Winner of the Yamaha R1 Toy Bike Contest…

First, I wish you all beloved readers a very Happy Independence Day. I wouldn’t be sitting at my home today in my pyjamas doing full time blogging if our forefathers didn’t do what they did. So we always have to remember our great leaders who fought for our country’s independence.

Now coming to the results of the contest that was announced on August 4th… We have selected Manish as our winner for his amazing feedback. Manish, I have sent you an email with information about your toy bike 🙂

In total we have received 80 comments so far which is absolutely amazing. Many of you have given mind blowing feedback and these comments will be the foundation for the future of BikeAdvice. We have already started making some changes like publishing more comparison articles and including the link for archives in the sidebar.

Apart from Manish, I would like to recognize a few more important feedbacks…

Create a forum for discussion ( We can also have photo-shoot and article contests. Finally, there can be more such contests to distribute cool toys. – TerrorBiker

TerrorBiker, We are seriously planning to launch a forum but we keep running into a lot of difficulties – mainly spam members and too much CPU usage on server. But BikeAdvice will definitely have its own forum and when it is launched it will be much different from other forums. And photo contest is not something I have thought about earlier. Thanks for the tip. And yes, we will have more contests with cooler prizes.

The suggestion for u is that, ur button for recent post and catagories at right hand site, which eates up too many space. Ur requested to pls change this structure to horizontal way, (with something like pop up, as if we bring the cursor on that, it will roll out), so it will save lots of space on screen, hence better viewability, appearance, and more information at a glance. Regards. – Gautam.

Excellent idea Gautam. Will keep in mind when BikeAdvice gets a make-over.

You can ask peoples opinion about how their dream bikes should be and publish that in your blog…It can be either in design aspect or in technical aspect.. (if it is design aspect they should send you their free hand sketch at least) – Ganesh.G

Ganesh, I never thought about it. You will see a contest like that very soon!

I would suggest that i would be great if we have a old bike sell & purchase section, where people who have to sell or purchase bike can post their requirements & details. I also like to suggest that you can make some cool stickers for bike, where in we have some message for riders with Bike advice logo on it. e.g. message could be : Wear Helmet & below it is written I Love Bike advice. – Mansoor Kasmi

Another great idea Mansoor. Will keep that in mind. Since implementation is difficult, it may take some time.

Could add a Comparison page that compares two or three bikes.(Not reviews, i mean “select 1st bike” then “select 2nd one”). Could add a Picture section that contains HQ images of bikes. – JK Ultimate

Noted. Will keep that in mind as well JK. Thanks!

The website look. From the past 6-8 months i am seeing the same layout of the website i don’t know but if form the start the bike look like this than it should change it’s website appearance. Look at copyright shouldn’t it be 2006-2010? – Mahavir Kothari

Mahavir, I agree it is high time for a complete change in layout. Also thanks for pointing out the 2010 thingy… will change it right away! 🙂

Again thank you all for being a part of BikeAdvice.

– Deepak