Yamaha FZ16 Review by Aditya Bhat

Hi Guyz this is Aditya from Bangalore. I am currently doing my First year engg. I am here to share my love story between me and my bike (FZ-16). It all started in on Aug 12th 2011 when I got her home. Its been 2500 on the odo and still I love her the same way I did when I first got her. I always wanted to buy a bike since my high school.

My parents had told me that if I score well in my 2nd PUC, they would get me a bike of my choice. Since I scored well they agreed to buy me a bike. But the problem was, I didnt know how to ride one. Thanks to my best buddy sujith who helped me in learning to ride a bike by lending me his dad’s bike.

In just 15 days I was perfectly able to shift gears and drive comfortably. Since I had learnt how to ride a bike I went up to my parents and asked them to get me a bike, to which they happily agreed. It was now the decision time to choose my bike. Initially I was completely bent upon buying a Pulsar as I loved its looks and was almost about to book one.

But my cousin who works at bajaj told me not to buy one as he felt that the bike was not durable and even I felt that it was very common and nobody would notice me as Pulsars are like house hold bike. Then I thought of buying a hunk as I loved its design and curves, I dnt know what happened but I didnt want to buy it any more.

One day my best friend lent me his brother’s FZ to drive and get a feel of it, from the moment I sat on the bike I was sure that this was the right bike for me as it suited my requirements of good looks with quality. Even I had heard that yamaha bikes are durable with respect to parts. On july 30th I went to yamaha showroom and booked my dream machine and got it delivered on August 12th. From the day I took it till now I have not faced a single problem with my bike. I love my bike very much as it has made my commute to college very easy and even saved my life a couple of times.


  • Looks: Wise I think it is one of the best among 150cc bikes .
  • Mileage: When I bought this bike my friends told me that yamaha bikes are perol burners and would burn my pocket money with low mileage. Thankfully due to my maintainence and driving style its giving me 40+.
  • Brake: The brake needs a special mention as it provides superior braking compared to other bikes in this segment. Not even for a minute you feel scared to apply the front brakes when u want to stop from a high speed to zero.
  • Quality of Parts: The paint job on this is very good, even after 8 months it still looks brand new when you wipe of the dust on it.
  • Maintainence: Till now now I have not spent an extra penny on maintainence apart from regular servicing cost.
  • Handling: This bike has got an amazing handling due to its fat rear tyre which is biggest among 150cc bike. Even on a high speed curve the bike remains planted on the road giving you immense confidenceto take a curve without any fear.

As every bike is not perfect even my bike has some Cons. They are It has got a small pillion seat when compared to other bikes in this segment. The pillion rider cannot sit for long due to the small seat. I Feel that initial pickup is not as good when compared to apache but after 4K RPM there is no stopping it .

Ifeel this is purposely done keeping the safety of the driver in mind and sudden initial pickup is dangerous sometimes as u might not be able to control the bike. Apart from the above things I dont find any issues with my bike.

Finally to wrap up I would like to tell you that treat your bike well and it will in turn bring a smile on your face when you ride it by not causing any troubles. I love my bike so much that I wipe it daily before taking out to college and because of that my bike still looks brand new and my friends are really envious about my bike which in turn brings a smile on my face.

So love your bike and maintain it well and do wear a helmet without fail everytime you ride your bike. Finally I would like to apologise if I have bored you through my article and the opinions in this article is my personal one so I dont intend to hurt anybody’s feeling through it. Thank you for reading my love story and I whole heartedly welcome your suggestions on my article

Aditya Bhat