Yamaha Fazer 150cc Review by Muralikrishna

Hi readers, I am K.Muralikrishna from Chennai and am a proud owner of Yamaha Fazer 150CC. She looks amazingly hot and really helps getting the maximum out of her. It’s been advertised with the punch line ‘touring spirit’ and ‘may the weekend never ends’. I do agree with the tagline because I and my beast have gone on nearly 5 long drives till now form past 1.6 years.

I guess you must have already found the information about this bike from sources like Internet and showroom but you see I want to narrate my personal experience with my bike. I used to drive motorcycles from my schooling days. In those days, I had a fantasy of driving all motorcycles and feeling their beat. Now those fantasies have become my passion.

I started peddling from Hercules cycle to driving Bajaj Chetak scooter, Bajaj Discover and Royal Enfield. Now I am lucky to ride my dream bike which I purchased on my birthday and it is really very special for me. After driving Bajaj Discover for 3 years, I thought of upgrading my bike from 135cc to 150 or 220 CC. and so I started searching for my dream bike. I used to drive bikes of all major brands to check which will suit me the best.

I do remember once Deepak in his article compared Bikes with the mode of bonding scene in avatar movie. During my research I saw Yamaha Fazer 1000CC displayed at a Yamaha promotional campaign @ Nehru stadium Chennai long back.

At that campaign I had a discussion with Yamaha officials and came to know that Fazer was going to be launched in India at an affordable price. That day I decided to wait for the launch. I waited for nearly 2 year for the launch and finally I bought my Fazer on Aug 2009.

To get the real feel of the bike, I used to drive a lot and check articles, online forums and also used to speak with other owners. During such course of interaction I met with some more passionate bikers who also own Fazer and on Orkut we used to share our experience about Fazer.

After getting a good response from bike lovers, we started a bikers club Roadrockerz (www.RoadrockerZ.com). We as a team used to plan for long distance trips, Route Suggestions, Tips etc. We were just beginners and used to share news, feedbacks, problems and solutions, accessories, Biking photos and Videos etc.

I want to now share my long driving experience with my Fazer. My 1st long ride was Chennai- Puttur- Chennai (300km) with a Pillion rider. I felt very uncomfortable driving with pillion rider because of very small pillion seat. My 2nd trip was Chennai- Pondicherry- Chennai (350km) under inclement weather with heavy rain but for Fazer and its controlled handling the riding was very safe experience.

My 3rd long trip was our official long trip from RoadrockerZ and the rout was Chennai to Pondicherry and back. On my 4th trip I was accompanied by my friend (RoadrockerZ member). We planed a trip to cross upto500km, so the plan was to travel form Chennai to Hogenakkal Falls-Chennai (700km) and in this trip the speed was the only constraint. We planned for our 5th trip for RoadrockerZ from Chennai-Goa-Chennai on the eve of New Year (around 3000km).

Unfortunately the 5th trip was cancelled but since I had already made up my mind for a long drive on the eve of New Year I was rearing to go. Even my bike was roaring for the ride after a complete service. Though there was no one to accompany me I decided to go on with the plan of a long drive with my baby. Although I had no one with me, I could not give up the plan because I promised my Fazer to spend the New Year’s Eve with her. I decided to make my 5th trip on NH4 between Chennai- Vizag and back (1890km).

In this trip the constraint was speed (Max 115); had to halt (every 50 to 60km); petrol (mileage only 35 km/l). In spite of the short comings the trip was a most unforgettable one in my life.

When we speak about Fazer the things that comes to our mind are fat tyres, bulky tank and dual headlight which gives her an aggressive look. The ride on this bike is smooth, vibration free and feels like heaven if you drive with a speed below 90 km/h. Even the Power is always on top as long as you drive below 90Km/h.

Overtaking usually doesn’t require a downshift even if you are in the top gear. Overall one can instruct the bike as per our driving style. Yamaha has marketed Fazer as a touring bike with a max speed not crossing 115km/h but Yamaha needs to work on this feature and try to fine-tune the engine so that the speed increases to some higher number. If Yamaha does this anytime soon then Fazer will be a true example of a touring bike.

The seat is quite good for city ride but not that comfortable as far as long drives are concerned. Moreover, no storage space is provided under the seat. Despite of all this, the look of Fazer is stunningly catchy and is stands out amongst all the 150cc bikes. Back in Aug 2009 the bike was priced at 81,000 and now it is priced at 85,000.


Yamaha Fazer sports a 4-stroke air cooled, SOHC 153 cc engine. The bike has its MidShip Muffler placed towards the central area of the bike which not only improves in exhaust efficiency but also handling. The bike has telescopic front suspension and monocross rear suspension. The bike also sports front 267mm hydraulic disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

The bike weighs 141 kgs and has a ground clearance of 160mm. The fuel tank limit of the bike is 12 liters with a wheelbase of 35mm. The length of the bike is 1975mm and its width is 770mm while its height is 1045mm.


We can expect a mileage of 40 km/liter in the city and around 45 km/liter on highways if the speed is maintained at 90 km/h. The mileage will be around 35 to 38km/l if the speed crosses 90km/h. This average depends on maintenance and air pressure also.


The gearbox and clutch are easy to use. The single gear shift lever gives a good feel while driving. The braking system of this bike is relatively good compared to other bikes. I once encountered an emergency situation where I had to brake at a speed of 100Km/h on the highway NH4. As soon as I applied both brakes, I could feel the effectiveness of wide tyres and braking system of my bike, which saved my life.


It’s really a pleasure to ride on any type of road. Even soft suspension also works well on twists and Hairpin bends, which equips this beast with much required comfort and handling. The ride quality on broken and damaged roads is also excellent. The riding position is good, but not for continuous long trips. You would often end up hurting your knees if you would like to go nonstop for over a 50 to 60Kms


Last but not least, health plays a major role in driving. Many of us suffer from back pain while driving a bike. Even I do have some back pain issues, so I can strongly recommend the following bikes for those who suffer from back pain; Yamaha Fazer (premium bike), Honda Unicorn (Family Bike) and Bajaj Discover (Budget Bike).


As a true bike lover, its not fare to speak only about the positives. So I just want to share some negative points of Fazer.

  • Price – High under 150cc segment. Under the same pricing u can find even 220CC Bikes from other brands.
  • Speed – a max speed not crossing 115km/h.
  • Mileage- Average 35 – 40Km/l depending riding conditions.
  • Headlights- They can be switched on only one at a time.
  • Drivers Seat- Too Hard but comfortable.
  • Pillion seat as featured on the Fazer is really small.
  • Lacks the ladies footrest, crash guard and engine guard.
  • Open chain– At the time of service we must lubricate by paying extra.
  • Paint- Black paint on mirrors is of poor quality.
  • Rust- the disc brake is getting rust Very Soon.
  • Storage- There is no place for storage and even there is no option for accessories.
  • No Kicker to start the engine.

Special thanks to Deepak Raj for motivating me to pen down and express my love towards Fazer. Happy biking 🙂