What’s Up with the Honda CBR250R?

There was too much of hypes initially for the Honda CBR250R. While the company had commenced bookings right from the month of January itself, the deliveries has not yet commenced. Like adding fuel to the fire, what adds to the buyers’ woes is that the dealers themselves have no answer for their customers.

It seems like the company has taken its customers for granted. While most of the Honda vehicles, especially the Honda Activa are already running with a delivery period of 45 days to even 90 days in many cities, the company has now added the CBR250R to the list. The buyers are eagerly awaiting to keep their hands on this new model, but in vain.

Also, few dealers have started reporting that the delivery of CBR250R might commence only by June. The recent calamity in Japan, the home country for Honda, in the form of Earthquake might be a reason for this delay. But, all that the buyers expect is a mere formal communication from the company on when the delivery would start from. Also, the dealers need to be informed by the parent company on what is the status with this bike.

The funniest part here is that the homepage of Honda two wheelers India still displays that the CBR250’s delivery would commence by the end of april 2011. It is not even updated yet. See the screenshot which displays the message. Hope, Honda answers all those who have booked the CBR250R soon.

Author – BikeAdvice.in