Since the 80s Yamaha has carved a niche in Indian biker’s hearts with some stupendous launches under the RX and RD series of bikes. After being dormant for a few years in between Yamaha stuck the right chord launching the tech laden R15 and superb looking FZ 16. Following closely, to keep the freshness and the sales ticking, Yamaha launched the FZ S and here comes the third FZ from their stables, albeit under a different name – Fazer. One way of looking at this bike is just another FZ; whereas, we look at it as an indication and a signal of bigger things to come! Anyhow, we tried to demystify the new bike and here we are, talking about the pros and cons of the bike.

Yamaha Fazer India

This bike is powered by the same Air Cooled 153cc 2 Valve refined mill from the FZ series which produces a peak power output of 14 Ps at 7500 rpm and a peak torque output of 14 Nm which comes at an early 6000 rpm. The engine feels stress free even after continuous journeys and performs at its best under long rides.


Fazer series the world over are known for their touring capabilities and this bike is just the smallest DNA of the same. With the inclusion of a beautifully crafted dual tone aerodynamic front quarter fairing, which can easily be called as the best front fairing in India currently, this bike sure grabs a lot of attention and has loads of road presence. The cowl and the visor is wind tunnel tested which protects the rider from heavy wind blasts and also makes sure that the bike is well planted even on those windy days especially on long open highways.


The bike sports fiery looking twin headlamps of 35 Watt each and a well placed pilot cum parking lamp in between. A noted flaw (an intended one) is that only one light can be illuminated at a time, left for dipper and right one for upper, quite contrary to even the YZF R15, on which both headlamps are on when on upper.


The bike has a more relaxed seating posture thanks to a little lifted handlebar which prevents fatigue and aids to the comfort for the backbone making it more comfortable for highway riding. The bike also carries the mid-ship muffler of the FZ series which concentrates weight close to the center of gravity for enhancing the control of the bike on high speed cruising. Paint job is top notch and the fit and finish exuberates typical Yamaha quality.

Yamaha-Fazer-Midship Muffler

The bike comes loaded with India’s fattest and grippiest rear MRF radial tyre (140/60-17) mated with a 100/80-17 for the front for acute cornering and solid grip on any type of tarmac.

Yamaha-Fazer-Rear Tyre

The bike is also loaded with a 7 step adjustable Monocross suspension of the FZ series which aids to the stability of the bike in a huge way and makes the bike a potent and stable performer. Yamaha has done away with the two tone seat cover for the Fazer. The bike now sports a carbon pattern all black seating skin and the seating is cushioned adequately to give one of the better and comfortable long rides.

Yamaha-Fazer-Monocross Suspension

The bike also gets the All Digital speedo console which Yamaha calls as Full Liquid Crystal Display which has a tachometer, speedometer, apart from the regular tripmeter and indicator lights. The yellow backlit display looks awesome especially during nights with and with the visor hindering direct sunlight; it is also sufficiently visible during daylight.

Yamaha-Fazer-Digital Console

The bike has been revamped with a new graphics pattern which has Fazer written on the headlamp with a designer sticker job along with the Yamaha logo and the tank has been kept absolutely naked which makes it look even more muscular. The side panels have ‘Yamaha’ written on them which looks a bit odd with the rear panels getting the ‘Midship’ logo.

Yamaha-Fazer-Naked Tank

The bike also gets fairing mounted, new designed, well contoured, slightly pointed rear view mirrors which not only look sporty but also enhance the view of the back road. The bike also gets loud dual horns which are an all-important accessory on highways to keep the huge machines known of our presence.


When I went in for a ride of this bike, I was amazed at the scintillating looks of it and inadvertently, they instilled a sense of a big powerful bike in me. I sat on the bike and that feeling got even stronger but as soon as I came back after riding the bike, I was disheartened at the lack of power this bike generates. The sheer lack of pulling power made me feel craved for a bigger engine on this otherwise good machine.

Yamaha-Fazer-Electric Blue

Remember, it’s the looks that deceive; otherwise, if you look at it as a 150 cc engine, the power is adequate and does its job well. The lack of power is more evident because of an increase of 4 kilograms which make the bike a 141 kg monster. All this comes at a price tag of an expensive Rs. 80,741 on road Pune. The bike would be available in four color options – Electric Blue, Midnight Black, Lava Red and Flaming orange. Black easily stands out of all the color options and the bike is a treat to watch in full black clothes.


BikeAdvice Verdict: Go for the bike for the awesome looks it offers, exclusivity factor which it will boast off (because of the expensive price) and the ever so reliable Yamaha brand else we have much better bikes (sporty tourers) available in the market at similar prices.

What is your opinion about Yamaha Fazer?

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  • George

    Yamaha done a wonderful job with the launch of FZ-16 and now they are trying to sustain the success.FZ-S and Fazer are part of that strategy.Fazer looks like a unevenly grown bike.Especially the handlebar and front flarings seems over blown up.

  • Sava

    Much like the FZ16 and FZ-S, the numberplate’s position ruins the looks of the bike.

  • Gangadharan

    FAZER looks awesome

    very small seat area for the pillion rider
    ugly number plate in the visor
    it would be great with a 200cc engine
    no bumper
    plastic shell over the petrol tank
    no clip on handle bar
    rear light very worst
    foot rests for the pillion very small
    speedometer not attractive

    but i love YAMAHA they stand out in the crowd with the best long run engine now i own a GLADIATOR SS great 125cc bike with power and mileage of 55km per liter…

    • visal

      pillion seat is only designed for sports bike awesome look like sports
      number plate in the visor gives attractive shows differnt from all bikes
      153cc gives gud drive if u want to give extra 37cc it lags in mileage
      if you drop ur bike down only plastic shell will crack its cost is just 350 if you put other bike like splendor+ all bike except fz.fz-s,fazer we want to change the petrol tank bcoz scratches looks undecent
      rear light is not worst the only worst is the shape not gud more power than all the rear light u absorve keenly
      speedometer is lcd meter the orange colur gives gud appearance it is only one bike have speedometer in yamaha i am owner of yamaha fazer it is wonderfull bike i ever ride top speed 113 with out shaking it will go 132 but i m not tried nice to ride you missed it

      • abhijeet

        hii Vishal , this is abhijeet hear , i am thinking of buying yamaha fazer , i wanna know the exact millage of this bike, plz help me, nd ur comment on the bike was 2 gud, thnx

  • Front number plate placement!!! yukkk.

  • The bike looks awesome. If Yamaha had given it more power and priced it 10k up also then it would sell like hot yummy cakes.

  • Pardeep

    I was waiting for its review from bike advice from since its launch.. thanks to bikeadvice..

  • Aswini

    There is nothing xclusive in fazer. Yamaha should have introduced a new engine for fazer, a more powerful with some 180cc-200cc range. Price is so heavy, for same price u will get more powerful karizma or pulsar 220. In short “fazer is not value for money”

    • Ritesh More

      Aswini, Fazer is a far too different concept than Karizmas or Pulsars.
      Fazer is a concept bike. i hv a White fazer.. n I toured more dan 3500km in 1 month.. I toured Nasik-Pune (200km), Nasik-Aurangabad(220km), Nasik-Mumbai(200km), n wt i got ws an “Absolute Stress free Ride”.. but if u do this on Karizma, butts will pain like anything, backache + body ache.. u’ll feel exhausted.. but on Fazer, its totally different.. Engine cruzes very easily n stress free betwn 80 n 110km/hr n dats wt max psbl on Indian roads.. n if u hv a chill-out mood, da engine may propel upto 130-140km/hr.. n fazer has a poor initial pickup, but mid range pickup (above 30km/hr) is unbeatable.. u’ll feel da difference while easily overtaking any speedy car .. also u can feel da difference while controlling da bike at top speeds n low vibrations.. n dats a Wind tunnel tested bike.. so u wont b distracted frm ur way due to windss

  • Rahul

    FZ16 generated arguments when called the best looking bike in India…but I saw it in Yamaha Pro service delhi physically and after watching it me n my friend who owns a FZ16 too regretted buying FZ16 in first placeand all those who were present there agreed that it is unarguably the best looking india made bike in INDIA…and anyone who doesn’t think it is needs to get his eyes checked..
    as for all those guys thinking abt getting th front headlamp for their FZ16 n FZS the sad news is you will have to spend 15000 as the frame is needed to be changed as we can always rely on Karol Bagh for that purpose

  • Raghavan.N

    I really doubt if anyone is going to spend 80 grand and buy this bike.You can get a Pulsar 220 or a Karizma R for more or less the same price which are more VFM products anyday.

  • Pulkit

    The FZ16 mill should have been more powerful. The bike feels stressed on long rides. I have ridden the FZ16 to Lansdowne and it gave me some problems, although not enough to kill the enjoyment of the trip. The bike came up with major power and air density related issues in the heights of More Plains on the way to Laddakh. With 4kgs extra on Fazer, I don’t expect good results from this bike either.

    I would like to correct some notions of others who commented here :
    The seat area and foot pegs for pillion are good enough. I have had pillions weighing 130 kgs ride on the pillion seat without issues.
    The rear light of the bike is bright enough even during the daytime. At night time too, I have had no issues.
    The speedometer does not need the visor to hide sunlight. The display is clear enough to be seen properly in full sunlight.
    Both the headlights work when the rider is using the flasher. The reason that both the headlights can’t work together otherwise is that most of the electrical systems have been borrowed from FZ16.

    PS : The bike handles very well on corners and the top speed of the bike has improved due the presence of the fairing, despite the 4 kg weight increase.

    • rohan

      Seriously……have rode FZ at top speed of 125kmph only
      whereas mine whacked an impressive 135kmph

      for those who feel the fairing adds only aesthetic value…the fairing does work……

      would suggest an free flow exhaust aftr 10ks on the odo….

      pls do not go for K&N……top end falls drastically…bt pickup awesum…

  • Indianbikers

    price of bike is to high even new p220 is cheaper than this

  • Vru

    This one is for poser boys.. no icentive to buy this when better bikes are available at lesser price.

    • Rishi

      R u insane? Clearly u know nothing abt the fazer, so keep ur fat mouth shut.

  • sagar

    @pulkit ,,
    do u mean only one headlight work at a wood look like one eyed beast yaar ….can v solve it !!

  • ATUL

    hi people..i own a red yahmah fazer(looks a million buck) and i know its pricey but my buying decision was based on its astonishing looks,decent power,refined engine,comfort and decent fuel economy..i would have gone for r15 but for its awkward looking rear tyre and achy seating position,high maintenance cost..or for the pulsar 220 but for its lack of exclusivity,and poor fuel economy…karizma is a granny now..and i am not much impressed by the weirdly large looking fairing of karizma zmr..neither i could wait for its diwali launch.

    i had issues with its light and i made it clear to the dealer that i would not buy the bike unless both the bulbs went hot at once..he did it free for me…a 10 minute job..but he adviced me not to use both lights together for long journeys and also put the responsibility of any fault in swithgear that may occout in future on me only…have been using both the lights together for 15 days troubles till now.fingers crossed.

    i am flabbergasted by its grip on road and stability also..i love this bike and the admiration she has been bringing me these days…and i dare say its worth every penny i paid for it.

    plz dont go for it..let it be exclusive to me only..;D

    • Jeet Gupta

      Perfect answer!!…..Dont go for this bike…..let it be a bit exclusive!!..:P

  • Pulkit

    @sagar …
    Well I don’t think so … You see, the FZ16 headlight setup is built to support just one headlight and the same setup 9with different wiring) supports the headlights of Fazer. So unless we can figure out a way to double the power input at a certain switch setting, the chances don’t look too ‘bright’. To attempt to achieve this, you’d probably have to install an extra battery or use the light setup of R15. I’m not sure if the R15 setup can be implemented on Fazer. Regarding the one headlight thing, the R15 also only powers one headlight on low beam.

  • Neel08


    Yes, Only one headlight you can use at a time…because apart from the electrical system of Indian Fazer,this is the theme/concept(using one headlamp at a time) which was borrowed from International Fazer bikes.

    But I seriously doubt that International Fazer don’t have 35w/35w lighting scheme…
    I think they using more powerful headlamp,

    If Yamaha India comes with 55w bulb like bajaj then it worth considering.

  • Neel08

    Yam Indi categorized the bike as Tourer…So it must be come with powerful HeadLamp or 2 Lights on in the high beam.

    If some one use it in really touring purpose then how come it will perform at night in the hill station/expressway/National Highway with 1 lights on (in road condition like india)?

  • Pulkit

    The FZ series launched in India has always had issues with the headlight’s brightness … I haven’t ridden the Fazer at night, so I can’t comment on it …
    However, don’t let the headlight stop you from buying the bike. You can always fit a HID bulb and enjoy awesome light …
    Also, do not go in for desi jugaars to make both headlights work … You’ll end up suffering … Do not make any changes till you understand the elecrical system of the bike …

  • kiran

    the dealer here told me that both lamps can be switched on at same time if you keep the “hi/lo” beam switch in mid-position rather than using the flasher switch..i tried it and it works.

    i’ve booked a fazer for myself and expecting delivery on 17th. might go for red/ black. but black seems the most sedate color and hence i would go for red.

  • Naman

    Hey guys ive booked a fazer purely om its stunning looks but since then i am geeting reviews that pulsar220 is cheaper and has more VFM..But i dont wanna buy a pulsar cauz every 3rd guy has a pulsar in our country + ive heard of issues of pulsar’s high maintanence requirements…can anybody solve my doubts??
    Should i change my decision of buying fazer and buy p220 instead???

    • kshitiz

      go for fazer dude ….its vfm ……pulsars are too weak after 2 yrs,,,or so………..but yamahas are very reliable and long lasting….refined engines….dont have vibes……little lack in power….but can u drive at 120 on city roads…..that speed of 145+ of pulsars….is meaningless even on indian highways…they are made for tracks…i am not saying pulsar is bad…but fazer is vfm

  • AK

    @ Naman

    fazer is too pricey. pulsar is not reliable. what u can do go for a karizma, it has the most reliable engine and after sales performance…..just test rise zma. u will change ur decision. let me know what u decide. read my review in this website – “sharma review on karizma” on page 2 or 3 of

  • Justin

    Just another FZ with a R15 front!!!!!!

  • Dhiraj Manwatkar

    Guysss i read its only one Lamp workss shyaaa…plss expertiee tell me is it truee…
    But then also no probss v can mingle it with.

  • Naman

    Hey Dheeraj read the above reviews n ul get an idea how to switch both headlamps together..
    Well i think karizma has become too common now and one of my friend(who owns a karizma) told me about the sucking fuel consumption and high maintanence cost i’m sticking to my decision of buying a fazer..

  • Amar

    can anyone guide me about the mileage of yamaha fazer….does the heavy weight of the bike effect the mileage…do let me know

  • Amar

    in comparision with p200 which one gives a better mileage…should i go for a p200 or a fazer

  • Dhruv

    Hi guysss…
    u all r providing good stuff
    I want to purchase new bike
    Totally confused between FAZER & KARIZMA
    Plz suggest me the right one

    • visal

      fazer is the best

  • Naman

    Dont get confused..go for a fazer..its the best looking bike and karizma has become old fashioned now..hero honda is jst playing sticker games
    n ofcourse karizma has low mileage n high maintainance

    fazer gives a mileage of around 40 if u shift gears well and ofcourse yamaha has a brand name of its own..none indian bike can match it in present scenario..

  • Dhiraj Manwatkar

    Thanks Naman
    I hve also booked FAZER but he told ivll get on 20th how ur geeting so early on 17th well im from chembur n u !

    I’m really dying to swing my leg in to my bikeee !!

  • Dhruv

    Thanx Naman for suggesting d right one.
    i’ll go for Fazer….

  • Karthik


    Thanks all for ur reviews and comments.. after lot of thought i ‘ve booked my Yamaha Fazer Blue today!! So happy…. But the delivery is only after 25 days!! Can’t wait… Hope the bike rocks..
    One thing i noticed during my test drive is that the handle bar takes only half turn. So it won’t very easy to move around in traffic… but for long trips on high ways, this bike is unmatched…

  • Pramod


    Great comments, i have booked a red fazer on 31st July and was promised the bike by the 10th Aug now there is again a delay and only be getting it and of this month, everything about the bike is good but a 30 day wait and Yahama not keep upto the promise is sad.

  • Pulkit

    er … Dude I have ridden and reviewed this bike … It turns better than FZ16

  • aks

    Hi guys,,,,,
    i am really confused between Karizma and Fazer…

    People who have bought fazer and have driven karizma, pls explore the pick up and feel of the vehicle when we drive..

    I really want to go with fazer but if a bike does not have pick up then the feeling of rider an expensive bike is lost..

    pls comment guys ASAP..thanks a lot..

    • visal

      Dont get confused..go for a fazer..its the best looking bike and karizma has become old fashioned now..hero honda is jst playing sticker games
      n ofcourse karizma has low mileage n high maintainance

      fazer gives a mileage of around 40 if u shift gears well and ofcourse yamaha has a brand name of its own..none indian bike can match it in present scenario..

  • Ravish

    hey gyz i want to buy a bike.I’m quite confused in yamaha fazer and r15.which one shud i go for.or suggest me any awesome bike…plz help me out.

    with regards

    • kshitiz

      both bikes are good…..fazer has got air cooled engine…nd r15 is liquid cooled none other bike at this price tag is not liqiud cooled except cbr250……but if the maintainance is not the issue go for r15….but some of its parts are costlu i.e. radiator costs 12000….and its ecu……but one thing the parts are also very reliable…..r15 is a vfm money bike …fazer somehow lacks power


    wanna buy a bike……..
    p220 is gud but has less avg.,karizma is ma drm bike but again avg. prob.,so goin for fazor……..
    but wil a yahama engine creat prob. later??????
    compare d above 3 n help me out with the best one……..

    • visal

      pulsar 220 need more maintanance even ittle bit power than fazer .pulsar 220 lags in mileage no looks uglylook, back pain problem who have drived returned that bike Dont get confused..go for a fazer..its the best looking bike and karizma has become old fashioned now..hero honda is jst playing sticker games
      n ofcourse karizma has low mileage n high maintainance

      fazer gives a mileage of around 40 if u shift gears well and ofcourse yamaha has a brand name of its own..none indian bike can match it in present scenario..go to fazer ……….i am proud to be owner of fazer

      • Ken

        u realy love fazer …huh??!!!….i’m with u though i own a cbz – the old version…

  • Karthik

    Oh okay, i did not get my bike yet…. will give a proper feedback once i get it..

  • kiransakumar

    Which color makes Yamaha-fazer150cc more attractive?
    I want to buy Yamaha-fazer150cc , is electric blue or lava red makes more attractive on road?

  • ankush

    hi…..i’ve just bought a fazer “black”…its muscular design and attractive looks bound me to purchase it… far as performance is concern…..performance is far better than pulsar 150/180 and apache rtr……but can any1 help me out with the headlights problem,as only one can work at a time….so is there any way so that i can make both of them working at a time……how can i manage them… me out…..also u can send me a mail @……kindly reply…tnx people……

    • visal

      less performance than just do one thing take dry clothes clean it once a week looks gud pulsar and apache waste one just give the bike to service date to dealers its enough

  • The dealer here told me that both lamps can be switched on at same time if you keep the “hi/lo” beam switch in mid-position rather than using the flasher switch..i tried it and it works.

    i’ve booked a fazer for myself and expecting delivery on 10th. might go for red/ black. but red seems the most sedate color and hence i would go for black.

    • visal

      hey wait go to midnight black limited edition newly launched with yellow shining tyres not midnight black it is midnight black limited edition

  • ankush

    tnx…..jerin….but still there is a chance if we tried to keep the “hi/lo” beam switch in mid position u may damage it…..coz witout putting a pointing thing inside u can’t do the same……still i don understand “R-15” also has twin headlamps and u can lid them at a time….y didn fazer…?

    i suggest u to go for black one….
    frns feel free to send me mails on

  • aks

    i am going for flaming ORANGE……
    The color is surely different…

    • visal

      no orange it affects looks bcoz when you drive on sunlight the orange and red will go dim blue and black is the best

  • Hello Ankush, I’m going for Black one…

  • Ramesh

    ya me tooooo booked fazer black but i wanna know abt the probs in headlamps and how to make both lights glow as r15 plzzz

  • Sanket Punamiya

    Booked a black Fazer and totally in <3 wid it.. 🙂
    even m thinkin d same of how to make d both d headlamps work…plz suggest d same frnds…
    gettin my bike on 2nd September..i m surely going to ride it d whole day..making it around 100-150 km d first day itself lol..
    m so amazed wid itz looks tat i go to yamaha showroom wer i bookd my bike everyday and have a look at it.. 🙂 eager to ride it.. m happy wid overwhelming response yamaha got for fazer..cheeers fazer owners..
    i even wanted to ask tat how much expense wud incurr if i change d headlamps into halogen one's ? and how much watt is recommended ?? road shud be very visible and d bike shud shine…suggest accordingly..thnx 🙂

  • ankush

    FIRST OF I WUD LYK TO CONGRATULATE jerin,Ramesh,Sanket……congratulations for ur new bike guys…
    ALSO ramesh there is a problem with head lamps…..u can lid one light at a time….either hi bim or low bim…..the only way u can make them working…..that u can put a pointing thing in hi/lo beam button….that’s wat m doin….there z no other option…..:-(
    now letz talk about SANKET”S question…..sanket luks are dammn gud…as compare to any odr bike in this segment…also if wanna go for halogen lamps….u can do that….tat’a wat m gonna do wid my bike,it wud cost u sumwhere rs600 to 1000….coz the current bulbs we are using that z of 65 watts….while the other bikes has only 35 watts….so u shud go for same 65 watts of lamps…….
    i waited for two months to get the babe @ home……m completely satisfied wid the performance…..also guy’s feel free to send me ur questions….keep in touch….also if any1 is residing near by delhi NCR region…..coz we are planning to go for a trip….only for yamaha owners who owned FZ16,FZS,FAZER…..also u can write to me on……CHEER UP GUYS…….KEEP SMILING AND ENJOY THE RIDE…..but drive safely….always drive wid helmet….:-)

    • prashanth

      iam realy cnfzd weathr to buy fazer r fz pls rply me fast iam gona book plss

  • Nishanth

    Hi everyone, I am looking forward to buy fazer coz of its stunning looks…but i heard that there are some problems when it comes to the engine. Is it true ?. Also is there any problem with electric start as there is no kick rod?. Mileage?.Please tell me whether I should go for it or not. Kindly reply..thnx ppl.

  • Abhi

    Hello everybody,
    I was planning to buy a Fz-S till recently,i saw Fazer. I asked my dad for a bike and he told he’ll get me only during dec,because i turn 18 only this dec 6th……I really love yamaha bikes,especially Fazer.! It looks really cool….I just want to know if the pick up is good and will it suit me,i’m 6′5 tall…And what will be the expected price in december,i live in chennai…The bike really looks too good…Should i go for this bike or some other bike,My budget is around 75k…[I expect this bike to be 75k by december] Help please…

    • visal

      i am 6.3 it is very good black or blue is best

  • Krishna Ragunathan

    Hi all. A hearty congratulations to all who got their new bike. Thank youll in helping me decide tn go for the Fazer. Going to book my bike pretty soon(Electric blue)! Tips- 1) Headlamp- Never go for the local mods, very risky. I suggest all go for HIDs. They are the best in the business, a costly affair but yes, fantastic n just amazing. N anyways they come as 2 separate bulbs, 1 for h n 1 for l. The H4 ones are the best. So they should be great on our bikes.

  • Karthik

    Midnight Black colour Fazer looks awesome!!!………
    I have booked it this week n expecting delivery in 20 days time…
    Its The “best looking Bike” in INDIA currently….Hopefully yamaha will stop launching upgrades for this bike tooo..
    It just creates regret of buying the bike n having a better looking bike launched within no-time….
    And im glad i dindn’t go for p220…the bike will lose its fame of exclusivety in no time…it’ll just be another pulsar like the thousands already in our country due to its cheap price…whereas a Fazer will give stares wherever it goes and its road presense is stupendos…Come-on guys, looks of a bike matters a lot if your a younsters more than anything else….And 150cc engine of fazer is more than enough to provide you juice in the city with respectable milage(still 180 or 200cc engine would have been gr8)…
    If you want a tourer, this bike is’nt for you….Go for royal-enfield,karizma,p220 or R15….These are bikes best for touring..
    Niways, cant sleep n cant wait to get this baby in my hands…..
    will give feedback on the bike once i’ve got it….

  • The fazer rocks! can I change the handle bar of fazer replacing it wit r15 handle?

  • This bike is what i EVER waited for. PERFORMANCE LOOKS…. this would be my first ever bike and after booking it, im eagerly waiting for the delivery which is a long 20days wait 🙁 .It may be a good bike otherwise people paying upfront and waiting for months for this bike may be feeling worth waiting for.. People who spend their hard earned money are the geniune deciders of quality of any product or brand..!!
    This Bike is a Combination of Fz R15. Could be called a Junior R15 but perfectly designed with Flat Thick Tyres of Fz and Front looks of R15. Enjoy Biking Folks.

  • Pulkit

    @all the guys who are booking the black bike :

    I hope you guys know that black is the most popular colour out there … So if you want a different looking bike, choose another colour …

  • Hey everyone,

    Buying your first bike is not a simple task. Being a guy, getting a bike, is like stepping into life. And when i turned 18 (January) i asked my dad for a bike. He said he was having some financial issues and said a Honda Stunner is all he can buy me..Well, i would have said yes..but come on, my first bike? A 125cc?…no…so i waited..for almost 6 months, till i could save up some money (i do freelance designing) and asked my dad whether i could go for the FZ16? He said..okay..but still i had to wait (money probs).

    But i din’t like the FZ16 only for the headlamp (somehow i am crazy bout fairings)..So when the Fazer came out, I didn’t even have to tell my dad, he understood how much i loved it.

    He booked a Lava Red Yamaha Fazer for me last week. God, the waiting period is 40 days..i have to wait..but the day i get my bike,..before taking my brother or my girlfriend for a ride..i would take my Dad, just to say thanks for letting me have such a beauty!

    Your Reviews are really helpfull thanks!

  • Nishanth

    Can you some one tell me the mileage of Fazer please..?

    • visal

      40 in cities 45 in highways

  • Mike Sebastian

    Good review but not detailed in the correct sense. This new Fazer which has been brought by my good friend with having done 1600 ODO, is a stunner in looks. But you have completely ignored the practical aspects, with regard to touring use (NH and cruising speed). From experience and having done 550 Kms trips many times, Fazer is never a tourer at any instance. Honestly I feel (since a person buying fazer is not short of $$$) a Karizma/P220/Bullet or frankly even a GS150/Unicorn(budget) with slight modifications is much better here.
    Low end torque and sound are good, but what matters in a touring bike is, relaxed nature at high speeds and stability and tension-free feel. Where do u put your bag, carry your buddy/gf with ease ??? Yamaha is very good (I own a RD350 and Karizma), but redundancy is must for long trips(no kick-start and crash guard). Analog meter (no matter how good a digi is) is also must and extremely useful.
    But apart from touring aspects, its a good bike, albeit expensive for what it delivers.

  • Krishna Ragunathan

    Hi ppl, hi all!

    Just a correction, I booked a black one! The looks are just scintillating! I just fell for the bike!

    Now back to the tips part- in the first tip, I mentioned bout the headlamps. This tip 2 is bout performance boosting! So here we go!

    Tip2- all you guys, hope you know that Yam is launching the performance upgrade kits for the FZ, now they also fit out beloved Fazer, now with that kit, just add a K&N filter n a NGK Iridium plug, make sure you do a bit of re jetting the valves and also adjust the timings of it! Trust me, our bike will run like crazy, super crazy! There’s also a manual ABS you get, fit it up ur front disk, n wala, u got ur dreambike like u never imagined in ur dream!

    I got to wait for a month and a half for my love, anybody knows any jhol to get the bike delivered before that in Pune, please let me know?

  • ramkumar

    Hi I m thinking of buying the fazer.But I ve just learnt to drive 2 wheelers yet to learn bikes.Is it okay if I go ahead and buy the fazer.pls advice.

  • Karthik

    hey krish….
    glad you went for a black fazer..its a class apart from all the other colors…
    the list of ya performance is kinda expensive if ya carry it out….
    The free flow exaust is the only performance part in fz..unlike the r15 which has a ecu,exaust,high lift cam-shaft etc…..
    The exaust can be fitted to a Fazer…n it burns a 16,000 rupee hole on your pocket….you could add a K&N ‘Rc’ air-filter which cost abt 2,500….and a iridium plug costs aprox 600 bucks..and ABS costs abt 1,300….
    Which takes the grand total of the bike to a cool 1,03400rupees….
    With all dese mods,m sure a fazer will reach a minimum speed of 135kmh if not more…..n pick up will be lightning quick compared with its catogary….
    If ya got the moolah…go for dese mods…you’ll not be dissapointed….

    n ramkumar, don’t think twice…buy a fazer…
    its really a easy bike to ride mainly because of its low seat n fat tyres…dat offer a lot of grip, so if your a newbie, its perfect …..n its aids a lot of conifidence b’coz of its handling….


  • ramkumar

    Karthik: n ramkumar, don’t think twice…buy a fazer…
    its really a easy bike to ride mainly because of its low seat n fat tyres…dat offer a lot of grip, so if your a newbie, its perfect …..n its aids a lot of conifidence b’coz of its handling….……Cheers….

    Thanks for the advice!

  • Dhiraj

    Belive me this bike has amazingg Handling.
    I was little worried @ start, on Traffic.
    But when i started racing in traffici was shocked, it was so stubbernn!!! and very Handy…..
    and in Vashi-Mankhur Fly over it was so steadyy that evn on 70-80 speed thee bikeee was veryy stifff on roadss….unlike of UNICORN,Pulsar(excuse me for this but truth is truth).

  • Amit

    Hi guys.. I really like the looks of the bike and I have to buy a bike in a week or so.. Please tell me whether its worth buying or should i look for some other bike..

  • vaibhav

    Dear All,
    I read thru all the reviews and i will be taking the bike, one thing i need to know is what is the company recomendation for the head lamps, it is that we should not modify or we should get it from Yamaha service station only. I think there will be big load on the battery since it may not be tuned to take that power of 35w bulb each. Please advise the best solution to me since i will be the owner of the bike next week.

  • ramkumar

    vaibhav: Dear All,I read thru all the reviews and i will be taking the bike, one thing i need to know is what is the company recomendation for the head lamps, it is that we should not modify or we should get it from Yamaha service station only. I think there will be big load on the battery since it may not be tuned to take that power of 35w bulb each. Please advise the best solution to me since i will be the owner of the bike next week.

    Hi Vaibhav.Can you tell me which city you are from and what is the waiting period for the Fazer?

  • Sreekumar

    I’m getting my Red Fazer today evening. Its been a long 55 days wait for me since i booked. Has anyone checked with mechanics if we can use both the headlamps by keeping the hi-lo switch in mid position? I tried it on the demo bike, but not sure if its advisable for regular commuting

  • Karthik Hegde

    hey sreekumar….
    i jus asked a yamaha executive abt 1 headlight @ a time…n he said that he can rewire the electricals so that both the headlights can be on…but then the high/low beam switch is useless…..the light from the headlights remain constant n cant be changed…
    But he adviced me not to do this mod, coz it’ll cause a lot of stress on the battery & since the fazer does’nt have a kick start…
    Both the lights will work by keeping hi-lo switch in mid position, but there’s chance it’ll mess up the electricals…
    Even high-end versions of bikes like Yamaha Fazer(european),Suzuki SV etc…have only one light working @ a time of their twin headlights……


  • Niraj

    I have been going through all the reviews from almost last 15-20 days,
    bcoz I already have booked the bike on 24th August,Bangalore.

    Like Sreekumar, mine also the same case, 6-8 weeks for delivery i.e. by Diwali, I should have got the bike(Not sure).
    Today I got a call from their executive that one new color came to market(Limited eddition). Went to see it. BLUE+WHITE.Its awesome(this word is not appropriate for this color..hihi…) don’t like the color, I am going for BLUE,I like the most.

    Please suggest if any one has booked the bike in bangalore with minimum delivery time? if yes, address of that showroom?

    What abt the front light issue, what ever suggestion was given, has any one followed it i.e. both lights to work at a time

    And who ever booked the bike, mostly in Bangalore, is the time period of Delivery is this much long?? I want the bike by next month 1st..

  • Staggy

    I bought a blue a single word it’s awesome..whn ll u drive u can feel it.its main better features than othr bikes are..1) Balance: u can ride easily in 3kmph without put tour legs on ground.
    2) Suspension: Its too has much stronger suspension than othrs.and so smooth bike.
    3) Disk Brake: whn u ll use.. u can feel it..(Awesome)

    Apart from that its a very compfortable bike..its good for long trip..

  • Preet


    just bought Fazer this September….handling is good, but will have to wait till its 1st service is done after than only its power can be tested…

  • Hi, Can anyone clear my doubt. I checked with the FAZER 150 cc. Was very much satisfied with the bike’s performance. Will book it in coming few days for sure.
    what my doubt is with the CRASH GUARD and the KICK start. Is it advisable to go for a BIKE without a kick start. In case due to rain and all if the Self start gives trouble then WHAT?? How to manage?
    Also is there a CRASH gaurd available in the market which can Fit into this BIKE?
    Please help resolving my queries.

    Suvi (Bangalore)

  • The “pain of waiting” started the moment I booked the bike and was promised delivery on August 5th.Finally I got my Fazer today evening. Its been a long 38 days wait for me since I booked.
    So far, it has done only 42 Kms, thanks to rain and bad weather. Would be coming up with a detailed report on the usage experience pretty soon 🙂

  • atul

    Niraj: Hi,
    I have been going through all the reviews from almost last 15-20 days,
    bcoz I already have booked the bike on 24th August,Bangalore.Like Sreekumar, mine also the same case, 6-8 weeks for delivery i.e. by Diwali, I should have got the bike(Not sure).Today I got a call from their executive that one new color came to market(Limited eddition). Went to see it. BLUE+WHITE.Its awesome(this word is not appropriate for this color..hihi…) don’t like the color, I am going for BLUE,I like the most.
    Please suggest if any one has booked the bike in bangalore with minimum delivery time? if yes, address of that showroom?What abt the front light issue, what ever suggestion was given, has any one followed it i.e. both lights to work at a timeAnd who ever booked the bike, mostly in Bangalore, is the time period of Delivery is this much long?? I want the bike by next month 1st..

    hi,its been three months since i’ve been drivin the red beast yamaha fazer and i’ve already commented above that you can rewire the electricals after which in low mode only low beam burns and in high mode both the lamps go on at once..keeping the switch in mid position is not a practical option..go for rewiring..i’ve done 1300 kms on the bike and havnt had any issues with lighting or battery as yet,even though i ride mostly at night..few other issues though-1.rear seat is very very small and if your gf is fat…forget it. kick.dunno why? 3.horn howls like holy cow at times even though batteries are charged to their throat.4.that apache guy overtook me like a witch on a broom and i couldnt do anything but watch.5.rear brake responds like babus in a government office..but overall..i am pleased with the bike,,..looks ausum mahn!!

  • Yo Man,

    You know, how it feels to be on FAZER, “its you and only you”. You will love it from your heart and your sole. What bike lovers want “something different” and here it is FAZER a truly YAMAHA. So best of luck to all FAZERites. Drive Safely:)


  • chandra shekhar

    hi 2 all proud owners of yamaha fazer i have booked a fazer myself and waiting for it can any one of u tell me what r the problems faced by u while driving a fazer what happens if bife falls as there is no crash gaurd and no kick start would it b aproblem in rainy season plz answer my questions guys thank u njoy the ride

  • Arun

    Hi friends , i have just got my fazer . It is absolutely amazin to ride the vehicle. Those who r in dielenma between fazer n pulsar can defnitely go for fazer. It is safe too. It provides an excellent grip on our roads and the weight makes our controll more easy

  • Arun

    chandra shekhar: hi 2 all proud owners of yamaha fazer i have booked a fazer myself and waiting for it can any one of u tell me what r the problems faced by u while driving a fazer what happens if bife falls as there is no crash gaurd and no kick start would it b aproblem in rainy season plz answer my questions guys thank u njoy the ride

    Hi shekar, i have just got my fazer. The bike is smooth to drive. Problems? of course problems r tere, not for u those who sits behind u. s the seat for the pillion is too small to be comfortable, Eventhough the handling is good the bike is extremely problematic durin parkin (remember , the bike is 141 kg in weight) if u r somewhat stout u can handle it , if u r lean, u defnitely have to apply some pain relievers on ur legs(my own exp). Kick start? It ll not b a prob, because the battery is too good if u constantly use ur fazer. tats all about the probs. Mileage-45kpl . Mine is a unique limited edition fazer.njoy ur ride

  • Arun

    Amit: Hi guys.. I really like the looks of the bike and I have to buy a bike in a week or so.. Please tell me whether its worth buying or should i look for some other bike..

    hi amit ,I got my fazer yesterday , i was havin the same doubt tat u r , the bike is exteremely good in handling , mileage-45kpl, it looks awesome from the front n rear views . it is fun to drive fazer. My is tat , u can defnitely go for fazer. All d best

  • Arun

    ramkumar: Hi I m thinking of buying the fazer.But I ve just learnt to drive 2 wheelers yet to learn bikes.Is it okay if I go ahead and buy the fazer.pls advice.

    hi ram , the bike is good in handling . No prob if u r a new bike it is smooth n providin a lot of grippin

  • Krishna

    Like many, im too in love with this monster. Looks damn good. But the price is too high.

    For bangalore guys,
    i called up Bangalore Wheels Yamaha dealers in Rajaji Nagar, that guy told me he can deliver the bike in 3-5 days. Please check with em.

    Guys i need to know more reviews and comments form Fazer owners, please do send me a mail at


  • Abhi

    Hey guyz,I’ve been reading all the reviews for the past 1 month..I’m waiting to turn 18,so that i’ll buy my bike ! I’ll turn 18 in Dec..I just have a few doubts about Fazer…Can both the Front Head-lamps be on ? Is there a way to fix it…? And i want info about some good dealer in chennai who can deliver it fast..Also,is the pick up good? Please answer my questions…Thanks.

  • Hi Niraj…
    Perfect Riders in Bengaluru have plenty of ready stock. Almost all colours of FAzer. I going to have 1 tom. I booked todya evening.

    Meet Mr.Vinaya there. I felt they r helpful Lets c what happnes with ‘ ‘after sales’ story.


  • it rockssssssssss!!!! m d proud owner of a fazer n i think u shud go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric multani

    well! i m crazy about dis bike and i m waiting 4 my masi’s newly yamaha showroom to open in jalandhar…i hope i will gwt tat beast in dis month….
    i m a amatuer in bike stuff i have been drivin scooter sice 4-5 years i m 17 year old and this will be mie first bikw but i wonder that in one review there is written tat it start vowel at speed of 75 my mom bought suzuki access 125cc and go smoothly at 90…help me plz

  • micheal

    I have driven my bike up to 115kmph it was so stiff there wasnt any wibration what so ever,i have also driven apache rtr & pulsar there is much vibration, fazer is got the good engine life when compaired to others, im not worried about the mileage i get 40kmpl, its got good relaiability durability road grip stability amazing pickup great low range torque & midrange torque its got every thing u look for in its functioning, if ur planning to buy dont wait just go for it.

  • sreekanth

    hi i am planning to take a bike in 150cc segment can u plz suggest for nice bike with 40+ milleage.

  • prashant

    i want to buy fazer150,but it is not kickstart,Will it create problem in starting in monsoon and winter season?
    Also it has problem of head lamp as both head lamp do not glow at once.How to solve it?
    Rear sit is too small,does back sitter will face problem while long ride?

  • deepak

    I am going to take the fazer on 19th oct.A lil doubt i have.Is it true that it is un-comfortable to sit on pillion seat on long journey…And is it good for long-journey.

  • I have just completed 140km on my brand new Lava Red Yamaha Fazer (Got it a week back), it took 45 days to deliver (i live in Bangalore) but i hear it takes much less time now. The bike handling is just fantastic , so is the solid engine and make. Complaints are that the headlights are not oriented well (maybe only with my bike) so both low beam and high beam are pointed high and not on the road.

    The pillion seat is very comfortable. I guess mom’s and aunties wont be comfortable (heck they shouldn’t be sitting on a Fazer anyway) , its very comfortable for your girlfriend.

    Again, i was just amazed at the Red Fazer, the color is not the typical red, but an amazing metallic bright red which makes it look fantastic.

    The Limited Edition Blue and white is the most retarded color i have ever seen in my life. Period.

    About the Kick start issue, the bloody bike always starts smoothly with the electric start and has no problem cause the battery is really good. The bike idles very well too.

    Honestly, i am really not happy with the fact that only one of the head lamps can be switched on at a time. I hope Yamaha will come with a permanent solution soon. Keeping the high beam/low beam switch at the middle is the only solution now, but thats bad for the bike and also blinds the oncoming traffic.

    This is my first bike, and god have mercy, this bike is very rider friendly due to its low height and amazing handling. GO for it!

  • You Man,

    Awesome! The way I feel when I rode the bike for the first time in the journey of 70km. The bike is so comfortable to ride and so smooth to drive that you wont feel even a bit tired. And the pickUP is really DAMN good. Go get it! Don’t attracts towards new Karizma, its just the copy of FAZER.


  • Abhi

    Kenneth Sebastian: I have just completed 140km on my brand new Lava Red Yamaha Fazer (Got it a week back), it took 45 days to deliver (i live in Bangalore) but i hear it takes much less time now. The bike handling is just fantastic , so is the solid engine and make. Complaints are that the headlights are not oriented well (maybe only with my bike) so both low beam and high beam are pointed high and not on the road.The pillion seat is very comfortable. I guess mom’s and aunties wont be comfortable (heck they shouldn’t be sitting on a Fazer anyway) , its very comfortable for your girlfriend.Again, i was just amazed at the Red Fazer, the color is not the typical red, but an amazing metallic bright red which makes it look fantastic.The Limited Edition Blue and white is the most retarded color i have ever seen in my life. Period.
    About the Kick start issue, the bloody bike always starts smoothly with the electric start and has no problem cause the battery is really good. The bike idles very well too.Honestly, i am really not happy with the fact that only one of the head lamps can be switched on at a time. I hope Yamaha will come with a permanent solution soon. Keeping the high beam/low beam switch at the middle is the only solution now, but thats bad for the bike and also blinds the oncoming traffic.This is my first bike, and god have mercy, this bike is very rider friendly due to its low height and amazing handling. GO for it!

    Can i have your e-mail address coz i have some doubts about the Fazer …Thank you.

  • Abhi:
    Can i have your e-mail address coz i have some doubts about the Fazer …Thank you.


    Just ask me here in this forum, your questions might be useful to others reading this topic.

  • ravi gaganam

    I want to buy fazer but when compared to bhp of pulser 220cc and karizma its less.can anyone help me on this?

  • Abhi

    Kenneth Sebastian:
    Hey,Just ask me here in this forum, your questions might be useful to others reading this topic.

    My doubts may be already asked by somebody else and may also be silly..Please I need your mail address 🙁

  • vimal (b2)

    i have booked fazer blue on 15 october

  • Niraj

    Hi all,
    Atlast I got my bike after almost 2 months.
    This week only(20th Oct) , I got the the bike. This forum gave me a good knowledge about the Bike’s features.

    So first thing what I did is regarding the front light.
    I asked them to make both of the light to switch on together.
    And also asked whether it will affect the Battery or the bulb etc.. he told that while bike is in running condition , it won’t affect. But don’t use it when bike is not in running condition.
    I have been using Bajaj Caliber from last 6 years, and from that time also I have been following this procedure.

    Suggestion:- while switching off the engine, 1st switch off the light then switch of the engine, and also during starting the engine, 1st cross check whether light is in ON condition.If yes then make it to off position 1st.

    This is applicable for all types of bikes.

    So now while in light is in Deeper condition, only one light is glowing and while in Header condition,both the lights are glowing.

    And you can adjust the light by adjusting the the screw in clockwise of anticlockwise direction, you willl find the screws just behind the light if you see from the below the handle side…

    So you can avoid the light to fall directly on the person/bike coming from the front as Kenneth Sebastian told in his blog. But Header light is required in NH & places where no street lights. So adjust the light keeping these 2 things in mind.

    Let me drive this beauty first for some days…Will update you….

  • pinky

    it rocks n its superb…… frnd is takin dat bike….. me waitin 2 c it……

  • Niraj

    Hi all,
    Want to update you for sth important.


    I kept my bike’s paper there yesterday night without looking at the warning… and when today morning trying to start the bike, its not starting properly…
    So called up Yamaha guy and he told me to cross check that area first.

    So be careful while keeping bikes paper inside the Sheet area..

  • eric multani

    hi guys if anyone live in jalandhar or near jalandhar just mail me at
    i will give you discount of 2000 Rs on fazer and even any other bike of yamaha…

    and guyz who own fazer plz upload your bike’s video or review on youtube

  • Pranav Nigam

    HI all..I read the review and its excellent.. I too own this awesome machine from diwali getting it for just 75000 bugs in Delhi delivered on same day itself…:)
    For the comments its clear that guys r behind its name TOURING SPIRIT but y i can’t understand as every1 must hav heard wats their in the name.. Otherwise its a perfect bike with awesome front luks of R15(thanks to fearing) and bold body luks of FZ with a thick tyre:).. yes the driving is really smooth and as compared to other bikes whether P220 or Krizma the luks r pretty like a gud sports bike.. i own it for just 10 days but m really in love with it from the 1st day.. it has done just 400kms but m sorry that i tuk it once to 120 kmph markk that too in city itself in early mng on ring road. to be honest it was a nice experience of feeling the cold breeze ard without thinking of the bike… wen u r driving in city its the best thing to own and 150 cc doesn’t mean it is low in power. the pickup is really gud and riding at high speed is also very comfortable… MUST GO FOR IT GUYS… its the best deal spending just 6k bugs over FZ, 4k bugs over rtr180 and just ard 2K bugs over P220.. but all ur money will worth every single penny for this stylish, sexy yet pwerful (INDIAN sports bike- as i call it..)
    guys can call me on 9990975070 for more info abt the bike.. i wil love to do that.

  • Baibhav

    Hi, I went through this yamaha fazer review and comments. I got lots of information about this bike.

    I guess I’ll be buying this bike tomorrow. I got tips for lighting both the head lights, but still confused if this tip works well.

    The red looks gud but its too common in my place. I think I’ll be going for the blue.

    By the bike looks stunning. 5 star for its look.

  • Niraj

    Baibhav: Hi, I went through this yamaha fazer review and comments. I got lots of information about this bike.I guess I’ll be buying this bike tomorrow. I got tips for lighting both the head lights, but still confused if this tip works well.The red looks gud but its too common in my place. I think I’ll be going for the blue.By the bike looks stunning. 5 star for its look.

    Hi Baibhav ,
    Go for the bike. And I have the blue too. Its awesome… Because my 1st servicing not yet done, So I have not yet checked the maximum speed of the bike. Let it complete its 1st servicing. Then will update the video in UTube too..

    Apart all, for all the Yamaha Fazer bikers,
    is the light is focusing to the road correctly. Because I tried to adjust the focus. But still all in vain.

  • Amit

    I am all set to buy the FAZER. But my friends are trying to convince me to go for apache or pulsar 180.I love the looks of Fazer and fell in love with it the moment I saw it.
    I want you FAZER owners to give me a real nice response to following reasons as to why I should go for the beast and not the copy cats.
    Reasons why my friends think pulsar and apache are:
    1)Pulsar and apache are more powerful bikes
    2)Fuel Economy is better.
    4)Its about looks. so Fazer wins.
    5)Apache is better around the corners and pulsar in straight lines.

    I am buying the fazer tomorrow. Just need to shut my friends up when I get this beast home.

  • Pranav Nigam

    hi amit..
    i hav a blue fazer…
    1) ya its powerful too.. its technology which matters i think not the cc or bhp. moreover pick up is gud and tell me how many times in city u get to ride a bike at 125kmph??
    2)my bike gave 41 for the 1st time.. so its ok considering the power and looks.
    3) price is just 4k more than apache.. and u know u hav all the reasons to spend this extra 4k for this beast…
    4)ofcourse no pt’.
    5)fazer is awesome at the corners as wel as straight…:)

    hi baibhav,
    ya dude that both head lights trick works well…

  • Niraj

    Want to update some more info.
    I am from Bangalore. I went to Nandi Hills, one hill station near Bangalore around 60K away from city. Mine was fazer and my Friend’s was FZ.
    During return journey We found that there was no pressure in my friend’s FZ’s rear tyre. 1 big iron material was bored inside the tyre. For iron pin, it won’t affect the radial tyre. But here not the same case…. So we asked one local person who does all this type of tyre repairing work, what he did is removed the iron material from the tyre(You should not remove the same). Then while trying to fix it ,all to no sucsses. Then we had to take the bike in a tempo (took Rs. 1000.00) to Bangalore.

    So the summary is:-
    If you are getting this type of issue, then do not remove anything from the tyre. Fill it again with air and drive home, the pressure will be remain till 3-4 hrs according to the Yamaha Dealer. We did the mistake by taking the iron thing out of the tyre. So do not take it out. If you take it out then be prepare to spend more money to spend from your wallet to take the bike to back home.

    Then only Rs. 100 was charged by the Yamaha Mechanic to fix the same. He used some liquid type material to paste that area.

    So do not rely on any one. Try to fill the tyre with air in any nearby place and come home and show it to the local Yamaha Mechanic.

  • Amit

    Booked the bike today.. will get it delivered in two days.
    Can’t wait to cruise around.
    Thank you all.


    well friends as i think YAMAHA FAZER is a perfect bike for delhi roads.
    looks good, good performance, average milage.

    I had used bajaj bikes from 5 years. Discover, Pulsar 150, then 180.
    bajaj bike get complatily out of order after about 1 and 1.5 years.

    And ……….

    YAMAHA is forever ……

    I have purchased new fazer 2 week before and i am satisfied with this bike, this bike is 153cc but it give me feel of 180, 200.

    once again YAMAHA is forever,

    YES !!!! YAMAHA.

  • Suresh

    Hi all,
    this site is giving enough info about any bike, thanks to site creator.

    After going through many, I planned to go for Yamaha Fazer.
    But, I want to know one thing before buying this, as we r putting 81k for a bike, is there any new bike going to be launched in next 2 months from any company which can be comparable to Fazer in looks and prize.

    Bcaz, we should not feel bad after buying the bike and feeling that I would have waited for few more days.

    Do anyone hear about new stylish bikes via media or fnds, going to be launched in next 2 months?

    Please help me in this regards.

  • joe

    hi m joe here… juz entered into my 2nd yr f under graduation..!!!! iv asked my dad 4 a bike.!! after a long strggle.. e said d word YES 4 t.!! so iv decided 4 a hot chick fazer.!! guys s dat gud as t s gona b ma 1st bike..!!?? how t s?? heard sum issues abt d bulbs n stuff?? god m crazy abt tiz beauty..!! plz help me ot guys..!!

  • Vatz

    YAMAHA ppl r fool enough i guess to give us 150cc shit in 80,000 (On ROAD)..
    in 72,000 u can get Pulsar 180 or TVS APACHE 180 RTR..
    Or in 74,000 buy AVENGER 200cc OIL COOLED..
    then who is fool enough to WASTE 80,000 INR on YAMAHA FAZER..
    coz it got nothing in the end..
    i guess YAMAHA needs to REBORN to get his wheels on ROAD

  • deep

    hey yaar… i am going to buy fazer… actuly i was a bit confused coz yamaha had not made good reputation here in my place.. after reading such comment i am going to buy fazer only.. i am thinking so much coz i will not get any for upcuming 3 years.. so i think i am going for the right one..!! thankyou friends… i like ur comments for the bike… and it realy help me… and i am going to buk black colour…

  • deepak

    I did my 1st servicing…….nd fter it..the sound is so smooth as before and rocking as well………

    hats off

  • yoyo

    sorry pulkit….. even i am owning this beast(midnight black)…..:-) hope u don seem to be exclusive wen i am there………….

  • Pankaj Kulkarni

    Hi friends…
    I hv a Yamaha Fazer eBlue…
    It is really awesome.
    1st time I got 43 average, may b’coz of drive under 45kmph.
    Now I finished my 3500 KM and Now I drive my Fazer at 125 KMPH on Pune-satara NH4-highway.
    Even I rides at 75-80 & If I want to overtake so just I race and I will be at +95 on top gear also…
    That experience is ROCKING….>>> DUDE……….

  • Raghu

    Hi getting my new fazer(Red) this friday..Can ny1 tel me how to fix the headlight prob..and does it affect the battery life if we do any kind of rewiring..?

  • UAL

    @ Raghu,
    Basically illumination of both headlight is not recommended as it’s suppose to mess the electrical system of the bike.
    Besides, Fazer 1000 is also said to be equipped with one headlight at a time. But if u want to take the chance, illumination of both head light is possible and i ve seen many fazer with both illuminated headlight here in Nepal.
    I own FZ16 and have covered 13000 km and i ensure u a problem free ride and trustin YAmaha.
    Regarding the puncture prob. liquid is avaliable, which seals the tyre immediately afteru remove the nail frm the tyre. put inside the tyre and experience the problem free ride.
    lastly, FZ rules!!!

  • Niraj

    Hi Raghu,
    I have fixed it by using one Controller(that can be done by the Yamaha Mechanic). My first servicing has already been done. Still no issue with light. And also the Mechanic told that if your bike is in running condition, it won’t affect. But before shuting down your bike first switch off the light.

    So if you want then fix it, it will give much better look at night time.. but be sure to tell the mechanic to adjust it for low beam(U can either fix both light working at low beam or high beam not both). Because in City you won’t be able to use high beam not even single time.

    So congrats and enjoy riding

  • Raghu

    Thanks Niraj…I will ask the mechanic to adjust both the lights to Low beam…and Is it possible to add engine guard(to make the look even better) lyk the one in R15 ..if so, how much it will be…?

  • Niraj

    I am also thinking of fixing the same, not yet asked anyone about the cost. Will do it on next servicing. And if you get the cost of the Guard from anywhere then please inform .

  • Raghu

    How to fix the Number plate issue…It looks a bit odd on my red Fazer…

  • sachin

    hi is dere any pbm in self start of it doiesnt have a kick..

  • Niraj

    Hi friends, I have done my 1st servicing . But in Town, my bike’s avarage milage is only 25-30 🙁 🙁

    you people are telling 40 avg, But its not giving 40.
    Can anyone help.

    I asked Yamaha Guys, They are telling it will give more milage after 2nd servicing. Is it so??

    • Rakitha

      you must be riding on the 1st 2 gears ,,,,

  • rohit

    i m planing to book yamaha fazer bt i m confused in colour balck aur blue ?? plz revert soon

  • Mohamed

    Hi guys.. I m also a proud owner of yamaha fazer. But i too have the head light problem. I want both the lights to glow in low beam and high beam. Is there any way to do it ? And even my low beam s not focussing the road. I need some adjustments.. Can anyone tell me wht to do ?

  • Suresh

    I tool red fazer 40 days back.
    It’s been 1900 km till now.
    I got mileage around 41kmpl in city(chennai) before first service since I drove at 4K to 5K RPM.
    After first service, I drove very rash >7k RPM and at 80-105 kmph, and it resulted in 35 kmpl.
    I went home from chennai to guntur on my bike and shockingly it has given 36kmpl even on highway while going.
    On return I came at 70-78 kmph speed and checked my tyres air pressure. Then I got 43 kmpl even I drove at 80kmph speed but not more than that.
    We cant go 60-66 kmph bcaz, engine is giving vibrations at that speed.
    Highest speed I went is 105 kmph.

    I can say one thing, my bike is definitely eyecathing.
    Even those who are going in cars are slowing down and looking at my bike. And this is enough for me.

    For the both lights not switching at same time problem, better on our parking light during nights in cities since the street light is enough and better than our bike’s . Also, it is looking ugly with one light, and making two lights switching at same time is not a wise idea bcaz our bike is not having kick start.

    Mostly, girls staring at me and my bike is worth my money for buying that bike.

  • Prithish

    Hey i bought my Fazer last week ,its a comfrt ride.
    Need to attach the Guard,which cost me 600rs…..
    Suggestion- Any new buyerof Fazer who have not attached the guard ,plz insure u attach one ,befr any mishaps whic can Damage a hell lot for fering ….
    All Da best with the beast[Fazer]…enjoy safe ride…
    NO idea of mielage ..since droved only 100km …will update u that later….

  • Raj


    Please advice which bike is suitable for me Yamaha Fazer or Hero Honda Karizma.
    My office distance about 40KM, daily I am riding 100KM approx. Now I am using Pulsar 150. And I am going to another brand.


  • SUVI

    Hey Raj,

    Close your eyes and go for the BLACK Fazer. Believe me the riding comfort of YAMAHA fazer is just un comparable with anything availabel in that segment in india. (It looks Yamaha has paid me to write this …… 🙂 ) My personal experience says Fazer is the best in market right now. Please have a test drive and then decide which to buy. only concern is the distance you cover everyday. the Mileage for this bike is just 45 in city condition and on highway it may exceed a little. But, driving comfort no other bike can match this.

    Suvi (Bangalore)

  • Vijay Sundaramurthy

    This review has given a clear picture of FAZER 150cc very frankly about its if’s and but’s.

    I will be one amongst the YAMAHA Family by next week as I am booking my Black Beauty on the 18th of Jan in Bangalore.

    One Advice: Don’t think of saving 3k – 4k for a bike which makes you look stunning while riding it.


    We can plan for a get together ride with our beauties by March, so that we have sufficient time to get in touch with each other. What Say?

    This idea could be organized within your own cities.

  • Nikhil Ununnikrishnan


    I appreciate your idea of having a rally through the heart of Bangalore. Me with my Black Bitch [KA-01-EN-7121]will join the same. I agree that Fazer is the best in 150CC category of touring bikes. Even though it costs 86K on road,its worth. Admiration is guaranteed and girls are crazy when it comes to Fazer ! 😉

  • Vijay Sundaramurthy

    Hey guys I have finally booked my FAZER which will be delivered by end of the week.

    Hey Nikhil,

    Thank you so much for being the first one to respond to my comment. I am waiting for more participation from everybody before we plan the final date to take off. I think you stay in and around Kormagala, Bangalore (found out by the registration number).

    Come on guys lets burn the roads on our fazers.

  • Ankur

    Guys , I test drove Fazer and have fallen in for it, Can you suggest which is the best Yamaha dealer in bangalore from whom I should buy it.

  • Nikhil Unnikrishnan

    Hi Ankur,

    I suggest Orion Motors [Opp. to Forum]for buying your Yamaha if you stay in Kormangala/Madiwala/E-City route/BTM/Thavarakkara areas. Else go to the dealer less than 5-7 Kms. Please do go to Indira nagar dealr,personally I had a very bad experience. Onemorething; there is no offer from any dealer of Yamaha. The rates are same everywhere and all that matters is service. Most dealers are really competing to provide worst service in Bangalore,thats the reason why you dont see the flood od Yamaha still. Orion,as per me is better[wont say best!]among others. You have to check the bike closely before and after service if you give in any of those service centers. After service before taking the bike out, make sure that its all good;My friend had an issue with his Doom after service. The doom’s clamp was broken by the service guy and my friend found it only the next day! When he took the bike to the service centre, they initially refused to accept the mistake and told us that we need to buy a new Doom ~!We literally thrashed them [including the manager,who was a fucking ass hole] top get that done for free.So, always keep your eyes open when you take the bike out of service.

  • MANU P S

    i booked for fazer red comments bt yamaha is just hdlamp at a time is now solved by yamaha!!
    my frnds bike s nw free frm this prblm
    here goes the showroom prices in kerala
    kochi;78000(on road)

  • Vijay Sundaramurthy

    Hi Manu,

    I am just curious to know how is the headlamp issue sorted? Anything different from normal or you are getting the stock vehicle that way?

  • Niraj

    Yesterday was my 2nd servicing. After 2nd servicing also I am getting only 25 Mileage 🙁 . Can you all tell how much your’s bike giving. Accordingly I will tell my service provider i.e. Orion Motors in Bangalore, I have to fight for my mileage but want your mileage details before that.

  • deepak

    Yesterday was my 2nd servicing. After 2nd servicing also I am getting only 25 Mileage . Can you all tell how much your’s bike giving. Accordingly I will tell my service provider i.e. Orion Motors in Bangalore, I have to fight for my mileage but want your mileage details before that.

    I have completed my 2nd servicing and near to the 3rd 0ne.
    From begining my mileage is approx.50(45-65)running condition.You haven`t mentioned u r speed.If it is falling in my range then you must have to check.

  • Raul

    Fazer’s on road price in surat is currently Rs 81713/- including everything.

  • Vijay Sundaramurthy

    Hey Deepak,

    My advice to you would be to ride in the speed range as specified by Raul to get a good mileage.

    Orion is only good till they get the bike delivered to the you, after that its non of their business (Personal Experience). I got my bike delivered from Perfect Riders. I would request you to meet Mr. Avinash in the showroom and inform him about the performance and he will guide you or Mr. Santhosh from the service station. I bet the performance will improve (Speed Limit – 50 to 65).

  • Niraj

    Hi Deepak, thanks for informing. I am driving with a speed range of 60-80 most of the time when no traffic is there.

    But 25 is too low. Before my 1st, 2nd servicing also, I was driving with same 60-80, that might be one reason. But still I have to overcome this 25 mileage issue. Let me check with the service provider once.

  • Rohit

    Hi all,
    I am planning to buy Fazer, I need some clarification…
    1) Yamaha Fazer Light can b focused individually like one on road and another little far Like 4wheelers.
    2) Is there any issue of rear tyre getting punctured freequently.
    3) Exact Top speed achieved.
    4) Fazer is comfortable for long rides.
    5) Pickup while climbing steep hills as i live in chandigarh but my hometown is in Himachal.
    6) Is there any vibration or stress on engine after 100Km.
    Plz revert…Thanx in advance…

  • arun

    fazer s just awesome….

  • Suresh Kumar

    Hi Rohit,
    While filling petrol, make sure that you went to a right bunk. Bcaz, these stupid petrol bunks are not 100% efficient in terms of quantity or quality. If U were in chennai, i would suggest some best bunks in chennai, but i dont anyone in bangalore. Also U can ask any service mechanic for mileage check. They will do that by putting some 100 ml fuel and going at speed which is best suitable for a good mileage.
    For its 3350 kms done and I am getting min 40 in city conditions.
    U can call me at 9176677817 for any general doubts on this bike.

  • Nikhil

    Hi Rohit,

    I am from Bangalore,Karnataka and am using Fazer for the past 2 months. Please find my answers for your questions below:

    Q) Yamaha Fazer Light can b focused individually like one on road and another little far Like 4wheelers.

    A)Yes, U can focus the low beam just infront of front wheels [say 4-5 meter away] and high beam a bit far away [say 15 meters away] so that U can have a clear long view on highways and a clear idea of the gutters on pocket roads.

    Q) Is there any issue of rear tyre getting punctured freequently.

    A)My tyre got punctured once when I went to Mysore form Bangalore. The total load on my bike was > 170 Kg ![a big fat guy [100 Kg]was there behind me!] and was using an off road [mud] with amazing gutters and drove at a a speed of 80! Other than that,I have no other incidents in my 4500 Kms of ride.

    Q) Exact Top speed achieved.

    A) I have reached 127 on Bangalore Elavated highway after 2nd service.

    Q) Fazer is comfortable for long rides.

    A)Its highly comfortable for long drives. I drove to Selam which is > 200 Kms in a single stretch. I was pretty comfortable even after reaching there.

    Q) Pickup while climbing steep hills as i live in chandigarh but my hometown is in Himachal.

    A) Handling is amazing at hair pins. U can take a steep hair pin even at 70 Km/Hr with a fat guy behind U. U can comfortable take a 70 degree turn on ur bike, safely!

    Q) Is there any vibration or stress on engine after 100Km.

    A)Before second service, there was a slight vibration above 110, which got rectified completly afer 2nd service.

  • Rohit

    Thank you Nikhil for replying…Nikhil one more thing i would like to ask. i test drove the Fazer last week but somehow i didnt find the pick up satisfactory..i dnt knnw the company guy said sir bike is new so may b that is the reason but i didnt find pickup any where near to my RX135…Plz through some light on this & the rear seat is comfortable for pillion or it is just a show piece I am 5’10 weight 78Kgs.

  • Vijay Sundaramurthy

    Hi Rohit,

    Do not compare RX to Fazer. RX will remain RX. Pick up wise it can rip every other bike apart. Fazer is not bad as well, its awesome…I agree with what Nikhil has specified, amazing control in the curves. As there are many hair pin curves near your place, you can go for it, if you can maintain the efficiency of 40 km/hr.

    I am enjoying my ride to the fullest. Yet to check the top end as the bike is run only 800 kms. YAMAHA has come up with a new crash gaurd worth Rs.680 for FAZER’S. This will help to save your doom and leg, if the bike falls.


  • Nikhil

    Hi Rohit,

    I agree that the new Fazer wont give you that much amazing pick up in the start, but dont compare it with RX series. After 2nd service, my pickup increased by 20%+. I am happy with that. I am a guy with 5’11 with 73 Kg and my friend who used to sit at my back is 5’9 with 75 Kg. We are comfortable with the seating even in long run. For couples, its an awesome one to ride by sandwithching each other! Its pretty romantic as well on a cold pleasant morning. Feel it, you will love it.

  • Nikhil

    Hi Vijay,

    I am staying at Jakkassandra, Kormangala- Phase 1. I have already conveyed my willingness for the rally in my earlier notes. Pease have a bit more public pinion regarding this. Atleast we need some 25 – 30 bikes for this. Wish you good luck for this. If we have >25 bikers, we can even get Yamaha as the sponsors!

  • Nikhil

    Hi Fazerians,

    I am happy to convey that my current mileage is 40.3 in city and 44.8 at Highways. I guess its an appreciable one for a monster like this ! I posted this to clarify the doubts for some guys regarding the mileage of Fazer. Top speed I got till date is 127.

    • viki

      hi .. can i know your average driving speed in cities

  • ankush

    Hi vijay,
    indeed itz a very gud idea,i wud love to join u…but only problem i’ve that m living in delhi, which is too far from your place…….nywayz i’ve driven my bike 10,000 km as of today…..m completely satisfied with the performance…….top speed i got frm my bike was 124km…..also my frn also has FZ…same speed he got frm his bike….:-)127 z still suspecting…….
    u can write me on

  • Abbajan

    Can a kick be installed on a fazer ????

  • Rohit

    why you want to do this..No it can not be installed..

  • Vijay Sundaramurthy

    Hi Nikhil,

    Thanks for replying. I have already made a list as of know, so that I can present the same to YAMAHA and get the process done. I know YAMAHA dealer (Perfect Riders) very well now. We can work on it to get sponsorship.


  • Ankur

    Yes i would like to be the part of it. I have bought Yamaha Fazer black color and would love to be the part of rally

  • Niraj

    Hi I am also in.

    Name:- Niraj Kanti Samal
    Bike: fazer blue KA-05-9444
    Place:- BTM, Bangalore.
    Contact Details:- 9986022326

    Let me know when you are starting the rally at least 10-15 days prior , accordingly I can take plan 🙂

  • Vijay Sundaramurthy

    Hi Niraj,

    Thanks you so much for letting me know about your willingness in participating in the rally. I will plan and inform atleast 15-20 days prior to the event.

    Communicate the same to your friends verbally as well. I have three confirmation as of now including myself.

    People interested kindly send in your details in the format specified below.

    Contact No:
    Email Address:
    Registration No:

  • prashant

    hi friends,
    this is prashant from nashik, i have been riding yamaha rx 100 sence 1995 in city, higways no problem. everyday 180 kms on highway for 3 years continously whatever the season is and whatever the time is. top speed 95 to 110 kms average, i still have that bike and still in use and performing at its best, all about rx100 is acceleration and tourque it is unmatched, i have not experienced in any other bike yet, i had cbz for 6 months when newly lauched i sold it, it was a good bike with average speed in between 100 to 115, lack of acceleration i doubt i will go for some any other bike. rx 100 has got very simple head light, but very power full at night nobody dares to come in front, it is the best bike in over taking the vehicals at easy, just open the throttle at boom. the bike is only 100cc and torque 9 bhp but performence is better than any new bikein the segment 120 to 200cc. i have seen expert riders riding rx 100 in the traffic of mumbia it was stunning, i have many experience to share but i cant explaine, over all i would like to describe,
    first thing is the bike should have good powerfull headlamp, good accelearation and tourque even if it is 100cc bike, good gear ratio. these r the basic factors to be needed in a bike.
    have anybody experienced a 65cc moped turbo sports, it was one of the best apart from bikes.
    thank u all

  • Krish_Rdkb

    Hi Frenz!
    Please help me! i am 5′.4″ height and 67 weight! can i handle the bike? Please suggest! I need your valuable info! Thanks in advance!

  • Abbajan

    Got ma Fazer (Black).
    Awesome Bike !!!!

    Mileage – 40+
    Truly Yamaha stands out in the crowd !!

  • Niraj

    Hi Krish,
    Yes u can handle it as its not a Bullet 🙂 :). If u have ever rode Bujaj Pulsar 150, then u can easily use this bike too as both are almost same weight. But try test drive once before spending 80K+ . If you are staying in Bangalore I can give my bike for test drive.

  • Joseph

    i get 45 mileage for speed petrol..
    To get dual headlight illumination, you need to postion the light button between dipper and upper
    thats it, no mods needed 🙂

  • Krish_Rdkb

    Thanks Joesph for the advice! Sure i will try a test drive!
    I am staying at Hyderabad!

  • Prashant

    Hey did anyone with black fazer did any graphics change on tank?

  • rakul

    thnx for the awesum reviews guys!! well culd u plz tell me wats the top speed of fazer??? why do u think its better than the fz other than the looks !!! it has the same engine anyways.
    btw im planning to take a fazer soon but a bit confused with the fz at my side too !! help
    thnx guys

  • Niraj

    Dear Rakul,
    Its upto you. Both FZ and Fazer have same engine and both are good looking , FZ is famous for its naked look, and Fazer for its front view, I like fazer , so bought Fazer… 🙂 🙂

    So if you are comfortable with FZ, go for FZ, or else go for Fazer.

    In case of fazer , during parking and also during driving in full traffic, you have to take care the front end, that it should not be scratched or broken, and also front end is constant, i.e. not attached to the handle, so little bit problem while parking.

    In case of FZ, no need of worry as its front is naked, and you can easily pass a heavy traffic , feel like riding a bicycle , u can pass through a narrow line between 2 buses too… 🙂 🙂 and u can park your bike without any problem in heavy parking area too.

    My Personal experience,
    in full traffic, every one will look at your bike from every corner, and u feel like a king riding a king size bike.

    person to person , choice may vary.

  • Vijay Sundaramurthy

    Hi Rakul,

    The top end which I achieved is 117 kms/hr, this is after the first service. Fazer makes you look like a biker when compared to that off FZ. If you like gaining attention from everybody, then go for fazer. I bet every FAZAREAN has come across this situation.

    If you want to save around 7k to 8k then FZ is the best option, else be one amongst us.

    • Althaf

      your word are damn through…

      thank god i wear a full face helemt becouse i smile all the time when i pass girls on the road, becouse they stare at me and my bike.

      thumbs UP

  • SUVI

    Hi Rahul,

    Fazer- Unlike other bikes (Hero Honda CBR and Hunk). Fazer dome really looks great and it gives finishing touch to the whole bike. I mean with a heavy petrol tank(Look wise 😉 )
    the front dome looks cool. While driving aswell you will feel great. The best part is that its design and finishing is really nice.
    So, if you can spend little extra money do no think much… close your eyes and go for it.

    Suvi (Bangalore)

  • ANUJ

    I wanna buy yamaha fazer,but m confused about its maintenance…some people says it has a large maintenanace problem….so wat do u say

  • Uday

    Hi Riders,

    Its good to find you guys in one place…
    I am really excited in buying Fazer, please tell me where i can find one in Hyderabad and is there is any price difference if we go for a showroom and others, are there are any risks involved and wht’s the on road price of that. I am especially looking for the beauty in blue colour so is there is any variations in cost or availability on colour and how many days will it take for delivery after ordering the bike.

    Thanks Guys,
    Uday S.

  • Sarath

    hi frns..
    i own a new red fazer 150..
    i’m going to equip ma byk vd r15 engine covering and side covering and k&n air filter 1060.
    the body kit includes 6 pieces and it costs around 3,000 rupees..
    and d k&n filter vl change the sound, increase d pik up and giv u an increase f mileage up2 6kmpl..
    so go 4 it frns…

  • Staggy

    Can i get the body and engine cover like R15 in my fazer 150?

  • Niraj

    Sarath ,

    Is it possible to get R15 engine covering for Fazer too??

  • hector

    hi frnds
    i have booked fazer will be getting it in two three days can any body tell where to buy the cowl like in r 15 and k&n air filter in banglore kindly mail me at waitin for u r reply

  • Abhi

    Hey guyz..I booked my Blue fazer today…1 week waiting time :(( Can you guyz tell me more about this bike.? I mean your personal experiences and should i ask the dealer to fix the head lamp problem? I mean both the head lights glowing @ the same time..should i ask him to re-wire it? And how is the maintenance cost etc? Please mail me about your experiences to
    Please i need more info about this bike..i already booked it!

  • chetan

    I really love this bike,i liked it so much that i started working in nightshift side by side my education to buy this bike:)
    It is an awesome bike in compare to all other bikes dominating today in market(especially “cheap” Pulsar). people tend to see only prices rather than quality,comfort and style of this bike>>>>>>
    i planned to buy this macho bike at the end of this month….
    Best wishes to you all for admiring or buying it!
    Enjoy the Ride>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    what are the accessories included with yamaha fazer…my near by showroom said fazer costs 79,850 on road…what are the accessories included with it ?plz help

  • kedar

    hi guys yamaha is launching the 250cc fi bike
    Fule injected engine, which makes 22PS at 7500rpm, the Fazer 250 is a versatile bike that can handle the cut and thrust of city traffic, can be used as an inexpensive and reliable mode of transport for daily commuting and can even be used for a bit of corner¬carving on Sundays. Style-wise, the bike’s chunky, 19-1itre fuel tank and large-ish silencer lend some substance to the package. The design is certainly contemporary, if not ground-breaking. Yamaha have paid a lot of attention to ergonomics and the bike is said to be plush and comfortable

    got tne info from google search

  • kedar


    Dry Weight = 134 kg
    21bhp @ 7500 rpm
    Torque = 20.5926 NM / 2.10 kgm @ 6500 rpm
    282mm Disk up front
    130mm drum at rear
    Compression = 9.80:1
    CC = 249.0
    Bore x Stroke = 74.0 x 58.0
    Tank Capacity 19.2 litres
    Fuel Injection = AISAN
    Battery = 12V 6AH
    Electric Start
    Front tyre = 100/80/17 M/C 52S
    Rear tyre = 130/70/17 M/C 62S
    Engine = 4 stroke SOHC
    Clutch = 5 speed
    Suspension Front = telescopic
    Rear monolink/monoshock


  • Sachin

    I am planning to take Yamaha Fazer, but my main Concern is I am 6 feet tall and gained some weight. so does this bike suits me or it will be very short bike for me.

    Please advice me

  • kedar

    hi Sachin
    thats fine you are tall and huge, good…
    as far as the bike goes sure it will be small as i’m 5’11 and weigh an extra pounds, and ride FZS,it all depends on youe commuting how comfortable you will be on the bike, is it that u will be riding it for more than 50km per day or just buying it for pleasure,the bike feels good rides well, i would suggest that if budget is not a problem then as well you can think of royal enfield electra 350, well the fazer has a slight problem with the headlights,both dosen’t work at the same time, one is for upper and the other is for dipper…… over all its your choice..all the best, please give more info in regards to the purchase as in you will be using it on daily comuting or for touring on weekends..thanks …………kedar

  • chaitu

    dont go for fazer, if you are concerned about mileage. It will at any cost wont give more than 32kmpl, and I assure you about it.

    Instead for that price go for karizma r (or) p220. perfomative/good milege bikes compared to fazer.

    Its just to show to public that you ride fazer..nothing else.

  • Abhi

    Hey Sachin,
    I am 6’5 and 85 Kgs. I got my Fazer 4 days back. It feels good. So don’t worry. Just go ahead and buy it and you’ll be different from the rest of the bikerz.!
    @Chaitu Please don’t blabber. It gives 40-45 KMPL. All fools buy Pulsar 220 or Karizma because its cheap. If you want quality, its only Yamaha. If you don’t have a fazer, don’t even talk.

    • Ganesh

      no boss there is no milege in yamaha fazer …and no quility in servicing of bikes …

  • Akshara Raghu

    Namaskaara to all 🙂
    guys am planning to buy a fazer…
    i am totally impressed by its looks and everything..
    but really worried about mileage..
    as i am a student,would like to have a bike which is economical..
    i would never like to rip or speed up..
    so wat do u say abt its mileage if ridden in the range of 40-60kmph???..waiting for ur reply guys :)let it be a +ve one 😀

  • Abhi

    Hey Akshara,
    I just got my Fazer[Red] 10 days back. I too am riding as of now between 40-60. I think I’m getting a mileage of 40. But I accelerate very fast…I think you’ll get anywhere around 40-45 if not more….But don’t abstain from buying this beauty because of mileage..Its really worth it…trust me…:)
    Happy riding and ENjoy ~

  • kedar

    Hi Akshara Raghu
    its a good bike milage is approx 35 to 40 kmpl u can go for it coz its Yamaha……

  • SUVI

    Hello Akshara,,
    Check it… Drive it … Feel it … that is what i have to say abt the Fazer!!! Mileage ofcouse is less … say (35-max 45km/L in bangalore City)…. But, if you want the best you need to scarifice a little. So… its your call now. Choose the one which gives you pleasure and hapiness or the one which gives you only mileage 🙂 (Hero Honda Slendour)

    Do let me know finally for what you are setteling down.


  • SUVI

    I guess Abhi said that Karizma will give better mileage… I dont think so…..

    I will tell you my personal experience…
    I asked a owner of KARIZMA … How much mileage it gives?
    He said 25-30 Km/L
    I had still doubt so i asked him again… cant it give better mileage.
    His answer was superb— PUT TWO LITERS — it will give 50-60 KMS.

    Even he didnt expect so poor mileage from that monster Karizma!!!

    Once that used to my favorite… Not its no more an object of desire to me…
    I prefer FAZER.. and happy with that


  • Abhi

    When did I ever tell Karizma gives good mileage? Learn to read English please.! -_-

  • Uday

    Hey Guys,

    I am so proud to be called as Fazer’ian and this happened last friday. I Just ordered bike on phone and on friday i had this beauty in my hands. The first pics in this page shows my bike :). And this one week of experience is too less to tell any thing about the bike but one thing i can say is when this vehicle is on the road it grabs all the attention. I got this bike from Pearl Yamaha Showroom of Hyderabad. It costed 82.5 but as i went for credti cards they charged me 1.5% extra 🙁 . I didnt checked the bike when i was handed it over as i was hurry to reach office. Later on when i really checked when riding the speedometer was not working to my surprise. I asked the dealer and he said come to the showroom we will fix that. And its a small connection which made it to work. I am really excited to ride this beauty on road. Whenever i am free i am thinking of having a ride but cant do all the times :). Even i had gone through a lot of fighting in my mind before buying this, but when i assumed other bikes beside this one none gave me satisfaction which made me to choose this though its bit costlier in 150cc range and bit low in mileage. Am just following few guidelines which i read here and there for getting better mileage, even the experienced guys over here can help me out with this. The confort it is giving while taking turns is awesome. Hoping i made a right decision in buying this bike. 🙂

  • Dinu

    Im gonna buk a new Blue Fazer
    Doubtful about self strt alone
    nd headlight probz
    Can nyoone help me out of this?

  • suvi

    Hey Abhi….
    I am sorry… it was the comment from “chaitu on April 14, 2010 at 12:06 pm” just above urs…


    🙂 Hope u will have no complain now… and also you will not have any doubt about my English!!

    Have a nice day man!!


  • Abhi

    Don’t worry about having No kick start in the bike..The battery is just awesome …And both the head lamps can be simultaneously ON if you ask the dealer to do a small re-wiring…Its better to do that after your first service…The bike is just awesome…Go for it !

  • Abhi

    No problem man…Cool. 🙂

  • MJ

    Hey me just joined the Fazer club. Picked up a spanky new fazer blue colour today and what attention i got by other bike users. The pulsars were all saluting the big boss standing next to them.

    I guess there should be a fazer club for fazer owners in chennai.Anybody willing to start or join the club? Once bimonthly we should take a nice long ride to mahabs.

    Dont forget to leave your comments.


  • Abhi

    Hey MJ,
    I am from Chennai and I would love to join the club ! I own a Red fazer and it’s 20 days old ! :] Waiting to give it for my first service…!

  • MJ

    Hi Abhi,

    Sure we need to get a dozen people into this and take off.This bike rocks just the way karizma did way back in 2003. Am still wondering which is the best service centre to give in chennai. Atleast in other major cities the authorized service centers are screwing up the bikes and returning after service.

    Yamaha needs to go a long way for customer service and upgrade its technicians.

  • Abhi

    Yes you’re right..But what do you mean by Best service centre to give?? You mean after the free services we get from the showroom guyz? I still don’t know how Yamaha is when it comes to customer service…But yeah, we need upgrade technicians badly..I’m planning to fit K&N filters,Iridium Spark Plugs for my bike, after the first service….Do you know any good mechanic/shop for that??

  • Abhi

    Guyz..Does anybody know a solution to my problem?? My fazer is 25 days old and the Max speed I’ve touched so far is 62KMPH…Unfortunately, I’m getting a mileage of only 35KMPL..Can somebody tell me why am I getting only that much? I would be satisfied if I get 40KMPL..Will it improve after my First service…? Also, does anybody know about fitting K&N Filters and Iridium Spark Plug for Fazer?? I want to fit those for my Fazer after my first service..Any good shop/mechanic in Chennai?? Help.

  • MJ

    Hey Abhi no new bike is gonna give you great mileage and ofcourse we have not got a fazer for mileage right!!! This bike gives any where between 35 to 40. Mileage is gonna improve only after 1k kms. Dont put K&N filters and jack your warranty on the bike.
    Yamaha is still new in the segment and is not as renowned as her honda and honda hence we require warranty on these bikes.
    Enjoy your bike the way it is meant. Where do you stay by the way? i live in egmore. mail me @


  • Abhi

    Yo MJ,
    You’re right. We haven’t got a Fazer for Mileage…We’ve got it cuz its the sexiest bike in the country !! But I was worried cuz I thought there’s something wrong only with my bike..Anyways, does fitting K&N Filter void my warranty? I thought K&N was a renowned brand for air filters and Yamaha doesn’t void your warranty ?? What about the iridium spark plugs?? It improves the performance to a great extent…Btw I live in Anna Nagar..My e-mail address is
    Mail me.

  • MJ

    Hi guys.In CHENNAI which yamaha authorized service centre is the best? Any comments or past experiences you had with the dealers? I need to give my bike for its free service.

  • sadham

    It’s perfect bike to ride…nice and perfect road grip tyre and also asexiest bike

  • Anup

    Hey guys need help.
    Today i met wit an accident and the front doom is damaged.(indicator,console and headlights are fine). Any idea how much it will cost for replacing the doom. I am from bangalore.

  • Prashant

    hi friends,plz help me with this.
    1.does the LED position which is available for FZ,be fitted to fazer?
    2.does it consumes more power than normal position light?
    3.from where to get it and whats its cost?
    PLZ provide me answers.thanks

  • anirudh

    hi guys
    read all the above reviews,
    and would be going to book the bike quite soon
    the reason for going is for its drop dead killer looks *& the exclusivity that it provides

    bur before that
    i have some queries which have not been asked, which i would like to clarify before going for the bike

    1. will i be able to handle the bike (as this would my first bike & would be learning to ride on it, previously i have rode active for 2.5 yrs )

    2. how good are the shock absorbers on potholes (since mumbai can have worst roads ever imagined)

    3. how is the tyre’s performance on wet roads, tarmac & concrete ( as the rains are approaching soon & i would be new driver )

  • masum

    hi all. thanks for your precious comments and reviews. I had a pulsar 150. Recently i have sold that, for high maintenance cost and unreliability. Two times my bike have stopped in the road, and i had to sweat a lot to get it home. Even though, still i miss my pulsar. Now i want to buy Fazer 150. After reading lot of reviews i have taken this decision. Now i want some answer of my question. I will be glad if u assist.

    Q1. My height is 6 feet, will this bike suit me?
    Q2. How many valves are there in fazer 150? Cos in some site i have seen, fazer has 2 valves and some telling 4.
    Q3. Fuel consumption?

    @Nishanth … I like you Comment very much. I miss my dad a lot.
    Thank you all….

  • Ankit

    well hello everyone…i got a yamaha fazer just 2 months back…i wanted to add K & N filters…and an iridium plug…and abs….can anyone tell me where can i get them in correct price available in mumbai….i live in chembur….plzzz….ASAP

  • vivekanandan

    Hi Guys Im Vivek. Iam Going to buy yamaha Fazer midnight Black.
    Pls help me how is it for riding. Is there any mileage problems and how is it handling on road and in the streets.
    What is the advantage of fazer and disadvantage. Is there any starting problems and if we go above 80 or 90 km speed is it vibrating and how is the disc brakes. It is skiding, or jumping. about light and engine problems…. Pls help me Guys…..

  • Ankit

    hey vivek,dude i got the yamaha fazer..midnit black….it’s awesome….it’s a head turner….it’s the best color among all,well when it goes above 80 till 90 u will get no feeling of vibrations…but it depends in which direction the wind is going….otherwise everything is awesome…it took me 3 months to decide…i am a college goer…so my choice was b/w pulsar220,karizma ZMR,fazer…bajaj truly sux in future bcoz of servicing probs…karizma zmr price is little high…and 30K just for paint jobs is foolish…fazer’s engine is awesome…no skidding probs till now….be sure to have leg guard….and be sure to read the instructions…my height is 6.3 and weight is 90kg…no problem till now…the only 1 disadv is it’s rear seat …quite small.only a size 0 babe can sit (lolzz)…overall it’s an awesome package….

  • Ankit

    mileage deoends on how u manage ur bike,i mean gear changing and all…it gave me 50 initially…now i guess 45…after 700km tho…now i have ridden around 950km something…

  • Ankit

    i wanted to ask is there any harm to the performance of my bike if i added K*N filter and an iridium plug…and abs …to my bike i mean with mileage…plzz help me out…

  • nameet

    Hi all,I am one of the proud owner Of Blue fazer its the best color among all i guess, I have a query head lights not sufficiently bright.planning to change.can i attached a kick to Fazer i am tense if one day i am in hurry and my battery is not powered enough to start my do i start in manually any ideas guys.Looks are ossam Bikes gets 10/8

  • SUVI

    Hey Nameet,
    Earlier Even i had a doubt about the “Kick start” thing. But, I just thought for a while about the BRAND YAMAHA. They are not here to make people Fool. They have designed it in a way that nothing goes wrong and have come up with a Great quality product. Just remain Bindas.. and enjoy the bike. Dont ever bring those thought in your mind … I have been using this Bike since last october and believe me till date… whatever may be the weather conditions it has never made to push the Start button more than once. In just one press it Roars…..;-). And if at all after 2-3 years it gives you trouble once. Just push the vehicle for 2-3 meter and put it in gears it will 100 % start. No worries and no harm in doing so.


  • dhirendra

    i have little doubt for buying bike.
    i confused bet fazer and cbz-extreme?

  • Srinivas

    Dude, Go for Fazer. CBZ-Extreme no where stands better than Fazer. Yamaha is always know for looks, great pickup & performance engine but mileage sucks.

    If ur really looking for these then go for Yamaha Fazer. u will be assure u wont be disappointed.

  • dhirendra

    thanks,4 help!
    how much it’s mileage in city/high way?
    i heard that it’s(fazer) maintanance is high,true?

  • dhirendra

    plz give me reply!
    what is fazer’s mileage(average) on city/highway road?
    it’s maintanance is high?

    • Riyaj

      Fazer accurate miallege is 25-30 kmpl
      If you dont want average
      Gowith this bike its 2good for ride

  • Roshan

    Hi Guys Pls help me to know about fazer. How is it? What is the milege. i want to know about yamaha fazer midnight black. Pls help me guys?

  • mohit

    @Roshan: You can definitely go for the bike. My friend owns one and i am going to have one. I currently own a Honda Unicorn so i know what smoothness of the engine, ride quality, slick gearbox and handling of a bike means. The Unicorn excels in these departments. Fazer comes very close to Unicorn in this respect. It is a very sexy bike. Go for it.
    I have some points to put here-

    1. The bike can be started without the self-start too, by dragging it a little and releasing the clutch.

    2. It has got a very comfortable riding posture.

    3. The instrument console backlight is controlled by a sensor which automatically lights it up in the dark!

    4. Healthy riding will result in a mileage of 45-50 Kmpl

    5. Don’t go for alteration in the headlights. The company guys are not fools.

    6. The visor is divided into six detachable parts.

    7. The mirrors are the sexiest among the lot, even better than the r15!

    8. The rear tire is radial+tubeless which makes it very light(which is good).

    9. This is not meant for touring. Enjoy it in the city.

    Hope this helps you 😉

  • fazer

    the bike is too worst to ride it will turn off while running the service advisor at perfect riders bangalore even changed the carb but no use

  • Uday

    Dude.. I am riding the bike from past 4 months and i faced that once but the problem was the choke was on.. I didnt checked that and after or before that i never had that problem till now..
    The bike is too good dude.. dont tell any thing..
    how much u rode the bike.. ?

  • masum

    hi…i have a fazer 150. bought it in last 5 June 2010. everything of this bike is awesome except mileage. Guys you will not believe i am getting only 25 kmpl. “25” … please someone tell me what can i do…. i ride 1200 km only…

  • sunil

    hi dudes iam a proud owner of YAMAHA FAZER iam from vizag, AP.
    Most of u say that we can buy better performence bikes like karizma and pulsar 220 for 80 grands thats right but what is the use of buying the same old lifeless bikes with no good looks YAMAHA FAZER offers better looks comparing to any other bikes in the market 80ks is not a big price we should give it for its awesome looks and YAMAHA known for its quality and reliability no other bikes can stand with YAMAHA’s quality no matter its made of 225 or 220 cc engines

    may be other bikes can move faster and can gain top speed more than YAMAHA it dosnt matter ultimately the winner is the one who reaches the end point of the race without any problems in the bike(technically) YAMAHA will assure that

    good luck for all yamaha users

    and about the milage posted by masum on July 27, 2010 at 6:57 pm dont drive the bike like a small baby drive it with passion
    iam getting a mileage of 40-45kmpl in economy
    and an awesome mileage of 57kmpl if driven at speeds of 70-100kmph try it go for high speeds in highways and check ur mileage i assure u that u ill be satisfied

    good luck drive safe

  • Aadhithya

    Hi Guys,I have decided to guy FAZER but bit scared about mileage but its very sexy bike i ever seen.Can any body suggest me which is the good show room to buy the bike so that i can get good service too.I stay in bangalore.Please suggest.

  • Ankur

    Hi… If you are considering the bike only for mileage then please set your priorties right. It depends upon your driving skills specially with this bike because mileage varies from 28 kmpl to 44 kmpl. Overall i like this bike because of comfort factor and ofcoure great looks.
    There is a dealer named Orion Motors on Hosur Road in front of Forum Mall. I bougth the bike from them early this year and have not had any issues with their service

  • Aadhithya

    Hi Ankur,

    If constently if i drive the bike 50-60km/hr then will i get the mileage 35-40 or should i drive still slow.Yes this bike is very confortable and it has great looks.even me will go to same and purchase but can you please confirm.really thank you so much for your help.

  • sdksri

    how can i keep both headlight on in same time?
    i heard that with the help of socket we can keep both headlight on,is that true?

    • Uday

      Hi sdksri,

      Yes there is way where in we can keep both the head lights on. You can contact the technician when u gave the bike for servicing. Yamaha officially will not let us to do it, and even it might avoid the warrenty rules. So decide if u really need that. I never bothered about the speed limit for me the avg varies from 33 to 35. I bought Blue Fazer this march in Hyderabad till now i didnt faced any problem. Yesterday itself i had made some radium stickering to the wheels and it seems much more beautiful.

  • ganesh

    hi i have purchased yamaha fazer on 2010 jan in my bike fuel indicater problem till date i gone to showroom to repair that but is its not take any serius repair they are irritateing me on every serviceing time and my bike milege also very low per ltr 32km it will come so please suggest me i sell the bike and go for karizma or unikorn

  • atul bafna


  • Vineeth

    Hi Guys, Thanks for your reviews.. I am planning to buy a Bike and my options are Fazer 150 & Avenger 220 & Bullet 350.. Could you please give you valuable suggestions.. That would be helpfull for me…. 🙂

    • Ganesh

      i think u go for Bullet now its very gud n also very demond for these kind f bikes ….

  • jesbar

    yahama fazer for not everyone..its special bike for special pepole guys.i really proud to own a FAZER.

    • Anup

      Rightly said 🙂

  • Francis


    I have a Yamaha Fazer midnight black can someone tell me is it necessary to use YAMALUBE engine oil for the bike. Can’t we use any other engine oil such as Castrol, etc…

    Does anybody know a good dealer who teflon coating in mumbai and someone who is good in understanding with the electrical system of the bike to make both the headlamps switch on.

    • sdksri

      both light can keep on with the help of socket?
      4 that ask your bike dealer!

  • Ganesh

    hai….anybudy please tell me the yamaha good service center near old airport Road r anywer in bangalore my milege is to less per ltr 30 is coming so please tell me wat to do for this……..


  • I booked Yamaha Fazer (Midnight Black) a week ago. The showroom guys said that the bike will be delivered by month-end. I plan to take the delivery on 01/01/11. This is my first bike. I’m going to learn to ride bikes on this. I hope everything goes well. I’ve some queries, which I hope will be cleared by experts/owners.

    1. Shoud I fit saree guard and crash guard from the showroom itself because the guys are quoting a price of Rs. 950 for both.

    2. Is the saree guard really necessary because I’m a college going boy and I won’t take my mom for a ride.

    3. Where should I attach my helmet after parking. I don’t intend it to carry it everywhere.

    Any tips for a newbie?

    • Vijay

      @Dnyanesh Mankar, the accessories were free from Yamaha. So u’ve to bargain with them. I’ve got crash bar, indicator buzzer & ladies footrest for free.

  • Suvi

    Hello Dnyanesh Mankar,

    Here goes answers for few of your questions.
    # Saree guard not really required if you are college goer. Your girlfriend will not wear saree I assume. And you said you are not taking your MOM for a ride too.
    # I would suggest you to go for a crash guard. It protects the front doom. Without a crash drive if your bike skids. Minimum you may have to pay some 1000-2000 rupees for the replacement of the parts of the doom. Its better to choose the good looking crash guard than to pay big amount later.
    # They have a Helmet lock below the seat. You can use that if you are comfortable to open the seat again and again. It should not be a problem if you are used to it.

    Congrats for your New bike!!
    Have fun driving the beast!!

    Suvi (Suvranshu)

    • Thanks Survi.

      A few more queries.

      1. I’ve seen people using Saree guard to lock their helmet. Is it okay to do so?

      2. The headlight issue seems to be very prominent with the owners. Is it recommended to rewire the electricals and use both headlights? I think Yamaha must have thought about it and made the decision of using only one headlight at once.

      3. Can we change the stock battery to a higher capacity one to accommodate HID Lamps and other features? How much will it cost?

      4. I am planning to install ABS on my bike? Will it void the warranty and will it affect my driving/handling?

      5. Recommend me some good cover for my bike to keep it protected from sunlight and dust.

  • Suvi

    Hello guys,

    Does anyone have any idea about the parts replacement thing for what Yamaha has sent a SMS to all. Some TOROSON SPRING related issues.


  • viki

    hi this fazer bike looks awesome………

  • saeed mehran

    Getting only 30km.ltr in yamaha fazer limited edition…what should be the riding speed to get good milege in this bike

    • Francis


      If you are speeding your biking above 60’s then t would kill your performance (mileage). Maintain a seed between 45 to 55 and you would see a lot of difference. I had faced the similar problem initially and after the 2nd service I have restricted my speed limit and speed up only if required.

      Let me know if it makes a difference. All the best and keep touring…

  • deepak

    dear saeed,
    You didnt hav mentioned your riding speed.And mileage depends on the riding speed,riding style and gear getting over 45 to 50 per litre.Mantain speed average of 55-60 n u will satisfied.

  • saeed mehran

    Friends appreciate your response.OK my riding speed is 45- 55 km. max..i never raise above 60 km at any point of time. and my gear shift pattern is 0-10 ( 2nd gear ), 20-30 ( 3rd gear ) , 30 – 35 ( 4rth gear ) and 40- 45 (5th gear ) of this i get only 30 km/ltr..i have also reduced my bike idling coz it was consuming more fuel.Just this Nov my bike became 1 year old. but at time’s i change the pump where i re-fuel. sometimes Indian oil, sometimes hp. please also suggest best petrol to check difference if it helps

    • deepak

      Dear saeed,
      mine byk also cmplted its 1st b`day dis october.Yamah gus must have instructed u not rise the accelarator more or beyond 50 before the first servicing.had u mantained it.And lastly i am always going for INDIAN OIL,let u tek d chance.And if possible take advice from yamaha guys.

    • Francis

      Hi Saeed,

      For gear shifting I suggest that do not use half clutch while shifting gears and use the following speed limits as per the gears you are riding on

      0 to 10 kms / hour speed – 1st gear
      11 to 20 kms / hour speed – 2nd gear
      21 to 30 kms / hour speed – 3rd gear
      31 to 49 kms / hour speed – 4th gear
      50 and above – 5th gear

      This is the riding pattern which i follow see if it helps.

      Also go for only synthetic engine oil of Yamalube, Motolube or Castrol

      Petrol high octane petrol such as Speed, Power is good enough…

  • saeed mehran

    Really Appreciate your quick response friends. Any how i will check the gear shift pattern and see if it makes a difference. Can i know if there is any other related reason for mileage drop. Well i just had 1 doubt. As mentioned
    0 to 10 kms / hour speed – 1st gear
    11 to 20 kms / hour speed – 2nd gear
    21 to 30 kms / hour speed – 3rd gear
    31 to 49 kms / hour speed – 4th gear
    50 and above – 5th gear .. but i find that in 40 – 43 bike asks for 5th gear. Should i compulsorily wait till i reach 50 on my meter.

    @ Deepak as you said ” not to rise the accelerator more or beyond 50 before the first service “. Does this really make a difference, and if so what is that and is there any way to correct from the damage caused.

    Basically as all of you and my friends told to check with Yamaha service center guys regarding these points but when i checked with them they tell it will give only 30 km/ltr, so i was not really convinced as my friend also told he was getting around 40 km/ltr. Now i feel like i am in a trap. I don’t find any complain in my new bike. And have maintained it real well. Please advice.

    • deepak

      dear saeed,
      As i knw from yamaha guys..if u r crossed the barrier b4 the first servicing the new engine is putted in the form of racing.Inspite of that try to follow the gear-shifting pattern as prescribed and check is it improving.

  • saeed mehran

    @ Deepak. Many Tanx for your response. I was a bit confused with Putting of the engine to racing engine. What does that actually mean and is there any way to correct such failure or will it have any effect on the bike performance and life.

    • deepak

      dear saeed,
      I get som advices from my yamaha friends..luk for som points and in4m me.

      01.k.m u hav cmplted
      02.check out for chain & socket(cleaned or not and lubricacy)
      03.have u cleaned/changed the air-filter.
      04.tyre-pressure mek a diff. in mileage.(frnt-28,rear-33/35)
      05.go for good oil.
      06.keep habit of driving 45–55 for cpl of days.

      And any type of confusion..Feel Free to share.

  • saeed mehran

    @ Deepak. Appreciate your response. I was a bit confused with Putting of the engine to racing engine. What does that actually mean and is there any way to correct such failure or will it have any effect on the bike performance and life.

  • deepak

    dear saeed,
    Please go through my comments wht i adopt from yamaha guys.And check if it helps you.

    • viki

      hello deepak my fazer bikes gives trouble in early morning..can you suggest me wat to do………………

      • deepak

        dear viki,
        wat typ f prblm ur facing.

      • viki

        during early morning there is a problem.. my bike didnt get started.. i got on last month ly.its gives daily problem on starting.. what is the problem behind this

  • saeed

    @deepak.. Hope you are doing well. After riding the bike in the said gears and speed i think my milege is still dropped to 30/ltr.. i m really feeling bad.. Please help..

  • Roy

    Hey Guys,
    I am an 18 year old NRI return, and havent been use-to to bikes. I have been travelling in car all around back in my country, but to travel in car in india is not feasible and convenient. I would like to travel to college on my bike. I am a safe driver and not much of a biker kind. I am looking for a decent 150 cc bike and would want your help. I want to have a bike for good mileage and some decent looks. Not so much power will also be fine. I intend to go to college on it so i dont think i need so much power in it. I want a bike that doesnt pinch my pocket with maintenance. I have shortlisted some bikes and would want your opinions. Would love to get help from all of you who have written above.

    In honda- Honda Unicorn Dazzler (150cc)
    In Yamaha – Yamaha Fazer, FZ-16 (not so keen), and Yamaha YZF R 15
    Hero Honda – CBZ and Hunk (not so keen)
    Bajaj – Pulsar 150

  • hi viki dont worry 4 starting probelm i havu one suggestion plz note down when u start early morning that time u use choke only after u not worried so u follow to early every morning ok bye…

  • Madhu

    Guys!!! Its been a week tht I started driving Fazer !!
    Been through some of the reviews here.. If ppl complain of fazer that it has ntng new than fairing.. I dunno wat Karizma ZMR has got?!? To me, look-wise Karizma ZMR is nothing bu a passion/splendour with a so called stylish and a really huge fairing..

    otherwise very small sized tyres.. To the contrary, Fazers’ tyres let u feel a great grip and u can be confident abt it not skidding tht easily !!

    I wasn’t much delighted wen booking..
    But I must say, a ‘special’ feel for my bike has been increasing ever since i started driving it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Uday

    My Dear Yamaha Fellow members,

    It’s been around 8 months since i started riding my Blue Fazer. I am not that used to bikes before i bought this beauty. I had been to a long drive to my home town 320KM. Total ride was awesome with this cool bike. No problem no where.. Even on 115Kmph bike is so cool and the coolest thing is it gace me 115kmph only at 8500 rpm. Yeah there are few issues like small pilion seat, mileage and all.. Bike is mostly for me there will be rare chance of me getting accompained in my rear seat, it might be bit problem with family ladies but for rest of all its awesome bike. And coming to mileage initially when i bought it never gave me more than 33.. But now i am getting 37 and the max i got was 41.. I asked to the servicing guys to check for that and i got bit better mileage… Comfort that this bike gives is not comparable i guess.. People who are still thinking to buy or not just take a test ride of the other option and Yamaha.. You will definately choose yamaha.. And for the rest of the fellow yamaha members.. Have a Happy Riding.. 🙂

  • JigSaw


    Man dont compare ZMA with fazer. at least it is not passion/splendor with fairing. Remember ZMA has more power and top speed with the same fuel efficiency which your Fazer gives.first take a ride of any bike and then pass coment here.

    LOL 🙂

  • Madhu

    I read “To me, look-wise Karizma ZMR is nothing bu a passion/splendour with a so called stylish and a really huge fairing..”

    Please read my comment properly before posting ur so called sarcastic comments 😀
    My point was ‘look-wise’. I dint talk power, top spped bla bla bla, did I?

    Anyways, Fazer is special to me 🙂

  • I am proud to say that i am an owner of Yamaha Fazer midnight special edition. A perfect bike that i ever wanted.

  • GMNK

    Hey guys thanks for an awesome info sharing blog I am planning to go for Fazer, my priorities are 1.Looks 2. Maintainence factor 3. Price

    Is Fazer the bike or Apache or the pulscar…all m worried about Fazer is the front Headlights.

  • Due to Headlight only Fazer is outstanding & thats what i wanted but if it was same like R!% would have been better. Realy power is a big minus point for Fazer 150 should be 250 cc.

    • babu

      yes thats right, but why u want that much speed like bengaluru traffics. tell na

      • My friend i am not from Bengaluru but from Kottayam, Kerala.

  • manjunath

    Hi visal

    i read almost your replays verywll !!!!
    can you tel me the total cost of fazer on road in bangalore (with accessories )
    what is the round figure


    • babu

      87500… dont very go for fazer, yes yamaha

  • anirudh pramanik

    hi all this is Anirudh from Kolkata, i m now planning for new bike, dis will be mine first 1, so very very confused about technicalitites,
    i shortlisted p220/fazer/fzS/apache 160

    however my eyes stucked 4 fazer, its an angle !
    i heard that fazer has tubeless tyres, is it true?
    is it good for city? coz i m not speed frenzy, 40-60km is sound speed 4 me,
    1 more thing will it more costly against regular maintenence,,
    i personally g 4 fazer/fz S, plz suggesst.

    • John

      dear Anirudh, Go for the new FZS… its better in cutting curves ,better in pick, better in mileage compared with Fazer. if you really wish to get a sporty long ride look, but do not really care about the little variation in performance nd mileage, go for Fazer. i like the new white fazer! But if you wish to dash through the heavy traffic like a fast snake, get the FZs! it has the royal off road look!! remember, if u ever happened to get ur fairings of Fazer damaged by any little crash, U can claim only the 40 percent of fiber fairings via insurance. but no need to worry about that in FZS. Fzs simply gives you an international fz series look! i always prefer yamaha! and now i personally recommend you the stunning FZs!! All the best

    • kranthi

      hi,fazer and fz are same bikes,,,but only difference between those bikes is front headlamp dome….just look difference and specifications are same….

  • Chinmay

    hi everyone,
    I am planning to buy this fazer in few weeks time.I have some queries regarding it.

    1.on road price in mumbai?

    2.i am 6 ft tall and 76 kgs.Will i have any problem while controlling(parking,balancing) the bike?(noob in bike riding,just started riding my father’s kawasaki bajaj which is 22 year old :p)

    3.what milege will it give,if i am riding it at 40-50 kmph in a moderate traffic conditions(mumbai roads),20km/day aprox. ?? is the servicing provided by yamaha?

    5.are saree gurad and crash guard come free?or i have to pay for them separately?

    hoping to see your replies because i am just waiting for these queries to get answered before i can ride this beast.

    Thanks & Best Regards..

    • babu

      in bengaluru 87500.
      Dont very 100% you will learn every thing once you buy the bike.
      im using same bike getting 40 kmpl, rpm should be five to six.
      what a silly, yamaha is no 1 in india. dont very about service.
      saree guard free crash guard you should buy

  • DjFrosT

    if u want performance Dazzler and Fz-s is better than Fazor anytym everytym
    and if u want looks thn fazor is better selection.
    fazor 0-60 …6seconds
    fz-s 0-60….5.2 seconds
    dazzler 0-60…5.3 seconds
    fazor is like a girl which has beauty bwt not brain….fazor has terrific looks bwt not performance and spare parts are costly…..i wud like to say if have aukad of 73k thn go for pulsr 220 fastest indian bike which touches 149
    fz and fazor has same engine everything same…changes are tyres are wider and they have added fairing which adds 6kgs more.
    if u want silent and stable@topspeed thn Dazzler is the Choice

  • hritik


    there is no comparison between bikes u mentioned above……if u hav da budget then go for R15….it beats da hell outta each n every bike in indian market apart frm superbikes

  • babu

    hi to all,

    I’m realy crazy about fazer last month i purchase the fazer bike its realy fantastic look and grip im leaving in bengaluru traffic why u want speed yar when im riding the bike feeling so well, thanks to yamaha for giving like this type of bike to us. no doubt look wise, grip wise, karizma,apachie, and pulser nil 100%. go for yamaha, engine is no1 in india.

  • Chinmay


    thank you for your help… 🙂 I have booked it already on 2nd march,they have given me a 30 days waiting still 2 weeks to go

    • babu

      congratulation dude,

  • yo man

    I am riding pulsar 135 for the past 1 year & I dont know why people buy a 150-160 bike.
    I was in a similar dilemma but p135 lived even better to my expectations…

    1.Superb performance- Blasting pickup & 125 kmph (speedo)
    2.Good handling.
    3.Great looks (subjective)
    4.Great features
    5.Lower price 60k
    6.Satisfactory quality & finish
    7.Most imp – 58 kmph in city !!!

    What else do you want guys .

    • Althaf

      Please note pulsar & Speedo meter is a lie….

      i have a fazer competition white. one fellow rider with a 135 ls is overtake me, i went in a rush and i pass him, then i smiled and slow down and he came near me. we were goin ilde with the smile and a chat, i check his speedo it shows 54 KMPH, but i mine is shows 47KMPH,

      then i checked in YOUTUBE a video shows pulsar and apache speedo runs till 178kmph

      so be aware of your speed

      (type pulsar speedo go crazy) – in you tube

      also dude No Offence

      i like the 135 LS but i feel its too thin and also another usual bike in town.

    • Althaf

      Relax and Comfortable ride with ZERO vibration….???

  • Ganesh

    Dear friends….
    I using Yamaha fazer last one year,anybudy knowns Good service center for yamaha bike anywer in not getting milege up to 27km.
    pls if any information pls msg me @9986646644

    • babu

      which area man, you will get service center in rajajinagar.

  • Chinmay

    its been a month since i booked the red fazer..but the yamaha guy has told me to wait more 🙁 .
    i have 1 question: i dont like the front number plate on the fairing,it completelty spoils the look of the bike.Can i use a number-sticker on the front mudguard instead of the plate?will this put me in RTO trouble?

    PS:I have seen a fazer with number sticker instead of the plate but, dont know about the RTO rule about it.


    • babu

      remove that number plate and put sticker cutting to that front mass

  • vivek

    Can sum1 tel me which is the best dealer in banglore nd hw much tym I would hav 2 wait 2 get the bike aftr I place the order.nd I also wantd to know if I would hav ny problms learnin 2 ride on the fazer as this is my first bike;-)

    • Ankur

      Hi Vivek

      I bought Yamaha last year Feb 2010. I did little bit of research on net and reviews as well and went for Orion Motors( Opposite Forum on Housur Road next to @home) . I am happy with my decision and overall my experience with them has been pretty good till now.. Touch wood…
      Fazer is first bike for me as well. So I would suggest you can go with them but again every person will have different experiences with the dealers till now my experience has been fine…

      • Ankur

        Sorry missed on your second query for the waiting time to get the bike.. I was lucky one I got the bike on the day I gave the money so not sure whether there is any wait till if the stocks are available.

  • sriram

    Hey, the review was good. as mentioned it has dual headlights. Fine with that. But, does these headlights have different controls or the same. I mean, can you dim one headlight while the other is dipped?

  • sriram

    Does this have pilot lights?

  • vivek

    Oh!thnx ankur

  • vivek

    Hey I also wanted 2 know what the onroad price in banglore is including all the paper work nd all:-)

  • anirudh pramanik

    hi every body i too owned this beast for 2 months and believe me you do noy regret it aftr, but i found there is 1 advisable improvement, on HIGH BEAM, DIPPER CANT WORK, its risky specially on highways, if any 1 has ans for it plz help me

  • newbie

    want 2 know what the onroad price in Delhi/NCR
    thx in advance 🙂

  • newbie

    is there any site frm where i can price quotes(Delhi/NCR) of fazer?

  • rohit

    i got the new yamaha fazer black-green…and am tellin u its d best bike i’ve seen till date……swesome,grip,decent and stylish ride many more advantages more than i cud describe… a proud owner of my fazer and shez nearly 27days old nw….super bike…

  • ben

    Can any one tell me what the approx price of the fazer body color kit will cost as i would like to change the color of my bike.
    apart from being a nice bike I do find the fazer underpowered, any news of any power upgrade kits from yamaha or any other legal kits ?
    Tks guys.

  • Jaice

    Wow , thanks for the comment i buying new fazer on july

  • siddu

    super byk

  • John

    Go for the new FZS… its better in cutting curves ,better in pick, better in mileage compared with Fazer. if you really wish to get a sporty long ride look, but do not really care about the little variation in performance nd mileage, go for Fazer. i like the new white fazer! But if you wish to dash through the heavy traffic like a fast snake, get the FZs! it has the royal off road look!! remember, if u ever happened to get ur fairings of Fazer damaged by any little crash, you can claim only the 40 percent of fiber fairings via insurance. but no need to worry about that in FZS. Fzs simply gives you an international fz series look! i always prefer yamaha! and now i personally recommend you the stunning FZs!!

    • Rohan

      Fazer looks 10 times better than FZS..and Fazer gives you international Fazer look

  • jimmy

    i own a fazer but when people say good thing about this i often get surprized. Here is why, the tyre is tubeless but not puncture resistant. I have suffered from atleats fifty puntures in my one and half year riding..and it have i should say no grip in dusty roads. The battery should have been little more powerfull cause self start is not all that reliable.. When it comes to the finishing yamaha should have been lil bit carefull with its weilding.
    And here are some good things about fazer, comfort,milage,style, love this bike when it clocks over 120km.. Still engine doesnt tell you anything. It is definately a better choise than pulser and apache, may be not karizma. Any given day i bet my life on fazer than on any other bike.. After 15500 km on my fazer i am sure about that… Go if you love touring go if you love styling go if are an yamaha fan.. Thank you.

  • Ajithkumar

    pls replay for fazer original millage

  • vimal

    wow…thanx guys….u all rock….i was always and m still a fan of yamaha…!!!

    but m confused between hunk and fazer… height is 5’10 so which one will suit me more???…which one should i go for???? plz help bros..!!

    also can u suggest perfect gear shift pattern for fuel management??…..thanks..

    • Althaf

      Obviesly FAZER….

      Hunk just another crap from HERO

      But fazer is YES YAMAHA

  • aryan

    plz judge me in buying karizma-zmr, r, and
    yamaha fazer, give me particular reasons

  • Rana Rajputana

    Fazer is awesome bike
    1.its twin head lamps looks very cool at night and gets more attraction than any other bike.
    2.Its rear type makes its looking heavier from back.
    3.It has good balance on road .
    4.Good milage around 40 in city..
    So friends don be confused Go for it and say

  • kranthi

    Hi,Iam kranthi….I want to buy either yamaha fazer or karizma zmr……which is best?????here the thing is fazer is good but its price is 90000 which is very high in 150cc segment….Is it that much worth?
    karizma zmr price is 110000 which is 225cc….Iam very much confused on which bike I have to buy…..please suggest me ASAP………………

    • where it is 90000 i m from Chandigarh and here it is just 72000 i think if u should go for Fazer u can see new colors at Yamaha website…

      • kranthi

        Rs.72,000??? is it onroad price or showroom price?

  • prabhu

    Very good bike .i never seen ,please try with this bike

  • Arnav

    Some says it’s pickup is not so good even they called it power less machine,and some says it has a very good power with great pickup,i m confused..Plz help me owners of fazer,tell me whats the truth…

  • Arjun

    every one have there own perceptions and have respective requirement.
    My requirement is looks, decent mileage and touring (in small range)
    So Fazer is the best bike for me….
    It has stunning style.
    40+ mileage.
    and 153CC decent enough to tour.
    Note: someone told carrying bag while tour is a problem, but dude trust me u pick any bike u ll face tht prob. more over fazer is a genX bike for a couple….

  • Rahul

    Fazer just rocks big time… I got my bike last week and the riding experience is just too good…. Kudos to Yamaha for such a superb bike…

    I am a proud owner of The Blan Cyber Green Fazer… 🙂

  • Ishant

    Yesterday i went to yamaha showroom,and i asked about the price ,they told me Rs 83250 on road,delhi, Then I asked them, “Why there is no blue variant of fazer? All i can see is Black Green,Red&White one” He told me that they had stopped producing Blue Fazer,i was so shocked,i went thr to buy blue one ,other colors are also good but i just want blue..Wtf!!! how could they do this.

  • prashant

    dude’s gimme a solution!! i luv this byk!!! m gonna buy it!! bt tnis petrol hike will affect our capitation!!! how abot its milege

  • rohit

    i donno wat others think but am a proud owner of the yamaha fazer lemme tell u i accept that the value of money is bit of the chart for this beast but certainly u’ll fall in love wid her not only the looks as well as she has a smooth ride and much more i cant express the joy of riding a fazer and i wud bet all the fazer owners hell yeah wud be with me on dis one and between i heard someone saying dey cud buy a pulsar or a karizma R in this price well i dnt deny that fact but for all the speed demons yes u want a higher cc bikes at d same cost yup u cud choose another one but tell me one thing fazer goes to a max speed of 115kms/hr u think in indian roads u cud go more faster than that ???? i mean cum’n guys wats d point karizma r and pulsar carry a speed more dan fazer agreed but still how fast wud u go on these ******* roads?? even mileage is reasonable for fazer the best bike…probably yamaha u guys rock!!

  • Imtiaz


    I think if Frazer had dual Disk brakes instead of one it would have been stunning. Whats your take?

    And why aren’t the Indian Manufacturers make Supermoto like Yamaha WR125X or enduro’s?

  • navenreddy

    It’s a have some bike with other 150cc engine bikes go for it no problem milege 49.50

  • Murali

    Please can some one help me, I was actually planning to take a Fazer but i saw some of the bikes on rode driven by some of riders, the condition of he bikes were pathetic, the body was scratched and dusty. i was unfortunately into a situation where i decided not to take the bike and go for some other bike. i was thinking can any one who is already having fazer , does your bike doom and body get scrathes easily or you can maintain the good look ?

  • Sri

    Your work with the others have been outstanding in this website.I am doubted weather to get a R15 or Fazer….As fazer is in my budget,but R15’s a bit more…

    Warm regards,

  • Prashant

    i m also going to purchase this bike after 2 months heard lot bout it and have a doubt of headlight but i m gonna buy this bike and vry exited just waiting of april

  • rakesh

    plz tell me which one is better fazer of hunk?

    • prakash om


  • Althaf

    Hi Fazer Lovers

    This is Althaf from Sri lanka, its been two weeks now, i own yamaha fazer competition white and im totally happy with it, earlier i had a pulsar about 3 months ago i bought it and sold it 3 weeks before. all this tention cost becouse of the stunning look of the fazer.
    the pulsar is a good bike with good pick up and perfomance even though its 150cc engine, but when i parked it its just another pulsar whcih is already 3 of ma neighbour has it.
    i was just rolling though yamaha showroom and i saw a white million dollor baby. nothing but the white fazer.
    i was a ratle snake though the traffic, when i see the front fairing i though i wont be able to go as i go in my pulsar, but even though becouse of it stunning and unique style i went for it, but wen i took it from the yard and coming through traffic about 5.00pm i was so supprised. im still a performer in the traffic, even though the fairing is miounted infront still you can go thourgh if you have the dimention and the guess in your head about the bike.

    when signal goes green i hardly see some bike next to me, also when ever i pass by a girl or a boy, child or a old, they all stare at my bike whcih put a smile on my face, which is own satisfaction. when i go though some series bends easily i simile without even knowing ma self. i love the tyre alot couse of handling.

    also there is no chance for skid or out of control in the bike is becouse its rock solid and damn stedy in the road and even in harsh breaking

    for all the FZ16 / FZ-S / FAZER guys out there, WE ARE BROTHER’s from ANOTHER MOTHER

    Keep rolling guys, be safe and enjoy your ride


  • lalit pagag

    no words to comment my fz-s

  • Mohammed Shabir

    good bike but not so good.

  • manish

    hey guys …
    i had buyied a brand new pulsar 180CC ……. I’AM TOTALLY sattisfied wth my desion ”””of taking pls ””””’bike i like frazer for it’s looks and handling it’ seeting comfort is vry poorrrrrr ‘yarrrrrrr —comparing pulsar 180 & frazer 150 it gives 35km/l both the bikes gives …the same avg………. bcoz … pls is of 180cc comparing frazer it’s cc power is lower than pls”’then also it gvs 35 — so in avg ——– pls is better””””( i lv frazer for her looks & pick up ) …

    • Malik

      Bhai..its Fazer..not Frazer 🙂
      I drove P220 and Fazer both. Riding comfort and handling was way better with Fazer.
      Fazer seat is designed for the rider comfort, not for the pillion.
      My Fazer just completed one year. It gives mileage of 40kmpl, even after constantly riding around speed of 70kmph.Couldn’t ask for more.

      Fazer rocks

  • raja06856

    The Fazer I’ve owned is the midnight black one. It’s just one week since, my life just changed. Every one who have enjoyed the test ride on it, just fall in love with the beast. People who cares 10000/- more price or little less in mileage or want to race, dont go for it. Who needs comfort, durable machine on long performance should have this animal. 50-60 km/hr is just like walking, if u want to run in smooth track u can go upto 90-100 km/hr.

    What a bike………..

  • Got MY Fazer in BLR white color….

    After reading so many reviews saying pickup is not good i still decided to buy fazer when i took it far a raid, i was amazed, pick up is not as good as pulsar but enough for heavy byk like this… fuel consumption is around ~45/ltr if u don’t riv the engine much.. highway it comes around ~50/ltr…

    Road grip is Amazing,best in 150cc class…

  • vimal

    booked my Cyber green model on last friday…….super excited….and have to wait for her for one week……(registration and all that crap)….. but guys tell me is there any additional display showing us the current mileage returnd by the bike, apart from trip,speed and RPM…???? i m sure i read it smwhere it displays the mileage….!! 🙂

  • kirtish

    its so safe in handling………….its HIGHWAY KING

  • Aditya

    I have owned fazer for gud 2 years and have clocked 22ooo km…. and i should say the bike is great… no major issues as such….
    The bike feels sluggish with a pillion rider and the quality of fairing provided is not upto the mark….. i have hit a top of 125 kmph and i travel daily around 75 km highway…(Noida-GR. Noida)…. the bike gets heated up easily which makes me to feel the lack of an oil cooled engine….

    Looks are awesome… the flickability and the stability is mindblowing and it hugs the roads….. i rev it very hard and frankly i shift the gears at 8000 rpm…. so fuel efficiency for me is around 30kmpl which looks decent…. and definately it is a head turner…!
    probably worth every buck spent!

  • d.neelram

    this is super looking like real sports bike and also looks like eagle eyes this bike gives mileage from 40-45 topspeed 110km

  • nanda

    i purchased this bike by liking its looks,after usage of 6 months i think that fazer is a waste bike in its range.very poor quality( but very high cost) plastics are used,even a small crash cost me around 40000(fourty thousand)to get it repair.but i purchased it in july and clocked around 8000kms.milage is preety good,i.e 40 kms and more .but top speed is just under 105 to will struggle in going further.having such a vide tyre the road grip is very less.the quality is very poor,just falling down on the road at a speed of 60 caused a damage worth 40000/-,its on road cost during my purchase is 92000/- in andhra i want to sell this bike.better going for fz-s,which cost u very less for damages.the showroom from where i bought the bike was in a small town where all the spares are no problem for availability for much better for city using due to its huge structure and mirrors.engine gets heated very quickly.light quality is better when we use both the single light it is very dull.yamaha doesn’t taken any care in the light quality of such a tourer.going for karizma r or zmr is quite better.

    • ARJUN

      I was waiting to see thing kind of a response from someone right u are absolutely right my friend also says bad stuff for this bike well to the extent he says why did he go for this and not the fzs that would have been much better.

  • A Singh

    I own a Blue FAZER since September, 2009 since it was launched… and I am still happy that I made a right choice.

  • Anubhav

    I booked new fazer in blue colour recently… tell me what about the colour…

    is any chances for its colour to be fed ???

  • Gani

    I like yamaha fazer soooooooo much.
    I already take’n this bike.
    it looking very good and stylish.
    fully road grip.
    this is the currect bike for youth.