What Can You Do to Prevent Air Pollution?

Who said energy is scarce. The whole nature of the universe is abundant in nature. There is always more water in the river than you can drink. There is always more apples in the tree than you can eat, there is always more flowers in the garden than you can ever pick.

Solar energy, wind energy, light energy and geothermal energy are abundant. It is only a matter of time as technology grows and makes travel ultra economical. Somehow the current energy source is built around scarcity and the oil companies are one of the richest in the world. The fuel prices keeps increasing and many are gaining from it. The only losers are the innocent people who flush their hard earned money in the fuel stations.

Time to make a change. What can we, as an individual do to promote the use of electric cars and bikes? Well, we can make those companies profitable by buying their products. As they get more profit, they would be able to invest in research and development of better automobiles which ultimately improves our lifestyle and saves mother earth from the pollution. This investment of yours is more generous than donating money to a charity.

I will review electric bikes soon and post a review of them so that you can buy the best one. Until then, make up your mind for a better future.

Lover of Mother Earth.