Yamaha Promotes Ray Z With Street Cricket Tournament; You Can Participate Too!

In a bid to establish a connect with the young junta with the fast approaching festive season, Yamaha has announced Street Cricket Tournament which is called as BRO’s Cricket League.


As you can make out from its name, its a promotional strategy for its Ray Z scooter which is targeted towards the male crowd who prefers buying a scooter over a motorcycle. 

About BRO’s Cricket League:

This gully cricket tournament is Yamaha’s first ever such initiative and you can also participate in it by registering at any Yamaha dealership near you.

Registration has already started and end on 30th October 2013. More details can be obtained from Yamaha dealerships. Winners get to win Rs 1 Lakh worth in cash as well as Yamaha-branded merchandise.

How To Participate?

  • Form a team of 6 people who will represent your team.
  • Name your team
  • Rush to your nearest dealer and hand over it to him to participate.
  • All teams will play knock-out matches selected by dealers
  • Top 4 teams from each zone will proceed to play the Final Zone round
  • The Final Zonal round will be played against top 4 zonal teams in semi-final round.
  • Based on the results, team will participate in the final match.


Mr Roy Kurian, Vice President of Yamaha Motors said,

“The festival season is fast approaching and we could not think of a better time to re-establish our connection with our customers through our very first Gully Cricket Tournament – ‘Bro’s Cricket League’. Through this initiative we want to encourage and spread the street cricket fever that we’ve been so familiar with since our childhood. Since our brand connects well with the youth of India and the youth of India connects well with cricket, we hope to reach out to many young people and encourage them to display team spirit, healthy competition and responsible behavior. With the help of gully cricket, we will be able to reach out to a wider audience in every nook and corner of the country and reinforce the underlying sense of brotherhood that is also the founding essence of the Yamaha Ray Z.”

So, are you participating?