Yamaha to Install Fuel Injection System in all Motorcycles of South East Asia Region by 2015

According to latest investor presentation, Yamaha Motor Corporation of Japan aims to install fuel injection system in all of its two wheelers of south East Asia region by 2015. Yamaha which globally sales around 7 million units of two wheeler from which around 75% sales come from South East Asia region.  Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand are the major markets in South East Asia from where Yamaha’s most of two wheeler sales origins. As a part of its ASEAN region strategy Yamaha will convert all the carburetor two wheelers to fuel injection system two wheelers. This is also in response to stricter norms that will take place in South East Asia region in the upcoming years.

As a part of ASEAN region strategy, the company will launch new models which will drive its sales. It will also expand its production capacity to 4 million units in Indonesia and 2 million units in Vietnam in the year 2012. It aims to sell around 5.5 million units of two wheelers in the year 2012 in ASEAN region out of which 38% will have fuel injection system. The company aims to have all the two wheelers installed with fuel injection system by 2015.  Yamaha aims to sell around 8.3 million units in the year 2012.  Above chart is the breakout for the same.

It seems that Yamaha is going Honda way. Earlier Honda announced to install fuel injection system in all the two wheelers by the year end of 2012 in Indonesia. Now Yamaha is aiming the same thing. South East Asia is a region which is dominated by Yamaha and Honda. It seems that it will end the era of Carburetor system in South East Asia region and with stricter emission norms it will certainly happen very soon.

– Mahavir Kothari