Yamaha Launches New Colours for R15 V2; Price Increased by Upto Rs 4000

A couple of days back, Honda launched the absolutely stunning new CBR150R in Indonesia. Apart from this, Yamaha has been caught testing a new R15 (again in Indonesia) which could be the impending version 3 under tests. But what they have launched in India for now are three new colours of their R15 V2.

What has come as a surprise is the price increment! Yes, Yamaha has increased the price of R15 V2 by upto Rs 4132 on the ex-showroom Delhi price. Unlike last time, all the three variants cost Rs 1,18,373. The earlier iterations were priced between Rs 1,14,241 and 1,17,373 based on the colours. (all prices ex-showroom Delhi).

Yamaha R15 V2 New Colours

Yamaha R15 v2 will be available in the following three colours now..

  • Revving Blue (hard to notice changes with the earlier GP Blue)
  • Sparky Green
  • Adrenalin Red


Both Sparky Green and Adrenalin Red get the same grey coloured body with a different coloured fairing. Green looks interesting but we are not sure about the red.


From the specs, there appears no other mechanical or engine-related change and all the specs remain the same. Yamaha has updated its official website with the new colours and prices and an official press release will confirm the same.


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Also, no changes have been made to the recently introduced R15S which comes with a unibody seat. After this update, the R15V2 becomes costlier by Rs 3132 as compared to R15S on the ex-showroom Delhi price. Yamaha will also be launching the Ray ZR in the market soon.