Yamaha FZ-16 Review by Vishnu

Hi there bikers. I am going to give an unbiased, honest review about my bike Yamaha FZ-16. This march 10th was his first birthday. Completed 8000kms.

Design & Styling

Designed in Japan by the same guys (GK designs) who designed the 2006 YZF-R1, FZ-1 & our very own R15. It is easily one of the best looking bikes manufactured in India. You could easily mistake it for a higher displacement bike (now its very common). Enough has been said about its looks & design, so I am not explaining it further. Let the pics do the talking.

But one thing I have to mention is the flawless build quality, fit & finish & the quality of parts used are outstanding. The best on an Indian bike along with R15. Previously I was using a 2008 model Honda Unicorn. I got the chance to compare both the bikes on almost all parameters. There is not even one rattle or vibration from the bike even after 1 year of use.

The brake pedal, gear shifter & have to say “the paint finish of the alloy wheels” are just average. I think all FZ owners will agree with this. Also the design of the meter console is toyish, doesn’t suit the looks of the bike.I think it was designed by a school kid. Its too loud & flashy.

[xrr rating=4.75/5]

Engine & Gearbox

If Honda makes the smoothest engines, then Yamaha makes the most vibe-free engines. At slow speeds (<60kmph) Honda engines (unicorn) have the edge over Yamaha engines, but after that Yamaha engines are the better (FZ & R15). They have better vibration damping. Also Hondas have the edge in fuel economy.

FZ has the best gearbox among Indian bikes (along with R15). It offers the correct amount of slickness & ease of shifting. You will never encounter a false gear or a neutral in it.

[xrr rating=4.75/5]

Performance & Fuel Economy

FZ offers the same performance as other 150cc bikes except Apache RTR & R15. The engine is all about low & midrange torque. There is no point in revving the engine to get more performance. It has a slightly soft top-end as everyone has mentioned. But credit must be given to engine for pulling the soft compound 100/80 front (other 150cc bikes’ rear spec tyre) & the humongous 140/60 rear Tyre (the biggest on an Indian bike. Bigger than ninja’s).

The looks, tyres, suspension, brakes required minimum a 200cc engine. I bought the bike because of my love for naked bikes & also the top-class engineering on the bike even though it has only a 153cc 14bhp engine. Hoping tat Yamaha will listen to my prayers(for an FZ22 or 25). I will be the first guy to buy if Yamaha launches it. Also the acceleration improves vastly by fitting a free flow air filter (K&N or green’s). Recommended if you don’t care about fuel economy.

About fuel economy it depends heavily on your riding style. During the run-in period of the bike with speeds below 60kmph & max engine rpm @ 4500k I got 45 km/l numerous times. But after completing 2000kms one day while testing the top speed of the bike (118km/hr speedo indicated)with constant ripping & after removing the filter cap I got – 27km/l..!!… hehe.

The max mileage I got was 47km/l (Splendor mode.. max speed 65kmph, up-shift @ 4,500rpm). During normal driving with frequent ripping I m getting 40 consistently. So guys the fuel economy depends on the riding style.

[xrr rating=4/5]

Handling, Ride Quality & Braking

Easily the best handling Indian bike in the country along wih R15. But the difference b/w the 2 bikes is that R15’s handling is sharp, pointed & track oriented. But FZ’s handling is simply effortless. You can literally play with it. It has superb steering leverage due to the wide handlebar & the relaxed yet sporty riding position.

Also the credit goes to big front forks (the biggest on any Indian bike including ninja & the upcoming cbr250r), fat radial tyre & the mass centralization of the fuel tank, exhaust system, rider position. Which is as close to the center (engine) for a very low center of gravity.

For those of you who feel that the ride quality is stiff adjust the spring preload to the softest setting. It will make a remarkable difference to the ride & also keep the tyre air pressure not too high. Then you have best ride quality among any Indian bike. Stability & braking is simply superb ( R15 has slight edge due to the delta box frame & rear disc brakes).

[xrr rating=4.75/5]

Service & Maintenance

The service of bike was problem free till date. The battery charge can come down if the bike is not used for a long time. I had to push start the bike 1 day after not using the bike for 1 month. Other than that the bike is completely problem free.

[xrr rating=4.25/5]


  • Superb design, timeless (simply addictive)
  • Superb build quality
  • Awesome handling (again addictive)
  • Refined & vibe-free engine
  • Well spaced gear-ratios offer relaxed riding (55kmph at 4000rpm in 5th)
  • The best riding position (begs you to ride again and again) and also very comfortable
  • Good ride quality (best in class)
  • Perfectly modulated braking & superb stability under hard breaking
  • Planted straight line stability
  • Sufficient headlights
  • Well worth the premium price


  • Just 153cc. for the bikes specs, minimum a 200cc was absolutely necessary.
  • Pillion seat comfort.
  • Toyish digi display.
  • Alloy wheel paint finish. Even Pulsar has better finish.

If you want a bike with very good fuel economy or if you want only outright performance look elsewhere. But if you appreciate superb quality, looks, design, riding comfort with superb handling & if you want a different riding feel from other bikes, then this is your bike. Eagerly waiting for those missing 100ccs (FZ-25).

Ride safe,always wear helmet & ya…”Yes Yamaha”.

Vishnu Jayakrishan