Yamaha Fazer Ownership Review by Nirmal Kumar

Hi everyone! This is Nirmal Kumar. I bought this Yamaha Fazer for Rs.81,000/- in February’10 which has crossed over 5000 kilometres and feel it’s the right time for me to give a review.

Design And Comfort: Yamaha is continuing to create new segments in the Indian market after the R15 an out and on sports bike. It brought in the Fz16 which was a street naked – really nice city bike and now on that we have a mutation- creating the Yamaha fazer. It is one incredible looking motorcycle. The fairing gives it a big bike look and yet it doesn’t look disproportionate to the rest of the motor cycles.

The double head lamps might remind you of the R15, but they are actually completely a different set. Unlike the Fz the lights are not running straight of the battery so at night you won’t have any flickering lights. One eye is for the main beam while the second eye is for the high beam and the little parking light present between the head lights is cool too.

Fazer feels quite lively in the city and handles rough roads with ease. Fz is a sweet bike to ride around the city and Fazer is identical to it mechanically but now with the new altered riding position it feels great while taking long rides.

Ride And Handling

When city is the home for Fz, Fazer besides its inherited home adopted its next new home that is the highways. The biggest change in Fazer is its new stylish fairing which grabs others attentions. And here in the highway you will appreciate the new mirrors with the long stalks. They not only look good and feel solid but also give you an excellent view of what’s behind. The screen with the fairing redirects the air flow over the rider making the ride more relaxing.

Even after taking long rides you won’t feel any stress. To really get out of the air flow you need to duck behind the screen sports bike style. There is something which makes Fazer really shine. When Fazer is taken to a hill road it feels incredible. The grip and unflappable nature of the motorcycle really wants you to repeat the experience over and over again. The massive tyres offer you an incredible grip and the superb chassis lets you lean right over. The solid brakes let you slow down the phase in a flash without a moment’s hesitation.

Wish These Things Too were Better

To make the matters worse the 153cc engine didn’t have the bunch to make it impression with its 14bhp power. The engine feels smooth up to 75 kmph mark, push it harder and it takes on the harsh edge and you’ll always feel that you are not yet in the top gear even when you actually are riding in the top gear but it doesn’t mean that it’s gonna let you down when you badly wanna speed up because I had hit a top speed of 123 kmph without any modifications in my bike.

The next thing is it doesn’t have kick start, the absence of which you will surely regret. Keeping your head lights on for a few while when the bike isn’t moving will drain your battery and you will find it impossible to press start the bike where you will need to push your bike in order to start it.

But I Feel

Besides its negatives, remember it’s a product from Yamaha which means it’s made of perfect engineering and will be a bike on which you can rely on for a long time. If you are a guy who is not of a racing type but of the type who loves to cruise then Fazer is the right bike for you.

Overall the Fazer is an incredible motorcycle to sling your leg over and head right out to your next venture.

– Nirmal Kumar