It has been just a few months since the launch of the Yamaha FZ 16 and already Yamaha has launched its variant, the FZ-S. This new bike comes with a “cap” for the head lamp and new stickers. You need to shell out an extra 2000 for the “new” feel.

I am not sure when will these Indian companies stop launching variants of existing bikes and start bringing out new bikes with new core engines. But anyway, beggars can’t be choosers. This is what you can get 🙂


The basic colour of the bike is black and you have two options. Black with yellow and black with Red. I would choose the yellow one!



Many of my friends did not love the head lamp of the FZ 16. For a few people, the only reason why they did not buy the FZ 16 was because they thought that the head lamp was ugly! But the FZ-S takes care of that. This new cap on the head lamp makes it look much better.


No change in the instrument panel. The same exact digital console found in the FZ16. I would have been happier with the digital tachometer was replaced with an analog one. Tachometer always looks better with dials!


The yellow line running along the perimeter of the wheel adds to the looks. It wouldn’t cost more than a hundred bucks to do that sticker job in our local sticker shop… you may want to do it for your FZ-16 if you owe one!


If you are wondering what Yamaha has to say about this bike, here is the copy of the press release…

Riding the grand success of its muscular and hottest-looking bike FZ16 while shattering all clichés in biking, India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. has introduced the Stylish Macho Street Fighter – Yamaha FZ-S.

FZ-S highlights the style quotient and has more flesh to flaunt with purely European international design like new colours & graphics, aerodynamic chiseled windshield, stylish & sporty carbon pattern meter consol, and more aggressive looking headlight. The new FZ-S is for stylish and attention seeking Macho man.

FZ-S scores high in looks not only in its segment but beyond and is designed to satiate the need for style and fashion by riders. Etched with style and geared to today’s fashion conscious customers, FZ-S is a fusion of machismo and fashion.

Standing head and shoulders above the bikes in 150cc segment, FZ 16 has revolutionized the biking scene in India in a short span of its launch. It has bagged the prestigious Bike of the Year Award from UTVi / Autocar, Zigwheels and Business Standard Motoring and Viewers Choice award at UTVi & Autocar India Awards 2009.

FZ-S overflows with dynamism and originality. The running performance brims with thrust that overpowers all others with its unprecedented torque. Dubbed as “Lord of the Streets,” FZ-S is designed and engineered with the potential for active and even aggressive enjoyment of around-town street riding and styling that brings pride of ownership and makes any rider look like they own the road.

With the Triple Macho concept projecting the Muscular silhouette, muscular body parts and muscular chassis, FZ -S is an object de’art on the street and reflects visual expression of performance.

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  • Balu

    This so-called stylish bike still retains the same old mirrors which are borrowed from Crux, an another stylish bike???

  • Looks good but if Yamaha launched it with a 250cc engine, it would have been a cracker.

  • imran

    Just wondering where will the front number plate go now??

  • Deepak

    Imran, good question! I have been wondering on the same question. I guess the bike would look better with no number plates. One on the back is enough for me (not sure about the Seargent!)

  • look wise fz-16 is better than fz-s, but the headlight is better in this one,
    number plate have to be placed in cap of the headlight 🙁

  • Will

    imran: Just wondering where will the front number plate go now??

    Perhaps it will go on the front mud guard! Stickers, no plates!

  • kishore

    Indian companies stop launching variants of existing bikes..
    those who already bought the bikes r fools sa… start bringing out new bikes with new core engines

  • saket

    oh god wat a poor modification,,the older ones looks better .

  • ram

    FZ-S looks tad better then FZ-16. Just bought a FZ-S silver tech. But when i saw the bike i expected more.. but 100 kmph that is it .. nothing more :(( need more power.. YES WE NEED MORE POWER!!!!.

  • dhani

    Its possible or not if that bike becomes a seller on Indonesia,..,? because many bikers still wait a new bike with new model also,especially racing production,.

  • max

    they should wait about 1 year after launching fz16!! people are now confused which is better and which one to choose!!
    I guess no changes in engine specifications! m i right?

  • grunge freak

    I must say that it’s a really poor modification, Atleast they should have made it better in someway than the previous but rather they made it even more worse almost looks like a little bit modified gladiater, i don’t know when yamaha will learn to make some really cool bike. I have the previous fz 16 but not so satisfied 🙁

  • apurba

    I must say that yamaha fz s, is very good looking and sexy bike, even, i m planning to buy it next week, just to buy this bike i have sold my previous pulsar 150cc bike, but one thing i dont like in this bike is its colour combination, silver tech with red mud guard doesnt look good, even black colour with yellow streak doesnt luk good, it should have been a single colour , otherwise two different colour looks childish.

  • sunny

    its a great bike i hv fzs yellow streak… It deserves the bike of the year award…. Looks performance… Is awsome… Thnx yamaha…

  • dinesh

    A bike for a college lad having his gf on pillion. Its not a good modification. Front looks..ooops. heck.

  • Hi,

    I am planning to buy bike next week. As I also like FZ-S but the problem is I am not a college going boy. I am 27yrs old beard sardar (Sikh).

    Will I look fine riding this bike. Your comments please.

    I need to cover 80Kms total distance daily (up+down), 6 days a week means 26days a month. So what bike you rekn guys.

    I have shortlisted these…

    1. Yamha FZ-S
    2. CBF Stunner
    3. CBZ Extreme
    4. Glamour FI


  • Steven Gomes

    This is my first byk which i bought on the 7th of April,its really awesome n ppl on the road stop for a while and ask me where did i get it frm and m forced to answer their questions…. as they call it to be a beauty on the road but i call it A Killer Machine! So Fuck the reviews just be the best, drive the best n FUCK the rest!

  • Siddarth

    I’ve owned the FZ16 for 4 months now and its just awesum..
    its got a near perfect combination going for it:

    Stunning Looks
    Excellent build quality
    Competitive pricing
    Brilliant handling

    The throttle is also pretty responsive…its a perfect buy for those who need to travel everyday through heavy traffic.

    It lags only in fuel efficiency…but den u can’t have everything in life! 😛

    A more powerful engine would really b the icing on d cake.

    As far as the speeds attainable on the FZ16 go…ive seen ppl sayin it starts vibrating after exceeding 80 and that it dosnt go over a 100…i myself have driven it upto 110 (at full rev).
    The best part is im just a beginner on bikes nd i learned how to ride one nly after i had purchased it!

    And yeah i think FZ16 kicks FZ-S in d ass…It still rules..!!

    • Pradeep R

      For those who says about Fz-S ‘s drawbacks. Having a glazed dome shield had not at all reduced the look of the bike. And lookin to the style sense of the world, dual tone shades r most liked by youngsters than a single shade with no vibrance. Being biased 2 fz-16 s not a big deal if u do own one. Fz-S is a better modification to Fz-16 for sure. Fz-S has only minimum vibrations when throttld above 80kmph compared 2 pulsar or any herohonda bikes of its range(thanks to the muscular front fork) and tats my experience, as i am a regular biker who enjoys each ride i make on my Fz-S silvertech. Somebody said tat it luks lyk an evolvd form of gladiator, and am asking wether he had seen this bike in real… I have never seen ny other similarity bw the two other than the fact that they r havin the parts a bike shud hav and they both come from the same brand.. Fz-S and Fz-16 are the indian editions of Fz-1 and the related series for which v hav 2 b thankful to yamaha for bringing us these gr8 bikes. In my view Fazer is just a mod version of the base model of fz. Yamaha had been to its class and am thankful for the build of this bike which makes me proud, this takes it far high above the standard of build that other bikes of its class possess. The slogan s Yes Yamaha. .

  • Maninder Singh


    I will buy FZ-S tomorrow and great news is in Khanna (Punjab, India), they are offering Rs.2500 discount (means 67000-2500=64500 only) on Yamaha FZ-S bike. This scheme is offered by Yamaha coz they are celebrating “Bike of The Year Award”.
    Isn’t it great. Plz confirm this offer in your city and post here so that our friends can take advantage of this and can save Rs.2500.


  • mangesh bachhav

    Maninder: Hi,I am planning to buy bike next week. As I also like FZ-S but the problem is I am not a college going boy. I am 27yrs old beard sardar (Sikh).Will I look fine riding this bike. Your comments please.I need to cover 80Kms total distance daily (up+down), 6 days a week means 26days a month. So what bike you rekn guys.I have shortlisted these…1. Yamha FZ-S2. CBF Stunner3. CBZ Extreme4. Glamour FIThanks.

    If ur travelling distance is more than 80km per day
    if u dont mind with millage, then infront of fz-s other bikes performance are very poor. top speed of fz-s is 136km/h,Except CBZ,glamour & stunner never cross the 100 km/h speed on the other hand YAMAHA GLADIATOR is top performance bike in india.This bike cross the 110km/h speed with no vibration & millage also gives the more than 60 km/l.

  • M too quite keen to purchase a FZS..but the only problem neither of the two colors available luks gud…still…one of dem has 2 be better than the other,,so pls tell me which one….

  • ebenezer

    i want bike cost of the fz in india(karnataka hubli) tell me immediately…

  • Benn

    I am looking for a bike .I like FZ16& FZ-s .Which is better?I am a collage going one.

  • sai

    Hi whats the mileage of the yamaha fzs..

  • Bala

    guys tell me the exact top speed of FZ-S.plz………….

  • vinay

    Hi guys,

    I have decided to buy yamaha fz, is there any difference in fzs other than looks ?. I don’t like the colours.

  • femish

    hi people… i have fzs yellow and black… its the best bike i have seen.. the mileage is 47!!!!! and top speed is 142.. only thing is you should give proper care till the first two services.. 40kmph till first service and 60 till 2nd and in between just ones or twice drive rashly till first 2 services…it really works.. bye guys

  • abhishek

    its an awesome bike

  • surya roy

    i am planninig to buy a fz series bike but am confussed about which model to take, can some of you plz suggest !!

  • manas

    even i also have Fz-s but comparing to mileage its very poor n even it dosent pop to 136kmph only ……………….. i just touched my bike till 116kmph……..!!!!!!!!!

  • shaji mohandas

    fz s is far far better than fz16