Yamaha FZ16 Ownership Experience by Siddharth

Hi, I am Siddharth. After reading many stories about other bike owners and their experiences, I have decided how actually I should choose my first bike (FZ-16). It was Friday, November 22nd 2008, the day my second year B. Tech final semester exams got over. My dad promised me that he will buy me my first bike and the very next day, I along with my dad, were in the Yamaha showroom sharp at 11am. We were welcomed by the Yamaha personal as we entered the showroom in Hyderabad.

Shortlisting suitable bikes: Previously, I read a lot of reviews on almost every bike in the 150cc segment. After lot of discussions and reading almost every review on Bikeadvice.in, I short-listed the TVS apache 160 RTR, Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme, and Yamaha FZ-16. Now it was a difficult task on choosing one among these three bikes, so I started reviewing each one accordingly to suit my requirements the best.

RTR 160: Firstly, to start off with the TVS apache the styling was one of the best until the launch of Yamaha’s R-15 and the naked street fighter Yamaha Fz-16 but the brand TVS was not known for its refinement and build quality. Overall the bike was superb with great mileage figures, class-leading power and pickup but negatives like vibrations, low quality, and maintenance problems turn me off to go for it.

CBZ-Xtreme: Secondly, the Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme. The first CBZ was an eye catching beauty among Indian bikes, launched in the past, when I was doing my schooling. I always used to admire it to be my first bike but, by the time I grew old enough to ride a bike, it vanished from the face of Indian biking industry and was replaced by the CBZ Xtreme. This bike lacks the styling and design of the earlier model, but has Hero Honda’s bullet proof reliability, good mileage, and build quality that is obvious for the brand.

FZ 16: Lastly, the Yamaha FZ-16. Right from my childhood I was a big fan of Yamaha, don’t know why, but I simply love the brand. I learnt bike riding on a Yamaha RX-100, which was their first masterpiece. Well, coming to the FZ-16, I was insanely addicted towards the bikes styling. It has an awesome, sculpted tank, huge rear tire, great side scoops, naked headlamp (which I felt was somewhat unique when compared to other 150’s manufactured in India). Although the brand was down, I still kept hope in it.

So I made my mind on that day and choose the Yamaha FZ-16 (Midnight Black), which I think really has quenched my thirst for biking. My dad had a small quarrel with me over the price tag (which is a bit overpriced when compared to the other 150’s), but still it’s worth every penny. I have this beast for almost one year; it has never given up its breath. Already 5 services are completed with 8000kms on the odometer. Rock solid reliability, great refined engine, good braking, great pickup, and ease of negotiating city traffic are some of the highpoints of this machine. If you are a true fan of Yamaha and in need of a quick city commuter and occasional tourer, then go for it without a second thought.