Yamaha to Organise One Make Race for R25 at 2014 Yamaha ASEAN Cup Race

When Yamaha launched the R15 in India, they kept the enthusiasts hooked by organizing a One Make Racing Series. While that may be old news, the Japanese manufacturer is getting ready to begin One Make Races with the newly launched R25 in Indonesia. While speculations of such a series have been trading around the blocks for quite some time now, the company has only recently given confirmation for the same.


Yamaha ASEAN Cup Race, which will see 56 riders showing off their skill at the Sentul International Circuit this weekend will see riders from:

  • Indonesia (15 riders)
  • Malaysia (12 riders)
  • Thailand (10 riders)
  • The Philippines (9 riders)
  • Japan (6 riders)
  • India (4 riders)

Yes, 4 Indian racers are going to earn their laurels too. The Championship has been divided into three categories:

  • MT (Manual Transmission/Moped) Class Jupiter Z1
  • ST (Sport) Class YZF R15
  • ST (Sport) Class YZF R25

While official changes have not been talked about by the company but the racing centric edition of the YZF R25, apart from a new race spec exhaust system gets a slightly bent handlebar setup to make the stance aggressive and more aerodynamic, much like what Yamaha showed in its concept stage.


The R25 has a twin cylinder engine producing 36 PS of maximum power at 12,000 rpm and 22.6 Nm of peak torque at 10,000 rpm. Yamaha must have tuned the engine up a bit for the race editions but there has been no official statement on that yet. Long back when the R25 was just a concept, the Moto GP legend Valentino Rossi had said that the R25 packs a punch…Let’s hope we get to feel this punch sooner in India as well.