Yamaha FZ16 Vs. TVS Apache RTR Fi

Many readers have mailed me asking whether they should choose the TVS Apache RTR Fi or the Yamaha FZ16. Both the bikes fall in the same segment of engine capacity and price range and I agree it is a tough decision to make. I made some research on both the bikes and here it the comparison to help you decide the right one for you. I have compared both the bikes in different aspects.

Handling: When it comes to ease of riding, there is nothing like the Yamaha FZ16 on the roads. The bike has a lot of mid-range torque which makes it easier in city riding conditions. You do not have to keep shifting the gears often and getting back to normal speeds from a slow down is done easily.The sitting position is upright and is great except while cruising in the highways. The wide tyres of FZ16 makes it very easy to twist and turn in the urban area and gives a better feeling of stability than the Apache.

While the TVS Apache RTR Fi does a good job in the highways, you cannot expect a great handling in the city. The tyres are not wide enough compared to the FZ16 and the sitting position is sporty which is not the best posture for urban commutes. Apache can never match upto the FZ16 in the streets. Yamaha as aptly named the bike as the lord of the streets.

Performance: The Apache RTR gets a stage to show off its muscles only in the highways. Being more powerful with 2PS than the FZ16, it clearly outperforms the Yam and goes far ahead of it. The FZ16 being designed for power in the mid range, it does not pull you as expected after you cross the 85kmph mark.

The main disappointing factor in the Apache is that the engine is not so smooth and produces vibrations which may turn down a lot of prospective buyers. And another point to mention is the poor performance of the tyres, which does not do a good job of holding the bike stable while taking high speed curves in the highways. If it was equipped with better tyres, it would definitely leave the FZ16 out of sight. The Yamaha FZ16 surely gives you better confidence while turning at high speeds and will not ask you to slow down.

Styling: This is one area which gives a boost to the FZ16 in the battle between the two bikes. While TVS Apache RTR is also a good looking bike with nice sporty design and fairings, nothing comes like the FZ16. This is a new design concept in the stables of Indian bike market and as always, Yamaha will not cease to bring new concepts in design as it had done with the Fazer several years back. The muscular tank, bold head lamps and wide rear tyres are some of the unique styling features of the Yamaha FZ16. Definitely will turn more heads than the Apache.

Conclusion: I cannot select a winner between these two bikes because of a variety of factors to be considered. If you are ready to spend Rs.3000 more than the FZ16 and get a real high performance engine, Apache RTR Fi would be your choice. But if you are attracted by the sensational design of the FZ16, the wide rear tyres and the bold head lamp, welcome to Yamaha community. If you want to spend Rs.6000 less than FZ16 and still want a adrenaline pumping performance, the Apache RTR carb version will do good for you.

If you ask my personal choice, it would be the FZ16 because of the new design concept, excellent handling, the Yamaha brand and the cute handle bar. I hope this review helps you make the right choice, and as always, post a comment if you have any more questions.