Hi Bike Lovers, I’m Anup Shaji from Kottayam (Kerala). I want to share a short ownership review of my new bike Yamaha FZ-S Cyber Green 2011 edition. Bikes was my passion since my childhood. My dad had a Hero Honda CD100 at the time of early 90’s. I learned bike riding on that during my 8th standard itself.

After completing my +2 studies I took my license. From that moment I keep telling my dad that I need a bike. But as usual like everyone’s parents they also opposed it. And I kept dreaming of a new bike. During the second year of my degree course, dad gave a hint about buying a bike for me. From the very next day I keep searching for new Indian bikes and came across the BikeAdvice website and I became a regular reader of the site.

Once I went 2 the Yamaha Showroom nearby with my friend for servicing his Gladiator and I got my eyes on the FZ-16 Black. Love at first sight! With its stunning looks and muscular body, It broke into my heart. It knocked out the Bajaj Pulsar 180 from the first preference bike in my mind. Years passed and finally, after completing my degree my dad kept his promise and agreed to book a bike for me.

I’ve gone through almost all reviews and comparisons in several websites and from BikeAdvice I came to know that Yamaha is going to introduce new versions of FZ-S. I was extremely attracted to the New Black-Cyber Green variant because I prefer black for the bike of my dreams. I rushed into the Yamaha Showroom and asked the details about the new variants and its onroad price.

The executives didn’t knew much about new variants and he said that it will only hit the showroom in the upcoming month. That made me a little disappointed, but hoping for the best I booked the new variant. Now whole things turned upside down, dad wants a bike which will be delivered the most earliest. I convinced him that it’s the best bike and it won’t disappoint us. After two weeks, I’ve got a call that my bike has arrived.

On 24-5-2011 I got my hands on my new ride. It cost me 76000/- on road. Now let’s get into real play! New FZ-S has no technical changes as the old one except the Kick Starter. I don’t want to say much about the technical things because it has already explained here more than once. The following things I have written is on my own point of view.



  • The new variants helps a lot to stand out from the crowd of all old FZ-16’s and FZ-S’s.
  • New Flame Graphics is definitely a head turner.
  • Widest tyre among Indian Bikes.
  • Yellow monocross gets its attention.
  • Full Digital console with orange backlight.
  • Macho Plastic Resin fuel tank adds muscular look.
  • Bigger and tough front fork looks cool.
  • Best looking bike in the 150 segment.
  • It surely reclaims the Streets with new looks!


  • Position of number plate
  • Rear view mirrors looks like as built for bicycles.



  • Although it is a 150 segment bike, we can feel the power of a 180cc engine.
  • Great response to the throttle in low speeds (Below 70Km/Hr).
  • Super smooth engine.
  • Low end torque helps to cruise easier in heavy traffic.
  • Perfect bike for the city cruising.
  • Can reach 0-60 in less than 6 sec, reach 90 as a piece of cake!.
  • Centre mass concentration is awesome!. Easy zigzag driving and cornering.
  • Less gear shifting, we can go @25Km/h in fifth gear.


  • Above 90+ it needs more time for attaining greater speed.
  • Sound of engine is not very impressive, extra silent at normal speeds.



  • Wide rear tyre=more grip.
  • Front Disc Brake (267 mm) large diameter have strong stopping power.
  • Monocross suspension provides stable riding experience.
  • Wide handlebars and riding position give more balance.


  • Rear brakes are not upto the mark. (But it does the job combining with front disc).



  • Rider has comfort in seating.
  • Less gear shifts gives less mess in riding.
  • The position of switches are easy to operate.
  • Kickstart is a blessing! (My friend’s opinion who has the old version of FZ).


  • Pillion rider suffers a lot (If its a lady).
  • Wide tyre throws dirt all over the pillion rider and rear side of the bike.
  • No clock in the console (Almost all new bikes have it).

Some Additional Points

  • I’ve crossed 2300 Kms,(1st service done) from the very beginning I’m getting a mileage between 38-40 Km/L.
  • I’ve reached upto 109 Km/hr Top speed with my friend as a pillion rider.
  • Periodic chain lubrication is needed for good performance.
  • I’ve filled nitrogen in tyres and maintaining correct pressure.
  • If you take care of this bike, it will serve you better. Go for it and get ready to Rule The Streets!

I hope everyone liked my write up. I am neither an extreme biker, nor an excellent writer. So kindly forgive me if I said anything wrong and for the typo errors. Do comment on my post.

Anup Shaji

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  • ravi

    nice review shaji 🙂
    background for the pics are awesome

  • fas

    Above 90 it takes time to gather speed, common its a 150cc bike not a 600cc monster :p


    the yamaha is bad now i have a fazer and i spend couple of thousands everry time it goes for service i have tons of complains

  • pankaj

    good and different review. simple and precise like that……..
    keep it up….. very nice bike

  • pankaj

    price is too much for 150 cc bike but the quality speaks everything that it worth of each penny.
    pricetag n milage is a downside for this bike rest everything is superb.

  • jiju

    Good review bro……

  • foxkid

    Want to buy FZ but fear about its below normal mileage.Have heard avg. of 27kmpl. Can anyone help? I need mileage of 40-42

    • nitin

      1) First of all, the engine should be a good one. There might be some factory damages and such engines will not give good mileage despite of whatever you do later.
      2) After selecting a good engine, the run in period is important. The manual says 1000 km but be careful till 5,000 km. Always change the speeds. Don’t go at a constant speed. This way, your bike’s piston will become smooth in movement at whatever speed you go.
      3) The last one is good periodic service. Engine oil, carburettor settings and rpm are essential for a healthy and mileage deliverable engine.

      If you follow all these steps, you can get 45 kmpl mileage at whatever speed you go. My apache delivers 55 kmpl constantly, however I use it now.

      You might be knowing that cbz and hunk’s mileage are 50 to 55 kmpl. But due to improper break in, my friend’s cbz delivers 40 kmpl and hunk delivers 30 kmpl !!!!

    • vik

      dude my bike gives 40 to 45 in NH and 1more thing pular 180 cant even touch my fzs..

  • Anil Sankar

    Ethra kittum???????????????????????????

  • Akhil

    Yamaha FZS is the Worst bike HONDA Dazzler is the Best Bike

    • Althaf


  • nice review… simple n effective,…
    guyz m going to buy Fazer – white soon… what do you suggest me..!!

    • nitin

      White fazer is great. Next to it is the black cyber green.

  • Anup Shaji

    I’m getting an average about 38-40 kmpl … Not riding too hard…

  • Anesh

    Nice review. And appreciating ur efforts . Sorry to tell u guys I don’t like its shape. I like Enfield bullet. Mileage & price almost same (for second hand bullet). So my vote 4 —–‘B U L L E T’

  • sayan

    @speedz- The best fazer varient yet available is white. Go for it.

  • Dr.aro

    Hi,bros the above reviews are true. Am a owner of fazer midnight special edition since nov 2010.main things,the rear tyre sucks so go for pirelli sport demon tyre for beter grip and prfmnce and durability.m r f sucks as vampires.no damn pulsars beat yamaha except 220.many pulsies cried behind me ha ha ha.if u go 45 -50 km /hr u will get 45 km/hr mileage.go go bring the yamaha

    • nitin

      Fazer has more pick up than pulsar!!!!!!!!! LOL !!! FZ has better pickup than fazer. Fazer seems lazy in pickup and cornering. Being addicted to apache, I felt fazer very lethargic in corners or cutting through bumper traffic. Though the main intention of fazer is touring, I am mentioning about the characteristics of fazer.

      The only positive I find in fazer is the big bike feel, which is truly amazing. The straight line stability and braking are also great like in FZ.

  • Srinivas..

    Hi Anup shaji & Dudes….

    1st of all congrats for the new bike.. 😉

    “Pickup is superb in its segment….! …It’s far better than all other 150cc bikes…..!”

    Sorry dude.. ur statement is wrong……

    ur statement is right when u compare fz with unicorn, cbz, Hunk,Gs-R and SZ….. but not with the monsters Pulsar & Apache’s……..

    Ride a Pulsar or Apache.. or try to have a drag with them… Ull know the difference in pickup, power and topend..


    Bro.. is it a joke… Hahaha… No damn Pulsar (Except 220…????) can beat a FZ… sorry yaar….

    Try to drag with a person who have the capability… not with roadside commuters….

    Pulsars(150) & Apaches(160) are industry best in terms of power and pickup (Dont include R15)…..

    “45 km/hr mileage”…. Highest mileage claimed for an Fz till date…..

    Meet the YAMAHA showroom people… they will take your bike and they will Again do the R&D on it.. and u will be in news… 😉

    Learn to Agree the fact…

    Cheers Dude….

    Long live bike loverzzzzzz 🙂

    • Pradeep Chandran

      Not so funny about 45kmpl…MY friend even got 46..And also plz dnt mention abt Apache when talking abt Yamaha..All knw wat TVS is giving..And Pulsar is Ok..and if you love your bike dont DRAG..Just Ride….

  • nave


  • Anup Shaji

    Hi my dear CRITIZERS!…,
    Please note 2 important points in my review that i’ve included especially 4 u ppl….>>
    >>The following things I have written is on my own point of view…
    >>I am neither an extreme biker, nor an excellent writer. So kindly forgive me if I said anything wrong and for the typo errors…
    THANQ GUYS (cough! ,cough!) Srinivas,Aditya,Etc….

  • Anup Shaji

    @nave—- Thalayolaparambu..!(Karippadom)..

  • Srinivas..


    No Probs dude and no apolozizes……. im Just mentioning facts….

    But one fact i do accept is FZ is an FZ… Its Unique bike and a gud product by yamaha…

    Styling, Body and its machoness cant be seen in any bike…

    It is upto its mark for its tag “Lord of the streets”…..

    Once again congrats for getting a beautiful bike…

    Ride safe… 🙂

    Long live bike loverzzz…. 😉

  • Jithin

    I bought the White&Red FZ-S…the only disappointing thing is that the bike is underpowered compared to even Honda dazzler and couldn’t hold the pace with RTR at any time(both are used by my friends 🙁 ).

  • AKhil JOhn

    am also bukd one….itz black cyber green….luv it….;)

  • jiy

    i want this bike

  • hariram

    Dont comparet yamaha with apache, pulsar’s… Yamaha engines are far superior in perfomance than others. Brand says it all. Fz-s the best 1.

  • ashishsahni

    yar i am really confused to buy yamaha fzs or not as i m having honda unicorn from last 4yrs n my friend is having fz n his bike pickup stants no where in front of my unicorn,also his bike(fz)average is around40 but my unicorn gives around58kmpl. but i really want to change my bike,option is pulsar180 0r yamaha fzs. I really like fzs shape &style bt its milage… i usually drive at an average speed of 50 without any roughness..what average can i expect from fzs

    • kathir

      you ll surely got 52+kmpl…..if you ride smoothly at3500-4500rpm or around 50-60kmph….
      dude just go for yamaha……..


      Hi, I am in big confusion whether to choose Yamaha FZ and Honda Unicorn,
      pls suggest..!!

  • Anup Shaji

    @Ashishsahni– The max mileage to expect from FZ is 40… Its mainly because of the wide rear tyre and low end torque.. If u r taking mileage as important factor ,, don’t even think abt it….!
    If u want style and uniqueness in the 150 segment,a better engine, go 4 it..! rule the streets…..happy biking,,

  • abishek…

    beta u don’t know about palsur thats y u telling like this.

  • indika

    I think it is a good bike

  • Sujith

    Dear Frnds…

    which 150 bike gives good comfort for both driver & pillion ??? my height is only 5’3″.

    Unicorn – Booking time 8 months
    CBZ – height problem
    FZ – pillion comfort problem
    Pulsur – bad build quality
    RTR – bad build quality
    Suzuki – dont know ???

    • satish

      go for cb unicorn or dazzler…….

    • kathir

      fz-s is suitable for you…..i didnt find any discomfort for pillion rider(exept ladies…
      it gives me 50kmpl…

  • Avinash

    Dear Anup,

    Nice review. I have a FZ 16 red and haven’t faced much problems yet. It is surprising, but I am getting a mileage of exactly 50 kmpl, no matter whatever the speed may be. The handling has been superb. This is my first bike in my life and it gives me the confidence like I have been riding bikes since I was born.

    Your opinion about the pick up of apaches and pulsars may be right in the lower rpm segment, but the way I’ve seen is after 5k it is fz all the way. Even you can feel the change of the sound from a low hum to a growl.

  • sriram

    nice comment,

  • kathir

    hi dudes…
    i am also got fz-s last november…
    i got an avg millage of 52kmpl…..55in highways and45 in madurai city…..

  • Rahul Kumar

    Nice comments yaar
    I am planning to get my first bike.
    Please help me to choose among the following:
    FZ S

    Please help me in comparing these. and kindly, suggest
    I dont want any pillion discomfort as I`ll have ladies as pillion rider

    • Aniket

      If pillion rider comfort, that too for ladies matters, then don’t get the FZ.

  • Anup Shaji

    @Rahul Kumar

    As u said that pillion rider comfort is a prime factor… I suggest u CBZ from ur list…

  • Sparsh

    Gud review boss…
    U made my mind finally……
    Gonna grab dis cyber green monster!!!!
    As far as d pillion comfrt is concernd… want a bike more dan d Grlfrnd!!

    • Anup Shaji

      Thanx… Happy riding….!!! Wear Helmet..Be safe…!!

    • Siv

      Just super comment.. 🙂 😀

  • Anup Shaji

    New Changes made to the pillion seat and grab rail….

    • Naveen

      Hi friends which one is best among fzs and pulsar 180

  • Kishan

    I m 5ft 2inches. I m planning to buy a bike. Should I go for yamaha fz s?
    Is it heavy to handle??or it will be fine for me?

  • Sumit

    I wana this bik. . . :p o man. .. u look on this bik lik a stud. . . When u r riding it , people stair u. . . specialy gals with. . . cros eyes. . . .


    Hello guys 🙂 i have a very good opinion about Yamaha and Honday two wheeler segment, thats why i am big confusion to choose FZ or Unicorn, almost 1 week is over, still i could not able to finilize, i have taken test drive for both the vehicle, both is good in performance ,

    I dont give perference to style and mileage, i want good perfonce and confort for driving also in life.

    Please suggest a good vehicle for me.

    • Arvind

      Any 150cc bike can return even better FE(read fuel efficiency) when properly driven. Since 2005 i was owning Pulsar 180(UG3 & UG4 later) , 220 and a CBZ. At present i have a Yamaha FZ-S. The first pulsar 180 was doing more than 62KMPl constantly. Nope, i did’nt hand it over to Bajaj engineers claiming that this piece could be used as a testament. It all depends on driving style. I never whip the bike above 4000 RPM in any gear and i was ok with that speed/acceleration. I have seen many folks who keep wringing the throttle even at idling while waiting at traffic signal. (in the same country where we protest even 2 Rupee increase in petrol price). In 2010 i was having P220 and it was returning me 48~52Kmpl in chennai – OMR road (city and highway mixed driving). My current FZ returns 59 Kmpl. Sounds too good to be true ? You got to see it to believe it..
      For maximizing FE i did following changes.
      I changed the rear tire it to normal Zapper – C , 120/80 MRF tyres(the ones that are standard in Pulsar 180&220). This tire has got lesser resistance and lesser contact patch on the road. These are direct fit on FZ’s rims.
      To my surprise the acceleration got lot better with new tire. Also the taller profile tires allow me to ride in lesser RPM. For instance the stock tire allowed 39 Kmph at exactly 3000 rpm. With the new tires it goes 42KMPH in 3000 RPM. Thus the taller gearing and lesser resistance put together easily achieves 59.2 — 59.8 Kmpl (consistently achieved under 3 tests of tank full to tank full method). I was especially not fond of the large beefy looks of the rear stock tire.So i did’nt miss the beefy looks. Zapper-c is good enough to offer superb grip and traction. Guys who are concerned about FZ’s fuel efficiency can consider this suggestion.

      • Anup Shaji

        Thanks for the info… Really nice to hear… Happy Biking..!!!

      • Prashant

        Nice Suggestion man!!

      • G.D

        I’m too planning for yamaha fzs but i want to kn?ow about the life of yamaha engine and maintaniance cost. How’s their service

  • im planning to buy new bike….i have narrowed my choices to following bikes..:-
    1) yamaha fzs
    2) pulsar 150
    3) honda cb unicorn..
    i drive around 300km per month so i require descent milage of around 40..,and my height is 5’9 and my weight is 73kg so i want the bike which suits my personality and im college goin 20yrs old..so kindly suggest me which one of these is suitable…..

    • plz tell me what is the difference between fz16 & new fzs..??
      has it got any difference in mileage.??

  • Jeewan

    Hey guys i am going to own a bike in a couple of days and i have either pulsar 150 or fzs in mind, and have to ride very often in hilly areas so which one among them will be best in this segment both in terms of fuel efficency and handling and maintenence. Please help coz i am real confused after reading all the comments…

  • Bichu krishnan

    I love my fz more than a girlfriend because its my kingdom

  • Hi Friends .I am ARUN JYOTHIS.R.On my 18th birthday my father gifted me a new fzs Fiery orange. I am totally impressed with it………… nice bike.it’s more comfortable an old model & new Awesome Styalist Graphics with kick/self starts. It is surprising I am getting a mileage of exactly 54 kmpl.It all depends on driving style. I never whip the bike above 4000 RPM in any gear and i was ok with that .Now i am very happy.

  • suhail A

    I am also going to book the new fz-s cyber green next month.thanks for the review.Its my dream bike.

  • Sushil

    Pulsar pickup is better than fzs, but fzs is better as when you are in speed fzs leave pulsar behind (it comes 0-100 speed befor pulsar)and balancing of the bike is much much better than pulsar. pulsar pickup is better in 0-60 speed only….

  • nikhil kumar

    nice dude

  • nikhil kumar

    i also bying within 4 days

  • Kunal k

    I m bit confused in selection of bike for me.
    i hav a daily run of around 40-45 km to my college,that’s y average is d main criteria in my selection of bike so plz suggest me which bike may i take.
    1) pulsar180

  • amal r pillai

    i have planned to buy a 150cc bike,which has amileage of 50+,low maintenance cost ,comfort, great looks,good power,stability etc.. which bike should i buy?

  • Surya

    It is yamaha sz150 engine in a different chasis with more plastic to give a big bike feel.It is yamaha sz150 engine in a different chasis with more plastic to give a big bike feel.

  • sohail khan

    I have placed an order of my new FZ-S I found there is no option for the bike in India except FZ-S black green looks so sexy love at first sight.

  • nikhil

    Hi guys im buyng this bike to tell is it good or bad bike

  • aditya more

    Hey man my fzs rear tyre makes humming noise at 45+ kmph speed man help me what to do bike has just completed 2100 km…

    • Check the air pressure.. By meaning of humming noise ,, from where does it come??

  • niranjan

    hey can you suggest a dealership for pirelli tyres, its for my fz s

  • Abhin Rao

    good work man!!!