It all starts with a dream. When I was in 12th grade, I saw this Yamaha R1 one day in my area and I was overwhelmed by it. I went up to the guy and chatted with him for a while about the bike and clicked a few pics. I came home and updated my Hi5 profile (which I stopped using years ago, and had lost all the passwords), and wrote, “I’ll own this baby one day”. It can be seen even today! It was a 2001 R1, and I had clicked the pic sometime in 2003, I guess.

Present Day: Now coming to 2009. After I picked up the 220 DTSi, one of my good friends told me about this nice R1 on sale in Yamaha showroom, as the owner was picking up the VMAX. I got a good deal on it and bought it the next day. It had done just 1200 kms and was spanking new. In between I could have picked up a gray market bike, but I never wanted to take the risk.

R1 Looks: The bike, it’s just a beauty at any and every angle, it’s just too beautiful. You don’t need to be a good photographer for the pics to come out good. Just shoot the bike, in any angle, and it will still look just great. Some fellas in my building were asking me if I have got my R15 modified :). My mum also said it looks like the R15 🙂 he he. I said, “Ma, never mind”.

When you sit on it, you feel like God. Period. Well that’s at least how I felt. It’s quite comfortable actually, but not in traffic. In traffic you’ll get cooked with the heat.

Performance: The power and acceleration is mindblowing, nothing like what I’ve felt before. Actually after 7k rpm, the exhausts are no longer exhausts, but feel like rocket packs :). They feel as if they cannot support the amount of gases coming out, as if they were gonna tear the exhausts apart. You really have to be careful with your right hand. The day I picked up the bike, I was so full of josh that as soon as I got out of my building lane and came on the main road, I whacked open the throttle and straight away. I had the front tyre in the air. I was overwhelmed and scared at the same moment but somehow had to control my wrists. Also, I have to be careful with mud on the road, had a wheelspin once.

Handling & Comfort: The bike is actually very light and easy to handle. I never thought a SBK would be this easy to ride. The bike only looks heavy but it isn’t really that heavy. Brakes are good. I never use the rear one though. The front 6 piston calipers do their job very well. Max speed I’ve done with it is 190 on the Mumbai – Ahmedabad highway. Taking a U-turn at times could be a problem though, because of the large turning radius. Pillion comfort isn’t too good. But for a girl it isn’t too bad. All she has to do is hold you tight. 😉

Lights & Plastic Parts: Lights couldn’t be better. The 2 projectors + 2 halogens are a sight at night. It’s more powerful than some of the cars we have. Sadly the 2010 R1 has only two lights. The fairing plastic quality is extremely poor. Even the R15 fairing is stronger than the r1. I was quite surprised to see such an expensive bike having such bad quality plastic.

Conclusion: After using the bike for 4 months, unfortunately, I was leaving the country for some time so I decided to sell the bike. Managed to get a decent deal and that’s when I parted with the bike.

Even now as I’m sitting in Singapore writing this article, I dream of riding the R1 back home. Once you ride a SBK, It’s like an addiction. It’s difficult to stay away. Well, few more months from now, hopefully I should be writing another article on another SBK.

Take care and ride safe. 🙂


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  1. very nice review, for how much did u buy? n for how much did u sell? is buyin a used bike a good decision?

    thanks in advance

  2. hey dude nice byk and ofcourse nice review too
    so dude can u tell me the price of the byk bcoz i am
    also interested to buy a sbk

  3. hi vikas. greeting to you. well, i think, residing now in Singapore should not prohibit you from another SBK as the country is overwhelmed by huge-and-large bikes, b/c people in Indonesia always refer to Singapore for their bike’s parts, thereby concluding that the country houses for various brands, I presume.

    translation reservation

  4. Lol ! He is cheating us.first of all,if he paid 9.7lacks for a 2nd hand,why not a brand new showroom baby for 10.2 lacks.
    He must think we are fool after experiencing,agilty and nimblity of r1 no freak would buy a intruder.
    In all major cities you can rent sbk’s for a ride.
    He is just a despo want to get on

  5. hi guys this is arun that was a good review but do you guys think that buying the bikes that are costing more than 10 lakhs are worth for driving on indian roads i mean we can actually own a honda civic have fun along with our friends by turning on the a/c which makes you look fresh all the time turn on some good music and cruise at a speed of 140+ by wearing on your seat belts and drive safely

  6. Arun is wright about his words……..!!!
    A common indian will gor for a sport car with that price tag
    Actually, im a YAMAHA fan & i own a ‘FZS’ & i say even thinking or dreaming about riding a SBK on indian roads is kinda insane….

  7. Actually for Indian roads engines that are beyond 200cc are way too much to handle and maintain so what do you guys comment about it

  8. @Jay.. Dude , i dont know where U read about me buying an intruder.. And yeah a new R1 comes for 12.5 not 10.2.. please get your facts right before typing.

    Secondly, I have not mentioned the exact price at which i bought the bike and the exact price at which i sold it. I said “around” some price.

    @Arun , The feeling of riding a SBK and a honda civic is not comparable. The adrenline rush you get every single time you accelerate is just incomparable to anything else. and our roads are not too big an issue. Of course you cant do 200 + speeds but for doing like a 140 – 160 is quite ok.

  9. hI jay what you said was fine and i agree with it but at the same time we should take care of our safety first, i just said with an intention that whatever the adrenline rush that r1 gives it doesn’t come with enough safety features and high tech gadgets like honda civic and moreover how can you say that it is not an issue to ride this bike on indian roads cruising at such high speeds do you have any idea about what happens if you are met with an accident travelling at such high speeds just imagine it will be your worst nightmare to think about and do you think that this bike will have a superb stability like what any car in that price range gives ,i am not trying to argue here what i am trying to say is these bikes are purely meant for riding on racing tracks and on empty plain clear roads not for driving on normal indian roads.According to me buying these kind of bikes with such a huge price tags is just like buying death with money

  10. Anyways jay its your personal kind of interest but as an fellow indian i am just advising you to play safe and lead a long healthy life by buying a comfort car coming with that price tags it not only gives you enough safety,comfort,majestic feel and stability but also makes you have fun all the time with your best friends and dear ones

  11. @vikas, i’m not saying you bought intruder,but from whom you bought your r1,you have mentioned it,
    if you really bought r1 then tell me one thing,when you feel your r1 is slower than our indian bikes?if you ans this,then i’ll believe you.

  12. Dear vikas,

    I’m also one owner of r15 completed almost 2k. Dreamed to buy r1 but stopped at r15. For discussion or submitting review, I REQUEST ALL READERS/ WRITERS TO TALK ON TECH DETAILS which will help a non-tech guy in buying a bike. I am currently working with leading automobile engines manufacturing plant. And interested in tech discussion at bike advice. For Vikas, you could have mentioned about the synchronous breaking implemnted in r1 for front & rear hydraulic breaks. FOR READERS LET ME TELL ABOUT THIS, while riding r1, if you press front break & NOT REAR ONE, at once then…….. you will fall down ? Na………. all the hyd fluid will be firstly supplied to the rear breaks first through synchronous flow control valve ( located near you right leg, while riding r1 ) then remaining fluid will be supplied to front one. Regards,


  13. A great bike, its sad that we in India have to pay 12 lakhs for this thing… over in Saudi Arabia (motoring heaven) it costs just 50,000 Riyals or 5,20,000 Rupees.. and as an added bonus petrol costs just 6 Indian Rupees a litre (.50 Riyals)… Speed cameras are rare and roads are so smooth that you could skate over there with chappals… (no kidding just do a youtube search “saudi road skating”)… On top of all that, you can find the best accessories in the world. My old friend had an exhaust system for his CBR600 which had a control box that changes the sounds coming from the pipe… U wanna fulfill your motoring dreams, head over there..

  14. Jus awesome bike vikas.i m also riding r15 and one day i’ll also buy one.hey ur post is good but it doesnt clear that whether its ur bike or else.any1 can review wht u have posted.i m not doubting u but m telling u to make ur content more clear so people atleast say na he is right.he owns 1.

  15. @viraj: no offence frn but as a fellow automotive engineer and i believe u too must be atleast a mech really hurts when auto enthusiasts misspell “brake” or “braking” as “break” or “breaking”

  16. it almost feels as though the hand of GOD is pushing the bike ,doesn’t it????
    man i can’t wait to ride it @least once before i die…. hope i’ll be able to get one for myself in the near future…. 🙂


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