Yamaha’s Naked R1 – MT-10 Unveiled: Its the Wickedest Thing You Will See For Now [EICMA 2015]

So guess what the newly crowned MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo got to ride to the stage at EICMA? The new MT-10, Yamaha’s new litre class naked which they teased a few days back. Aiming to provide a connected riding experience that can be enjoyed at any road, any time and at any speed, MT10 is not your average FZ1!

Essentially a naked R1, the MT 10’s powertrain has been derived directly from the faired sibling’s heart. Yamaha says that the four pot in-line crossplane engine has been tuned to provide an ultimate torque emotion. Further, the newly designed intake, exhaust, fuelling system and an optimised crank balance delivers strong low and mid-range torque. They have also brought in several changes to give a more direct and connected feel between the throttle and rear wheel. But the company for some reason has not revealed the power and torque figures and considering the trend expect them to be lower than the R1.


MT10 gets something called as the Yamaha D-Mode which offers the rider a choice of three engine modes which are designed to suit different riding situations and conditions. You also get to enjoy a traction control system which works by monitoring the rear tyre slippage. Experienced riders can even switch off the traction control for maximum fun!

Yamaha MT 10 EICMA 21

The MT 10 also comes with cruise control (in the 4th, 5th and 6th gear) and an assist and slipper clutch similar to the one seen in the new R1. The bike sports an aggressive mass forward styling with strong angular edges. The dual headlights will send you straight to the world of Transformers. The lightweight aluminium Deltabox frame has also been borrowed from the R1 and has been worked on to provide revised strength, rigidity.

Yamaha MT 10 EICMA 10

The wheelbase has been shortened to 1,400 mm which is at least 35 mm smaller than the nearest competitor and Yamaha says it will provide light and neutral handling performance together with straight-line stability during acceleration.

Yamaha MT 10 EICMA 28

The new naked Yamaha will be available in Europe from May 2016 and will be available in three colors…

  • Night Fluo
  • Tech Black
  • Race Blu

Yamaha’s MT range looks complete now with motorcycles ranging from 125cc all the way uptil this new liter class MT. We are not sure if there will be markets where FZ1 and MT10 will sell together but we probably have as good a looker as the killer Z1000! Anyone here gets reminded of the Hastur?

Yamaha MT-10 Pics