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After the launch of FZ16 in 2008, Yamaha continued heating Indian roads and brought in Yamaha Fazer. Yamaha Fazer takes the same engine as on the FZ16 and receives a semi faired fairing.

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I am Akshay Khetle, 22, from Mumbai. Running engine is something that makes me go mad and when it comes to bikes. I’ve been riding my Yamaha Fazer for the past four years. This review is more of the chemistry between my bike and me. The design of the Fazer depends on the global Fazer series which is known as sport tourers.

Yamaha Fazer in India has an appeal that asks for attention, it’s muscularly designed and carries outstanding ergonomics. The new Fazer receives eye catchy colours and aerodynamic cowls that, to some extent, protects from wind blasts. Like other Yamaha 150 models, to include the FZ16 and the FZ-S series, Fazer carries same engine and suspension package.

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Fazer also employs MidShip Muffler technology. Fazer is also the only Indian street motorcycle to be offered with “140/60-17” size radial tyres. These flat profile radial tyres ensure better grip and superb handling stability.


The 153cc starts performing through its mid range of 14 bhp at 7500 rpm so that you don’t have to keep the ride on the red line. A freeway is only place where the Fazer could be tested. Yamaha Fazer reaches 80kmph effortlessly and needs full throttle opening to reach 100 kmph. Once the speed reaches 125kmphr mark you need to have really open road and lots of patients to achieve top end. Yamaha Fazer in India is the only sports tourer motorcycle in the 150cc segment.

Fazer has a healthy torque of 14.0 NM owing to its square engine. It adds a lot to its decent touring capabilities. I haven’t faced any difficulties while climbing up a hill or curved highway or while overtaking vehicle on the highways. The engine takes a toll on any kind of tarmac. Ride quality of the Yamaha Fazer is at its best when you are on road that badly needs maintenance.

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Fazer takes along the rider for hours and kilometres without pit stops. Its riding posture makes every ride fatigue less and hence its best recommended tourer motorcycle. Fazer can manage figures of 38 kmpl in the city and 40-42 Kmpl on the highways.


Provided with Bybre disc brakes at the front and large drums at the rear, Fazer possesses more than awesome braking efficiency. I have never felt the need of discs at the rear. You can literally press the front brakes hard even on 70+ speeds and be assured, it will stop the way you desire, safely! This is a big safety feature to run on the Indian streets where you can find a lot negligence to traffic rules.

Suspension and Comfort

Monoshock at the rear and telescopic forks at the front are more than enough to handle any kind of contour that the Indian roads can provide. The suspension is enough to prevent you from having backache problems even on long-long runs. Seats and riding posture is somewhere between that of a track oriented sports bike and a mile munching cruiser. I have completed 50000 kms on my bike comfortably.

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I must say that the Yamaha engineers have done a lot of hardwork in developing this segment to its best. The fairing is advertised to be wind tunnel tested and when you drive it, you’ll feel that sure it does! At high speeds the fairing literally whistles cutting most of the wind blast coming to it. Rest of the body is also chiselled to perfection in terms of looks and added aerodynamics. The bike handles windy highways with ease even at high speeds giving you a comfortable and confident ride.

Instrument Console of Yamaha Fazer

The Fazer features Yamaha’s all-digital speed console which includes full LCD displays for the speedometer, tachometer, and trip meter and indicator lights. Its yellow coloured backlit display is particularly effective during night rides, while its smart visor is ideal for viewing in bright sunlight.

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Areas of improvement

Fuel Economy and Mileage

Final Words

An Awesome Bike, Perfect bike for good Ride and if the mileage is improved this would be the best machine.


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  1. Nice motorcycle. 50k kms is indeed a milestone. Wishing you many more happy miles on the Fazer. Hope Yamaha plonks in a bigger engine on the Fazer soon, that would be a worthy upgrade.

  2. Hi ,

    Nice review bro, Even i am owning fazer 2012 feb green color . I have few doubts to be clarified . I stay in bangalore.

    1. back light LED i want to install into my bike, could you please tell me where can i get , how much it will cost.
    2.Back tyre i think it is continental right? what is the cost? how is it? Is there any mileage drop after changing the tyre as this tyre is heavy compare to regular mrf tyre. please reply for my doubts.

    • Dude, DO NOT put Continental Tyres. They don’t have the grip of the stock tyres. But most importantly, they don’t fit the dimensions of the fazer properly. You will have problems.

      • Abhishek,
        Buddy i don’t agree with u contigo has good grip compared to Mrf REvz.
        I have set of Contigo on my Fazer. it has really nice grip n gives enough confidence while cornering. Dimensions of Mrf n Contigo is the same.

    • 1. Well the LED costs for 750 rs , i got it from Aims Yamaha showroom in Mumbai, its easy to install just plug n play.

      2. Yes buddy its contigo 140/70/17. It costs around 3500 in Mumbai.
      Tyre is really nice. Grips nicely on corners n wet surfaces, I’m using continental
      from last 3 years n its still in good condition after completing 35k+. Just 3- 4 puntures. Its little bit heavier than Mrf revz. No drop in mileage n performance.

      TC ride safe

  3. Hi Akshay,

    Good review. I have Fazer Red 2013 model. I am facing some difficulties.
    — the tyre is skiddy sometime when I touch the brake even in 50 speed. Is it something to do with the bike or braking timings I really dono
    — the headlight is not powerful enough in the dark roads. what are all the disadvantages of having both the sides of headlight on?
    I would be happy to hear from you guys.

    Rajaram R


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