Here comes the review of the classical 100c segment bike – The Yamaha Crux. To sum it up, I am extremely satisfied with this bike. I can boldly say that this is the best bike in this category. The price of Crux comes around Rs.30,000 on-road.

Yamaha Crux Review

The bike has the biggest engine in its category compared to the engines of Hero Honda CD Dawn and Bajaj Platina. The bike is smooth even at high speeds, thanks to Yamaha’s engineers!
Users have reported that there had not been any starting problem with the engine so far even in cold conditions. Yamaha Crux bike gives a mileage of 65kmpl in cities and up to 75 – 80 kmpl in highway riding conditions. The maximum safe speed that one can normally achieve is 90 kmph. Even though it can be forced to higher numbers, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The looks are not head turning but it is not bad either. Compared to other bikes in the 100cc category, it falls a little short of Splendor+ from Hero Honda, but considering the low cost of ownership, this is as good as it can get. It is equipped with a multi-reflector head light which gives adequate visibility during night fall.

The dashboard has two neat dials, one showing speed and ODO meter and the other one has indicators for neutral, left/right signal and high beam.

The quality of the seats and other parts are excellent. This bike is not advertised enough and it has not been considered as a choice by many people. Given its low price, I agree that Yamaha cannot spend huge amounts advertising Crux, but you need to look at this gem and should be definitely in the choice list if you want a bike with low cost, good mileage and descent looks.

Pros: Mileage, Economy, Simplistic

Cons: Could have been designed better

Yamaha Crux Specifications:

Engine type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement: 105.6cc
Maximum power: 7.6PS (5.59kW) / 7,500rpm
Maximum torque: 7.85N.m / 6,000rpm
Transmission type: 4-speed constant mesh

Overall length x width x height: 2,000mm x 735mm x 1,075mm
Seat height: 780mm
Wheelbase: 1,260mm
Minimum ground clearance: 160mm
Dry weight / Kerb weight: 103kg / 113kg
Engine oil capacity: 1.0 liters
Fuel tank capacity: 11 liters

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    • recently am buying yamaha crux R,it’s 2001 model nd bike z in good condition but bike speed is not increasing related to acceleration nd it’s giving 38 KMPL only,what should i do for better performance and good mileage and more concentrate on mileage pls suggest anyone for better thing

  1. Hi i have a Yamaha Crux,2006 model. i have run 35,000 kms now. The engine is not so powerful but yet it meets all my requirements every time and on time. I love Yamaha. I have an RX100 also. Yamaha is simply superb-irrespective of the model. My crux give me pretty good mileage and it does’nt take me to a mechanic often.

  2. i have RX135…….. i am very much proud to say…… that i am also riding YAMAHA —— superb…. bike thanks to YAMAHA

  3. Hi friends ,
    This is Rohan from Pune .I purchased Yamaha Crux in Nov 2009 & It has been one and half year for happy ridung.
    Till time I am happy with this bike except few things of it.
    The best I found are

    1.Very smooth at higher speed of 80-85 km/hr without any vibrations.
    2.Smooth gear shifting.
    3.Very good mileage 70-72 km/liter with optimum engine rpm.( i.e proper engine tuning is a must for good mileage )
    4. No maintenance for engine .
    5.Best engine in this category.

    But few things of bike are not happy with bike with is concerned with design aspect of the bike.

    1. Low pickup but this is not a major issue .
    2. Major issue is that,I found. Front tyre size (2.5 x 18).

    It means that by chance low air pressure is mainteneced in front tyre , there are chances of metals wires of the tyre cause punture.

    I have faced such types of puntures for threes times till time and it has costed me almost Rs. 300 each time to repair as other part of tyre in good conditiion .

    Now I’ve decided to change this front tyre to 2.75 x 18 at the cost of mileage .

    Let me know any using this size (2.75 xs18) at front and other aspects after using this tyre .

  4. i also have an dec2000 Yamaha Crux & Nov2009 Yamaha FZ-16 i love both & both loves me. Yamaha Is Classic & Superb…. Mardon wali baat.

  5. I’m riding this bike for 4 years and it’s o.k for singles.. Poor pick-up but good mileage of 55km/l. Not much comfortable for doubles & not a smooth bike.. Have starting problem from the beginning.. Overall it’s fine for it’s lowest price but not good for comfortable riding..

  6. hi om …..
    i am frm hyd planing to buy this bike as the reviews are positive on durability and mileage can u give me the on road price now…

  7. Can anyone help me out. Of which/what kind of bike should i buy, in order to suit in the hilly/mountain place. Have lot of u-turns, ups and down etc. It doesn’t matter about cc’s or company. I meant the bike should be strong. And easy handler. I’m 6″ tall and my budget is in between 4O to 85 thousand only. Help me out bike advice or anybody else. I would be very gratefull and happy. Anybody is welcome.

  8. Yamaha crux, i haven’t rode it yet. but i believe it would be near like rx 100, which is very famous in my place. And also could be my favourite bike shape, only if it was little bit bigger, longer, taller and have a little bigger heart/engine. if up grated it my look like harley, only in a lower price. I guess yamaha may come up to a better idea one day. Till than, its really a small nice looking bike. And i like it. Thumps up.

  9. i like this i am waiting for this bike in Pakistan .please Yamaha introduse crux as soon as possible.Pakistani peoples waits this bike.

  10. I need advice to help me choose between the crux and cd dawn. I reside in chennai and hardly see any crux on the road. The mechanics also advice against them though I don’t understand why. Sadly, even the yamaha showrooms seem disinterested in selling this bike as they only have the FZ series for test ride. They don’t even bother to take your number and follow up. For these reasons, I am inclined more towards the DAWN.
    As far as I can see – For CRUX – more mileage (than dawn), 106 cc, good quality, simple design, longer and flat seat. Against – Very thin front tyre, no halogen bulb, poor resale, lack of knowledge amongst roadside mechanics.
    For DAWN – Good quality, proven vehicle, better resale, better tyres and halogen bulb, can be serviced lcoally Against – Very old technology, less comfortable to ride than crux (this is my perception…please correct me if I am wrong).

    • I reside in maraimalai nagar. Many mechanics in Chennai are morons they don’t even know the difference between bajaj quality and honda quality. No good mechanic will ever dis-recommend crux. CD-Dawn is 2k lower then crux. Crux is a bit small then dawn. Both bikes vibrates at above 65kmph as reported by users. Both bikes has good quality and reliability but crux has more plus in this. The new cd-dawn is more impressive and has better pickup then crux, it has the same engine spec as of the passion pro. Comfort level is same in both bikes. To my understanding crux might give you a 5km lower mileage then dawn but i am not sure about this but a crux owner said his new bike is giving 70-75kmpl.

      Buy crux if you like quality, reliability, low maintenance, want to stand out of the crowd, don’t worry about resale value and a bit less mileage and most important if you like and believe in yamaha.

      By Dawn if you are typical ordinary man who likes quality, reliability, mileage, less maintenance and resale value. The new dawn’s are better then crux in performance.

    • I Think I am replying late however I am Interseted to reply this query.. The Quality and Reliability on Crux is much higher than CD Dawn. The Engine is too good than any 100 CC Bike in the Market. The Headlight produces much better result than Halogen Bulb of CD Dawn on actual Road Conditions. I have experience to ride both the vehicle but I always suggest o go for a YAMAHA Crux, because of 1.Running Cost is too Low. 2. The Reliability is High 3. Milage is tooooooo Good in the Segment. 4. Body is very Strong and the SEAT is also very Good. 5. Smooth in Higher speed as well. 6. If fall down will not cost a lot to repair, as having very less fibe fittings..

      Yes!! the esale value is not very high but not very low as well. But if we calculate then we purchase something to realise its result not to calculate the resale value from the begining!!!

      HOE I may have clreared the Query.. Feel free to drop me a mail is I can help you

  11. I live in Mauritius. My father just bought the Yamaha Crux. I am very pleased with the build quality and the overall performance of the bike. My father bought it secretly, eventually a surprise for us. It’s at Rs48,000 (Mauritian Rupees) on road here, around Rs86,000 (Indian Rupees).

    The bike is very comfortable. Long seat, good driving posture, smooth ride, flawless gear change. The mileage is for the time being unknown to me, even if most sites suggest it to be 60-70 km/L.

    The one thing I have encountered is that the engine seems to have a problem with cold starts. For the first few kilometres after start, the engine tends to shut down at stops if you do not keep throttling at neutral. Maybe the engine is still new and needs to run in some more kms. Just guessing.

    The look is indeed retro but I like the bike, it’s a Yamaha. The speed is actually lower than other conventional bikes. My brother did tinker with the carburetor one day, it gave the bike incredible boost. But, eventually, he put it to its original setting. I do not mind going 60-70 km/h, feels nice and comfortable.

    In a nutshell, it’s a very comfortable and smooth bike. Go for it guys.

  12. Hey Dude..

    Its Ram From Bellary Karnataka.
    I need to Buy this one and after purchasing i hv to Change the wheels and Handle….My Doubt is any changes in Mileage aft making wheel and handle Changes…… Please Guide Me I have plan to Purchase on 02 april2013

    Ramesh Hugar
    JSW steel Ltd,.

  13. Hi friends,
    I planned to buy Yamaha Crux,
    But am little fat,because bike seems to be small…
    Is it ok for me..
    Then what is the on road price in chennai now….
    Thanks in Advance

  14. Those are saying that crux has a starting problem.actually that’s not starting problem it is defect of style of kicking of your bike.i have a crux 2012 and i won all the races with it especially from discover1004g 2012 model and my crux has maximum top speed of 103kmph without any changes.A video has been uploaded on youtube by searching ‘sonpreet gill.

  15. recently am buying yamaha crux R,it’s 2001 model nd bike z in good condition but bike speed is not increasing related to acceleration nd it’s giving 38 KMPL only,what should i do for better performance and good mileage and more concentrate on mileage pls suggest anyone for better thing



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