Yamaha Discontinues SZ-RR, SS125 and 3 Other Motorcycles

Yamaha India is trimming its model lineup to become more competitive in the market. Within a span of a day or two, they have removed about five motorcycles from their model line-up in the country! Their official website doesn’t list the following models anymore…

  1. YBR 110
  2. YBR 125
  3. SS 125
  4. SZ-S
  5. SZ-RR

So, in the 110cc segment, the low seller YBR 110 is no more and Yamaha has decided to play only with their utilitarian Crux, which is one of their largest surviving model in the country. Through this step, they have the premium 110cc space vacant which they can fill with a new motorcycle in the times to come.

Things are more interesting in the higher segments though. To give all the attention to their new Saluto, Yamaha has discontinued YBR 125 as well as the SS125 from the lineup. Saluto has been doing a fairly decent business in this segment and we took the bike for a test ride a few weeks back and will share its detailed review soon. For the moment you can check this quick first look video.

So, this leaves Yamaha with only a single motorcycle in the 125 cc segment as well. They, however, have launched its disc brake version recently for a slightly wider audience.

YAMAHA-SS125-Long-Term-User-Review (2)

It was expected as the company at the launch of Saluto announced that they will be discontinuing their ‘other’ 125 cc products with time to concentrate on the new offering.


The other omissions from the lineup are – SZ-S and SZ-RR from the 150cc segment. SZ brand is now only survived by the SZ-RR version 2.0 which comes with a Blue Core engine. A single model in the commuter 150 cc territory does make things simpler for a prospective customer.