Yamaha to Launch 200-250cc Bikes in India

Yamaha, one of the leading bike makers of the country, decides to take on their competitors and for this they have some important plans that if executed properly will result in nailing down their competitors. Yamaha rolled out an official word on the introduction of higher capacity viz. 200-250cc motorcycles in the Indian market.

Mr.Hiroyuki Suzuki of Yamaha motors officially announced that the company will soon launch 200-250cc higher capacity bikes in the subcontinent. Looks like Yamaha is leaving no stone unturned; firstly they are planning to make India an export hub for supplies to Africa and South American markets and now this announcement from Mr. Suzuki.

Suzuki further said that the company is looking to break even by 2013 by increasing their production capacity and also bringing in motorcycles of displacement ranging from 200 to 250cc. He also said that the company will definitely launch higher displacement bikes but it will take some time around 1.5 to 2 years. As far as the first launch- less price advantage is concerned, Yamaha will not have it as Honda because CBR250R is already on its way and also has an unbeatable price in this segment.

Overall the picture looks pretty clear that Yamaha is going to launch their high end bikes in the country as soon as they can. We further hope that they succeed in rolling out marvels. All in all the picture looks good for India as more and more bike makers are willing to enter the high end segments. One thing is for sure that we are going to have large no of options in this segment in future.