Yamaha FZ Midnight Edition Launched

Much to the thought of the people, Yamaha has launched its latest improved model of FZ/FZ-S called “Midnight”. Midnight is an improved version of the much popular versions viz. FZ and FZ-S and it is a limited edition model up for grabs. Last year Yamaha launched the special edition of the FZ series in white color and this time they came up with a spunky color pattern called “Midnight”.

It is a cool looking bike with its black color body and golden colored alloys. The model also sports golden stickers of FZ on the tank. Midnight also sports some use of cool graphics on the side panel of the bike and also a sticker which says “Midnight Special”, this adds a spunky life to the bike.

Yamaha has only altered the look and not the technicality of the special limited edition bike. Also, Midnight edition will only be available during the festive season.

Yamaha has launched this bike with a view to capture the market during the festive season. Although there are no alterations as regards engine performance, the new color scheme has made the bike look stylish and attractive. Now that the edition is finally available, we are sure to see many of these new FZ’s on road.

Image Source: xBhp.com