Yamaha to Make India an Export Hub

Yamaha is certainly growing with time as it plans to establish its subtle reputation in Indian automobile market. The Japanese giant is now planning to make India a export hub for Africa and South American markets. Moreover, Yamaha plans to expand its production capacity and use India as a base to export automobiles to different parts of Africa and Southern America. According to the company, if this plan comes out fine then profits are going to get better for the company.

Honestly speaking after the sever destruction of Mother Nature in Japan; Yamaha is not in a good condition. The managing director of Yamaha motors was of the opinion that Yamaha motors needs some additional markets to pull revenues from and thus they are looking towards India as a export hub. He also said that the company aims to break even by 2013 as they are increasing their production capacity.

Yamaha currently manufactures 6, 00,000 motorcycles a year in its Greater Noida plant. News has it that the company is looking to raise this production capacity to one million by 2013 and also aims to sell out up to 8,00,000 units in domestic markets together with 2,00,000 exports. Yamaha entered India in 1985, partnering tractor maker Escorts Ltd. In 15 years, it sold 2.5 million bikes in the country, cornering 7.2% of market share. But the market share came down in the year 2005-06 to 3.6% when it started making low end models, however the company came back on track soon.

Yamaha is currently carrying out studies on making India an export hub for African and South America markets. The managing director of Yamaha said that the company is planning to get everything right back on track according to their plans in the next two years. He further said that the African markets need basic models such as Crux and FZ and the company will have to export YBR to South America. In Africa, one can find only three types of motorcycles viz. mopeds, scooters and street models which are also used for commercial purposes, thus Yamaha plans to export nothing but basic models in to the African markets and relatively high end models in to South America. Overall the picture looks pretty clear that Yamaha plans to make India an export hub to cut costs and increase profits.