Yamaha R15 2.0’s details are out! Here are the take away points…

  • The bike is priced at Rs.1,07,000 Ex-Showroom Delhi
  • There is no major change in specifications compared to the old R15.
  • R15 2.0 is available in 3 dazzling colours namely Racing Blue, Sunset Red and Midnight Black

  • The bike features an aluminum swing arm for improved rear traction.
  • R15 V2 is the first 150cc in India featuring aluminum swing arm.
  • Split seats and LED tail lights. The seats are slip resistant and well cushioned. The new R15 has wider rear tyres than the old one. Has better grip and stability on the roads.

Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 Specifications

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  • Sad to write i was expecting more power in thei second edition. But Just modification of Design and aerodymanics, which are not gonna give any boon to this. Will pla for CBR 250 . I was planning to go for this version of R15 2. But in vain.

    • ToRqUe

      buy CBR only if ur a touring kind of fella…….long rides & BUTT sores
      CBR will fly past the 7000RPM… then u will really use the 1.5L bike & it will b worth it

      just for style & riding in the city thers no difference between R15 & CBR πŸ˜›
      they feel the same…..
      if thats the thing u do then ur wasting ur money

      if u buy a bike like CBR u should RIDE it…by RIDE i dont mean going to shopping with GF & college/work πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

      *no offence* πŸ™‚

      • aj

        your claim of ‘there is no difference’ in the city is incorrect.
        There is indeed a BIG difference. Ergonomically,mid range,better bike feeling etc. etc. when it comes to CBR 250. We should refrain from comparing ‘a’ CBR 250 to ‘a’ R15 version 1,2,3 etc…Doesn’t make biking sense at all

    • aj

      don’t take offence!

    • aj

      @Mubasheer You are making a wise decision. Do NOT buy Yamaha R15 (the 2nd coming).

      it’s a waste,more so if you want to offer drop to someone…better drop off !
      this bike looks like assembled from one half to the other…bigger rear and puny front..it’s way bad than what i thought..

      • Anshul

        Most of the people goes for 1 lakh plus bike majorly for its looks and clearly CBR no where stands in looks in front of R15 V2. CBR’s front looks sucks.

    • manu

      hai dude can i buy ths one,hoe do u feel the ride on the new R15.And how much it is coasts?

    • amit

      I am going to buy the byk so which one would be better r15 v2.0 or cb250r

  • Saravanan

    No major change in specifications ???Thats a big shock guys..For the hype created ,expected a lot from Yamaha πŸ™

    • ToRqUe

      the problem is u fell for the rumors πŸ˜›
      never believe blindly…goes for everything

    • nithish

      one reason why r 15s power has not been increased is that, u need a bigger engine for more cc or bhp and a bigger engine is going to make it way too pricy for the indian roads so they have tried making it affordable yet powerful by using the power to weight ratio technique .people looking for more power can go for r1 or r6……

  • swaminathan

    This is the most attractive and awesome bike.

    Just now I booked this bike. But i don’t about the price.

    And what was chennai price yar any one knows that?


    • Razor

      Expected to be 1.25 Lks.

      • Sivaram

        The full on road price is 1.20 laks. Gonna book this after seeing face to face…cant rely on photos and videos.

    • I checked the price today with the dealer Paras Yamaha near thousand lights mount road chennai the on road price in chennai is Rs 1,21,575

    • Paras yamaha gave me the exact price today Rs 1,21,575

    • Karish

      Chennai price 1.17 what is the millage of r15 v2.0

  • ajie

    17 PS/8500 rpm?

    • Rakshit

      Average of 40 is in city or highway

  • So much hype only for some cosmetic changes. !! Sigh !!!
    But yeah, wider tyre was much appreciated in R15.

  • dewan

    this bike is fantastic and really stunning look

  • Aman

    The specs of new R15 says that maximum output is 17 PS/8500 RPM. THIS IS SIMILAR TO OLD R15.

    • Maxx..saxx

      Cmmon,such a dis-appointment…dey shld atleast upgraded it to 210 cc…nd if yamha wants to get back in bykin busines,plz launch back ur rd-350 or rx-100,wld b boom fr bykrz.

  • fas

    Awesome pricing by Yamaha but no power increase πŸ™

  • Sachin

    Disappointed!! I was expecting a higher cc engine as there was nothing much left to extract from150cc engine other than ECU tweaks.why was yamaha making us wait for so long for these cosmatic changes? I think now fuel efficiency of new R15 will also come down to CBR 250 level due to fatter tyre & tweaked ECU for more power.waiting to see its improved ride & handeling!!

  • prashant

    unfortunate from the side of Yahama that they are still playing with the old numbers of 17 ps nd 15 nm torque. though the bike looks gud bt increase in power wud hv been a better chnage (if not a increase of displacement)… doesnt make any sense that the same engine had 2 be tested for so long to get it in2 d market… still kids wud luv it coz of its looks…

  • karthick

    Hey there,
    Though this bike plays same power output and torque, but it is improved in looks and especially the split rear seat. Do you any one know about the price of this bike in chennai?

    • Thanga Vignesh

      Rs-1.20lakhs to 1.30 lakhs
      prices are really disappionting for 150cc bike and charging 20k-30k just for a cosmetic upgrate is too much πŸ™
      really disappointing and makes a black mark over R15

      • Dnyanesh

        Ya if 1.15k is good amount for 150cc n 17ps better go for CBR250R bad thing done by yamaha to old r15

  • Dr. Niladri Shekhar Das

    Disappointing no extra power should have been 250cc n ~25PS. If not then what is the problem with my CD-Deluxe?

    • Sachin

      Try taking ur CD-Deluxe over 60-70-80-90 Kmph and u’ll see the difference..Your CD-deluxe will fall to pieces with a bursting noise of the engine..I rode this 150 Cc mean-machine at 125 Kmph on NH and it felt smooth like a sleeping baby..I’m wondering why do u expect xtra power when you can hit 125 Kmph very smoothly with a 50 Kmpl-mileage on YZF-R15..Would you want to hit the same speed @30 Kmpl mileage with other 250 Cc machines?

  • karikor kharkongor

    really disappointed. was expecting atleast a small increase by 2 bhp. not 5-6 bhp.

    maybe the yam guys wil look into it with the r25.and if they ever think of launching it, then hopefully it will atleast have 33-35bhp.

    • Divyam

      never buy r15

  • sathish magleena

    love this bike b’cos of the flawless name YAMAHA..the new version 2.0 will be india’s stylish sports bike -no doubt in it ..i’ve expected a increase in power and the aid of ABS on the disc’s ..but good work in aerodynamically engineering the bike ,its expected to give much top end stability in modyfing the rear tyre’s width and some new aluminium elements ….but no match in power to the hardcore pulsar boys ….the P220….still yamaha needs to improve the no. 17.,and surly kids will love this bike..

  • Ranjeet Kumar

    Yamaha also walking on foot step of Hero Honda. New model with new sticker work. I think for my R15 version 1.0 slowly slowly i can change it all to look like version 2.0 by constant makeover…is it possible ?? then i have R15 version 2.0….

  • Thanga Vignesh

    hey karthik i inquired the price of NEW R15 in sai ram motors,padi,chennai
    he told it would be nearly 20k more than than the old model!!!

  • sandy

    awesome ………..
    i was want only 2 changes 1 wheel and 2nd backside design and yamaha done it ……
    now i am gone buy it…..thank you so much yamaha………

    • ToRqUe

      think & wait…if u waited so long for yamaha to change tyre etc etc
      wait some more & get CBR for a few 20k more
      what will u loose?? CBR will be a longer term bike so 20-30k more investment is a sensible move
      dont u agree?

  • Karthik

    Expected some 21ps power with this beast !!! πŸ™

  • Anthony

    ECU can be tuned for either power or mileage or a blend of both.The old R15 was tuned for better mileage but the new R15 is tuned for quick accelaration right from the word go. This will help in better 0-60 speeds as well as better speeds when we are exiting from the conner in 3rd or 4th gear so that’s what they mean by circut riding.

  • sreejithrameshnair

    Really i am expected the same. Really disappointing for Yamaha Fans. Now can Blindly go for CBR250R or at least P 220.

  • amitabh

    yes power is disappointing but then it looks stunning in new avatar
    cbr250 is too dull and a scooter like bike, p220 is good but poor in handling


    man this is d problem wit we indians…we keep complaining…..yamaha r15 is awesome and it just got a makeover it needed and you can’t expect everything in a single bike….otherwise pay more and get more….yamaha said they r going to give r15 a facelift and they did so where is the question of cheating?? it is the damn best bike in its segment.


    I want to know that, can we change the rear tyre of the old r15 with new newer one…???

    I boought r15 on 1st june, should have wait for this version… πŸ™

    Nice Bike…

  • Sunny

    Yamaha R15.. Is the coolest designe, so far in india. It was flawless in performance and was loved by all so far.. And now, its the most stunning also.
    Power is gud enough for indian roads..
    However, for people who need more, there were Daytona upgrads to get 21 Bhp before.. And there will be soon options for v2 also.
    This model is great as it is, it gives great managable performance and stunning looks.. Along with not so bad fule efficiency..
    Its time to cheer guys, not get disappointed with Yamaha.. I m sure they have something to surprize us in upcomming auto expo.
    Till then.. Leave the legend(r15 v2) as it is and embrace it with open hearts..

  • Sunny

    The x-showroom price of yamaha is 1.07 lc and not 1.30, which is approx 40 grands less than Mighty CBR 250r. Personaly i feel, new R15 looks much better than CBR. It will no longer give u the small bike feel.
    I have seen CBR very closely and i must say that i was very disappointed with the build quality(reason-cost cutting for better pricing). However, ride quality and comfort is heart winner.
    The decision will be urs at the end.. But i always refrained myself from buying r15 due to its incomplete looks.. And now i must say that l m stuck on my decision to choose one among these two bikes.. Will have to sort out my priorities once again..
    Gudluck to ya’ll for ur decision, still both choices will be better than other.

  • Dnyanesh

    Disappointed with price very high as its better go 4 a pulsar 220 even if i dont like it.

  • jon

    at last some modifications and it sounds good , but ive heard about 22ps version is it 150cc or 200 cc , need same machine with 200cc engine which can deliver about 20 HP or more ,more stability and with same mileage , then it will bring back yamaha back to reign for sure

  • san

    250cc yamaha bike is on its way to india the “R4” it costs around 4-5 lakhs

  • wasim

    i was expecting that the r15 2.0 will have more power but guys its our bad luck…….

    still i m confused in between 2 bikes….

    which bike should i go for r15 2.0 or cbr250r ??????

  • vikas singh

    it is good looking bike but its price is little bit high..i have apache rtr 180, it is better than it

  • pawan jaiswal

    nice bike
    by changing the modle frm old to new brought new revolution in bike in india

  • /\/\@|-|€$|-|

    Amaging design by yamaha .. litle engine sports bike in india ‘ a new byke shud born to beat dis r15. I luv my new racing blue r15 its my frst byke…. . ..

    • Amit Oswal

      soon it WiL born cbR..150cc..:)
      its tru nt..nt kiding

      • pupz

        lets see who ll win???? cbr150 good performer but low in looks…

  • /\/\@|-|€$|-|

    R15 tempts teen girls fr a ride ….. It Is da prime of all smal engine sport models…..
    It shakzzzz da indian teens..
    Thnks to dis byke designer. he is da prime f al designers … . . . .. Yamaha got a
    Awesome sport desiner …wat a stream lining its sharp edged curves r great stuning luuks fr dis R15….

  • devil

    i m gng to buy this bike..

  • devil

    somebody pls tell me which colour

  • Issan

    Yamaha R15 ver 2 is awesome. . Ya lil bit disappointed wd nt increasing d power. . Bt no matter wat m a freaking Yamaha fan n m proud 2 own a R15. .

    • manu

      how many km thats u get from the bike of millage

  • Pasang

    I am a yamaha frd and i want to say that “yes yamaha”to new version of r15

  • ankush

    yup its goood try it

  • praharsh

    the r15 v2 is a sporty bike with stunning looks which can notch at a speed of abt 140. R15v2 top speed is almost the same as pulrar220 nd is far ahead in terms of looks and millage than p220. Then y v r complaing abt this bike and if u want more powr then pay more nd buy a r1.

    • pupz

      i think probs gonna begins when cbr150r (20ps) arrives india…
      Anyway im yamaha turbo fan…n owns fz…

  • akshay

    i want 2 noe d average of d bike…….?????????cn sum 1 tel me……..???????

  • Witch colour is good looking on the road. sunset red or racing blue

    • shivam

      sunset red is better than racing blue

  • dhaval

    I already own cbr250r everyday when i go out atleast 5-10 people stare it and ask questions not possible with yamaha. And yes effortlessly rides around 110kms. Go blindly a honda will never disappoint.

  • arun mechanica

    guys guys guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the exaxt price is Rs 1,23,457 inclusive of all the taxes n alll ……..
    its far better than cbr coz its price is average , and it has grt pick up coz of light weight an this new aerodynamic body kit finish is jus cool enough for a grt balance ……. n u guys must have checked out the radial tyre …. for our country’s road condition its the best suitable bike ……n there is improved engine which is liquid and air cooled suitable for continous long rides without break ……. n the pillion rider has grt comfort n driver can rest his thigh vry comfortably …!!! unique thing is it has aluminium rear arm support for light weight quality and stunnin double horn which is loud n screaming …….. for dudes yet thinkin,, go for a test ride n take the baby home !!!!!! all de best

  • arun mechanica

    guys guys guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the exaxt price is Rs 1,23,457 inclusive of all the taxes n alll ……..
    its far better than cbr coz its price is average , and it has grt pick up coz of light weight an this new aerodynamic body kit finish is jus cool enough for a grt balance ……. n u guys must have checked out the radial tyre …. for our country’s road condition its the best suitable bike ……n there is improved engine which is liquid and air cooled suitable for continous long rides without break ……. n the pillion rider has grt comfort n driver can rest his thigh vry comfortably …!!! unique thing is it has aluminium rear arm support for light weight quality and stunnin double horn which is loud n screaming …….. mileage is average about 32 -35 kms/lit .!!!!!!!for dudes yet thinkin,, go for a test ride n take the baby home !!!!!! all de best

    • aj

      Went for a test ride(drive?)…Very dissappointing. It’s stuck between neither a city nor a tourer bike status. The weight has increased by 5kgs! not down by that number!.
      They have adjusted the gear ratios and tweaked by the ECU mpng. Overall,a tad better surge of power(tad!). if you are a person looking for rather sporty upgrade with fatter tyre/rubber and some lighter feel with aluminium swing arm albeit with not so enticing pricing tag,you can go for this bike. It’s ‘definitely’ no-pillion ride bike. Pillion will have a vantage point only from the seating position,everything else is utter uncomfortable(guessyou can navigate your buddy on rides:)

  • I want 2 know d Maximum speed & average of d bike?????

    • aj

      max speed is 130+>lot of revving required! a lot!

  • arun mechanica

    max speed is abt 130 – 135 kms/hr …

  • mayur rijhwani

    old yamaha r15 is very good old is gold

  • saurabh

    which ones better cbr 250 or r 15 vrsion 2
    gotta get one……

    • sam

      u r right the old one is much better

  • Karan kashyap

    I agree dudez…it is bizzarly priced….too much for 150cc bike…but at the end of the day u still have to know what our mind n not heart actually says…”buy 150cc bike..parentz will agree rather den allown a pulsar since people consider every1 having a pulsar as hooligans”…i possess a p180..gonna sell it n buy a r15 v2.0…..coz i cant effort a byk wid more cc’s n better looks den dis one…ALOHA!

  • vinoth

    can any one please tell me if we book version 2.0 when will we get it?
    does any one got 2.0 ???

    • sam

      i brought thiz bike and after 3 months i got this nothings special about this bike but the top speed is sweet

  • @zeez

    hi Guyz,

    If you are looking for stylish looks this is the bike ,what more can you expect 4 a budjet of 1.26lks.booked it on 30th sept will get it delivered on 22nd of Oct 2011 .jus waitin 4it..looks far betta dan a Honda CBR apart from the CC ,the bike is neat.@ze

  • riyas,,

    hai evry one,,,, am planning to take r15ve by this mnth,,,,,so plz may i knw abt the condition,pulling, milege and all

  • suraj pd.

    what z d actual cost of R15 version-2 at ranchi ? & z there any finance options to get it & if it is, then what should be the minimum amount for the R15 version.2 at the time of Down Payment ?

  • adi

    anybody want new r15 because the reason is sporty look in short price, i have old r15 but i think to change and purchase new r15.

    • manu

      can u buy your old r151if u interested plz contact me on my email or my number;9048383842

  • pritesh mothalia

    call me 9099859108……..new version of r15 2.0

  • joseph raj

    iam using r15 but there no difference between old version and new version. so please do not buy the new version . please go for honda cbr 250r it gives a different look and style.

  • SC

    Hi Frns !

    M planning to purchase this bike. But very much concerned abt the riding position.
    Is this bike comfortble to ride on trafficked highways during office closing hours, as at that period of time, its difficult to cross above 3rd gear. Mumbai traffic sucks !

    Will it cause back pain? The reason for this Q is that i m planing for a bike for next 4-5 years.

    M not among rash riders. I already own FZ16. Unfortunately bike has started giving problems. Always stops in the middle of ride, especially when speed decreases or during sudden braking.

    My ride is going to be of 15-20 kms one way with 3-4 kms in city and rest on highways.

    Being very much practical of the current scenario of trafficked highways, please provide your suggestions.

    Awaiting for your valuable replies.


  • karan

    waiting for it R-15 v.2 in nepal.but i think it will cost above 3lakhs here.so expensive for 150cc bike…anyway i am gonna purchase it.anybody can help about its milege

  • harshvardhan

    man, r15 v2 is best it’s class (150cc) & if u want more power den dont go anywhere, yamaha rd350 & rx100 is there in yamaha, no need to go to CBRs or NINJAs……… YAMAHA IS BEST IN IT’S CLASS…………!

  • satya

    Mindbloying style

  • satya

    I love you yamha r15

  • M@nu Rathore

    hello frnds , i see d r15 v2, it is ossammmmmmmmmm, it has a great look, style wt every nw generation want, i think cbr is nt a good choice , bcz my 2 frnd by a cbr , they will nt satishfy .
    n i decide , i want to buy r15 v2…..next year….
    dnt distrb ur mind about d cmmnt, if u want buy then buy it,,,,,,,
    n pls tell , wt have cbr ,,,,,against R1 5 v2,,,,,
    just 250 cc , dts it,,,,or speed 200 or wt ever,,,
    bt R1 have a 150 cc n d same speed , great look ,good mileage ,,,,

  • M@nu Rathore

    pls rly , wt have CBR , i want to knw ,
    n y m changing m choice .?
    n i also knw dt cbr is a great bike ,………….
    m waitng ,,,,,

  • Nizamullah.A

    R15 v2 it awesome bike but iam in chennai its too traffic,so i need same model which has to give 40milage per liter.

    R15 v2 it awesome bike but split seat are not compfortable for family………….

  • fayaaz

    hey i have yamaha fazer,but m not staisfied.i think to buy new yamaha r15 v2.any1 can tel me new r15 how much cost in bangladesh? Nd itz millagae and pik up?

  • ajith

    it is coolest bike to drive …………

  • mrbharath9

    wow! What a fantastic upgrade i will never buy r15 v2.0 better comfortable with my old r15

  • what about the back side look & millige

  • Simosh

    Yeah Its in new avatar and its awesome…but I’m the one who loves speed so I love my Pulsar 220. And I’ll upgrade it with Pulsar only. Heard Bajaj is launching its 250 & 300 cc Pulsar soon. So I’m waiting….

  • r15 2.0 milliage plz plz plz tel na yar

  • its mileage is 35-40 in city and 40to42 on highways

  • Pasang

    To sc after reading your post i want to say that dont buy ,coz it will give back pain and in traffic coz of big head you will stuck .and milage is not good as you have to ride 35-40 km daily .and you want it for more than 3 or 4 yrs .i am a yamaha bike lover but according to your case i think like above .

  • sagar

    how does ecu works in r15 2.0 version after remappping

  • Tomorrow am going to book yamaha r 15 version.
    i saw the difference of cbr & r15 v2. r15 it is having amaging look compare to cbr 250cc.
    and see every one yamaha is king of BIKES….

  • danish bichu

    version 2.0 has d best looks as compare to bajaj 220 n hero ZMR.
    im dying to buy r15 v.2 bt im waiting for d yellow n white color combination. bz only yellow color gives a perfect sporty look on yamaha r15 on version 2.0.

    • sathish

      ya dude yellow super even me too waitin for it.

  • sanket

    well it,s not soo bad i liked very much r15 v2.0 with wide tyres but lack behind in power it must be atlest 180 to 200cc rather than that every is the best………//////////

  • shivprasad patil

    r15 is my favorate bike
    yesssssssssss yamha

  • shivprasad patil

    hello friends
    r15 is my favorate bike
    it is good looking bike
    it’s performence is awosome i think no other bike in it’s catageory perform like that
    it’s perfect sport bike

  • Sinoal

    Really dis new Vrz of R15 has gr8 luks, Comparing wid cbr250, cbr got da higher cc in it n R15 got bttr luks …. Simply v can sae R15 is a Handsome dude n Cbr 250 is an ugly dude ……

  • aneek

    can i get r15 v 2.0 in pure white?plz gv me some information about dat…..

  • Steve

    i have a old vehicle Yezdi Road King n nw i fell n love with yahama r15 new version 2.0 … soon i catch hold of ds bike

  • pranav

    can i expext R15 in pure white color in recent days…

    • sahil dogra

      me 2 waiting for white color…..

  • sumit nath

    I LUV R-15 2.O

  • manu chauhan

    new r15 is gud but in terms of pick up pulsar 220 will remain the best for ever………..

  • Md Rasel Ahmed


  • lachit

    What is the milage of r15 2.0?

  • zak

    Hey can any1 tell me wat’s is d price of r15 v2 in mumbai on road I wnt 2 buy it. As soon as possible n I don’t want speed I want luks so is it gud 4 me ?? plzzzzzz reply

    • anand loitongbam

      dear frnd w e don’t want speed as well but 150 is very less i agree with luks ,design was super mind blowing only the thing wich i mention here is cc and hp

      • zak

        So dude is it worth buying ?? I wil use it 4 minimum 3 yrs can I go 4 it ?? N abt 150 cc I don’t find as problem in dat as we see on road pulsar 150 n 200 rocking den also plzzzzz advice I should go 4 it or nt ???

  • Srinivas

    This bike is super. But i want one detail. The back seat is very hight if any possible to reduce . Using suspention

  • akhil

    hey all . I ve been reading all your comments . πŸ™‚ so everyones problems that . R15 aint havin power right . ? If you want power . And you are a speed addict . Just do some minor changes to your R15 . Change the supply type from fuel injection to carburator .this will already increase your power to 19 bhp . And this will only cost you some 4k s . And if ya need more power go for a slip no exhaust . That will increase the power to 22 bhp guyz . Its 22 .totally πŸ™‚ .but remember this a stock R15 hits almost 147 on top πŸ™‚ . Its a perfect bike guys πŸ™‚

    • karimsait

      But will it give gud mileage

      • cecil

        wats the top speed if i put k&n air filter ..pls send ur reply to my mail id

  • naveen

    can u tell exact price in bangalore

  • guys which colour i should take red/white or limited edition white plz its ergent

  • anand loitongbam

    i really apprecaite yamaha motors pvt ltd and i lov yamaha r15 old one and new 2.0 really owesom bike compare with all bikes i do hav old one but i m planning to chance 2.0 but no extra power same cc and HP so guys i really upsad about this to yamaha motors

  • sarath

    Yamaha should produce r15 in pure white ……

  • Shoaib

    Hey cn any only tel me will i get any new version in R15 whic shd hv atleast 180 cc yar its just v.less fr a student… Plz im gona buy in 5 months so cn any one guide me..

  • mayur gaikwad

    i luv r15 2.0 i like this ,i very like this

  • Pervez

    Greetings to all Bike Lovers!
    well my opinion is, a bike looks should be nice sporty kind of but it should sound better,
    a good handling, breaks and be more of them all it should be comfortable while riding, i will say all bikes are good bt i preferred Bajaj bcoz 1st of all it’s an Indian Company and Mr. Bajaj is more familiar with our Indian roads as well as traffic. I have Pulsar 200cc DTS-I i have 2008 model still the performance is same pick-up, millage etc. It’s all depend upon to u that how much u care for your things especially bikes. Sorry to everyone but no one can stand or compete with me and with my beast P200!!!.

  • tpd

    not bad its good to see in new avthar …

  • viccky

    nice bike

  • frady

    Guys R1 means 1000cc….R6 means 600cc….and r 15 means 150cc
    Yamaha makes no compromise in their brand name .though 150 cc it s smooth,powerful and up to the mark to compete with cbr. 250….r15 with a 30000 rs upgrade in ecu(ENGINE CONTROL UNIT) can reach 167 top

  • I think they have to change the tyre they have to incrise the size of back tyre wat u ll asy guys?

  • Jeff

    The Looks and power doesnt match at all…… Looks is ok but power………… with less cc na……… wrong idea……

  • shareef sarpahithil

    not bad, that much only i will tell, y because old one is good better than this.

  • sourabh mathur

    CBR 250R IS BETER THAN R15 2.0V

  • Suni nehra

    very nice

  • imran

    My Yamaha r15 2.0 is for sale only 1500kms done….
    racing blue single owner….
    2012 jan model….interested can cal me

    • pavithran

      i want price?

  • Nitish

    Nice looks. i have pulsar 220 dtsi, I had many races with yamaha R15 they stand no where against pulsar 220 in terms of speed. I am a speed love and i love my pulsar 220. But i agree this bike has got superb looks. So I am confused whether to go for looks i.e buy R15 or stay with my speed king my pulsar 220. :'(.
    Confused b/w speed and looks. help me GUYSSSS…………..!!!

  • Shreyash talwekar

    Can any one tell me what is average of R15….my cell 7385465937

  • Sandy

    Which is best karizma zmr or R15 . As compared 2 speed and c c. Can r15 beat zmr or cbr…

  • Nelson

    u r my dream ,

  • yash singh

    i haven’t drive any r1 not old niether new one but in comparison to design the new one is better

  • Sonu N Philip

    I luv the ’50th Anniversary Edition’ of this Yamaha R15.
    Now I have a Yamaha R1. But It can’t be used always due to its very high power & very low mileage. So I’m gonna buy a Yamaha R15.
    Whatever common in the two bikes is just the double headlights & split seats.
    Nothing more nothing less. R15 can never be compared with R1.
    Even though I prefer both.
    R1 for sporty use & R15 for normal use.
    R1 have killing pickup where R15 have good mileage.
    The one and only thing I want Yamaha to include in R15 Version 2.0 is the ‘Under Seat Double Silencers’ just like the Yamaha R1 & if u don’t mind please include an ABS System too.

  • Don Paul

    Never compare bikes of different segment. (I mean don’t compare Yamaha R15 with Pulsar 220. If anyone dare compare R15 with Pulsar 150. Do anyone know why? Bcoz both have the same CC. & Dont compare it with CBR250R. If u need to, then compare it with CBR150r)
    But in reality no other bikes of the same segment can’t even think about beating this bike.
    My bro rides Yamaha R1 me rides Suzuki Hayabusa.
    I luv his bike more then mine. Both our bikes engines r customized inorder to increase the power and top speed.
    Even nirous oxide cylinders r installed on our bikes.
    But, whenever we race I loss.
    His bike can reach a speed of upto 428km/h(top speed after engine mod) within a time of 20 sec.
    But my beast can reach only 349km/h(top speed after engine mod) within the same time.
    The speed test said above is done in (our own) private tarred road (There z no turns/traffic & the roads length is 9.5km.)
    So I’m sure that Yamaha is the best.
    Not even a Buggatti Veyron can beat a Yamaha R1.

  • cnfusd

    every jst cul dwn listn to me i think both r15 v2.0 n honda 250 r of no match in front of a scooter

  • tsering

    hi guys , is possible to replace r15 v2’s rear rim (wheel) with pulsar 220. rear rim

  • rajlama


  • sumit soni

    which bike i should buy in the budget of 1 lakh?

  • lalit prusty

    Hei tis is a perfect bike that i have seen

  • vinoooooooooooooo

    Friends by reading all ur comments i am ready to go for R15V2.0 on june 2012 but jus having 2 confusions one is exact price by including all taxes registration insurance and other one is the pls can anyone say abt the approximate mileage . Becoz in chennai we will be suffering from traffic so good mileage is required. Finally which colour can i go for…other than yellow…do reply R15 fans and yamaha owners..

  • avi

    i love this bike.. what is Yamaha r15 price in (Chandigarh) india … i who is better new r15 or old version ….

  • Ismu

    Obviously it was true that CBR 250 is more power than R15 V.2 but for 1.26.000 R15 V.2 is the best of all in LOOK, PERFORMANCE as well as Mileage………

  • Abdul Zahid

    Hey guys pls tel me which bike s good both in looks and mileage. I have confusion between cbr 150r and R15 2.0v. pls pls pls, help me guys. and Wats de price of both. pls do reply.

  • manosp

    dude its milge is abt 35-40kmpl in city bt it depends on d way u ride it.another thing is if u acelarat gradualy defintly it ll give 40kmpl with a speed of 60-70km.phr….

  • Feelics Kipson. A

    Guys can you help me by suggesting which will be the best bike to buy . Is it R15 or CBR I m totally cheesed off abt it.
    We can give it up for Style not for the Performace .
    Expecting more from Yamaha . . . . . .

  • shah

    yamaha R15 is for the people lik me who expects both mileage and style.. There is no sense in buying 250 bike and taking it out of home for once in two weeks.. Instead wen u buy a bike.. U must use it daily.. In indian road conditions more dan 125km/hr is just theory.. Practically not possible… Unless u care about ur safety and the other vehicles on road πŸ™‚

  • Vaibhav

    Im the proud owner of R-15 v2.0 and happy for the decision i made.
    Its a full package of style, mileage and torque.
    Its an attention grabber and bike balance been has amazingly improved.
    Its worth the price.

    Advantage- Looks, Balance, Mileage(~46kmpl)
    Disadvantage- Feel the lack of ABS at sharp turns

    • venkatesh

      In r15 ver 2.0 REAR seat is comfortable or not while siting on the seat……..

  • Kareem

    Hi Guys..
    M planning to buy a bike but stucked in selection whether should i go for r15v0.2 or CBR 150???
    what is the cost of both bikes in bangalore??

  • rahul chooot suker


  • akki bj stiffer

    man!! m nt getting wt u guyyzz r trying so say bout des shits u want more power more speed in 1,07,000 ain’t u satisfied dat u r having a sports byk wid amazing lukzz in normal way if u want more speed more power in yamaha den y can’t u go n purchase yamaha r1 or r6 dey r olso yamaha!!!!

  • sathish

    hi guys im havin pulsar 150 it gives mileage abt 55-58 now m gonna sell it and planning to get a new yamaha r15 v 2.0 coz it has good mileage in city and highway. And has got sportive look which r apart from the other indian sports bikes. And less expensive then wt else u need? Just go for it. Im confused of colours i like white red and black. Which s best can ny one can tell me? But one thing pulsar rocks india.

  • Ritesh

    Hi! friends i wana ask u sumthing
    Im geting th bike i am confused between two bikes first Honda Cbr and second Yahama r15 versin 2.0 so pleas sugest me which is better and why

    • i suggest u 2 by R15 2.0 its suprb
      i suggest u on experience

      • vicky bhandari

        R15 2.0 average kitna deti hey dud

  • jaydeep

    my favr…………..bike

  • harish

    hi guys im havin pulsar 150 it gives mileage abt 55-58 now m gonna sell it and planning to get a new yamaha r15 v 2.0 coz it has good mileage in city and highway. And has got sportive look which r apart from the other indian sports bikes. And less expensive then wt else u need? Just go for it. Im confused of colours i like white red and black. Which s best can ny one can tell me? But one thing pulsar rocks india.


  • neeraj

    i like r15

  • smohanty

    i like this bike yamaha r15 style in one of world like this


    oh this type of bike i have nt see yet …………. its sssssssssooooooooooooo sporty

  • khanmynul

    R15 v2 color is racing blue,sunset red & midnight black!!!
    i want to know have more COLOR ?????

  • Sunny

    yamaha R15 v2 is awsome……………………………..@#

  • NV

    the best bike ever i have my own showroom of bajaj but pulsar is a big 00000000000 so i have yamaha r15 special eddition version 2.0 blast yr

  • jagadish ch sisha

    one lakh is perfact price in r15 2.o price

  • AMizHrIt

    what is the on road price of yamaha r15 2.0 in siliguri ????
    plz reply itz urgent

    • sandeep khangar

      1.28 Lacks

  • hey guys , i am a student of visual communication and working on yamaha R15 product brand. i think here i can get some information about users. its a small n simple questionnaire. Who all are the users of this bike or wanted t buy this bike do mail me on my mail id sudy.dwivedi16@gmail.com. i need it very urgently here is the questionnaire:
    City YOU Live:
    Why do you like YAMAHA R15?
    Why would u like to buy this bike?
    where will u seek for information before buying a bike.
    which are the other bikes u will consider before buying yamaha R15.
    how R15 is better than other bikes.
    when do u wake up?
    Do u read newspapers? if yes, what time?
    do u watch TV? at what time?
    basically i need ur daily schedule from morning till night. whatever it is like gym and else.
    It will b very helpful if i get this information for my study.

  • Akhil

    hey guys please help me
    i want to buy R15 v2 .but before that i want to know that whether R15 v2 is available in csd military canteen kochi
    pls ………………it will be very helpful for me.
    pls reply its urgent.

  • vicky bhandari

    new r15 v.2 it’s SUPERB BIKE bt average kitna deti hey ye r15 version 2

  • sandeep khangar

    Bhai logo mujhe. Baik lena hai konsi leu… sahi disijan dena. Yaro 1.50 ke andar hi lena hai

  • Dijo

    Dudes i love yamaha R15 more than my girl friend and i want to know that it will fit for me or not and i am just 15 years old.
    Guys plz rply fast:-)


    yessssssss yamaha r15 is the best one


    yamaha r15 is always best bikes then others

  • jinith

    i had pulsar 220 dtfi engine it really sucked my money …..then i sold it now i have r15 which is 100% then 220 i love yamaha

  • Nabarun jadeja

    I am going to bye a r15… Its awsome looks, millage, n transmition..,.

  • suman kumar midya

    most reluxable byke 2 me.

  • Tanzil

    I am from Bangladesh. I want to buy yamaha r15. I want to know r15 top speed and if i get dayota kitts what top speed get. What bike is ready pickup and top speed is best yamaha r15 v2.0 and karizma zmr pls let me know thx

  • Tanzil

    pls replay me. Any knowlade person

  • most bf

  • Rakesh

    I love u R15 …

  • Shibu Rai

    I liked a new one R15 V.2 and its my dream bike so i am going to buy this Bike ASAP .