Vespa Confirms 946 & 300GTS for India; 946 May Cost 10+ Lakhs

Piaggio India, as per a report on Autocar Professional, has confirmed that they will be launching the Vespa 300GTS and Vespa 946 in India this year. Both the scooters are special edition models which will be brought here as Completely Built Units (CBUs). And hence, expect them to sport super premium prices (more on this later)!

The Italian manufacturer had showcased these scooters at the Auto Expo last month much to the delight of enthusiasts. The company is now in a state of rapid expansion and is building up its dealer network. Creating a strong hold in the southern and western parts of India, the Piaggio group plans to hit 110 outlet mark by the end of 2016.

Vespa 300GTS

Here’s what Stefano Pelle, CEO, Piaggio India told Autocar…

“Yes, we are looking at bringing the Vespa limited editions. We plan to bring the Vespa 300GTS and the Vespa 946, which will come as CBUs. They will come by the second quarter of the ongoing calendar year.”

The Vespa 300GTS is powered by a single cylinder 278 cc liquid cooled, fuel injected mill producing 21.2 bhp at 7,500 rpm and 22.3 Nm of peak torque at 5,250. The scooter gets disc brakes all around and has a claimed top speed of 128.74 kmph. It will be the biggest scooter India has ever seen!

Vespa 946

The Vespa 946 (EA Edition showcased) is a special model celebrating the brand in collaboration with Emporio Armani. Powered by a 125 cc 3 valve engine, the scooter gets ABS and ASR traction control.

….and here comes the most interesting part….


The Vespa 300GTS is sold in the US at an MSRP of $6899 which equates to about 4.65 Lakhs in INR. On the other hand, we could not find the actual price of 946 EA edition but everybody hinted at an MSRP of around or over $10,000 which equates to a little less than 7 Lakhs in INR.

If this left you puzzled, here is some more dope – considering the conversion prices to be similar in all countries where these scooters are produced (since we are not sure where will Vespa import them from), double up these token amounts as tax and duties on CBUs in India! Which, in all probability, means asking prices between 7 to 13 odd Lakhs!