Yamaha SZ-R Ownership Review by Sanjeet Bhatkar

Well… Little introduction to myself. I’m Sanjeet Bhatkar, CS student from Mumbai. I started riding bike when I was in 6th STD with my Mama’s Bajaj M80. My Dad owns a 1964 & 1998 Enfield STD 350 Models so it was tough for me to ask for a Test Drive. Jokes apart. Let’s come to the topic.

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Previously I owned TVS Star DLX, when I was in 12th and after securing distinction in Commerce Last year, I was gifted with a Yamaha SZ-R from Mom & Dad. Well it was not my choice at all and it was just a surprise… as I owned TVS before, I wanted to go for Apache, but due to my 6’1 tall height, it was rejected by dad when it was launched. So this is how Yamaha SZ-R came in my Life. It’s with me almost for a year now… and I’m Loving it.

Engine & Performance

About Engine, well everyone here knows that the Engine of the Bike is directly derived from its elder sibling fz-16 little detuned for fuel efficiency. But the difference of both engines can only be differentiated when u cross 80kmph mark, where SZ-R gets slowed down and struggles to reach 100 marks and then stuck at the top wrack of 115kmph.

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But that’s not the issue as Top speed of 80-90kmph is ideal for Indian roads whether its highway or city. I’m personally very happy with the engine, it is silent & smooth and has no vibration at whatever speed you are. Whether you are doing daily commutes of 20-40kms or Mumbai-Goa trip of 1200kms (Up & Down).


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The Yamaha SZ-R looks just awesome when you look it from front side, large shape and muscular fuel tank, tank extension, white coloured front fender and tank scoops, sharp tail and flat but well cushioned seat makes your ride stands out. The Yamaha re-launched this Machine with fresh paint schemes in 2012. Refer to the photos if someone of you doesn’t know about this bike.


This is much important thing to consider as you will be spending half of your life on bike if you are die hard tourer or your office/college is 50kms away from your home. It’s lightweight and Fun to Ride, The tank extensions and wide handlebar added with well padded seat gives you comfort that we should expect from Yamaha. Bike has good low and mid-range torque. So no more gear shifts, just twist and go.

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The Suspensions play very important role here, though they not gas charged or mono-shocks, still performs their duty well all time. The only spoilsport here is the TVS made rubber. It does not provide road grip at all in wet condition, well if u doing a drag on wet road, then you will keep making burnouts on start point. Ha-ha… Well I have changed my rubber to MRF zapper Q and always feel Nitrogen in tyres to keep them cool and soft.

Gear Box

SZ-R is fitted with 5speed Gearbox with 1down-4up Pattern. It is butter smooth, Rest I don’t think that I have to explain about Gearbox of a Yamaha Bike. But one Important thing that has to be mentioned that this bike has high torque characteristics compared to BHP it provides, so while doing long trips on national highway, you won’t be required to drop 1 or 2 gears to overtake heavy trucks or slow moving cars. It just fun to ride this bike in all kind of road conditions. (Including off-roading as you will get that situation as well in Mumbai during Monsoon).

Fuel Consumption

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When I got my SZ-R, it used to deliver me Mileage of 35-40kmpl, I know that’s bad for 150cc, but after crossing 5000 mark the bike is consistently delivering me 48-52kmpl and has crossed 11000 mark as well. I’m happy with the overall Mileage, as you know its Yamaha, and Mileage is only thing which Yamaha Engineers ignore every time.

Service and Maintenance

This is where I think Yamaha should work on. While for my 1st and 2nd service, I was charged Rs.750/- for just oil, oil-filter and chain lubrication. It was not a deal as motul semi-synthetic oil still costs Rs.295/- for one bottle, and chain lubrication can be done at home only, After 2nd service I stopped going Service centre & since then I’m doing the necessary stuffs regards service and maintenance of my bike.

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I like “Do it Yourself”. Till date I have spend nothing other than regular oil changes at every 2500kms and brand new air-filter after completing 10000kms. Servicing at home has void the warranty of my bike, but seriously if you are an expert in taking care of your machine then it won’t trouble you at least for 4-5 years.


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Well I was planning to keep my bike in stock condition, but the stock headlight was not the best for night including some parts of city as well as touring. So I switched to 2”inches projectors with genuine 6000k HID with Angel Eye light built-in. Rather than this rest of the Bike is Stock and untouched. I had thought of K&N but it’s just a waste for Indian road conditions.

Final Words

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If you are not serious about performance or that initial pickup, You just like relaxed riding, don’t want back pain, wrist pain after 2-3 hrs of continuous riding, then this is one for you. It’s still the cheapest of the lot and retailed for 69000 on-road (Mumbai). In return you will be getting quality and trust of Yamaha. What else you need?


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  • Price
  • Looks
  • Revv Happy and Torquey Engine
  • Fuel Economy


  • Lack of Pass Light Button & Trip Meter
  • Stock headlight
  • Struggles after reaching 80-90kmph
  • Stock Tyres (TVS Made)

Thanks and Regards,
Sanjeet J. Bhatkar