Yamaha Fazer Review by Satish

I am not an expert biker or technical expert who can compare machines, but I can share a common mans thought about my new bike. I bought a Yamaha Fazer in the month of July 2009 just after its launch and I am also a proud owner of a RX100 for the last 17 years. I have been living abroad for the last 9 years and decided to change to a Yamaha product in this year since my RX100 needed a much deserved rest. I kept this machine running whenever I was on a vacation for a month in India.

Yamaha Fazer 150 Red Touring Spirit

Now coming to Fazer, I have to admit that this machine has been a dream one and the initial driving experience is the same as what I used to feel when I first rode a bike in my life a RX100 at the age of 23yrs. now I am 39. I should admit that living in Bangalore and with the two wheeler population there, the Fazer simply sails through the crowd. Forget speed! the vehicle is a eye catcher. Never in my life would I have got so much attention riding the Fazer through the roads, wherever it was parked you had someone gazing at it and asking for price and mileage. People couldn’t stop asking questions even when waiting at traffic signals.

Now apart from the look factor, I should simply say that the Fazer is too good for my back with the cool riding position. How many times you drive a whole day and at the end you do not feel the strain on your back? In fact I used to get stressed after long rides on my RX100. The transition of the gears shifting from each position is so smooth that you feel less discomfort even when you are forced not to use your heel. The vehicle never rocks at slower speeds and the wrong gear position, it allows you to change to the correct speed / gear ratio. The shock absorbers are meant for unexpected pot holes and you do not feel any discomfort when crossing them, The brakes are too good for unexpected surprises which is so common on our roads, I have not checked the mileage but when you fill the tank, the electronic fuel gauge seems to retract quite slowly and you feel you are getting a better ride for the fuel you put in.


Overall I think I am not too worried about being a speed maniac, its fun and cool to ride at a safe speed and this machine is for those like minded people. All the Indian bikes presently manufactured for us are meant for a normal city riding condition and I feel it is not necessary to over strain our bikes risk our life and others life just for the thrill. Otherwise my RX100 would still not be in such a fantastic riding condition even after 17 years.

I simply thought I will not compare brands in this message since, each company may have its products with advantages and disadvantages, it is finally upto a user to decide which model suits their style, working condition, useage. But I am so much love with the brand Yamaha that I simply cannot look at any other Indian motorcycle brand. I have seen so many comments of people comparing model to model and criticizing, but all these do not count when you ride a bike of your heart and this feeling cannot be expressed completely in words! Thanks Yamaha, keep up your good work.

– S.Y.Satish