Yamaha Lowers its Two Wheeler Sales Forecast for 2012

Yamaha Motor Co. of Japan, the world’s second largest two wheeler manufacturer is facing steep sales fall in the year 2012. Yamaha begun the year 2012 with the sales forecast of 8.3 million units of two wheelers, however the situation has worsened during the past eight months. The company is now expecting to close the year with the sales of around 6.27 million units of two wheelers. The company also expects its profit and revenue to go down due to strong yen.

Yamaha Global Two Wheeler Sales Forecast

As per Yamaha’s global survey, 2012 will see sales of 55 million units of two wheelers worldwide. This figure is down by 4% compared to 57.3 million units of last year. The situation is not encouraging in the world’s largest motorcycle market, China and the third largest motorcycle market, Indonesia. China will see sales of 11.9 million units of two wheelers compared to 14 million units of two wheelers last year.

Indonesia the world’s third largest motorcycle market has reported huge sales fall during the past eight months.  Indonesia is expecting to close this year with 7 million units of two wheelers compared to earlier forecast of 9 million units of two wheelers for the year 2012. The figure is 1 million units down as compared to 8 million units of last year. Indonesia accounts 45% of Yamaha’s total sales. Yamaha is expecting sales of 2.4 million units this year compared to sales of 3.1 million units of last year.

Recovery in 2013

Yamaha expects its sales to go down in every international market in the year 2012 except India and Thailand where it expects double digit growth.  Yamaha expects recovery from the year 2013 as it will expand business in India and other territories.

-Mahavir Kothari