Wait a Minute! Is Ducati Working on a 400 cc Scrambler?

Motorcycle manufacturers around the world have started seeing the mid-size capacity segment with a new-found interest. While car makers have been shifting towards smaller engines to save on fuel consumption and come out clean on emission norms, bike makers have been concentrating on smaller engines to target developing markets, especially ones like India and other South Asian nations.

With the huge success of the recently launched Scramblers, it seems Ducati has some very aggressive plans with this brand! The following pic sourced from TMC Blog reveals and speculates that the exotic Italians may just be working on a new smaller Scrambler 400, a smaller version of the motorcycle!

Ducati Scrambler 400

While details are not clear yet and the text is not in a language which we understand, but what the report suggests is that the company may be considering a 400 cc L-twin Desmodromic Testerata engine for the baby Scrambler. Now for the sad part, the report goes on to add that the bike will be available only in Japan which has certain capacity restrictions deployed by the government.

The current 803 cc Scrambler produces 75 hp and 60 Nm is one real fantastic machine to ride around. With half the engine capacity, we expect Scrambler 400, if it is real, to churn out around 30-35 horses and 25-30 Nm of torque. Ducati, we are all ears…