Yamaha Successfully Concludes ‘The Call Of The Blue Weekend’ Event In Lucknow On October 16

Yamaha Call Of The Blue Weekend at Lucknow saw nearly 200 riders attend the event and enjoy various activities hosted for them… 

Yamaha India have announced the successful completion of their latest edition of ‘The Call of the Blue Weekend’ event which was hosted in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh on October 16. 

The venue for the latest Call of the Blue Weekend was – Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan, P4 Parking, Vrindavan Yojana in Lucknow. This Weekend event was attended by more than 200 riders from Blue Streak, which is the community of Yamaha owners of Lucknow, along with over 500 fans of the brand. 

Yamaha shared that at this event, many participants were given the opportunity to try out their existing products to understand & experience how the vehicle feels and what it offers. Additionally, the weekend event hosted many events like a Gymkhana ride, Test ride activities, Product displays and Accessories & Apparel zone. 

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Another highlight of the event was the Styling Zone where the customers took part in various forms of face painting and tattoo art. The Gymkhana Ride allowed the participating customers to showcase their talent and sharpen their riding skills.

Recently, Yamaha also organised a Call of the Blue – Track Day, which was hosted on India’s premium race track – Buddh International Circuit (BIC). This rain-washed event saw many riders participate with their R15s, MTs & Aeroxses to experience the track riding and learn the limits of their bikes, that too on a wet track. 

Yamaha have promised many other Call of the Blue events to come in the state of Uttar Pradesh. These future events will be utilised by the company to raise awareness of the brand’s commitment to promoting riding culture as a part of customers’ lifestyles.