I am not an expert biker or technical expert who can compare machines, but I can share a common mans thought about my new bike. I bought a Yamaha Fazer in the month of July 2009 just after its launch and I am also a proud owner of a RX100 for the last 17 years. I have been living abroad for the last 9 years and decided to change to a Yamaha product in this year since my RX100 needed a much deserved rest. I kept this machine running whenever I was on a vacation for a month in India.

Yamaha Fazer 150 Red Touring Spirit

Now coming to Fazer, I have to admit that this machine has been a dream one and the initial driving experience is the same as what I used to feel when I first rode a bike in my life a RX100 at the age of 23yrs. now I am 39. I should admit that living in Bangalore and with the two wheeler population there, the Fazer simply sails through the crowd. Forget speed! the vehicle is a eye catcher. Never in my life would I have got so much attention riding the Fazer through the roads, wherever it was parked you had someone gazing at it and asking for price and mileage. People couldn’t stop asking questions even when waiting at traffic signals.

Now apart from the look factor, I should simply say that the Fazer is too good for my back with the cool riding position. How many times you drive a whole day and at the end you do not feel the strain on your back? In fact I used to get stressed after long rides on my RX100. The transition of the gears shifting from each position is so smooth that you feel less discomfort even when you are forced not to use your heel. The vehicle never rocks at slower speeds and the wrong gear position, it allows you to change to the correct speed / gear ratio. The shock absorbers are meant for unexpected pot holes and you do not feel any discomfort when crossing them, The brakes are too good for unexpected surprises which is so common on our roads, I have not checked the mileage but when you fill the tank, the electronic fuel gauge seems to retract quite slowly and you feel you are getting a better ride for the fuel you put in.


Overall I think I am not too worried about being a speed maniac, its fun and cool to ride at a safe speed and this machine is for those like minded people. All the Indian bikes presently manufactured for us are meant for a normal city riding condition and I feel it is not necessary to over strain our bikes risk our life and others life just for the thrill. Otherwise my RX100 would still not be in such a fantastic riding condition even after 17 years.

I simply thought I will not compare brands in this message since, each company may have its products with advantages and disadvantages, it is finally upto a user to decide which model suits their style, working condition, useage. But I am so much love with the brand Yamaha that I simply cannot look at any other Indian motorcycle brand. I have seen so many comments of people comparing model to model and criticizing, but all these do not count when you ride a bike of your heart and this feeling cannot be expressed completely in words! Thanks Yamaha, keep up your good work.

– S.Y.Satish

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  1. Hey man…cant agrre more with u……….we share this joy of riding the fazer……..me have a black one…..dont worry…i m in mumbai so u still have the exclusivity factor 🙂

  2. Hi,

    My Fazer is just 21 days old.
    Amazing bike. Great Head-Turner.

    I’m getting millage now 42-43km/lt
    Its best when you operate this bike on limit 40-78 km/hr

  3. A very good distance cruncher you have..
    With long 17 years of “fill it, ride it..” Rx-100, I wouldn’t hesitate to comment on the -ve side of your new ride.
    I have read about new yamaha gladiator dumped in authorized service stations for more than a month pending parts availablity.
    For looks its fabulous.
    For “endurance, durability and quality” it simply looses the steam in every way.

  4. Himanshu: Pls tll me bout the top speed, mileage, acceleration and the on road price of this beauty .

    Top Speed: 132(Company) 122(I achived)
    I’m getting millage now 42-43km/lt
    Road Price: 78000 (On road / Kolkata)

  5. Another thing…I don’t like the positioning of the front number plates. I feel they just totally ruin the looks of the bike. (For those who don’t know its mounted between the headlights and the digital console.) I saw some guys have painted their number on the forward angle of the front mud-guard. I haven’t installed mine yet and I am still looking for other options..if anyone has better idea..please holler back.

  6. Hi,
    Got FZ16 a couple of days back…500km clocked went on a drive for abt 70 odd kms sorry to say but was bit disappointed my bike smoked in the hilly section…:( dont know why didnt go above 55kmph ever but it smoked.. also felt like it would lose power in the top gear…is there something i should get fixed or wht..? dont know but sure will get my first serviving in couple of days let hope they fix it
    happy ridding guys!!!

  7. Hi all,
    Can someone tell me that is there any difference Between FZ16 and Fazer in terms of performance, Pickup and topspeed. because i think the most common change is front mask rest of the body remains the same and i hope engine as well.

  8. Hai guys
    I love the bike(FAZER) more than anything , but fazer dosent have a self starter. What will happen if self fails in a remote area.

    please guys tell me what shall be done.

  9. Super bike lover: Hi all,Can someone tell me that is there any difference Between FZ16 and Fazer in terms of performance, Pickup and topspeed. because i think the most common change is front mask rest of the body remains the same and i hope engine as well.

    yes dude.. due to the fairing the aerodynamics hav improved a lot… making better performance, mileage, balance and top speed….

  10. Hey its Lovely Bike I purchase recently on 29th October 2009.. Its On road price is 83200/- in bangalore

    Its too cool while riding… much comfort.. Handling Superb, it doesnt have any disadvantage.. only issue is its side mirrors they are on the mask, u cannot control in traffic… Even u can remove and fix other mirrors to the handle.. Then it wil be cool…

    I suggest who are deciding to take dnt be late huy and grap it..

  11. Sreelal,

    Just go for Fazer… no other choice..

    I own Fazer and my Friend have Hunk.

    I ride both. Fazer riding experience is just incomparable.

    And the final thing is that its “REAL HEAD TURNER” All will look only at you.

  12. Hey guys,

    i feel the fazer would look sportier if it came with a lower two-piece Clip-on handle bar. What say??? Id also prefer 6 gears instead of 5.???

  13. I own Fazer. ODO: 1320KM / 3 Months

    Suddenly I noticed that the millage of my bike came down to 32-35, where till few days ago I was getting 44-48km/lt. And if I rev it after the speed of 70km/h the engine start to make huge noise 🙁
    (Though the respective RPM is normal with the speed, 70/6000RPM)

    Plz advice me what to do ???

  14. hey ali,
    i think the carburator is not tuned right.
    Let the good mechanic check it!
    I ‘m sure u will notice the significant change !!

  15. Bike is good but lacks when it comes safety first.

    No crash guards…. if by mistake bike falls on the road you end up paying huge compensation. since bike is sporty, people tend to drive it faster and when there is a crash from front side, i am not sure what will the position of our legs….

    Yamaha should really consider this issue….

    Price: 83K+ on road is too much for this bike… (no kick start, no crash guard, lack of space for pillion riders, lack of planning for placing front number plate, no rear disk break..)

  16. Hi Sathish I’m Raja. Just like you I am a proud owner of RX 100 for the past 20 years. Even though its old I can beat even Pulsar 150 on road with this little red cheetak. I’m going to get a new Fazer in 2010. I’ve been waiting for a sports bike model from Yamaha, since I’m an Yamaha lover. Hope this fazer will really rock.

  17. lame bike……

    no power……..not worth spending the bucks to get sumthing dat has such a big head….. i found d bike hopeless……
    betta to buy RTR 180……..or Pulsar 180

    o betta wait fo d new Pulsar 200

  18. bakwass bike hai yamaha fazer coze of its petrol tanki.
    are yaar plastic ka bana hua hai. agar mera Karizma ZMR ek dhakaa maar diya na toh yamaha Fazer ki what lag jae gi….

  19. @Nitish
    RTR 180 suckk to the core but Pulsar is obivously good

    ZMR bakwas bike hai!!!
    it hardlt gives u mileage and dont compare to fazer!! PLEASE!!!
    My cousine owns it .. it is not so good as FAZER!!!

  21. Yes to Yamaha, i have just completed my 3649 K.M trip with this bike in last 8 days and guys i got the unaccepected perfomance from this bike. This bike is awesome for long tour hence my friends karizma ZMR got failed on some points but FAZER was performing like KING OF THE ROAD. Thank’s to YAMAHA people to make it.
    if you people d’nt belive in this then please i prefer to check it your ownself.

  22. Gentlemen: you astound me!!!

    I just read the various reports, very interesting indeed, and making me feel more and more about buying this Fazer, but what is really incredible is that you, guys, do not have an idea of how lucky you are to pay SO LITTLE for your bikes!!! For God’s sake, men: you pay ONLY 1,800 US Dollars for a brand new Fazer!

    I am in Vietnam. Wages are not higher – even lower – than in India for “middle class” employees, and you know how much is a Fazer here, with the enormous import taxes etc… that we have: 4,500 US Dollars!!! Spare parts: nil!

    And we have no choice!!! Besides the usual Honda and other 1100 to 125cc. little commuters (a Honda air blade costs >2,000 US Dollars), all we can find that looks a bit like a real bike are those trouble making Chinese bikes, looking sometimes like beasts but with a 125 to 150cc. engine only, like the 150 Regal Raptor (3,000 US Dollars) for example, or 20 years old , 100,000 km 125 Hondas for 3,000 USD and 250s for 4,000!
    So, compared with these antiquities, the India made Fazer is an acceptable price at…200,000 Rs!!! Yes: Two Hundred Thousand Rupees!!! And the thailand made Honda 150 CBR is nearly 6,000 Dollars!

    ….and you guys are crying about the extra this bike costs when compared to your other not-as-good bikes…???!!?! What: crying for 200 dollars?????
    Get to know the rest of the world, folks!!!

    Thank you anyway for the various very interesting reports and comments 🙂 🙂

    Cheers from Vietnam

  23. hi frnds im gonna buy a new bike of 150cc my frnds r advising to buy yamaha fazer … so plz frnds tell me the top speed and the average mileage and the bike’s condition of YAMAHA FAZER………..

  24. guys i had a test drive on fazer and i think its a perfect bike for me , loved it.and guys i need the correct mileage , cc , torque , and is fazer better than fz or fz-s huh ? plzz help me guys iam in a big confusion , my taste is fazer but some are saying the fz has a more power , is it correct ?

    • Hi, Abraham

      I’ve been driving my Fazer(Lizzy) for more than two years now and I’ve never regretted having it. I have driven an FZ before and I didnt like it that much. Both the bikes have the same engine, but the Fazer is better in terms of Aerodynamics and stability. Its also very comfortable and has the “Ooomph” Factor. I’d still say go for it. Cheers!!


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