Yamaha Re-structures its Business in India; Beware a Lot of Confusing Abbreviations Inside!

Yamaha, in an official communication has informed us about their fairly comprehensive restructuring they have gone through. They intend to set up a new division to distribute the workload evenly. The Yamaha Motor India Pvt Ltd (YMI) company will be the final round of restructuring which the parent company had started. This new body will play the role as a regional headquarter and corporate head of Yamaha’s business in India.


This means that the new division would be responsible for corporate planning and strategy, business planning and expansion, quality control, and regional control of Yamaha India Business while India Yamaha Motor (IYM) will take care of manufacturing; Yamaha Motor India Sales (YMIS) is to look over sales and marketing. Finally, Yamaha Motor Research and Development India (YMRI) will be responsible for research and development of new products which will be launched in India.

The present CEO and Managing Director of India Yamaha Motor (IYM), Hiroyuki Suzuki is now be the managing director of YMI. He will also function as the Chairman of all the other divisions of Yamaha. Takashi Terabayashi the present Deputy Managing Director of IYM will now take over as the new managing director of IYM.

YMI along with YMIS and YMRI would function as 100 per cent subsidiaries of YMC (Yamaha Motor Company Ltd Japan) while IYM would continue to have joint investments from YMC and Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

This re-jig of business strategy has been a part of Yamaha’s plans and as per the management, it will help them increase organisational efficiency by spreading the functional focus into different divisions within the brand.

All said and done, where is the R25 folks…???