Yamaha Releases Images of Proposed Bikes for 2011: YZF R1 and V-MAX

Yamaha Motors, one of the prestigious two wheeler manufacturer company, released images of its proposed bike line up in 2011. The bikes would become part of the Indian line of Yamaha Motors in the upcoming year 2011. Yamaha just released Images of the bike and no concept model is up for review of the consumers. As far as the Images go, there seems to be no big change in both the models viz. YZF R1 and V- MAX other than little paint. There is no such major change, as seen from the images, apart from the R1 getting red wine color and some skulled graffiti on the side panel with a raven black paint job proposed to be bought by Yamaha in 2011. The proposed V-Max gets a hinge of silver shades in place of red and black shades.

Apart from the new graffiti nothing in the design seemed to have changed for YZF R1, but again the change is refreshing and fresh. Yamaha plans to release these bikes next year somewhere around the month of April 2011. Nothing apart from the images has been released, thus it is difficult to say if Yamaha has upgraded their engine capacity or not. As far as the looks are concerned, both YZF R1 and V Max are given a new paint job. Let us all hope that Yamaha releases these bikes soon in Indian Market.