Yamaha R15 Review by Kishore Kumar

Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd has launched exclusively in India one of the most advanced super sports bike and christened it Yamaha R15. The machine is a challenge either on the racing track or on the winding hills, and is a stand out in the 150cc bikes segment. Six months after its launch the motorcycle has already set a new benchmark and created fan following for itself amongst Indian youth.

Yamaha R15

Concept Behind Yamaha R15: Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd wanted to reposition itself in Indian market and so they rightfully injected the R-series DNA into the motorcycle and stirred racing instinct in most motorcycle enthusiasts. The R-series characteristics include better aero dynamic features with cowls composed of blade surfaces to resist airflow actively and effectively.

Color and Styling: The Yamaha R15 reflects a gorgeous look in its racing colors of blue, graphite black and blazing red. The very look of the bike at a glance confirms that it is a R-series motorbike and it is direct expression of Yamaha’s motorcycle developmental motto that is Exciting Performance and Stylish Design. The world class design has been incorporated in Yamaha R15 with localized functions that will suit the Indian road conditions and user preference. The Delta box frame of chassis adds to its chisel shaped look besides providing with greater stability while the multi-reflector head lamp makes it a worthy super sport model.

Performance and Engine: It is for the first time that Yamaha uses MotoGP technology for Yamaha R15. What is MotoGP technology? In GrandPrix motorcycle racing MotoGP is the premier class that uses the most sophisticated, advanced and revolutionary technology piloted by some skilful riders. The bikes equipped with MotoGP technology is purposely built as racing machines. Apart from this, Yamaha R15 comes with 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, fuel injected 150cc engine.

It is DiASil cylinder of Yamaha R15 that is unique to its manufacturer as it is made from Yamaha’s unique aluminum die casting technology. The benefit is in terms of efficient heat dissipation thus reducing heat-induced engine power loss to a great extent and less weight as well. Additionally, to attain light weight, pistons are not the conventional ones, instead they are forged pistons and are all aluminum providing with excellent strength and much thinner too. This newly developed engine of Yamaha R15 with special features provides with excellent riding experience with power-packed performance. Being an urban super sport, Yamaha R15 adheres to emission standards as well.

Yamaha R15 is also equipped with monocross suspension that allows the rider enjoy comfortable riding experience with greater stability. The engine of Yamaha R15 delivers maximum power in the range of 20-22bhp and the super sports bike can accelerate to 60km/h in just 3 seconds. The top speed of Yamaha R15 is in the range of 145km/h. Mileage is approximately 35-40kmpl.

Handling: This super sports bike Yamaha R15 is extremely easy to handle as it maneuvers extremely well within the crowded city roads and eases through sudden twists and turns. The wheelbase of 1290mm provides with greater grip on roads and the tubeless tires reduce the weight of the motorcycle. Yamaha has created this R15 bike to bring about maximum harmony between the rider and the machine for agile handling and enjoyable ride in all kinds of situation.

Overall Impression: Designed exclusively for the Indian market, the Yamaha R15 will boost sales of Yamaha as it is the first super bike in India. Although it is priced at Rs.80, 000 yet the feeling is that the Yamaha R15 bike would rope in a large section of young generation as most bike lovers dream to own a super bike in line with European style and preference for luxury products. With MotoGp technology riding experience, Yamaha R15 will provide with aggressive riding experience. So lay your hands on to get enriching Yamaha R15 experience.

Kishore Kumar,
Reader of BikeAdvice and an Avid Biker