28000 kms User Review: Yamaha FZ16- Love at First Sight by Vikas

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Hi Bikers! My Name is Vikas Kumar Yadav. My Home Town is Rewari, Haryana. But as my Father was working in defence, I am in Hyderabad,AP nowadays. Today I am here to share my experience of my Yamaha FZ 16.

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What inspired me to buy this beast ohhh very good question. So friend, as everyone knows Yamaha FZ 16 was launched in India in the year 2008. I was in B.com 3rd year at that time. One of my classmates had bought this bike in my college campus. If people say that there is “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT”. I would say yes and I definitely fell in love that day and I had dreamt to own this bike one day


In Aug-Sept 2009, I asked my parents to buy a bike for me. My parents agreed and my father asked me to look for good bike in aspect of mileage, maintenance etc. I really wanted to buy a minimum of 150cc bike. But I was not aware about which bike my parents were ready to buy.

My father was posted in different place so we talked on phone so I couldn’t imagine what my father on his mind. So I visited every Bike Manufacturer’s Showroom and shortlisted the following bikes:-

  1. Bajaj Pulsar 180- Rejected as one of my friend owned this and said it has problems in long run
  2. Tvs Apache RTR 180 – It was newly launched at a very competitive price around Rs 75000 on road
  3. Yamaha FZ 16 – My Love
  4. Honda Unicorn – Waiting period 3 months and looks also not modern and attractive
  5. Bajaj Pulsar 220 – Great bike for drag race Fastest Indian bike at that time.

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I had read many reviews about many bikes online and then I visited BikeAdvice first time in my life in 2009 and I really became a fan of this site as it contains very detailed information of many bikes available in Indian roads. I spent most of the time online reading reviews of bikes. My friends started calling me mad. My father has arrived in Hyderabad in October month.

On 14 October 2009 My Dad called me and asked me to bring a quotation of the bike. I replied that I am already on a way to home and its already 1600 hrs. My dad said ok we will go tomorrow and buy the bike. After I had reached home. My dad asked me which bike have you decided to buy. I replied Yamaha FZ16 and it was 73000 rupees onroad . My dad asked me how much mileage. I said sales man said 45-50 kms.

On 15th October 2009 my dad and I reached Srinivasa Yamaha motors on M.G. road, Hyderabad and I asked salesman about Yamaha FZ16. He told me about on road price, accessories. I had selected black silver colour and got delivery.

Ownership experience

After 4 long completed years and 28000kms over on the odometer, let me share all my experience on my Yamaha FZ16, as I already mentioned that I bought this bike on 15th Oct 2009. Whenever I start this bike I really love this bike. I love the sound of bike. It’s a very well-engineered bike by Yamaha India.



Handling of this bike is very good. If Yamaha gives this a tagline “lord of the street”, it has really earned that. I promise you will definitely enjoy every ride of this bike.


It’s has 14 PS @7500 rpm of power and 13.6NM @6000rpm of torque. Looks ok for city roads.
Mid-range torque is amazing and it accelerates very quickly between 60-90kms but struggles so much after that. Top speed I achieved on this bike is 115kmph. Power is not enough if pillion rider is heavy


In every 2000kms you require to change engine oil which is Yamalube 20w40 mineral oil which currently costs 305 rupees and in every 3000 kms you need to get your bike serviced which costs you 500 rupees. In a 4 long years and 28000kms completed. I have changed the following are as follows:-

  1. Rear tyre at 20000kms cost me Rs 3200
  2. Spark plug and air filter at 20000 kms cost me Rs 350
  3. Rear Drum brake cost me Rs 350


Worst mileage it gave me is 36kmpl and maximum it gave me 52kmpl. So you can expect a mileage of 40kmpl on average on city roads.


It’s not a comfortable bike if you ride for a long distance. Especially for pillion rider. Pillion seat is small.

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I have done two long trips on this bike. First, when I went to Nagpur to meet one of my childhood friend which was around 450kms one side and another one was when I went to Bidar, Karnataka which is 140kms away from Hyderabad.


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