WSBK Championship Gets New Supersport 300 Class!

WSBK is finally set to get a 300 cc class! Called as WorldSSP this new addition will definitely help feed the rising entry level performance motorcycling segment. For now, only four motorcycles have been homologated for this series which includes РYamaha R3, KTM RC390, Ninja 300 and Honda’s CBR500R.

The Superbike Commission will be keeping a tab on the participating teams and motorcycles and initially, bikes will have a minimum weight and maximum rev limiter. The participating motorcycles will have to be close to the production version. Here are some key pointers about the rules:


  • .The fuel injectors must be stock and unaltered from the original specification and manufacture.
  • Secondary throttle valves (but not shafts) may be removed or fixed in the open position and the electronics may be disconnected or removed.
  • Variable intake tract devices cannot be added if they are not present on the homologated motorcycle and they must remain identical and operate in the same way as the homologated system. All the parts of the variable intake tract device must remain exactly as homologated.
  • Cylinder head must be an original fitment while the head gasket may be changed
  • Crankshaft, cam sprocket, cylinders, piston, connecting rods and gearbox housing have to be an original homologated fitment and no modifications are allowed.
  • The original clutch assembly may be modified or replaced by an aftermarket clutch, also including back torque limiting capabilities (slipper type).
  • While the gearbox has to be the original unit, quickshifters which are FIM approved can be used. But downshift blipping will not be permitted.
  • Countershaft sprocket, rear wheel sprocket, chain pitch and size may be changed.
  • The only coolant allowed is water
  • The air box must be original and no heat protection may be attached. However, the air filter element can be modified or replaced.
  • The ECU must be either original or an FIM approved WorldSSP 300 kit.
  • The suspension too has to be as close to the stock as possible.

But why are we so excited about this? This new series will definitely entice manufacturers to concentrate in the segment. While the Japanese are already present in the market the Europeans have not really shown as much interest.