Deluxe Vespa VX Coming This Month with Disc Brake & Other Features

Time for a smirk on the faces of our female readers as well as Scooter-Lovers!

Vespa_Lx_125_Yellow (Copy)

Timeless is the word that will envisage the Vespa, a glorious product from an equally iconic Italian marque, Piaggio. Dating back to the war era, the Vespa has withstood the test of time. From an originally-planned economical model to a present luxury brand over which everyone lusts, the Vespa has undergone a defining metamorphosis over the years. It is no wonder then, the official website of the Vespa pays meticulous attention to the history and identity of the brand.

Piaggio still has a sparse presence all over India. Its Vespa 125 was launched a couple of years back, targeted at premium buyers who wouldn’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks for a gorgeous, curvy scooter to get more eyeballs. Nevertheless, the price was a tad too steep at about 70k INR, which played spoilsport with the initial breakthrough and forced the company to slash the costs by a hefty 7k a few months back.

Piaggio Vespa (9)

The Vespa chugs along, registering a healthy figure of sales. Even though it can’t register the sales figures of other scooters, it has probably met its target: To Create a New Segment, and give the Indians a taste of Italian opulence!!

Notwithstanding the initial setback, Piaggio appears to ready itself to bolster its grip over the topmost rungs of the scooter market. Bike India reports that the company will launch a newer version of the Vespa, titled Vespa VX, which will be a premium version of the earlier model.

Piaggio has stressed that the newer model will come with additional equipment and more vibrant color options. Well, the color options of the earlier model were akin to walking a tightrope between vibrancy and garishness, we just pray that Piaggio’s paint shop engineers don’t go overboard!! Coming to the additional equipment, it is expected that the new deluxe scooter will get front disc brakes apart from other features.

Launch is scheduled later this month and Vespa VX will hit showrooms across the country within this month itself. Though there hasn’t been an official word on the pricing, we suggest you to cut down on extravagant spending if you want your hands on this new Vespa VX.

Will you really be ready to dig deeper into your pocket for this newer Vespa VX??