Yamaha Fazer 150cc Review by Sonu Mathew

Hi, I am Sonu Mathew from Mumbai. I read the review of this contest and would like express in view words abt my experience with my bike. I own a Yamaha Fazer 150cc. I love my bike very much as all bike owners love their bikes but am too deep inthu in it and have been riding bikes for more than 20yrs from home to work and travel lot more many place around mumbai.

But this my yamaha fazer have not gone far of places, Since I am in travel business and my office is near to my house and my main work tool is laptop and mobile so I rare get get a chance to ride long distance and now lack of time. But me and my son and daughter love to sit in this bike and not any other bike.

They are very well comfortable with my bike to raom around. Ok let me tell u about my bike as it is now 2yrs old at first buy was whole day cruising around with it I like its silent sound mostly I like non sound pollution bikes but still love the sound of the super bikes. I take him around in eveng out with my son who is crazy abt this bike at his age 3.

Fazer has got short seating but fine for me, I like it. It gives a good mileage of 45 am happy with it an mainly looks, with double headlights which I really feel yamaha has done that is very good and also in services and maintenance too. People on way look twice to see my bike and still after 2 yrs of after good maintenance.

I still get that double look, and at night with that two powerfull headlights flashes together passing by the public blind eyes flickers to see who is riding this monster. Well Before this one I had been riding Hero Honda CBZ for 12yrs it was my very good bike too and the Tahitian blue colour of it made me lot inspired that I made my email id has suncbzblue.

It clocked many kms and with good average of 40 till the last, since I use to maintain it with lot care and at the end of late 3yrs I had modified my CBZ to Karizma by my self. I did this so since my cbz petrol tank started rusting and leaking of petrol from below and it was time that I make a change or to convert with some new ideas, so I did as since its chassy was the same and I modified it to Karizma.

I had good feeling of riding a original Karizma with button start and digital meter all was same but the engine was original cbz 150CC. It was a cheat to many eyes and I had a gr8t feeling of a Karizma since I could not afford to buy a new Karizma. When I saw yamaha fazer I got a new thirst to buy it, I could had kept my old bike but to keep a old n new one was confusion to me later then an offer came from a teenage kid who had passion for bike and he liked my bike so much but had financial problm to buy a new one.

He asked me I had 2 bikes so could I give him the old one and he would take care of it, I was happy to see his passion for this bike so I sold him for a very cheap rate that he was very happy and I was happy too that he will maintain that bike too like I did. My passion for bikes will never die till I become a old man will always ride a bike only the one which I would like.

Now my dream is only to own one super bike and that also only Yamaha R6, hope it comes true. Pls find attached within of me my bike and my son with Yamaha fazer. I really had a good feeling to express my few words for my bike in short to you all people who introduced this owners review contest.

I hope you will like my short story and I have no much pictures to load for now since my worktime is not permitting me to remove out more time for this. But I enjoyed this few time session as of now. You all Have a good time in reading many more till then bye.

Sonu Mathew