Yamaha SZ Review by Karthick

Hi, This is Karthick, 41, Ex- IT Manager, at present doing Agro-Aqua-farming. My first bike was a Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber in late 90’s. When I was woking in Coimbatore as IT Manager in a Hotel Industry, I rode the bike almost all Western Ghat road in and around Coimbatore. It was very pleasant and memorable. She never let me down during the ride. Recently I have got Yamaha SZ, and would like to review it.

Reason for Getting a New Bike

As a typical commuter I was very happy with my well maintained Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber for the past 12 years. However, my younger brother wanted to present me a new breed, Hence I started a selection process through Net (bike reviews).

The Requirement

I wanted a 150cc bike with better commuting qualities (like good suspension, better mileage and comfortable pillion) with reasonable pricing rather than racing qualities. I have short listed the following after go through expert advices and bike reviews from various blogs and forums including BikeAdvice.

  • Bajaj Discover 150
  • Yamaha SZ series (X and R)

I chose Yamaha SZ without second thought, since I am not happy with discover design and wanted an International brand. And also I am not attracted with Yamaha SZ X and R variant as I hate self start in a Bike (My personal opinion is “Bike has to be kicked and started. not to press the button and start”).

I Met her

After I decided, we went to a Yamaha show room in Chennai on 19th January 2011 and opted for spot delivery (I chose a Black one which was in the show case).

Inspite I got the bike immediately, The dealer made my life miserable by making goof ups in documentation and formalities. It took almost couple of week to get my registration number. But she (my bike) makes me forget those ir-responsible idiots thru her perfect design and smooth ride.

The Review

During the initial period (First 1000 kms) I felt comfortable while riding and my wife also felt the same about the pillion. Sure, It has perfect design for both the rider and the pillion. After getting the first service I decided to go for a long trip. I took a trip from Chennai to Chidambaram (its about 250 Kms).

I started early morning from Chennai. The ride was very smooth. Upto 80 kmph I never feel discomfort and not tired during the whole trip. When I reach 80+, I felt little bit unsafe because of front Drum Brake.

Yes, if they would have provided Disc in the front then Yamaha SZ would be one of best commuter bike with value for money.

I don’t want to review technically as I am not technically sound in bike mechanism. I trust the expert advices and the brand Yamaha. I firmly believe a pioneer Bike engine manufacturer like Yamaha won’t let me down. Of course I have to maintain the bike periodically and follow expert advices.

However, like every human the machine also has its Strengths and Weaknesses.


  • Decent Look and perfect design in this segment (Purely personal opinion)
  • Comfortable riding
  • Broad rear tyre for better road grip
  • Same Engine from their elder sibilings
  • Reasonable mileage- 55 to 60 Kmpl
  • Value for Money


  • Braking (Though the front drum brake has bigger(150mm) than the rear, Disc would be the best option for 150 cc bike)
  • Absence of Engine kill switch
  • Absence of Tachometer.


If you are a die-hard racing fan then this machine not meant for you. This Yamaha SZ is the best choice for a commuter who loves long ride in his leisure time.

Finally, Thanks Deepak, for giving me the opportunity to write this review. And for everyone, please feel free to add your two cents.

Karthick a.k.a. Veerakarthikeyan