Yamaha Fazer Ownership Review by Althaf

I’m Althaf from Sri Lanka & this review is to all the bikers out there. It was a dream for me to own bike which will carry me with all the expectation inside me. Choose a bike which satisfy you and make you feel happy when you’re riding it.

Frankly I was a Pulsar fan and I owned a Pulsar 150 recently also, but I sold it for the snow white because I realized the biker inside me, he is not worried about the mileage, Top end performance, most big reason is rather than free roads I love traffic roads, which have some sort of a small space to enter as a bike, that moment when I pass by as a zig zag snake in the traffic it put out a smile on my face. I love to enjoy that, that’s ma mentality and that satisfy me.

It’s time for a Change

I was fixed to buy a competition white FZ-s and I went to book it as well, then I saw the Fazer which looks like a million buck for me, as I called it Million Dollar Baby, I was so damn fallen in love with the white beauty, I have seen so many Fazer’s but this particular white stole my heart, Impressive. I didn’t book the Fz-s I came back & start to read some reviews from the bike advice about the Fazer.

I took one of my friend with me to see the bike again, he was so crazy about the Fazer and he leap before me and booked the bike, and when I went to book it they ask me to wait about 2 weeks time, then my friend had got the bike delivered, I got a test ride from him for about 5 minutes, that 5 minutes make me feel like the king, as everyone stare at me with the bike, My second thoughts are gone felt I will own this bike.

Heart Attack

I just called Yamaha and ask when is the next stock arrives, the reply was next month 21st which is almost 5 weeks from the date, on the next day I went to Yamaha with ma friend to get his Number plate, same reply from the agent, since I visit them recently the manager came to know me well, he ask me wazz up.

I said kinda bad, your next stock is arriving more than a month after, he asked me what model are you looking for, I said Fazer, what color he asked, I said white, he told me to wait a second. He called the yard and checked, the reply was good, earlier a guy has booked one bike but he fail to come on time, so this is a the chance for me because that’s the only fazer left in yard, I flew in a rush and did the paper work and finalized everything, they ask me to go the Yard.

Arrival of the King

In the yard there was about 60 unit’s fz-16 in the left and 60 unit’s fz-s in the right. The middle path in the corner and last I saw the white Fazer. The space between fz-16 and fz-s is a man to walk that’s it, I walked along the path and reached my Fazer, I was keep looking at fazer about 2-3 minutes without even knowing.

I start the bike and when I’m ready to move to the gates, two men came and moved the fz-16 and fz-s one by one and arrange the space for me to go throw, it’s an awesome feeling when your take your bike for the 1st time all the rest 120 units of bikes give space to you, I felt like the king is arriving and all the knights and bishops give way to the arrival of the king. That’s a unique experience, normally no one get a chance like that. Fazer the crown owned king. Sorry guys the story was long because I wanted to share my experience how I got my bike.

Let’s Move on to Real Business

This is not about Specs, it’s about Experience


This is what I really like in this bike, park next to a ZMR or a P220 – tell me who the winner is, even a 5 years old boy can find out. Once I’m coming after work, there was a couple crossing the road, when I pass by, the girl was staring at my bike; I notice she is still staring my bike without crossing the road, the boy ext to her saw that she is staring so he pulled her from hand to cross the road, felt sorry for that fella, such an instinct.


Since it holds the mid-range torque it’s a great bike to handle in city. All other bike when it struggles to come out, Fazer is long Gone. 0-60 kmph is quiet acceptable along with its rivals, also carrying up to 85 kmph is a piece of cake, but towards after is a quiet slow, but that doesn’t mean much to me because in the city busy traffic we won’t be able to go beyond 85kmph most of the time.

And the wind blast is far away from the Fazer, you can really feel the wind is damn hard and your helmet may move a bit, But the Fazer is rock solid like a damn train in the straight line. This helps to reach the top speed calm and nicely without a terror up to 124kmph.


No words to describe, those who said Fazer cannot be moved though the traffic easily because they always have fear that the fairing will get scratched, I say shame on you guys, without understanding the dimension of the bike how can you ride one, for me fairing doesn’t matter at all, because when I see the GAP between two vehicles, my brain calculate it automatically to accelerate or break, I have moved nearby vehicle with a gap of 1cm (one centimeter). It’s all about your ability.

Comfortable in its class, Mono shock and 41mm telescopic front forks helps good handling and also a comfortable riding.

Once you take a quick cut through the traffic, it’s easy to take short cuts in Fazer, due to its wide tire, so short diversion is never a matter. Also once you take a hair pin bend when Pulsars/apaches/Hunks struggle and slow down it’s the time for Fazer. When I go through, it blooms a smile on my face because it’s never hard to pass by.


Normally in the ordinary Pulsar and Apache and CBZ’s once you have a harsh breaking sure there will end up with a skid, wobble and a panic stop, but in Fazer, even though in a harsh breaking it stops damn straight and quick, thanks to the 267mm disc break front and drum in rear.


It’s Yamaha – Moto GP champions with the 46, international standard and no more questions. Even the paint on the bike is mixed with titanium dust which shines like a Corolla & Camry paint.

  • Every single nut & bolt is a superb finishing, the fairing is mounted perfectly.
  • The main is the engine it doesn’t struggle at all; it’s a cool way to move on. Noise is smooth & enjoyable.
  • Even though the chain is half naked it’s still in the perfect tighten.
  • The fitness and stiffness longs a life time (it’s see through).


  • Love at 1st sight Looks a Million Buck – Head Turner for twin light
  • Handling is easier even for a beginner – Wide handle bar & Wide Tire
  • Wind blast will never come across – Front fairing
  • Relax riding position – short & long rides
  • 0-60 is stick to 5 sec – Midrange torque
  • Handle great in traffic & cruise well in highway – One shot, Two Knock OUT


  • Expensive – So its unique and branded (Prestige)
  • Pillion seat – not for extra pounds carriage (Fat A**)
  • Mileage – I don’t worry much (35-40km in city)
  • Rear tire mudguard is not long enough to cover the engine & pillion rider’s leg
  • No crash guard – doesn’t matter, none of a superbike has it
  • Fuel meter is a pain – but quiet ok rather than FZ-16 & FZ-S
  • Only one light can be switched on – also dipper light is not enough to the ground in city can be adjusted.

City runner in Weekdays and Getaway in Weekends. Some may think that I’m trying to justify the money I invest and I’m talking only about its Pros and Goods. For me it’s about the satisfaction, rather than being compromising, Go for what your heart desire. I sold my Pulsar and bought the Fazer because of my satisfaction and needs.

All the bikers out there end of the day it’s your ride, you love it and it will love you. None of a biker is perfect so as the Ride. For me Fazer is full filling all my expectation far beyond the border, I never had this much of joy in my earlier bike but I do have it now,

Thanks to Yamaha

But I do obey all the bikers, because all the bikers have their bike in their DNA. To all the Bikers Out there – We Are Brothers. This review is from my single experience.

Thanks a lot for reading. Please leave a comment.

 – Althaf