Yamaha India To Launch Another 125cc Scooter In 2013

Yamaha Motor India after tasting a huge come back success in the motorcycle segment with its products like the R15 and the FZ Series, is now turning its attention to the gearless scooter segment to take on some serious contenders like the Honda Activa which enjoys almost 35%-40% of the total sales. Recently this year, Yamaha launched its first scooter, the Ray in the Indian market targeting the female buyers. So serious is the company to promote the brand among the female buyers that it actually even has an assembly line used to produce the Ray completely operated by women.

Now Yamaha has announced that the company will launch another gearless scooter which will be of 125cc, unlike the Ray and this time it will specifically targeted to men. Why is Yamaha playing the gender bias product game, I wonder! While complete details about the scooter remain under wraps as of now, the new scooter will definitely go head-to-head in competition with the Honda Activa, the Suzuki Access and the Honda Aviator. It is expected to have telescopic front forks and have a very bold and sporty styling, since it will targeted towards the masculine gene of India.

It is expected to be priced in the bracket of Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 and will be a mass market product, unlike the Vespa LX125 which is more like a style statement. In a separate announcement, Yamaha has made it clear that the company will not be launching any motorcycles in the Indian market till the year 2015. Till then, the company will be only focusing on their scooter portfolio for India. This comes as a disappointing news since we were all expecting Yamaha to bring in the 250cc version of the R15 to India by next year.