Yamaha Fazer Unofficial Fan Advertisement by Kenneth Sebastian

Kenneth Sebastian, a 19 year old guy from Kerala has created an amazing ad for his bike, Yamaha Fazer:

Here’s what he says in his blog post: Some people love their bikes, some worship them and some make a video as a tribute to its greatness. I just was itching to make an ad on my bike, and i had finished making the music for it 3 months back. Somehow it kept getting postponed cause my friends weren’t available or cause I was busy or cause I didn’t have a camera.  Then I had that moment.

The “SCREW IT MAN! I am shooting it right now” moment.

So I took a normal Digital Camera that had a decent video shooting mode, and went out and just shot random shots of traffic. The only reference of my shooting was the constant soundtrack (which I so love) playing through my mind as I recorded it.

Lot of people on the road got freaked out but I continued shooting anyway. I started putting it together and it took some shape. So on the second night, at 12 in the midnight , I go out on my bike and shoot some more because i was determined to finish this video on my own more than anything else and to basically show that ANYONE can make a video like this. All you need is something that can shoot video and little knowledge of editing.

Hope you like the ad!