than these byks!!!!!!

  • Sun

    Hi All,
    Read the awesome review of the bike and i am planning to buy one. However i have decided to change the tyres to MRF tubeless.
    Can someone suggest if this will hamper the performance specifically mileage of the bike in anyway?