This Xtreme 1R concept video gives us a quick overview of what direction will be brand move with respect to its design language…

It is abundantly clear that the baton of Hero’s premium range of motorcycles will be carried forward by the Xtreme and Xpulse brands in India. Though the Xtreme brand does not have a very high brand pull but Hero has adopted it and it intends to push the envelope.

The Xtreme brand currently spawns two motorcycles – streetfighter Xtreme 200R and its sibling faired Xtreme 200S. At the recently concluded EICMA in Milan, Italy, Hero showcased a new concept Xtreme 1.R, which it says previews the next-generation of Xtreme. Like always, the motorcycle carries most of the bits that will never go to production but it does look interesting…

Hero Xpulse Rally Kit – List of All 7 Features

Here is a quick overview of the concept in a 360 degree video…

Facing issues? Watch it directly on Youtube.

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